Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday with Smokkee

Yesterday was Hella cool! Did I just say that? Anyway, I had off work yesterday (finally!) and MiamiDon and I went over to the MGM Grand poker room too meet up with Smokkee and his girlfriend, Tina. First thing we did was went to the Studio Cafe for lunch. Don needs to buy stock in that place because he eats there so much. I just ordered a delicious pecan pie because I had already eaten.

This is a photo that I snapped of Ray and Tina at lunch. We headed over to Fat Tuesdays after lunch cause they have these really yummy slurpy drink things. They came with collector cups too. I'm such a tourist. After that we headed over to the poker room so smokkee could get some quality time at the tables. He didn't get to play for long though because I wanted to take them over to Diego (where I work) so they could taste a REAL margarita. I'm told that we have the best margaritas in Vegas and I think they agreed.

My friend Cesar was kind enough to take this picture of us. We didn't get to stay very long because Tina's flight was leaving soon. So, we took her to the airport and then we headed to the Sahara for the 7 p.m. Tournament. They had a huge turnout last night - 180 players!! My first dealer was a really cool guy from Maryland - he hooked me up with some good cards so I had to take a picture of him...

Well, I guess I am done posting for the day because blogger is not letting me put up any more pictures, plus I have to go to work.

I don't want to keep you hanging though, so I'll just tell you that none of us won the tournament, but we had a great time!

Friday, July 28, 2006

It's Friday!

Don't have much time to blog today - gotta get my nails and toes done before work. Work was only semi-interesting last night. Mostly I hung out on the kitchen with the boys and listened to them crack on everyone that walked by. Always makes for a fun night.

I found this really cool website and it's been taking up most of my morning. You can post a picture of yourself and they will scan your face and match it up with a celebrity database and tell you who you look like. Different pictures yield different results.

The first picture I scanned was this one...

and they told me I most resembled...

hmmmm Lucille Ball?

The next picture I scanned was this one...

and they told me I looked like this....

Sarah Jessica Parker - I wasn't very surprised about this one because I've actually been told that I look like her before. A couple of other interesting celebs they paired me with were Pamela Anderson, Teri Hatcher, Dolly Parton and Hilary Rodham Clinton. Don't even get me started on the Hilary Clinton one.

This Sunday the 2nd season of The Girls Next Door starts!!

I can't help it. I like cheesy shows. Hopefully I've left you all with a good image to start the weekend off right!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No pictures :(

Back to work today - YUCK! Does it really count as "back to work" when you only had one day off? I don't think so - but whatever.

I played in the WWdn last for about 2 hours which was long enough for me to bubble out and get 11th place (top 9 places paid). I love putting in 2 hours of work for absolutely NOTHING. Even though I know better, I opened up a 45 person SNG and after a few minutes, got bored and pushed with crap. Earned myself 25th place in that fine debacle.

Earlier in the day I went to the Fashion Show Mall and bought two pair of jeans. I had to literally force myself to leave after that because I was in one of those moods when everything looked good to me and I didn't care about prices. I hightailed it out of there and headed home. About 5 minutes from the house and I look down at the dashboard to see a flashing a light. It said TCL off. I had no idea what that meant and I wouldn't have been concerned except for the other light that flashed below it that said "Check Engine". Now, I'm no mechanic, but I'm pretty sure that a check engine light isn't a good thing. I couldn't possibly be having this problem already could I? I just bought the freakin car 2 months ago. I haven't even had my first oil change yet.

So, I turned around and headed over to the Mitusbishi Dealership and let them check things out for me. After a big long explanation about how the engine is working harder to push more oxygen out blah blah blah - I finally heard that I'm not using a high enough octane when I fill up. Well, with gas prices the way they've been, I've been putting 87 into my tank. The mechanic told me not to use anything below 89 - ugh! Okay, okay, they should have just told me that in the beginning. Problem solved. I needed gas anyway, so I went ahead and filled up. This time it cost me $45.00. Good thing I'm going back to work tonight.

Awwwwwww - pooooooor puppy - I'm kind of at a loss with this one...

Plantation, FL (AHN) -- An unidentified man was recorded by a surveillance camera while stealing and stuffing a pricey puppet down his pants. Police would need to rely on the public to help identify the man in the video.

The man in the video is dressed in a sleeveless black undershirt and blue shorts. He walked into the store and then approached a worker who was putting the puppy back in the holding bin.

Shortly after talking to the employee, the man picked up the $1600 Maltese puppy. He stuffed the 5-month-old puppy down his pants.

After that, he walked pass two employees as he left the store. The puppy stayed in his pants all this while. Police claim they have received tips on who the man is, although they have declined to say more about him.

Blogger is not allowing me to publish any pictures at this time, so I'm done with this post for today.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday Night Rant

Well, Saturday was my day of fun (as stated in my previous post). Don and I went to the Red Rock and had a great time playing the role of tourist. Check out his blog for a great synopsis of our day.

Work was very lucrative for me tonight and last night as well. Things seem to be running pretty smoothly over at the MGM. I had a weird guy sitting in my station last night and I had this feeling that he was on some sort of drugs. He was sort of talking to himself and whenever I would walk by he would make a big production out of looking for his guests (they were late to arrive). I had a feeling that his "friends" were never going to arrive, so I just took his order and put it in. After he ate half of his food, a hair magically appeared in his food and he called the manager over to the table. Of course the manager promptly comped his whole order and he quickly left. The cocktail server came over to me a few minutes later and told me that she thought he was the same guy that put glass in his food a few months ago and got a free meal that night too. It NEVER ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to to get free food.

I'm also SHOCKED at the tips I receive from some people. Tonight for example, Jose' had a party of 8 and their bill totaled about $400.00 They stayed an hour past closing and ran him to death. They thanked him profusely for the great service etc. etc. They left him $30.00. What the hell, shit, damn is that? Are people really that stupid? Did they think they were hooking him up? Do they realize that isn't even 10% It just drives me nuts and it wasn't even my table. It happens to all of us though.

I have only one day off this week and it's tomorrow (Tuesday). I want to do something fun, but I don't really feel like gambling again. I think I'm going to head to the Fashion Mall to buy some new jeans. New jeans are very fun to buy when you get to purchase a size smaller. Yes that's right everyone. I went down a size or two and I'm pretty pleased about it. I definitely wasn't trying to lose weight, but I guess with all the working - it just happened. I tried on about 10 pairs on Saturday before we went out and they were all hanging off my butt! YAY! The women reading this blog certainly understand my joy. The men probably just think of it as more money to be wasted on new jeans.

That's it for me tonight. Hopefully I'll see you guys online Tuesday night!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Life is good

Life is GOOD! It's Saturday and I have the day off - FINALLY! What a hellish work week. I've been such a crab the last few days. Last night went very smoothly for me at work. Everyone else was running around in a crazed state (somewhat normal for a Friday night) - but I teamed with another girl, Elizabeth and it was smooth sailing for us.

I've been planning my Saturday festivities all week long. MiamiDon and I are heading over to the Red Rock Casino to do the tourist thing. I received a bunch of coupons in the mail that read "3X points for one day" and "receive a $5 Xtra play cash reward" etc. So, I think I'll take advantage of these offers and play some Mr. Cashman, Super Jackpot Party and or course Lil Lucy. I also received a 2 for 1 buffet coupon that we are going to take FULL advantage of. Can you believe that I haven't been to one buffet since I moved here. It's unfathomable.

I have to dedicate this picture to the supermodel - had made a HUGE score yesterday over on Full Tilt!! Speaking of the supermodel, him and Mrs. supermodel are coming back out here in August. How excited am I? VERY!

I'm sorry - but this is funny to me...

Teen Taking Driving Test, Hits 5 Vehicles

The young man hit 5 vehicles, flipped his Jeep and smashed into a store front. However, he did fail the driving test.

Dearborn, MI -- A 16-year-old boy apparently had a seizure during his driving test, causing him to hit five vehicles, flip his Jeep and wreck the front of a store.

The teen and other drivers were treated at a hospital after Monday's crash. The driver's license examiner, Gregory Desmet, 59, of Macomb County's Shelby Township, was hospitalized overnight with a broken arm.

The teen, whose name was not released, drove the 2004 black Jeep Cherokee above speed limits, hit four cars and rolled over before going airborne and crashing into another car, which was pushed through the window of a rug store.

The boy probably will avoid charges, police said. Getting that license, however, is a different story.


I failed my driving test 4 times when I was 16. I finally passed on the 5th time. I still don't know how to parallel park.

I really miss Dave Chapelle. Check out that link for his top 11 skits.

Well, I have to start my "day of fun" now. See ya tomorrow!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Drive Carefully...

I'm working WAY too much this week. I was supposed to have a nice easy little part-time job and that's not the case right now. As it turns out, I have to work 6 days this week and I'm not too happy about it. So, I have nothing new to report. I haven't played any poker and I haven't done anything fun except for when I kicked the dog yesterday.

This is pretty fitting...

Pete Coors To Appear In Court On DUI Charge

(CBS4) GOLDEN, Colo. Pete Coors, vice chairman one of the world's largest beer brewing companies, was arrested in May in Colorado on a drunken driving charge, according to court records.

Coors was due to appear in a Jefferson County courtroom on the charges next Thursday. He was pulled over May 28 in by the Colorado State Patrol and was cited for driving under the influence, registering a high blood-alcohol level and failing to obey a traffic device, according to court records.

"I made a mistake by driving myself home after a friend's wedding celebration," Coors said in a statement released Thursday. "I should have planned ahead for a ride.

"For years I've advocated the responsible use of our Company's products. That's still my message, and our Company's message, and it's the right message. I am sorry that I didn't follow it myself."

Colorado State Patrol officials said the arrest happened near Coors' home.

"It doesn't matter who the individual is," State Patrol trooper Gilbert Mares said. "Mr. Coors was treated the same way anybody else would have been treated."

Police records showed Coors had a blood alcohol content of .088 when he was pulled over.

Coors unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate in 2004 as a Republican against Sen. Ken Salazar.

During the race, Coors, whose great-grandfather founded the Golden-based Adolph Coors Co., stressed his business experience and belief in low taxes, small government and a strong defense.

In 2005, Adolph Coors Co. merged with Molson to form the Molson Coors Brewing Co. and Pete Coors was named vice-chairman.

Adolph Coors founded the brewery in 1873 in Golden. Behind Anheiser Busch and Miller Brewing Co., Coors is the third largest beer-maker in the U.S.

Is it just me or was this week's episode of Entourage way too short????? Why do they have to keep me hanging like this?? What if Vince totally fucked everything up and ruins his career? I'm hanging on the edge. Not sure if I can wait another 5 days for a new episode. UGH!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

HORSE Final Table

When I left work last night it was raining. Not just raining - I'm talking pouring down buckets of rain and the sky was lit up from lightning bolts crashing all over the sky. I was trying to talk on my cell phone, but the thunder was booming so loudly that I couldn't hear a word. Not to mention I was wearing flip flops and although we have a covered walkway overhead that takes us to the employee parking garage, there are tons of holes in the tarp, so the ground was wet and I almost bit it a few times. The drive home was interesting too because Vegas is notorious for the flash floods. Most of the streets were flooded and I had to be extra careful not to wreck or drown in my brand new car! The good news is that the temperatures dropped about 30 degrees - god that was nice. Too bad the heat is back again today. As I'm watching the news right now, they say that 60 tree fires were reported last night just from the lightning.

Weather report is over - next topic is the HORSE event at the Rio. Friday was the final table of the main event and since Don and I were there hanging out with Pauly, I was determined to find a way to be seated in the bleachers to watch the event. They were scheduled to start at 9 p.m. so I walked over to where the line was already formed and I noticed how long it was already. I don't know how I did it, but I just sort of walked to the front and nobody noticed a thing. Cool! I'm pretty good like that (I think it's from years and years of cutting in line at clubs and bars). I managed to get a great seat in the 2nd row and I was very happy. I took about a million pictures, but like I said before, without a flash, a lot of the pics come out blurry. Here are a few of the shots I was able to salvage...

T.J. Cloutier...

Doyle at the final table...

Chip and T.J.

Phil Ivey...

Andy Bloch...

Jen Harmon's husband (on the left)...

Andrew Black playing at a cash game...

I managed to hang out and watch a few hours of the event (until about 2 a.m.), but I eventually grew tired and headed home, so I didn't get to see Andy Bloch and Chip Reese go heads up - I'm sure it was very exciting.

My next day off is Saturday, so I think the plan is to head to the Red Rock Casino (I got a 2 for 1 buffet coupon in the mail) and hopefully I'll get to play some Mr. Cashman too! Not sure about playing live poker because I've been running so bad lately. I did manage to score a 6th place finish last night in the 45 person SNG challenge though. That's it for me today.

Blogs that made me lol today, Waffles, Bobby, and Drewspop

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Friday at the Rio

Last night was "Fight Night" at the MGM Grand. Thankfully, I didn't wait until the last minute to leave the house and drive to work. When I got there, the employee parking garage was closed - I'm still not sure why. It definitely wasn't full. I guess they had it reserved for VIP's or the Mosely/Vargas entourage or something. So, I had to double back and get in the long line spewing out of the other garage. Good times. I grabbed some of those yummy pretzel bites from the soft pretzel stand on the way in and made the long trek across the casino, through the lobby, past the slots, and down into the basement to get my uniform. I hurriedly got dressed and ran back upstairs for pre-shift meeting where the whole staff was seated. Nobody got the night off last night. We were opening early and staying open late. It was pretty crazy all night - especially the bar area. Trying to get in and out of the bar area was a nightmare! I'm just glad it's over for a couple of months. Sugar Shane Mosely and his entourage came in to eat after the fight. He was in great spirits of course and signed some autographs, took some pictures, etc. I also saw actor, Jimmy Smits of NYPD Blue and the West Wing. My personal favorite, Wanda Sykes came through as well. I just think she's hysterical. I gotta start bringing a damn camera to work.

I had off on Friday, so MiamiDon and I went over to the Rio for the last day of the HORSE Event. My hope was that we could sit in the bleachers for the final table. I wasn't sure how early I would need to get there for that though. We called Pauly and he met us out in the hallway. My first request was to see the "Hooker Bar". Pauly smiled at me very knowingly as if he's heard that request a million times and we headed on over there. I love the live music every 30 minutes, plus it's a good way to keep track of the time if you aren't wearing a watch.

Pauly and I at the hooker bar...

Pauly, me and Don...

The highlight of the excursion was when I hit quads (too bad this doesn't ever happen for me at the live poker tables...

Grubby came over and hung out with us for a few minutes too, but he was heading over to the Sahara Tournament. He's leaving next week for his new job, so it's too bad we won't have much time to play Mr. Cashman together.

After we left the Hooker Bar we ran into Wil Wheaton and of course I got a few more pics...

Stay tuned for my next entry where I get seated in the bleachers (right up front) at the HORSE final table and I get to meet Jen Leo too!

Also, Michael Craig finally got his blog up and running. I'm actually doing a little work for him so I know firsthand that his writing is excellent and so are his blog entries. Check him out at Craig's Journal.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 3 Blogger Adventures

Sunday rolled around and I was exhausted from my parents being in town all week and from all the bloggers being here over the weekend and because I had to work every single day that they were here. Without exception, I had to work Sunday too. While, MiamiDon and the whole crew had the pleasure of going to Red Rock Casino to play around all day, I had to work again unfortunately.

I was pretty tired when I got off work, but I was determined to spend some quality time with the bloggers before they left town. Does quality time count when your sitting at totally different tables??

I called Kat and she said that she was with Jules at the Excalibur poker room - PERFECT!! The Excalibur is just a skip away from where I work, so I headed immediately over. Kat was playing limit and Jules was playing no-limit. I told the cashier that I'd play at whatever table opened up first. Why oh why didn't I just play limit with Kat? Instead, my sorry ass chose the no-limit table when a seat opened. Jules had already left the damn table (in fact I think I got her seat). Anyway, long story short, I was tired and impatient and didn't play my usual tight tight game. I fell in love with TPTK and got stacked right as Little Man and Cali Guy were sitting down to play. Wow - what a great impression I must have made. Hopefully they were too drunk to remember.

Overall, it was a blast!! I can't wait to do it again. If we do a Canada Vegas - I'm there! If you missed this one, don't miss the next one. If you made it to this one, make it to the next one too. That's all I have for tonight. Heading to the Rio tomorrow to catch Day 3 of the HORSE event. Hopefully I'll have more pictures!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Random Blogger Pictures

Don and Iakaris are standing and Waffles and Veneno are sitting...

Kat, Derek, Jules, and Waffles

Static King, Waffles, Jules and Kat all driving in the druggy buggy to the Red Rock with Don...

Jules and the Super Model...

Don and Jules laying on the cool ass chairs over at the Lucky Bar at the Red Rock...

Pauly and Hoff...

Joe Speaker and Sox Lover...

Don and I...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 2 Blogger Adventures

Saturday was the big blogger tournament held in the Caesar's Palace Poker Room. I was so excited to meet everyone and play, but I was crabby as hell because I had to get up really early. I was out late the night before hanging with everyone at the MGM and I had to work both Friday and Saturday nights. Good thing I didn't throw drinking into the mix.

At any rate, I got up and headed to the strip. As soon as MiamiDon and I walked into the poker room we saw some familiar faces. Super Model, Waffles, and Veneno were there to greet us and then we all hung out for a while waiting for the others. When it was about time to listen to the speakers we headed to the front of the room to get good seats and I heard someone call my name. I headed over to his table and found out it was Hoff!! I was so excited because I knew he was driving over from San Diego and I knew he wasn't staying in town long. With my work schedule being so hectic over the weekend, I was worried I wouldn't be able to meet him. After we got the seating situated, April came out first and she quickly introduced Linda.

Linda is a veteran dealer over at the Bellagio. My guess is that she has a lot of great stories to tell. I believe she helped April to get our awesome speakers. After Linda talked for a few minutes, we heard from Michael Craig. He's the author of The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King.

He was a great speaker and he told a funny story about the different items he's collected (stole) from various poker pro's over the years. Ahhh - a man after my own heart. I love free stuff!

Our next speaker was Jay Greenspan - the author of
Hunting Fish: A Cross Country Search for America's Worst Poker Players. He actually read a few excerpts for us and they were great. I am REALLY looking forward to getting my signed copy in the mail.

Our last speaker was Howard Lederer.

I snapped this picture of him last week when he was playing in one of the WSOP events. I really enjoyed listening to Howard. He spoke about the current state of poker in our nation and how they are trying to make onling gaming illegal. He traveled to Washington D.C. and spoke to a bunch of Senators to educate them about why poker is different than blackjack, craps etc. Him and a bunch of the other pros are working really hard to make sure the bill doesn't pass.

After all of the speeches and the Roshambo Tournament, we finally starting playing poker!!!! I was ready! I have to be honest, I don't know all the people at my table and I didn't even get most of the names. I was still kinda tired like I mentioned before. I will say that I had the super model sitting across from me though, so that helped me to stay somewhat alert. It wasn't too long before my table got broken and I picked a new seat card. As luck would have it, I was moved to a seat right next to Michael Craig. Cool!!! Him and I chatted it up for a while and he's a super nice guy. Him and I both have this little Mike Matusow obsession going. He's actually friends with the guy though (I just think he's great from afar). His new blog will be up and running soon, so I'll make sure I link him as soon as it happens. For now you can find him on his temporary address over at
Linda's Table Tango.

A few minutes later my table was broken down again and this time I was moved to Don's table. Fun Fun. I must make mention of two hands. I was dealt pocket aces and Don was ahead of me. He raised 3000 in chips and I called because that was my whole stack anyway. He turned over A9. Yay! For once the aces held up. Also at this table was Jules, Evacanhang, Jorgen, and PokerBitch. Quick Note - I was blown away watching Stina, The Poker Bitch play. She has balls and she plays without fear. I love that. She takes chances, she goes over the top and she makes people lay down good hands. It probably doesn't always work out for her, but at least she isn't scared. I feel like I play too scared sometimes, but that's another story for another day. Jorgen eventually knocked me out of the tourney when his pocket 9's held up against my QJ suited. It was all good though because I had a great time, I made it pretty deep in the tournament, and I made it to work on time.

I missed out on most of the nightly adventures because of work, but that's to be expected when you have a new job. I'm especially sorry that I didn't get to spend more time with Hoff, Hoyazo, and Smokkee, and Garthmeister. I felt like I only got to see each of them long enough to say hello and that was it. Hopefully next time I'll have more free time. At least Hoff is close enough that Don and I can drive out there. Smokkee and his girlfriend make a nice looking couple - they were both very attractive.

People I didn't get to meet at all and I'm very sad about it, Jen Leo, Amy Calistri, and Dawn Summers. I read them everyday, but somehow I didn't get to meet any of them.

Coming attractions for tomorrow - Day 3 of the Blogger Weekend and how I got stacked at the Excalibur!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 1 Blogger Adventures

I'm not even sure where to begin. I guess I'll just dig in. The first person I had the pleasure of meeting was Iakaris. Him and MiamiDon were hanging out at the MGM Poker Room playing NLHE so I stopped by before work to say "hello". I snapped this picture of Ikey while he was playing.

Notice how extremely good looking Iakaris is. I think most of the ladies here would agree - especially Jules and Kat because we had a 20 minute conversation about how easy on the eyes he is. I'm not sure why he's wasting his time in a dead-end profession as a doctor, when he could clearly be a super-model.

After work ended on Friday I headed back to the poker room to meet up with all of the bloggers. Half of them were sitting at various tables playing Horse or holdem and the other half were over in the sports book drinking at the bar. I met Hoyazo who had an awesome story to tell about his adventures over at the WSOP. Check out his blog for a full re-cap. I ran over to the bar and met Jules, Kat, Change 100, Poker Poison, Garthmeister, Pauly, Pauly's brother, and Iggy. I was really really wondering if Iggy was a little person. I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of him, so I'll just let you guys come to the next blogger convention to find out for yourselves.

I finally got a call from the famous Waffles and he was upstairs unpacking in his room. I told him to get his butt down to the poker room because I was dying to meet him. He recognized me right away (probably because of all the pictures I've posted) and he came up to me as I was watching the HORSE game. He's an awesome guy. We had a lot of fun together. We went off to a table (after putting our names on a long ass waiting list) to play NLHE. He even let me rub his head - notice I'm wearing a white tank top for him...

These are my girls - Jules on the left and Kat on the right...

Garthmeister, Waffles and Don (notice how short Garth and Don are)...

I was also lucky enough to meet Grubby. We have this whole penny slot obsession thing in common. Since Grubby lives here and Pauly practically lives here, I am hoping to meet up with them later in the week when I actually have a few days off.

Well, that's my Day 1 recap. Stay tuned for Day 2 - Blogger Tourney, my adventures in sitting next to Michael Craig and various other exciting blogger tidbits.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Best Week Ever

The past few days have been a whirlwind for me. I've been up everyday around 8 or 8:30 a.m. (that's early for me) and I am crawling into bed around midnight every night with no rest in between. I'm not complaining or anything because I'm having a great time with my parents. We have seen so many things in the past few days. We went to the Hoover Dam, saw KA (awesome show) at the MGM Grand, went downtown and played some live poker at the Golden Nugget, had dinner at Binion's Steakhouse (AMAZING!!), had dinner at Diego (where I work) at the MGM, went shopping all day (for my birthday gifts) at the Fashion Mall and best of all - we finally made it over to the Rio to check out the World Series of Poker.

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sight to behold. I really thought the crowds would be crazy and parking would be a mess and traffic would be terrible and I wouldn't see anyone good. I was wrong!! Traffic was very minimal, parking was easy and the walk was nothing. I made the trek over there yesterday (Tuesday) for day 1 of the $5,000 buy-in NLHE event #9 (I think). I walked into the room and it looked just like on T.V. - a bunch of tables crowded into a very brightly lit auditorium type room and a bunch of people with hats and ipods and sunglasses on hunched over a table. Upon further examination (after I pushed my way up to the front of the ropes) I started scanning the room and everyone was there!!!!!!! I saw Mike Matusow first (my favorite) but I wasn't sure it was him, so I walked further down along the ropes and I saw Steve Danneman sitting at a table next to Men the Master, next I saw Jennifer Harmon and Howard Lederer, Doyle Brunson, Jesus Ferguson (he bumped into me and said "excuse me" and I was like "sure, no problem" like a giddy little school girl. I also saw Evelyn Ng, Clonie Gowan and T.J. Cloutier. Someone standing near me said that they saw Greg Raymer up near the front, so I backtracked and there he was right next to the door. I missed him cause his back was to me. I was standing so close to him, I could have touched him. I held myself back from doing so. A few minutes later Phil Helmuth arrived and he was sitting at a table very close to the ropes as well. Seated to his immediate right was Tony G and to his immediate right was Sam Grizzle. Now that was a fun table!! My dad and I stood there for a while and listened to Phil needle this poor guy about being too quiet and asking him if the cat got his tongue etc. I could have stayed there all day but my mom was bored and wanted to leave. She couldn't understand why I was so excited because they aren't "real celebrities" anyway. I know - they are better!!!

Anyway, I'll post a few pics, but they suck because we weren't allowed to use a flash in the poker room, but that didn't stop me from taking about a 1000 shots anyway.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days - check out this Top Ten List - I made number one baby!!!!!

Doyle was kind enough to look up and smile for me...

Gabe Kaplan or better known as Mr. Cotter...

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow...

Sam, Tony and Phil...

That's it for me tonight - gotta get up early and play in the Sahara Tourney tomorrow morning.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Tourist Stuff

I'm so tired - I don't think is going to be a long post. My parents got into town yesterday morning and we picked them up from the airport. Of course, the first place we took them in Vegas was the Red Rock Casino. They've never seen it and it's close to our house. Of course last time we were there I forgot to take pictures of the huge multi-million dollar chandelier, so here it is...

It's a lot prettier in person, but you get the idea. We almost sat down to play some poker while we were at the Red Rock, but the poker room was kind of dead and they were only running 1 or 2 tables of No Limit Holdem. I had to work anyway, so we didn't stay very long.

Fortunately though, we had time to take pictures and act like total tourists.

Before I went to work, I drove my parents downtown to the Golden Nugget and was happy to find the place on my first try. I rarely ever go downtown, hell, I never even make it past the MGM. Anyway, work was slammed, but it went by fast and I guess I can't complain cause I made some money in the process. This job has some definite potential, but I must say that I was in total crazy freakout mode last night. We were slammed and I felt like I was in way over my head and I made some mistakes (nothing major), but it all goes with the territory. At one point I actually lost someone's credit card!! I eventually found it, but I'm sure you can imagine my dilemma. I get to do it all over again tomorrow night, so we'll see how that goes. It's either going to be really dead because of the holiday or really INSANE. I'm not sure which is better.

I think this is my limit for tonight because I'm tired and blogger is acting up again and I don't have the patience to deal with it.

Have a good holiday :)