Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I can't think of a title

I am so freakin tired this morning. Good god. I dunno why I'm having such a hard time keeping my eyes open. I slept really well last night, but unfortunately I'm exhausted. I can't even type this blog post because my hands appear to have a mind of their own this morning as my eyes continue so creep shut every few minutes.

I seruiously wish I still had some of those max alerts that I used to abuse. At least they would give me a little pep and energy so I could maybe function.

Speaking of pep and energy. A while back I went to GNC and bought some of those super expensive energy drinks that you drink before you go to the gym. They are called "Speed Shots" and they contain a whole bunch of crazy ingredients that speed up your metabolism and give you energy to workout longer etc. They arent' cheap. I bought a few of them, labeled them and put them in the fridge at work. I went to the freakin refrigerator the other day and wouldn't you know it? They are gone! I was pissed!!!!! I haven't had many problems with theft in this office until now. So annoying! What would possess someone to take a drink that is clearly labeled? I mean, obviously the person knew they didn't buy that drink - it's just so rude and disrespectful. That kind of shit drives me nuts.

Okay, anyway, we did well at bowling last night. It was fun - especially because we won two games. We weren't doing so hot for the last few weeks, so at least we picked it up this week. It's so much more fun when you win :)

Thanks for the San Fran comments and offers. I'll be e-mailing those of you who said I could.

Some of things I found online that I'm interested in doing are...

- Tour of the Wine country
- Tour of Alcatraz Island - I'm obsessed with those Locked up shows so I'm super excited to check out Alcatraz - especially since you get to take a boat there
- Union Square
- Chinatown (it's supposed to be a really big Chinatown and I love me some authentic chinese food.
- Fisherman's Wharf

and of course we have to see the Golden Gate Bridge - it's a must!

We are going the day after Christmas so it'll be nice to see all of the fancy christmas lights and decorations. I know it's not exactly warm in San Francisco so I'll definitely have to pack accordingly.

The possibilities are endless. I'm sure I won't be able to fit everything in to 4 days so most likely we'll take another trip to San Fran later down the road.

I don't know if I've mentioned how much I enjoy having my parents here. It was a little scary at first because I wasn't sure if they'd get on my nerves since we haven't lived in the same state for many years. I was worried that they'd get out here and hate it and that they'd miss the lush green grass back in Maryland. My dad has a thing for lawns and unfortunately, there isn't much grass or greenery here in Vegas. I guess a part of me was scared that they'd expect to see me like every day.

But, the good thing is that it hasn't been that way at all. They love it here, they especially love that it's November and they can still walk outside during the day without a coat and it's usually always sunny and there is always something to do. They've made a few friends already and they have a clubhouse in their neighborhood that they can walk to and they play cards there and they go to the gym everyday and all kinds of good stuff. I see them about once a week and that's perfect.

So, most of my worries and fears are gone. I am truly happy that they are here and they seem to love it here too.

My dad still misses his grass, but oh well - you can't have everything.

They called the moving company and they said the people were super nice and they are supposed to make a list of everything they are missing and I guess they will go from there. The one thing that makes me think maybe their stuff wasn't stolen was that my parents got a few boxes that wasn't there stuff. So, possibly the movers just mixed up the boxes and gave my parent's boxes to someone else. Hopefully the whole thing can be corrected. Who knows.

I have nothing important to say. Terri from This is how we Roll is in town and I just got a message from her. I'm thinking about breaking up the monotony of this lame work week and heading to the strip tonight to play some poker and have dinner at the always delicious Diablo Cantina! If it happens, I'll definitely take some pictures!

Maurice Green and Cheryl Burke were sent packing last night on Dancing with the Stars. They are just down to four now. Cody Linely, Brooke Burke, Warren Sapp and Lance Bass. I'm rooting for Lance or Brooke.

Happy Hump Day!


Blogger Karen said...

I am rooting for Warren in DWTS. I love him.

I don't think I mentioned yesterday that when I moved, the moving company wouldn't take jewelry or other valuables. We had to move them ourselves....and ended up fedex-ing a bunch of stuff.

I am glad things are working out with your parents.

November 12, 2008


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