Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yeah, I'm working right now - so?

Wow today is flying by. It's 12:30 already. I haven't even gone to lunch yet. I'm heading over to the outlets during lunch. I probably won't buy anything, I just want to take a stroll. I think it's something like 70 degrees outside today. Good reason for me to go out for lunch.

Remember I was talking about how much chaos there was in town over the weekend?? Well, I'm not the only one...

"If I do come back, it will not be for the All-Star Game," said Anita Lamar, 47, of New York City, in town for the NBA's midseason exhibition game.

She said that upon arriving in Las Vegas, she waited hours for a cab to take her from McCarran International Airport to her hotel. Then she got caught in a traffic jam en route to the Thomas & Mack Center and never made it to the All-Star Game. And on Monday, her departing flight was delayed nearly four hours because of mechanical difficulties.

Bruce Showers, a slot machine floor supervisor who has spent 12 years at the New Frontier and almost 30 years in the casino industry, called the fans "the rudest bunch of people I've ever experienced."

There were a few instances of physical violence at the New Frontier and at least one instance of a customer showing a gun to a cocktail waitress, he said.

From Thursday through Monday, 403 arrests were made of people attending NBA All-Star events or in town for NBA-related activities, Gillespie said. Of those arrested, 172 were residents, and 231 were from outside Southern Nevada.

A majority of the arrests, 239, were for prostitution-related crimes. During an average week, the department makes about 175 vice-related arrests. Gillespie said vice arrests increased because the number of squads dealing with such crimes was doubled.

The most violent incidents left five people recovering from gunshot wounds, including a bouncer in critical condition Tuesday after being shot early Monday outside a strip club. None of the other gunshot victims suffered life-threatening injuries.


I know there was a lot of money to be made over the weekend, but personally I'm glad I wasn't working anywhere near these people. They were rude, ghetto, loud, obnoxious and CHEAP. I could tell that from what I witnessed Saturday at the MGM Grand.

I don't know if all the trouble we had here is worth the extra money that was brought in. I guess it's not my decision anyway, so whatever.

Good news everyone - my page rank says 5 again today. hehe I'm sure you all were very concerned about it :)


Blogger Pokerwolf said...

It's unfortunate that people lump everyone into one category when a big event happens.

I'm betting a large number of the violent incidents, if not all of them, involved gang members. Bad people who are looking to make an easy buck always come out of the woodwork during a big event.

I'm suprised the cops made any arrests at all. From all of the accounts I've been reading, the cops were nonexistant on the Strip and the cab lines were so long because people were afraid to walk 15 minutes from one casino to another.

February 22, 2007

Blogger Angela said...

I know what you mean! When the All-Star Game was in Atlanta back in 2003, it was horrible. I remember sitting in a traffic jam at 3am downtown. Crime went up and everyone was just plain rude. I agree, totally not worth it.

February 22, 2007

Blogger swandad said...

I was telling my friends weeks before the All-Star weekend that having the game in Vegas would be equal to a clusterf***. With ego-driven athletes, entertainers, AND not to mention their entourages and hangers-on, that it was a s***show waiting to happen. Another Tupac-Biggie meltdown.

I only wonder how many incidents the NBA was able to keep from the media....

Nice blog btw...


February 24, 2007


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