Sunday, August 24, 2008


I am almost embarassed to admit this, but I just finally saw The Dark Knight today. Good ass movie! I can't believe it took me so long to go see it - but I just hated the thought of sitting throught a freaking 3 hour movie. Even though I knew it would be awesome, I'm not a big fan of sitting still for such a long period of time. I ended up seeing it with this guy I met on my bowling league. He had been asking me out for a while and I finally caved in and went out with him. It was a good time and then we went over to Cabo which is a Mexican Restaurant at the Red Rock for dinner.

Oh and just for the record - I was never much of a Christian Bale fan until I watched the movie - wow - he's a hottie. He looked really good in The Dark Knight and another thing that really hit me hard was that we lost an amazingly talented actor in Heath Ledger. He was amazing in the role of the Joker and it was pretty sad to watch him on the big screen and realize it'll most likely be the last time I ever see him - unless I watch old movies or whatever. Also, I think he deserves an Oscar for his role - he was fucking awesome.

Saturday was a big night because my girl Hilary was celebrating 6 years clean. It was a pretty big deal and I was really happy for her. I made her a little gift bag and put a few meaningful gifts in it. Like, I bought some frames and put some pictures in them and I got her a really nice card and she loves starbucks so I got her a gift card from there. I never used to be much of a gift giver and I don't always have a lot of money to buy really fancy things, but she's a really special person in my life and it was fun shopping for her. I even teared up at the meeting when she was sharing. Don't tell anyone though - I wouldn't anyone to think I'm a softie. ha ha

A few pictures from last night...

Me and Hilary...

Lisa and Angela...

Doug, me and Nick

Most Importantly - I called the courthouse and I don't have to report for Jury Duty tomorrow. I am so happy because I found out that my company does not pay us for jury duty. What kind of bullshit is that???? It's annoying!!!! I would have had to take a personal day for tomorrow and then I would have had to try like hell not to get placed on a jury. So, I'm good for now.

Another weekend gone and another monday for me to dread - ugh - at least we have a three day weekend to look forward to!!!!


Blogger Jay said...

The Dark Night rocks. I'm still not a huge Christian Bale fan, but the movie was amazing.

Congrats to Hilary on 6 years! That's awesome!

August 24, 2008

Blogger PinkPiddyPaws said...

Yep... lots of companies don't pay for you to go to Jury duty.. which is just ironic to me, because that whole "jury of your peers" is pretty impossible to get because most folks can't afford to take off from work for jury duty so it's the homeless people in the jury box instead.

Oh wait.. I'm guessing a lot of criminals probably don't have a M-F 9-5 job anyway, huh? My bad. ha.ha.ha..

August 25, 2008

Blogger The Diva's Thoughts said...

Come by my blog. I have something for youuuuuu! lol

August 25, 2008

Blogger The Diva's Thoughts said...

That is weird...I thought by law every job had to pay you to go to jury duty. I have never had a job that didn't pay. This is news to me.

I have to look into this. It's not fair that you get called to perform your civic duty and your job has to let you go but penalizes you for it. Doesn't make sense to me.

August 25, 2008


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