Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I'm Back in Vegas!!
I'm going to miss my family - but it's nice to be home again :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday and best wishes for a safe, fun and happy New Year.

These are some holiday photos from Baltimore. It's beautiful here at Christmas.

Friday, December 22, 2006

It's almost the weekend!

Don't everyone laugh at once but I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Yes yes - it was quite an adventure. One that had me stopping to call my mom at work at least 5 different times to ask questions like "where's the baking soda?", "Can baking powder be used instead of baking soda (isn't that close enough)?", "Which bowl should I use to mix the batter?" and "Why didn't you buy a new bottle of vanilla extract (this one is almost empty)?". By the end of the day I'm quite sure she regretted ever asking me to bake cookies.

My dad thought it was funny enough to take a picture...

Anyway, last night rolled around and I finally got some crabs. Yupp - that's right - I got crabs and they were good. My boy Waffles came into town for one quick night and was nice enough to pass them on to me. ha ha

My time here in Maryland is quickly winding down. I'm here through the weekend and I am heading back to Vegas the day after Christmas. I'm wondering how bad the airlines are going to be on that day. I know I'm gonna have to get there early. Luckily I'm taking Southwest and BWI has a brand new wing for Southwest - it's hooked up with lots of restaurants and stores. They have a Philips Seafood restaurant where I'll be eating my last crabcake, crab dip or crab balls of 2006. Let's try to keep the comments to a mininum about the crab balls :)

Well, here's a couple of random shots from the past few days...

This is my father and I...

Mom and I at the Dolphin Show...

OKAY- blogger is doing that annoying thing to me where it will only post 3 pictures - so I'm done for today.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Aquarium

My mom took off work today and we did the tourist thing. First off, she loves trains so we had to drive the Honda to the end of the line and took the light rail into Baltimore City. She thinks it's so fun but honestly it's just freakin public transportation to me. The ride down to the city wasn't bad because we left around noon, so the train was empty. If any of you know anything about Baltimore then you'll know that Cherry Hill is one rough and ghetto neighborhood. Well, the light rail not only goes right through Cherry Hill - but it stops there too. I always hold on to my purse a little tighter when we get to that stop. The ride home from Baltimore sucked though because it was rush hour and everyone was getting off work. Why does she think standing up holding onto a pole and traveling through the ghetto is glamorous? I'll never know.

Here's a pic of me riding the rail...

So, we walked down to the Aquarium - of course I took some photos along the way...

This is a pic of the Aquarium taken from the other side of the Harbor...

This is me in front of the water...

This is the Power Plant...

And of course a photo blog of Baltimore wouldn't be complete without a picture of a bum sleeping on a bench...

We finally made our way into the Aquarium. We saw the Dolphin Show which was cute. It was pretty short - only about 20 minutes and it was definitely geared towards kids - but whatever.

They also had a Frog Exhibit. Initially I wasn't impressed - but when I finally walked through the exhibit I was really liking it. In fact, I think I enjoyed it more than the sharks, the rain forest or even the sea horses.

Check it out...

This is an actual picture of an actual frog - almost dirty looking isn't it??

Anyway, it was a good day - had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


That's right - the Baltimore Ravens are the AFC North Champions! Happy Day here in Baltimore!!

Okay - enough about the Ravens. I know how most of you don't care for our ghetto little team anyway!


I got the Honda Accord again today. I'm running out of places to go during the day. I've been to so many freakin malls - I can honestly say that I'm almost sick of shopping. ALMOST! Not all the way sick of it yet.

I still have another week here in Maryland. I'm leaving a week from today. I'll probably be pretty ready to head back to Vegas in a week. How long can Scratchoffs from the Maryland Lottery really keep a gambling junky like me occupied?? They do have a really cool Keno scratchoff that I've been doing okay on. The bingo one is garbage but at least it keeps you occupied for a while because it's a time consuming game.

Here's a picture of Lucy and I on Game Day from a few weeks ago...

I'm not sure how this picture got so blurry - but I guess it's a good representation of our blurred state of mind Friday night at the MGM...

And what's Garthmeister looking at???

Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday in Baltimore

I had a great weekend! I did some shopping, went to a christmas party, went to the movies and saw the new Leonardo DiCaprio flick (Blood Diamond) - he's the best. He's really a great actor. I had dinner at an Italian restaurant last night, played some poker on full tilt and finally had a chance to read some blogs. By no means am I caught up on reading blogs, but at least I sort of know what's going on with everybody.

Today I got up early and took my mom to work, came home and took a shower and now the open road is mine! I have all day to cruise around town in the cool ass Honda Accord. hehe Actually, I'm meeting my cousin at yet another mall. What else is there to do around Christmas time in the afternoon besides sit in the bar and get drunk?? SHOP!

So far I've seen 3 cousins and today makes cousin number 4. 2 more to go and I'll be set. As you can tell, all of my family lives in the Baltimore area. So, whenever I come to town I have to make arrangements to see them all.

Side note - I STILL haven't had any crabs. We are getting them Thursday night for sure.

I promised more pictures so here ya go.....

The first blog I ever read was Katitude - here she is with her cute ass outfit (boobies all hanging out) and of course Joanne and Pauly too! I had a really good time hanging with Joanne over at the IP later that night and I ALWAYS have a blast with Pauly when he's in town.

These two of my favorite blogger hotties - love these two so much!!!!!!!!! I think they need NO introduction.

Okay - gotta head to Columbia Mall to spend money I CERTAINLY don't have. Oh, and by the way - it's 68 degrees here today! I brought the Vegas weather out there with me.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pictures from the Blogger Event Finally!!

Yesterday was my 111th post! Maybe I should have made a wish?

Anyway - I was able to salvage some pictures from my little jumping bean camera. So, without further ado...

Me and Sox Lover (how cute is he in his hawaiian shirt!!)

Dawn Summers and Gary Cox! I think Gary Cox was the first blogger I ever met in person and it was great to see him again. I was ESPECIALLY happy to FINALLY meet Dawn. My god I missed her last time around and I read her everyday - sheesh!!

Me and my boy - waffles!!!!!! I'm waiting for him to leave his wife and move out to Vegas to gamble with me full-time.

This is the three-some that never happened but it definitely should have!!!! Bobby Bracelet, Love-Elf and me. I'm a willing participant the next time these two are in town.

More to come later!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm Back!

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've missed you guys!!!!! Last weekend when the bloggers were in Vegas we had such a blast!! I took a TON of pictures the first night (Friday night) at the MGM - but due to circumstances beyond my control my camera accidentally jumped into a full glass of beer and is no longer functioning. Can you imagine a camera just acting out like that? It was truly amazing. However - the memory card is still in tact so the pictures that I did take on Friday night will be posted ASAP. I'm going to head over to the camera store tonight and put them on a CD so that I can upload them. Right now I'm hanging with the rents in Maryland for the holidays. I'm eating a SHITLOAD and sleeping a lot too. Those are two things I forgot to do back in Vegas.

It's been brought to my attention that certain bloggers are blogging nasty things about other bloggers on their sites. Ummmm - how old are we again? You know - this is my take on things. If you don't have anything better to do with your time then to blog about other people's misfortune, pain, issues, problems etc. then you really need to get a life. And when I say that this person needs to get a life - I really mean that this person is sooooo worried about what other people are doing because they honestly have no fucking life or their own. They have to name drop so that they can seem cool because without their "friends" - they are just a big fat nerd. They have to blog about other people because they have nothing interesting at all going on in their lives. The person who thinks it's "funny" that fellow bloggers are having a rough time in their lives better hope that nothing ever happens to them. Personally, I'm fucking SHOCKED that this person is going to throw other people under the bus and yet "pretend" to be their friend. Again - is this highschool?? Well, thankfully most of the bloggers aren't like that and I've gained a lot of comfort and support through an awesome group of people who are truly concerned. You guys know who you are and I'm truly appreciative.

OKAY - next topic! I've been to the mall twice so far since I've been in town. Once I went with my mom to buy presents for me and my dad and then once I went with my dad to buy gifts for my mom. I haven't had any crabs yet but I've been eating WELL. Today I had corn and crab chowder and hot wings for lunch. Healthy huh?? Tomorrow I'm going to a christmas party for my mom's work where we will be chowing on filet mignon, crab cakes and I believe there is an open bar. I had some great chinese food for dinner one night too. This is all too exciting for me because I'm used to eating chicken noodle soup for most of my meals.

Well, I hope to be back soon with some photos. Have a good weekend guys!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

My ravens jersey

Okay - so I went to the Red Rock Casino this evening to watch my beloved Ravens kick some Cincinnati ass. I even wore my Ravens jersey and marched right into that sportsbook. I was the only one cheering for the Ravens and I was the only one cussing when they missed the field goal etc. Oh well - what can I say? I'm loyal to my team even though they sucked ASS tonight.

So, here I am trying to think of something to blog about - but the only thing that comes to mind is how excited I am about the blogger convention. I think it's only like a week and a half away. We are going to have so much fun. I think I basically have just about every minute planned.

I especially can't wait to hang out with my girls Katitude and Love Elf. I think we are going to have a BLAST!!

The next thing that is on my mind is that I'm going to Baltimore for the next two weeks after the bloggers are here. I haven't had crabs in so long and I'm totally psyched. It will also be really cool to see my family. I haven 't been home in forever.

Have a good weekend guys - I'm sure I'll see you online.