Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It snowed here yesterday! This wouldn't be big news if I lived in Colorado or maybe Upstate New York, but here in Vegas, snow is big news! I love it that we have mild weather here, we don't get much rain, the sun is usually always shining and we hardly ever get snow. But yesterday it was dark and rainy out and as the day went on it started snowing. I think Mt. Charleston got something like 12 inches. It's obvious today because all of the mountains surrounding the valley are covered with snow. It's pretty. I was sitting in my normal sit and go morning traffid on the way into work and I couldn't stop staring in my rear view mirror looking at the newly covered mountains.

Anyway, speaking of snow and COLD weather we are having. I got in a little tiff with a girl at work yesterday when she told me that her dogs were outside all day while it was raining, sleeting, and snowing. I about lost my mind. Are you fucking kidding me? You leave your dogs outside everyday when you go to work? She's like "yeah, what's the big deal?" and I'm like "why do you even have dogs if you are going to treat them like that?" She was like "it's not usually this cold outside" and I'm like "why the fuck can't you leave them inside?" and she's like "how are they going to go to the bathroom?" and I'm like "you should have thought about that before you decided to get dogs". People should not have dogs if they are going to leave them outside all day. That's bullshit. Those poor dogs were outside freezing in the snow. Finally she called her mother and had her go over to the house and pick the dogs up and stay with her.

What is wrong with people? It's simple. If you have to work all day and you can't provide a warm stable loving environment for your pets, don't bother getting them. I wouldn't have a dog if I didn't have a roommate that was home with the dog all day. It's cruel.

UGH! Pisses me off.

Anyway,the same girl just got engaged to her sister's ex boyfriend. Yes, you heard me right. Her sister was with a guy for a few years, she lived with him and everything. Then, this girl that I work with hooked up with the same guy, she now lives with him and over the weekend they got engaged. Nothing like keeping it in the family right?

I'm happy to report that this is my last full week of work. Our company is officially shutting down from December 19th at noon - January 5th. Beautiful huh? I will actually be in on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th, but after that I'm off until the new year and I cannot freaking wait!

Happy Tuesday kiddies.


Blogger Jay said...

I know a lot of people who leave their dogs outside all the time. I guess it's okay as long as they have a covered porch or area where the dogs can get away from wind and rain and stuff like that. Otherwise it's pretty mean.

There's one house not far from me that has a big dog in their fenced in backyard, but he's chained up to a tree anyway. He looks so sad and miserable that I want to go and let him loose. But, he'd probably bite me if I wandered into his yard. LOL

December 16, 2008

Blogger Vegas Linda Lou said...

Wow--two weeks off? Lucky Poker Girl! Can I come work for your company?

I lived in the northeast for 43 years--I don't mind seeing snow in Vegas, as long as it's from a distance. I'm getting so soft that when it's just windy, I'm like, "This is bullshit, man... I'm not going out in this."

December 16, 2008


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