Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Hammer!!!!

So, I’m sitting on the computer last night playing another long and drawn out SNG on Pokerstars and I realize that it's bubble time. Top 3 places pay, but I’m severely short stacked and in last place. It comes around to my blind and I’m dealt the infamous hammer. I only have about 400 chips left and the blinds are steadily increasing. The button raises on me and I decide to go all-in. He calls rather quickly might I add and turns over pocket tens. UGH! Okay, let’s see if this so-called “hammer” can live up to all the hype. The flop comes 2 8 J, turn comes 9 and the river brings a beautiful and shiny 2. Ahhhh – I will never doubt the power of the “hammer” again.

The Hammer...

I'm playing in WWDN tonight for the first time. My goal is to not bust out first!


Blogger Miami Don said...

How about busting out 2nd?

May 03, 2006


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