Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coming Soon...

I have a super crazy day ahead of me and I'm going into work way early - so this is going to be a quick post...

I was thinking about all of the exciting and fun shows I'm looking forward to in the Fall Season and here's my list...

The NEW 90210 - it's supposed to be rauncy and slutty and over the top - just the way I like it. They brought back Brenda and Kelly and even Dylan I heard. Yay! good times I can't wait!!!

Entourage - Coming back very soon - sometime in Septemer. I can't wait! I love those guys.

The Office!!!!!!! - Season Premier is September 24th I believe and it'll be a full hour. It's my favorite show on T.V. right now.

Big Love - I have no idea when it's coming back on but I love it.

Friday night lights is definitely coming back on - I just read an article and I'm psyched. I wasn't even sure if it was returning but it definitely is.

Dancing with the Stars - of course! They are doing a 3 night season premiere starting September 21st - they have an awesome lineup this time.

The New Adventures of Old Christine - I love me some Elaine from Seinfeld and I can't wait for her to return.

Medium - this show rocks!!!!!! I love it!

CSI - I'm sad that Warrick is off the show, but I'm sure they'll replace him with someone even better - most likely someone who isn't a drug addict. I also heard that Grissom is leaving - but he'll do some returning guest spots.

I'm sure I'm missing some - what are you guys looking forward to??????


Blogger PinkPiddyPaws said...

where the HELL do you find time to watch all this stuff? I'm doing good just to get my Football games in. :)

August 28, 2008

Blogger Karen said...

Grey's Anatomy. And football Sundays, of course.

August 28, 2008

Blogger Jay said...

The Shield returns for it's final season on Tuesday Sept 2.

And Pushing Daisies is back this season too! I love that show.

And Life. But, they moved it to Friday in an attempt to kill that show off. Bastards.

August 28, 2008

Blogger Laura said...


August 28, 2008

Blogger Heather said...

GOSSIP GIRL!!! hahaha and One Tree Hill. :)

August 29, 2008

Blogger Freshie said...

Heroes !!!!

August 29, 2008

Blogger $mokkee said...

NFL !!!

and Heroes obv

August 29, 2008


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