Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jessica Alba is the Winner

Today is the day I'm getting my hair done finally! Since I had to reschedule, today is the first day I was able to get in. Yay! So excited!

From the interactive contest I had last week the winner is.....

Jessica Alba of course. I kind of figured she would win. So, I'll get the cut like hers, but I'm not promising anything on the color. It'll be a surprise. I have a magazine that I'm taking in to my stylist and I'll have her whip up something that will look nice with my face and the color of my skin. I also think I will go lighter since it's summer.

Two months ago when I had her do my hair, this is what it looked like when I asked her do richer tones and a lot of red...

So, of course I'll have some pictures tomorrow.

I always hoped I'd get the Neteller money back, but I never really counted on it. Now that it looks like the money might actually show up in my account, I'm thinking about how I'm going to spend it. Of course the logical answer is that I should save it, but nobody EVER accused me of being logical!

So, I bring you...

Top 5 Things I'm going to do with my Neteller money if I actually get it back

5. Get my hair done (yes, I know, I was already going to do that, but it costs me almost $200 every time I go, so now I actually have the money to pay for it)

4. Buy a new watch! (I lost my watch Saturday when I was riding on the back of Doug's motorcyle. It was my stupidity really because I knew the clasp was loose and I shouldn't have worn it).

A few of the more reasonable watches I have been eyeing are

I think I'm leaning towards the first one (it's Guess and it's the one I keep going back to).

3. Buy a new pair of tennis shoes.

I was noticing that my Sketchers are getting a bit worn. I like them to be nice and crisp and new looking.

I kinda like these...

2. Reload my Full Tilt account. Ha ha - that's a joke

and the top thing I might do with my money is

1. Plop it down on the felt at the MGM and play some NLHE. It's been over a month since I played live (playing limit at the Golden Nugget doesn't count)!!


My Neteller money is there already! I did the withdrawal yesterday and it's there today already. WOW! I am in shock. I guess I don't have to wonder anymore, they finally came though.

I thought of something else I REALLY NEED to buy - a new coach purse! I'm serious. I NEED it. My purse is too small.

I'm loving this one and my friend's daugher works for Coach, so I get 50% off of all purses - how about that???????

I'm leaning towards the 2nd one.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Update

So, good news about Neteller! I was able to log in today and withdraw my funds. Quick, easy, and they say to expect 3 business days before the money is in my checking account. Hopefully the money will actually show up and we can put this mess behind us.

My weekend was really good! I wasn't home much at all. I did all kinds of stuff.


- Watched the independent file, Sunshine over at Suncoast theater. Not bad. Kinda weird, it was like a sci-fi flick and I probably wouldn't have picked it myself, but Doug's roommate wanted to see it and it was pretty enjoyable.

- Saw another indepent film on Saturday night called "I Kill You". It was funny because it was about a hit man who is involved with the mob and he has a drinking problem and he winds up going to A.A. Meetings. We all liked it cause we could totally relate to the meetings and the insanity and the craziness of addiction. The best part about going to this movie was getting 2 free passes because the movie stopped in the middle (it was really like a 5 minute intermission - not a big deal), but we got 2 free passes so now I can go see the Lindsey Lohan movie "I know who killed me". Yes - I am going to donate to her "get out of jail" fund. I'm such an enabler.

- Speaking of Lindsey - Found out some MAJOR GOSSIP! Lindsey Lohan is in a rehab here in Las Vegas. I know this to be true because of a friend of a friend of a friend that works at the Rehab. It's a cushy place, they don't make you get up at any certain time, they don't care if you go to the groups or the meetings, it's really just a place where they feed you, you get to rest, you detox from the drugs and it's like vacation. The rehab I went to was totally different. We had to do daily chores, we had to get up at the same time every day (very early), we had to show up for all groups, we had to stay awake during those groups, we had some writing assignments, we coudln't use the phone, we certainly couldn't leave the property and they searched our rooms, gave us random drug tests every few days, we only got to watch T.V. for about an hour in the evenings before bed. Whatever, that's the way rehab should be I think. You aren't there for vacation, you are there to start a new way of life.

- Spent a lot of time with Doug. Good stuff. Everything's good on the relationship front. I'm always sad when I have to leave on Monday morning and get back to reality. Hanging out with him all weekend is nice and easy and feels like a vacation - no drama - no arguing - no built up resentments and anger to deal with. Pure bliss.

- Spoke at a homeless shelter. Always gives me a lot of gratitude and makes me appreciative of where I'm at today compared to 7 months ago.

- Went to the pool at the Palms! GOD I love this place!!!!!!! The Palms has risen above the Red Rock and is my favorite pool so far. I have nothing but great things to say about the Palms pool and I will have a writeup tonight.

- Last but not least - I did an article about the HOE event that I played in last week and I sent the link to Lupe Soto (founder of the LIPS Tour). She immediately called me and told me what a GREAT job I did and how happy she was with the story. We are going to talk some more about me covering more LIPS Events for pokerworks.com and that makes me very happy because I really enjoy writing and sometimes I second guess myself and I worry that my writing isn't good enough!! But, I had a great experience at the HOE Event and I'm looking forward to getting more involved with that LIPS Tour. Check out my article if you don't know what HOE stands for.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Date is Announced

The Winter Classic as been announced!!!!! Head over to this site for all of the information. Book your tickets early!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cheap Things to Do in Las Vegas!!

In honor of today being Friday - YAY!!!!!!

I thought I'd do another list.

CarmenSinCity's Top 5 List of Fun Things to do in Vegas on the Weekend.

Actually, the more I think about it, since I don't get paid until Monday, I'll do the top 5 things you can do in Vegas if you are don't have much money.

5. Window Shopping!

Yes, we can all agree that it's not as fun shopping when you don't have money, but let's be realistic, even when I get paid, I don't have enough money to go on a shopping spree at the Caesar's Forum Shops, I can't afford Jimmy Choo shoes, or Louis Vuitton purses, but I can certainly walk around the shops and see what the latest styles are, sit down and watch famous people walk by, and grab a cookie at the Great Cookie! Not to mention, the architecture in that place is really beautiful, they have high ceilings that look like the sky, so it's like being outside, they also have a show once an hour in the mall too.

4. Walk the strip!

It's a major touristy thing to do and you'll be bombarded with flyers for strip clubs and brothels, but hey, it's great exercise! The best time to do this is probably around dusk, that way the sun is going down, it's not as hot and sunny as it would be earlier in the day. Of course, the best part of walking the strip is watching the Bellagio Fountains. It doesn't matter how many times I watch the fountains, I'm always in awe of the beauty. I think they run the show like every 30 minutes and they change the music, every time, so you can sit there and watch a different show every 30 minutes!!

After you watch the fountains, you can watch the Pirate show at Treasure Island.

The Mirage has a pretty cool Volcano Show...

See?! Tons of stuff to do on the strip for free.

3. Go to the Movies.

Okay, the movies aren't FREE - but if you go during the day, even on the weekends, they offer a matinee discount. Great movie theaters around town are The Palms, The Red Rock Casino, Southpoint, and The Orleans.

2. Bowling

Again, technically not free, but very reasonably priced!

Check out the new Lucky Strike Bowling Alley at the Rio.

How cool does this place look?

The Red Rock has a new bowling center too and I STILL haven't been there, but I plan to check it out very soon.

and the number one place to hangout in Vegas for FREE...

1. The pool of course!!!!!

So far I've been to pools at the Red Rock, The Rio, The Venetian, Tao Beach, The Bellagio, The Golden Nugget, The Palms, The Ramada in Laughlin (technically not Las Vegas, but whatever). Still to come, The MGM, The Luxor, Caesar's Palace, Mandalay Bay, Bare at the Mirage, The Wynn, The Stratosphere, and The Hard Rock.

Pools are the best! Sometimes you have to get creative because they don't always allow you to just walk in without being a guest of the hotel. So far I've been lucky because bloggers have given me their room keys when they checked out and this weekend my boss is getting me into the Pool at the Palms so I can do a review. Can't wait!! I didn't get to lay out last week since it was rainy.

Honorable mention goes to Fremont Street Experience. It's free, they run the show every night and there is always a ton of drunk and crazy people to watch and make fun of. Just don't leave Fremont Street unless of course you are looking for crack or meth, you'll certainly find that stuff downtown!

To read about my adventures playing in the HOE Game at the Orleans click here.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here's your chance guys!

Okay Jessica Alba fans - this is your chance! From Perez Hilton...

"Jessica “Don’t Call Me Latina” Alba has dumped Cashole Warren!

Us Weekly is reporting that the Fantastic Four actress broke up with her boyfriend of two years via phone last week.

By phone??? After two years? Cold!

Within hours of their convo, Alba had dispatched an assistant to the L.A. home they shared to pack up Warren’s belongings and move him out. Major biyatch!!!

Cashole must be devastated. His meal ticket is gone!

The breakup “happened…almost out of nowhere,” a source tells Us. “[Cash] thinks its for another guy but doesn’t know….he’s totally devastated. But it was all her.”

Poor Cashole. He’ll actually have to wait to get into clubs now, like all losers should."

Girl doesn't play does she? She broke up with him over the phone and then had his stuff moved out within hours? Wow! Kind of harsh don't you think? I wonder who the new lucky guy will be. If anyone could break up Brad and Angelina, it's Jessica Alba.

So, today is the day that OK Magazine hits the stands! I will be at the store on my lunch break. Can't wait to read all about the Britney meltdown.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about - Britney did an interview for OK Magazine - it was supposed to be her big "comeback interview" and they were going to pay her 1 million dollars.

So, Just how badly did Britney’s photo shoot and interview for OK! magazine go???

Let’s break it down for you!

Perez Hilton says...

"During the photo shoot….

- Britney wiped her greasy hands on a $274 designer gown during lunch.
- Let her puppy poop on a $6,700 Zac Posen gown.
- Took frequent bathroom breaks - with the door open! - and even brought her assistant in with her.
- Insisted her “friends,” not the hired professionals, do her hair and makeup while complaining that the wardrobe provided by the mag’s stylists wasn’t “sexy,” “short” or “tight” enough.
- Fled the shoot and interview before it was over - still wearing $14,526 worth of OK!’s borrowed clothing.

“It was like a cry for help really, it wasn’t normal,” says OK!’s editor-in-chief Sarah Ivens, who was at the July 19th shoot. The photo shoot and interview was requested by Britney and was supposed to be the fallen idol’s “comeback story and tell-all.”

“We were all devastated,” says Ivens. “It was a tough decision to run with the story. We’re really hoping that it will provide a wakeup call for her and for the people around her.”

Yes - she's a walking trainwreck. All of the chances they keep throwing her way and she just keeps fucking everything up.

Remember old Britney??

New Britney...

Again - Old Britney....

New Britney...



My life is boring compared to all of this exciting entertainment news. I went to a meeting last night, hung out with doug, and went to bed. I'm speaking at a homeless shelter this weekend and hopefully doing a pool review of the Palms or the Hard Rock on Sunday.

That's it! Happy Thursday!

UPDATE - I went out on my lunchbreak and OK Magazine was not on the stands yet. They still had last week's issue on the stands - what bullshit. I spent my whole lunchbreak looking for this magazine and the chicks at CVS told me that they don't get the magazine in until Friday. So, I guess I have to wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

5 Things I Miss

Top 5 Things I Miss

5. Playing Beer Pong - Damn that game was fun! I had the best partner in the world because he was 6 foot 5 and he played basketball in high school. We played in games in the bar, in people's homes, hell, we even played in tournaments. He taught me well and we kicked ass. That was back in the days when drinking was still fun for me and I could usually remember most of the night.

4. Days of Our Lives - When school was out I used to sit in the house and plan my day around this soap opera. I would make my lunch and have it ready for exacty 1 p.m. when it was time to sit down and watch. I never missed a day and I talked about it with all of my friends because we were all obsessed. Now I tape it, but I never have time to watch it and its a bit far fetched now that I'm not 15.

3. Ocean City, MD - Going to Ocean City for the summer was always a blast. It was pure freedom! No parents, no rules, lots of alcohol (pain in the asses at Seacrets on the Bay), lots of blackouts, amazingly no jail, and even if I had a boyfriend, he didn't exist when I was in Ocean City. It was like an alternate universe where the only thing that mattered was having fun. Oh yeah - there was a beach too! I made it out there every day even with a hangover.

2. My parent's boat - They still have it. They still go out on it every weekend, but it's up for sale now, so I think that'll be ending soon. I remember we used to trailer it to the marina and I'd always want to sit in the back of the truck. Then, when we got to the marina I couldn't wait to get out on the water and I'd be like "daddy, go faster - go faster". I'd always sit up on the bow (I'm sure that's real safe) and I'd hold on and we'd go flying over the waves. I had a jet ski for a while too. I never see the Bay or the Ocean anymore. I love Vegas, but I miss the water a little bit.

and the number 1 thing I miss...

1. Working at the Dept. of Defense. What a cake job that was! I never had to show up on time - they had flex time. We had tons of leave so we could take off whenever we wanted. We could take lunch if we wanted, we could take as long as we wanted or we could skip lunch all together. There were tons of military guys walking around - my personal eye candy. I'm talking Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Can you imagine ladies? The cafeteria had a taco bell and a pizza hut! There was a Rite Aid inside, a bank, a barber, shyt - you never had to leave which was a good thing because you had to walk a few miles to get to your car. Yeah, those were the good old days.

Well, that's it - Time to go to work. They actually make me show up on time at this place - Slave Drivers!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

She did it again

From TMZ.com...

"Lindsay Lohan was popped for possession of cocaine, driving under the influence, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility and driving on a suspended license. Sources say her blood alcohol level was between .12 and .13, well over the .08 legal limit.

Cops tell TMZ cocaine was found in her pants pocket.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested for drunk driving in Santa Monica early this morning -- her second bust in less than three months.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept., 21-year-old Lohan was nailed around 2:15 AM near Pico Boulevard and Main Street early Tuesday morning.

Just last week, Lohan was quietly booked by Beverly Hills PD for an alleged Memorial Day weekend DUI crash. She was due back in court on August 24 to face charges of driving with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 and misdemeanor hit and run.

Lindsay just turned 21 -- legal drinking age -- earlier this month. She's been voluntarily wearing a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet for the past couple of weeks, even flaunting the device during a recent beach outing in Malibu."

Well, she hasn't even gone to court for the first DUI yet and now she's done it again. The funniest part is that she was voluntarily wearing an alcohol monitor on ankle so that when she went to court the judge would maybe give her some leniency. The company that monitors the ankle bracelet, didn't even know she was arrested. So, what's the deal? How did they not know? Was the monitor fake?

Here's the thing. I have a little bit of experience in the world of alcohol abuse/addiction and as the old saying goes "if you hang out in the barber shop long enough you'll get a haircut" rings true. Yes, she went to rehab, yes she was wearing an acohol monitor, but she's still hanging out at nightclubs with the same people that she partied with. So, in my opinion, it was just a matter of time. I hate to see her lose her career over this, hopefully she'll deal with the consequences of her actions, make some lifestyle changes and grow up a little before it's too late.

I'm still going to see her new movie this weekend.
I think she looks pretty hot in this trailer...

I mean, if she plays with knives and other females in her spare time, then I can totally buy into her playing the role of a stripper!


So, onto my life. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to stay at my house for the past few days. Well, let's see - I could have stayed there, but I chose not to and it was a good choice. I had a really really good weekend with Doug and it was like a mini vacation even though I stayed only 2 exits away from my house.

The only thing I missed was my baby girl Lucy! She was so excited to see me last night. It's nice that she can finally be around other people, she was abused when she was a baby, so it's taken a while for her get comfortable with anyone who wasn't me or her owner.

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Weekend

I appreciate all of the voting and next week I'll be getting one of those hairstyles. I haven't compiled the results yet, but I'll do whichever one had the highest amount of votes. Why didn't I have my hair done this weekend like planned? Well, I'm glad you asked. I got a call from our favorite retired poker dealer, Linda, on Friday and she wanted to know if I was interested in playing in a Ladies LIPS Event at the Orleans on Saturday morning. I can NEVER turn down an opportunity to play poker, so of course I agreed and rescheduled my hair appt. for next week.

The tournament was fun! I'll be doing an article (working on it tonight) and hopefully it'll be posted over on pokerworks.com in the next few days.

I also saw a few movies this weekend.

First and foremost in my mind was yesterday, I had planned to go to a pool, but of course it was overcast, a little rainy and my pool plans went out the window. So, Doug and I went to see "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" at the theater. So cute! I really enjoyed it.

I love King of Queens and three of the cast members in that show were also cast in the movie. I really enjoyed it.

Saturday night we had a bunch of people over and watched Black Snake Moan with Christina Ricci, Samuel L. Jackson, and Justin Timberlake.

Now, that was quite a movie! I've been thinking about it for a few days. If you are bored or want to see a good movie, go rent it or get it on netflix.

Then last night we watched "Children of Men"...

It was just okay. It was my least favorite out of all three of the movies.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Interactive Game

Well, yesterday was the third Wednesday of the month and I was ordered by the court to go to the DUI Victim Impact Panel. This panel only convenes once a month, thus giving me three chances to attend before I go to back to court in September. So, it started at 7 p.m., checkin time was 6 p.m. and through talking to other people who have attended this class, I knew it was going to be crowded and I wanted to arrive early. I mean, think about it, every person in Las Vegas that gets a DUI has to attend this thing and they only do it once a month, so, yes, it was crowded.

I had to drive only 6 miles to get there from work, but during rush hour traffic I knew I'd be cutting it close. So, I start driving and I realize that all of the traffic lights are out in the East Side of town. Basically, all of the lights around McCarran airport were toast. Great! Just what I needed. I managed to get there on time somehow, I knew I was in the right place when I saw a line wrapped around the building. It took me 48 minutes to get there and I only had to drive 6 miles. That's Vegas traffic for ya!

Like always, I made friends with the people in line and we swapped jail stories. The girl behind me was arrested in Henderson and was out of jail within two hours. Lucky girl! I was arrested on a Saturday night and went downtown, so I was there for about 23 hours. Luckily, there was a prostitute that got out at the same time I did and she showed me how to get to the Golden Nugget and we shared a taxi back to Mandalay Bay.

So, I won't go into details about the class, I'll just say that it was sad, a little gory and they did a good job of showing you what the consequences of your actions could be if you choose to drink and drive again. Oh, and sad to say, the auditorium was FULL, it held about 500 people. Also, there was another room with spanish speaking people only and they had a full room too.

I have already chosen not to allow myself to be in this situation again by not drinking. Would this class have helped me if I hadn't already made this decision? It's hard to say. I saw a lot of tears shed and I think a lot of people in that room will think twice before they get behind the wheel again - at least I hope so.

So - on to better stuff! It's Thursday and the weekend is almost here.

I've already planned on having my hair done on Saturday - always an exciting time. I just love sitting in that chair for 2 hours. My girl, Tracy, is very cool and at least we find lots of stuff to gossip about, so the time goes by fast.

So, let's play a little interactive game. Lets choose Carmen's next hairstyle. Vote on the one you like the best.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Okay - keep in mind that we are looking at the cut and the color - NOT THE FACE! Don't everyone go voting for Option 4 just because you think Jessica Alba is HOT. I mean, she is hot, but remember we are putting this hairstyle on my face - not hers. I tried to pick all girls with dark hair since my hair is naturally dark. It's more realistic that way.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Breaking News!


Go to this page for the entire story!

Basically, the part my eyes zeroed in was...

"As announced on 4 June, the Company has agreed to a plan for the distribution of funds to its US customers. The agreed plan details the process and mechanisms by which US customers will be able to initiate the return of their funds after the plan is implemented. NETELLER is using its best efforts to start implementing the plan as soon as possible and, in any event, by no later than 30 July 2007. The Company will communicate to US customers via email and through its website the exact date upon which such customers will be able to make requests."

So, I'm not necessarily going to have my money back on the 30th, but I'll have withdrawal instructions? What does that mean exactly? Can I get a freakin date of when that freakin money will be in my account PLEASE???????

Hear that Iggy? How about you Irongirl?

Do we believe them? My fingers are crossed!


For my civilian friends - let me recap! Neteller was the avenue that a lot of us poker players used to deposit money to our online poker accounts and when we won, we were able to withdraw the funds via neteller. Neteller was much like paypal. If you use E-Bay you are probably familiar with the way Paypal works.

Anyway, the money that I lost was a payment for an ad on my website. One of my best advertisers, BoDog, pays me a lump sum every 6 months to advertise on my site. They sent the payment promptly, and then the founders of Neteller tried to enter the U.S. and were arrested. The U.S. Dept. of Justice froze all neteller accounts, I was in the middle of a withdrawal. So, I never got that payment - it's been frozen for like 6 months or something like that.

Some people make a living through these ads, or through writing, and they get paid via neteller or paypal. A lot of people haven't gotten their money because the government is holding it all.

So, anyway, we are just hoping to get the money back.

Hope this clears things up!

The WSOP Ends

Last night I went to Doug's house and watched SAW II. I loved the first SAW when I saw it in the theater and I was thrilled to look through his movie collection and see SAW II and SAW III. I will be watching the third one in the next few days. He also has Matchstick Men. I've never seen it, but it looks good. I pulled that movie out and I'm watching it this weekend.

So, Jerry Yang is the 2007 WSOP Champion. I went over to the Rio last night when I got off work and wasn't able to watch the final table from the stands, however, Harrah's did a nice job of providing extra seating and lots of Big Screen TV's all through the Amazon Room so that fans could watch it live on the TV. I also watched a live feed online all day from work. I was happy! I'll have a writeup on pokerworks.com later today or tomorrow, but for now...

From SI.com...

"LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Jerry Yang, a 39-year-old psychologist who uses his professional training in his card-playing arsenal, won the $8.25 million top prize Wednesday at the World Series of Poker.

He knocked out seven of the eight other players at the final table, reminiscent of last year when Jamie Gold ran over his opponents. The main difference, Yang did it from the back of the pack.

An ethnic Hmong who grew up poor in Laos, Yang said before the final table began that he would donate 10 percent of his winnings to charity, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Feed the Children, the Ronald McDonald House and his alma mater, Loma Linda University."

This guy, Jerry is 5 foot 3 and doesn't look intimidating at all, but at the table he was quite aggressive. What a little cutie. He's donating 10 percent of winnings to charities, I always like to see that.

I can't believe it's really over!!!!!

I had such a blast covering the WSOP for Pokerworks and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Next step is to do more writing! I'll have another pool review this weekend - I'm HOPING to get into Mandalay Bay because they have a wave pool. They are tough though. It's hard to get in there and they scan room keys to see if they are good. I have a room key, but it's no longer valid, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get in.

I'm getting my hair done this weekend - Saturday actually. Maybe I'll do something different. I should make that my goal today - find a new color. I might be getting bored of blonde and red.

Anyway, I need to do some work - Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Must Haves

I thought I'd put up some more pictures from the weekend.

This is me and Ryan...

Johnny, Doug, Jason and Barret...


Tim and Autumn...

Me and Doug...

So, anyway, today is the big day. There are 9 players left in the Main Event and the Final Table will start playing at noon today at the Rio. I WISH I could take off work and watch. I can guarantee that I'll fly over there as soon as I get off work and hopefully I'll be able to catch a few hours of play.

I can't believe how FAST these 7 weeks have gone by.

I haven't done a list in a while.

Here's my Top 5 Must Have Items for Summer in Vegas

5. Cute and comfortable shoes for all of the walking your going to do through the casinos. Let me stress this one thing, you don't have to be frumpy to be comfortable. Fashion and comfort can go hand and in hand if you are creative.

Wedges are all the rage right now...

These are Marc Fisher - you can find these at Macy's and he caters to women with wide feet - always a great choice for comfort and style...

4. Flowy Summer Dress - This dress is perfect for day or night. It's so pretty and fashionable and comfortable. Sundresses are everywhere right now, they are always a safe bet.

3. Sexy Swimwear - One of my favorite sights to shop for swimwear is Venus. They have all different styles of tops and bottoms. You can buy everything separately which is good because I know that my top half doesn't necessarily equal the same size as my bottom half, so for me to buy a small or a medium just doesn't work. I need separates.

2. Stretch Cotton Suit - so cute, so comfortable, so functional and SO HOT!

and my top must have for summer in Vegas...

1. The summer trench!

Okay, it's probably too hot for this trench coat in Vegas during the summer - but who cares? It's just so sexy! Worn best with nothing underneath! There ya go. Perfect for summer with nothing underneath.