Friday, November 07, 2008

Tribute to Blackwell

Yay - It's Friday!!!

The weekend couldn't come soon enough for me.

I don't have a lot going on, so I think I'll do a list today.

I never did a proper farewell to Mr. Blackwell. Known for his infamous "Worst Dressed" Lists every year, he will certainly be missed.

Last year stood out as one of the worst years for celebrity fashion gone wrong. Here are some pictures from Mr. Blackwell's site...

2007 - Blackwell's Worst Dressed List

11. Paris Hilton - I agree, last year she was a mess - this year - not so much. I would be surprised if she didn't end up on some Best Dressed Lists in 2008.

I don't mind the dress - but the pink tights look like they belong on Little Suri Cruise - not a grown woman.

10. Alison Arngrim - I've never heard of her - but this is Blackwell's description

"Little Nellie of the prairie looks like a 1940s fashion editor for the Farmers Almanac."

9. Lindsey Lohan - She looked horrible last year and she looks just as bad or maybe even worse this year. If I see this girl in one more pair of spandex or leggings, I might just stab my eyes out.

8. Jessica Simpson - This is truly a horrible picture of her and she really has a terrible fashion sense.

7. Avril Lavigne - One word "yuck" says it all.

Blackwell said "Gothic makeup courtesy the mad spatula. Fashions provided by … the House of Dracula!"

6. Eva Green

Blackwell said "Stuck in neon nightmares not fit for the sane. Fashion this loud could give Bond a migraine! A profusion of confusion from toes to nose!"

5. Kelly Clarkson - This outfit definitely isn't doing her any favors.

Blackwell said "Her heavenly voice soars above the rest … but those belly-baring bombs are hellish at best! She may be the queen of “Proactiv” -- but that wardrobe looks downright radioactive!"

4. Fergie - Ugh - I love Fergie. I hate to put her on this list, but sometimes her fashion choices are a bit over the top...

3. Mary Kate Olsen - Oh my god - I couldn't agree more. Why does this chick dress like such a bag lady? It drives me nuts!

2. Amy Winehouse - ummmm - yes, she belongs on this list, but I think she has bigger things than "fashion" to worry about at this time. I can't believe she's still alive to be quite honest.

and the worst dressed celebrity in 2007 is...

1. Victoria Beckham

Blackwell said "Forget the fashion spice -- wearing a skirt would suffice! In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty posh can really wreck 'em."

You will be missed Mr. Blackwell!


Blogger Jay said...

Blackwell was an asshole. He was just so full of meanness and bitterness. I guess I shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but he annoyed me to no end.

And I will not tolerate anything bad said about Kelly Clarkson. LOL ;-)

November 07, 2008

Blogger RockDog said...

Carmen, what does it say about me that I would love to nail all of these chicks (except that scary skeleton looking Olsen)? LOL!

Have a kick ass weekend!

PS...LOVED the new 80's pictures! HOT!!! Not sure who used more hairspray or me! LOL!

Rock ON!

November 07, 2008

Blogger Heather said...

Wow, all those outfits made me throw up in my mouth a little bit

November 12, 2008


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