Wednesday, November 21, 2007

4 Day Weekend!!

Well, it's Wednesday, and technically Wednesday is better than Friday in this case because I have a 4 day weekend to look forward to.

Tonight, my friend David is celebrating 11 years clean, so I'm buying a cake and taking it to the meeting. Cake is always a good thing in my book.

Tomorrow I'm going to a girl in the program's house for Thanksgiving. Here's the funny thing, I used to think she was a bit snobby and I wasn't fond of her. This is where my insecurities come in. I didn't like her because she didn't go out of her way to be my friend. But, when I shared that I had never been clean for Thanksgiving and that I'd be alone for the holiday, she came right up to me, invited me over to her house and made me feel really welcome. I'm totally looking forward to it now and I'm even bringing a centerpiece for the table.

I always do this. I make these rash judgements against people, I decide I don't like them for any number of stupid reasons (they are prettier than me, they are too skinny, they are too fat, they don't smile enough, they smile too much, they drive a nicer car than me, they have a better job than me, they have a cute boyfriend and I am alone, they didn't use as many drugs as me so they aren't as much of an addict as me, they have more friends than me, they are wearing an outfit I don't like, they are carrying a purse that is too expensive etc.) - I think you get the point, and THEN, it turns out that they save my ass and we end up becoming friends.

This is why I have learned through the years to keep my negative comments to myself when it comes to my petty little resentments, because more often than not, I end up being wrong about people. The people I think are my friends usually fuck me over and the people I think are assholes, turn out to be the most loyal friends.

So, have a nice thanksgiving - I'll be blogging this weekend so check back - I'll be playing some freerolls, and hoping to get some money in the UB and Bodog accounts - head over to my Chasing Chris Ferguson blog to follow my progress and eat lots of turkey tomorrow - I will be!!!!


Blogger Jay said...

Have a great Thanksgiving Carmen!

I tend to make snap judgments about people too. I'm always happy to be wrong when I think they are assholes though. LOL

November 21, 2007

Blogger Terri said...

Happy Turkey Day and have fun at your new friends' house!

November 21, 2007

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I'm the opposite, I think everyone is a friend until I'm given a reason otherwise.

Have a great clean Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2007

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

This is why Drizz ends up in strange wheelchairs whole in Vegas.. hehe. You didn't think I was fat did you? Ohhh girl! I am so hurt! Have a good time hottie! I miss chatting with you.

November 21, 2007

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey, Carmen. I have a similar problem, but it was much worse in my teen years and early twenties. There were some people (a lot, actually) that I didn't like for no reason. In fact, my friends had a word for it, squib. A squib was basically any person you don't like for no reason. You see a dude and he looks likes a jerk, then you just call him a squib and everyone understands. Whatever the case, I look forward to meeting you in Vegas, hating you instantly, you hating me, talking smack behind each others backs, and then finding out that we really aren't so different after all. Sounds like my kinda fun!

November 21, 2007

Blogger RockDog said...

Sounds like you're going to have a good time!~

November 21, 2007

Blogger "The Rake" said...

Happy Thanksgiving.


November 22, 2007

Blogger B said...

Congrats to David!

and have a great Thanksgiving- enjoy!

November 22, 2007

Blogger Betty said...

You know, everything you described is what goes through my head as well. Sometimes I swear the universe is giving me a swift kick up the bum.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 23, 2007

Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Carmen I learned a long time ago there will always be somebody prettier, thinner, makes more money etc etc. You just hope you arent standing next to them when the hot guy comes along.

I learned a long time ago to never judge a book by its cover. In the rooms I learned to identify not look for differences. And you know what they say about resentments.

Congrats on making it thru your first Thanksgiving Sober..

November 23, 2007


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