Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Still Hot...

I went down to the MGM Grand yesterday for another 7 hour session of poker. I must say that the poker gods are still smiling on me. The cards started out really slow and I was fold fold fold. Until I looked down and found the same hand that I've been dealt about fifty times this past week - pocket 5's. It was actually the second time today and the first time I didn't score. This time however, I caught the set on the flop and took down a decent pot. Thus, my run began. I caught 3 more sets that hour and the next thing I knew I was up more than $200. After a while the cards went cold again and I left before I gave it all back. I'm hoping to get some more action in tonight since I'm running so hot. I won't call it "good luck" since I was schooled by MiamiDon that there is no such thing as "luck". Apparently, variance is going to catch up with me and I'll be screwed.
Whatever! I hate the technical stuff - I just hope I can stay "hot".

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be playing in the Big O tonight because I made plans (thinking the Big O was on Tuesday) with a friend. I had a brain freeze. I won't make the same mistake next week. Good luck to everyone and I'll be watching from the rail cheering you guys on when I get home.

Stay tuned as I compile a list of "things you didn't know about me" (I'm stealing the idea from Katitude.


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