Saturday, May 30, 2009

Coming up

I was laying in bed last night talking to a friend from Maryland and it ocurred to me that I am totally ready to talk about another one of those "traumatic" experiences from my past and it's a doozy. It's a long one too. So, stay tuned for a several part blog post and I'll probably start typing it sometime today.

Got up at 5:30 a.m. to take the parental units to the airport. Sheesh! On my Saturday. Can you imagine??

I think Opey was mad that they were leaving because when I was changing the sheets on their bed, I noticed that the comforter was wet, so I'm pretty sure he peed on it. So, now not only do I have to wash the sheets and towels, but I have to throw in the comforter too. Little brat.

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! It's Friday!!!

I can actually say that and mean it since weekends actually mean something to me. It's been a while.

I promise my blogs won't be just about work from now on, but just this first week the only thing I've done is worked. I'm just trying to get myself back onto a work schedule. I forgot - remind me again - how did I have a life in the past and work too? Because, as of right now, all I do is work and then come home and sleep.

The crappy thing about this job is that we get paid on like the 15th and the 30th or something gay like that. The good thing is that we have direct deposit. My last company didn't have direct deposit. It was a big company, it had like 50 some employees, the benefits were great, but no direct deposit!

The place I'm working now only employs maybe 10 people and we are getting smaller by the day and we have direct deposit. That always blew my mind at my last place that they didn't have direct deposit. It was like "hello - let's move into the new millenium please".

My prayer for today is that I get a check. I'm not sure how the paycheck thing will workout since I started on a Wednesday and I don't know when the pay period ended.
So, please please pleaes let me get a check. Unemployment is over and if I don't get a check until the 15th of next month, I seriously don't know how I will live. I won't even have money to put in my gas tank to get to work.

The parental units are going away tomorrow morning for their annual beach trip to North Carolina with their Maryland friends so I get to spend the week with my favorite puppy in the world - little Opey. woo hoo!

Also, a week at the parent's house means a week full of food from the fridge and a nice happy belly for me. My dad is actually taking me to the grocery store tongiht so I can pick out what I want for the week. Love them! Aren't they best? I'm 35 years old and they are taking me grocery shopping. hehe Kind of funny.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

back to it...

Working full time again is really kicking my butt. I've been unemployed for like 5 months and now I'm back in the real world and I'm just trying to adjust. For instance, I got plenty of sleep yesterday, but I was really tired all day at work. My eyes were so heavy. Then, I got home from work and peeled off the work clothes, threw on some sweats and started watching T.V. I was literally falling asleep in the chair at 7 p.m. I got up and went into my bed and promptly fell asleep. I slept through the whole night and then when my alarm went off at 7:30 a.m. I still didn't want to get up. I hit snooze a few times and even thought about how nice it would be to call in sick. Of course I didn't call out sick. I got my lazy butt up and came to work. It was hard, but I'm glad I did it.

Today was super busy and I worked my butt off. They aren't the kind of company that sits down and really trains you. They just kind of thre me into the fire and I learn pretty well that way.

There was a nother girl that started on the same day thht I started and she came in an hour late the first day. She left two hours early the 3rd day and then she called out sick both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. So, I'm guessing she's done. I can't imagine why she would sabotage herself like that. I mean, she told me she hadn't worked in a whole year, so i was thinking sh'd be pretty damn happy that she got herself a new job. I guess not though. Who knows - maybe she found a better job or something.

Well, back to the grind. I i didn't even take a lunch today but I think I have some M&M's in my purse thankfully.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I got nada

Well, the 3 day weekend sure went by fast. Of course I knew that it would. I didn't do anything exciting. I went to my parent's house for like two days. They had a cookout at the clubhouse on Monday and it was huge. There was so much food there. I stuffed myself silly. I was so full, the only thing I could do was drive home and lay in bed and sleep it off. I slept so much that I'm still tired today. Hopefully this energy drink will kick in soon. I actually brought two of them today because I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

I really don't have anything to write about today. I'll try to come up with something later.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Weekend

I fear that today is going to be boring because my boss is gone for the long weekend. I mean, it's always nice when the boss is gone, but I honestly really like my boss and he's the one that gives me all my work, so hopefully today won't drag as slowly as I think it might.

Did I mention that we get to wear jeans if we want? Typically I'm the type of person that wants to look nice and I always wear dress pants or a suit or a nice dress to work, but today I'm wearing jeans and heels and a nice blazer. I just love how laid back they are. It's a breath of fresh air from my last job. No walking on egg shells. No getting yelled at. No fear at all. Love it!

My boy waffles is helping me find the missing girl from the top left corner of my blog. I think she got kidnapped or something.

I can't believe it's Memorial Day weekend already.

I'm going to Sam's Town tomorrow to hang with the parents and they are going to buy me lunch. Hopefully i can scrape some money together so that I can do a little gambling. I've been in a gambling mood lately.

Monday my parents are having a big cookout over at the clubhouse where they live, so I'm definitely hanging out over there with them. I'm never one to turn down free food!!

UPS guy is here to fix my label printer thingy. Gotta run!

have a good long weekend!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1st Day

So, today was day one at the new job and I gotta say that I am pleasantly surprised. You know how is it. Whenever you get a new job. The first day usually sucks because you feel so uncomfortable and so out of place. You start to question why you took this new job in the first place and you miss your old co-workers terribly. For me, it usually takes a good couple of weeks before I'm feeling like I belong in the new office.

Well, that was definitely NOT the case for me today. From the moment I walked in I felt totally at ease. My boss made a joke right off the bat and I found out that all of my neighbors are guys! woo hoo! I literally sit outside my boss's office and the whole rest of the row is guys. They seem to all be in their 30's. I'm not looking to hook up by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just thinking that guys are a HELL of a lot more fun to work with. No drama. No bullshit. No lies. Instead I get to listen to innappropriate jokes, they keep me up to date on the latest sporting news and they just laugh and carry on all day. Loves it!

Another great thing!! Not once did I feel scared to approach my boss. I went in to his office quite a few times and I wasn't nervous at all. I didn't think twice about it. That's huge for me. I used to get nervous as hell when I had to go back to my bosses desk. It sucked. I was intimidated and I felt like I was walking on eggshells all of the time. I'm glad I finally have a boss that I can look straight in the eye and feel good about myself.

The job seems pretty easy, but I think it'll keep me busy which is good and I'm learning a lot of new things which is great.

In a few weeks we are putting on a seminar at the MGM Grand and he wants me to spend the day there with him so I can learn the ropes and see what we do in action. Yay! Field Trip!

I couldn't be happier. I definitely feel like I made the right decision.

And ya know. It felt good to get up this morning and hop in the shower and get dressed up. I feel like a grown up again instead of a high school student who was suspended and is spending her days at home while everyone else is at work/school.

So, switching gears...

Somewhere down the line, I will explain this story in further detail. But, have you ever had someone fuck you over? I'm sure you have. I definitely have. I think we've all been hurt or fucked over sometime in our lives right?? Well, I'm the kind of person that will remember every single detail of being fucked over. For instance, some of you guys might remember Tim. He went to Dopes on Slopes with me a year ago and we were dating and he was coming over my house every night etc. So, I dunno, a few weeks into the relationship his roommate expresses interest in me and Tim gives him my number and tells him to "go for it". What the fuck??

That's bullshit right? I felt like a used piece of meat and I was having no parts of it. I basically cut off all communication with Tim and that was that.

Fast forward a few months later and Tim is back...

Revenge is so sweet! I really fucked him over in a bad way today and he deserved every bit of it. ahhhhhh sweet satisfaction. I almost started feeling bad for him, but then I just played the tape in my head of what he did to me and I'm totally okay with it again.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Got it!!

So, I went to my 2nd interview today and I liked the guy. I could see myself working for him. The interview went really well and he gave me a call around 5:30 p.m. to offer me the job. How exciting!! Seriously, he said that over 160 people applied for this position. That's how bad the market is out here! Half of the town is looking for work.

So, I talked to him about the salary and told him that I really want the job, but the salary was just a little too low. So, he gave me a dollar more and he said that after 90 days if I'm doing well, he'll give me some more money! YAY! So, I accepted his offer and I start working on Wednesday.

I'm psyched! I'm so happy to finally get out of the house and start being a productive member of society again. I've been laid off since January. I'm bored! I need to work and what a confidence booster. I beat out 160 people. Can you imagine? woo hoo!

I'm still hoping the steakhouse comes through with a part-time position for me so that I can make even more money.

Tomorrow is my last day being unemployed so I better enjoy it. Maybe I'll go lay out at the pool or something. Who knows.

Gotta go watch the Dancing with the Stars Season Finale'. Go Gilles.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I just got home from a 7:30 p.m. meeting. It was a good one. I picked up Angie and took her with me and we brought her daughter Paige too. She was a perfect little angel. First thing this morning I got up and went to the Women's Spiritual Breakfast at the Wildhorse Country Club. It was a good time. This is my third year in a row attending this function. There was like 100 women there. Talk about a lot of personalities. Sometimes I get overwelmed being around SO many women.

Anyway, tomorrow is my 2nd interview, but the more I thought about it over the weekend, I've decided I'm definitely not taking the job. It just doesn't pay enough. Why should I give up my unemployment and take a job make the SAME exact money that the unemployment pays? In fact, with taxes, I'll actually make less than I'm making by sitting at home doing nothing. I'd rather keep looking. I need to make more money than what they are offering. I'll go on the 2nd interview though and just see how it goes. Anyway, practice makes perfect and I can always use the practice because job interviews can be extremely intimidating and nerve wracking.

So, roommate has a girl coming here to stay with him from L.A. for a few days. She will be here Tuesday, so I'll be heading to North Las Vegas to stay with the parental units for a few days while she is here. He didn't ask me to leave or anything, but I think I'd rather get the hell out of here if he's going to have a chick staying with him. They can totally have the house to themselves.

And that's it. I'm going to lay down in my cozy bed and watch my lovely T.V. in my room and I'll probably stuff my face with popcorn or ice cream or something. Can't wait to watch the Survivor Season Finale' and find out who won the money!! Goodnight!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Am I losing my mind or is the girl image from the top left hand corner of this blog gone?

She's been gone for a couple of days on my computer.

I wonder what happened.

I think this is a case for Waffles to solve!!

Is anyone else playing in this private pokerlistings tourney today?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just thinking out loud

So, I sent to the job interview today and it went really well. I liked the girl that was interviewing me a lot. She is the Events Coordinator. I'll actually be reporting directly to a man and she says he can be a Diva and she hopes that I have a strong backbone. I've dealt with many an asshole before, so I think I'll be okay. She said that I'm a perfect fit for the company and she wants me to come back on Monday to meet the big guy. So, I'm kind of psyched. It's a good feeling to get back out there. I'm so bored. I'm really ready to start working again. I'm sitting here now looking at the clock - it's 2:13 p.m. and I'm done for the day. What else can I do? Boring!

If I get this job, it doesn't exactly pay what I'm used to, but they do offer benefits, so that's a good thing. To be honest, I'm taking a huge pay cut from my last job, but they say, it's easier to find a job when you already have a job. So, maybe this job will lead to bigger and better things. She says there is room for advancement.

And then, I was thinking about the Brazilian Steakhouse. It's only open at night, so maybe I'll work during the day at this office and then I'll wait tables at night for extra dough. I could see myself digging my way out of debt easily if I'm working two jobs.

My roommate has two free tickets to Jersey Boys this month. I'm trying to get him off his butt and over to the Venetian to pick up the tickets so I can give them to my parents for tonight. I wasn't really interested in seeing this particular show and neither was he. But, my mom really wants to see it. So, hopefully I can get him motivated.

Have a good weekend kids!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

On the job front

I've been really on the ball this week with applying for jobs. I have been going on craigslist a few times a day and applying for all of the admin jobs that I am capable of doing and I have been looking in the paper too. Today there was a job at a law firm that you were just supposed to show up for. They didn't give you an e-mail address or even a phone number. They just threw out an address and said "apply in person". So, I got all made up and printed out some resume's and cover letters and drove over there. Of course the job was filled already. Sheesh!

So, while I was dressed up, I decided to show up to a few more places and put in applications. One of the restaurants I chose was brand new and they were hiring a full staff - I think I have the best shot at that job since they are hiring a bunch of people. It's a really cool new Brazilian Steakhouse very close to where I live. It's fancy inside, I like fancy. I like expensive and I like dress to impress. This place is also putting on a brazilian dance show on Fri, Sat and Sun nights. They are opening in June. I'm crossing my fingers.

I also got an e-mail from someone that actually read my resume, liked it and set up an interview for tomorrow. It's an administrative assistant position. I don't know anything else about it, but I pray that they offer benefits.

I'll let you guys know how it goes.

Sunday I'm going to the Women's Spiritual Breakfast at this Country Club near my house. This is the third year in a row that I'm going to this all female function and it's usually a good time. I'm looking forward to it.

Well, the popcorn and the T.V. are calling me. Roomie is working graveyard tonight so I have the whole house to myself and I'm psyched!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bye Bye NYC

This is my 740th post. I've been blogging for 3 years and I'm now typing up my 740th post. That averages out to around 247 posts per year. Kinda cool! I love this blog. I really do.

Anyway, yesterday was good. I met my really cute boytoy, Devin for coffee before the meeting. I actually had a strawberry and cream shake thing with whip cream since it was about 100 degrees outside. He shared with me his girlfriend problems. Apparently his worse half was laid off a few months ago and she's so lazy that she never even applied for unemployment until this week. She doesn't clean the house or cook or do anything at home. She relies on him to pay every single bill, the rent, the utilities, phone and she also expects him to pay for food, coffee, cigarettes, gas - everything! He's starting to freak out. I feel bad for him. Not to mention, she's really over weight and her face is very plain and her hair is yucky. She's not attractive at all and he's HOT. Me and my sponsor were both commenting on how he could get so many awesome girls, but for some reason he's still with her. I don't get it.

See, how cute is he?

Anyway, after coffee, we went to the meeting and two other guys that I dated were there. So, I was sitting in a circle with about 20 people and three of them I had dated. It's always fun trying to concentrate under those circumstasnces. After the meeting, I went to my sponsor's house (Rene) and she fed me - yumm. I had spare ribs, pasta salad and beans and then went over my writing assignment. She was very thorough in going over Step One with me. She just sit there with a glazed over look on her face. She actually paid attention, talked to me about the things I wrote, asked questions and gave me input. It was a good thing and I'm so happy I chose her.

Roommate and I went to a meeting tonight and on the way home traffic was at a stand still because they took a 3 lane highway and shut it down to one lane. Miserable! We hopped off that road and stopped at his buddy's ice cream shop. Who here loves Coldstone? The guy that owns the house we live in, also owns a few Coldstone Creamery's around town. So, we stopped in and roomie bought me a Candyland Sundae and he got himself a smoothie. It was good times. We watched the newest WPT episode from earlier today and everything is cool.

Roomie has totally pulled his shit together. He hasn't made me feel uncomfortable, he hasn't made any comments and he's been keeping his hands to himself. I'm very glad. He also has a date this Friday with some chick that works at the new M Resort and he has another girl coming in town from Cali next week to spend a couple of days with him. So, yay!

I'll keep you guys posted on the roommate situation.

Does anyone else out there love the Real Housewives of New York City as much as I do? Bethany is my favorite. I CANNOT stand Kelly. Ramona is highly annoying and I absolutely love Jill.

Big Apple ladies...

Anyway, the season is over for the New York City chicks, but I am jumping out of my skin in anticipation of the newest show - The Real Housewives of New Jersey!! How awesome does that sound? I watched the 30 minute preview where they introduced us to the newest families and I'm beyond excited. I think it's going to be a real life Soprano's sort of. I mean, it won't be violent or anything because they mainly follow the wives. But, there will certainly be some catty fucking cat fights for sure. Those chicks can be brutal. The New York City wives were all about displaying class and elegance and they did a lot of charity work, but I know these jersey chicks are going to be hard core. They are playing up the fact that "you don't mess with my family" and "we are thick as thieves" and "if you want to get to know me, I want to investigate you". So, should be fun! It started tonight. I am DVR ing it as we speak.

Jersey Girls...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Update

Another weekend comes to an end. I hope all you Mom's out there had a nice Mother's Day. On the surface today looked like it was shaping up to be a good day, I got up and we made breakfast for my mom and then I laid out at the pool with her. But, I was so moody and emotional and it really wasn't a good day for me. I was on edge and having a hard time keeping my spirits up. I ended up pushing my way through it which is always a good thing. I went to a meeting that I never went to before and sometimes I like those better. It's nice to go to a new place and see some new faces and hear some new stuff that you never heard before. I even got a lead on a job, so I'll follow up on that tomorrow.

My mom does country line dancing with some of her friends and they actually performed at this Cultural Diversity Festival in North Las Vegas on Saturday night. My dad and I drove over there and watched. It was so cute. They had so many performers - lots of cute little girls doing ballet and like, teenagers doing belly dancing and my mom and her friends did country line dancing and numerous acts. It was actually a lot more enjoyable than I imagined it would be. So, that was a nice surprise.

I'm still at my parent's house right now, but I'm heading back to my side of town tomorrow. I found a new way to go home and it's so much quicker! That makes me happy because traffic in Vegas sucks. Especially when you are constantly driving from one side of town all the way over to the other side of town.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I forgot to bring my notebook over here to my parent's house on Saturday and I have an assignment that is due to my sponsor on Monday night. So, I literally have to get up tomorrow and drive back to my house and finish the last 12 questions. Not too bad. At least I already did a bunch of work on it during the week. This new sponsor is a lot more of a hard ass than my last one, but I figure it's good for me. I need someone to help me whip my ass into shape.

Well, that's all for me kids. That was my weekend re-cap. Nothing too exciting but at least I stayed out of trouble.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Okay, here we go. I need to vent and this is of course my favorite place to do a little venting. Let's discuss the word of the day kiddies - it's "Boundaries". Say it again "Boundaries".

That's right. Living with a new roommate is getting to be a sticky situation. The last roommate and I had a great relationship when it came to boundaries for the most part. Well, we had been through so much that there weren't tons of boundaries. He knew me better than I knew myself and that was cool. He could see right threw me. But, the good thing was that he loved having the office to himself. And I loved having the living room to myself. There were some nights when I would play poker online in the office with him and there were some nights that he would sit in the living room and watch T.V. with me, but whatever, we each had our own couches, there wasn't any weird touchy feely going on and it was completely comfortable situation.

So, moving on to the new roommate. He's driving me up the fucking wall. I don't like to be touched. I can't stand it. I really don't like when people invade my personal space. He doesn't get that. When I'm in the office playing on my computer, he stands behind me and shouts out "FOLD!!" or "GO ALL-IN" or "WHy didn't you call that?". Granted, he plays poker live quite often and he's a decent player and I"m sure that's a lot I could learn from him. But, I don't give a fuck. I want to play in the office by myself. I cannot stand when someone stands over my shoulder. And then, to make things worse, he takes it upon himself to rub my shoulders and touch my hair and whatever. They are little innocent things and I'm sure he doesn't think much of it. But, I can't fucking stand it. It literally makes my skin crawl.

My dad was worried when I moved in with this guy because he's like 57 years old or something, he's covered in tattoos, he's a recovering drug addict like me and the part that was worrisome is that he's practically letting me live here for free. He's only charging me $200 a month for EVERYTHING. That's utilities and everything included. It's really dirt cheap and I know that. So, does that mean I have to put up with this weird boundary stuff????? I don't think so. I'll move back home. I don't give a fuck.

Next, and this is a real doozy. I'm at the house yesterday and I decide to leave for a bit to meet a friend and roommate leaves to go play poker at Green Valley Ranch. So, I get this text from him and it says "On my way home - didn't want to surprise you". I'm thinking, um, why not? What do I care if you are on your way home earlier than expected? Then, I get a call from him. I don't answer, so it goes to voicemail and he says "Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm on the way home, I didn't want to catch you doing anything you shouldn't be doing". WHAT THE FUCK?? Seriously? What is there that I might be doing that I shouldn't be doing????? I'm a grown adult. Anything I choose to do is MY CHOICE! Why is he so worried about what I'm doing anyway? So, I ignore the message. Next, he gets home and sees that I'm not there. So, he texts me and says "do me a favor, give me a heads up when you are on your way home". So, he's just weirding me out now. So, I write back and I say "why do you need a heads up when I'm coming home?" and he's like "because I'm going to be watching porn and playing with myself".

I swear to god. He actually wrote that to me. BOUNDARIES DUDE! Jesus! I don't want to fucking hear that shit. I really don't. I'm so very uncomfortable with this whole situation now.

Of course, I let him know when I was on my way home. I almost didn't come home. But, when I got there, we just went on like usual and pretended nothing happened.

So, then this morning I'm playing online and drinking a monster like I always do in the morning and he keeps coming in and bugging the shit out of me. He's asking me stupid fucking questions. He's giving me gay ass weather fucking reports for the week. Then, I'm reading blogs and leaving commetns and he's just standing behind me leaning on my chair, watching me leave comments. I turn around and gave him the weirdest, nastiest fucking look I could conjure at 9 in the morning and he goes "oh sorry" and leaves the room. Finally.

And, that's when I started typing this post.

As soon as I'm done, I'm leaving the house for the day, going to my parent's house to chill, and then my mom and I are going to pick out a new T.V. for me to put in my bedroom. The one I had was too big and it just wouldn't work. So, we are going to get me a nice flat screen or something and get that all settled in my room and then I'll have my own little inner sanctuary. I will be watching my own T.V. in my own room and shit, I might even try to figure out a way to put my computer in there so that I never have to leave or open the door. ha ha

Just kidding. I know that this needs to be resolved. I can't hide out in my room all the time.

I really do think that he is lonely and just wants a buddy. I'm assuming he think's I"m the type of buddy he just tell anything to. Like, in the past before I ever lived here he told me stories about getting prostitutes and whatever. He's never hit on me per say. I mean, he says I'm like his little sister and he's never made an actual move on me. Although, I think some would say that him constantly touching me and invading my space is a form of hitting on someone.

I may be naive, but I think he just wants a friend and doesn't understand boundaries. Or at least, I'm hoping that's what it is. Surely, he can't think he can treat me in an uncomfortable way just because of the cheap rent I am paying. Can he? I seriously don't know.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Red White and Green Festival

Just got home from the San Genaro Festival. It was a good time, but I gotta say - it's way way over priced. The sound of a "festival" makes it seem as though your going to be outdoors, enjoying the breeze, hearing some music and possibly tasting a few different items from the menu so that you get an honest feel for the culture. Well, that's kind of the idea that floats into my head. At any rate, we spent almost $100.00 between just the three of us and there was no alochol involved, we didn't get on any rides and we didn't play any carnival games. So, how the fuck did we spend so much money?? I dunno.

It was like $7.00 a piece to walk in the door, a cheesesteak sub was almost $10, my mom and I both had dessert and then of course we both got little souvenirs. Thankfully, the fireworks show was free or else we'd be declaring bankruptcy right about now. So, wow, it's just so easy to spend a bunch of money on such a seemingless innocent place.


We drove right past my last house on the way to the festival. Memories! I saw the street where we used to live and the sidewalks where I used to walk Lucy and the Walgreens that was NEVER opened until the week I moved on it was the first time I have been on that side of town since I moved. Strange. I like my new place and my new side of town and my new meetings, but I'm realizing that was a big part of my life that I just closed the door on and it's just kind of weird starting fresh. Again. I can't even tell you many times I've packed it all up and started fresh. At least this time I didn't move to a new state. Just a new zipcode :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Well, I guess my post from yesterday/last night/today must have been really boring, super bad, really unfavorable and downright horrid since I didn't get one comment. Not one! Even my fat ass stalker without a life didn't leave me a lame anything. *Yawn* Boring. I even spent quite a while on that one cause I had to track down all of the pictures and steal them from other people's sites. hehe Hard work people!

Anyway, so today I got up full of energy. I checked my e-mail to see if my unemployment money had come in and it did! That was a very good start to my day. I also checked my e-mail and fingers crossed, I'm totally not getting into any details and I'm not saying a word, but something I've been hoping for and praying for and dreaming for - seems to be maybe happening, so we'll just wait and see. Either way, I was happy so I got up and made the bed, and went to the bank and took care of some stuff that I had been putting off for a while so that was a good feeling. It always feels good when I do something that I've been procrastinating on forever.

I'm driving along, blaring the radio, windows down because it was about 85 degrees, sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, nor was there any humidity, so I'm driving along and I realize that my purse had fallen off the seat and the contents were all over my car. I'm at a red light so I put the car in park, take off the seatbelt and basically climb over onto the passenger seat and start gathering my belongings and then I get back up, throw the seatbelt back on and head the next red light where I realized that my cell phone was still on the floor. So, I proceed to take off the seatbelt, throw the car in park, lean over again and this time it's like under the seat so I'm really crawling over the car, ass in air, windows wide open, music blaring and I look over and see this guy in a blue mustang just smiling wide as he could and I he had his window down so, I just held up my cell phone and said - "look, I found it, it was under the seat", and he was like "Nice, I was hoping you could drop something else because I'm really enjoying the show from over here". ha ha

We get to the next light and he's like "can I get your number?" and I thought, yeah, what the hell, it's not like my date card is full every night or EVER to be honest. So, I shot him the number. He calls me and I answer "I guess this is mustang guy huh?" and he's like "I was hoping you'd reach over the seat to grab the cell phone again this time". I'm like "well, ya know, it wasn't on the floor anymore, but nice try". So, that was pretty funny. I dunno. I don't really make a habit out of giving my number out to random strangers while I'm driving down the road, but what the hell, I liked his car and he was pretty ballsy to ask for it and he looked about my age, so I might as well give it a shot.

Next stop, I go to get some gas and I run into this kid, Johnny that I used to work with at the MGM and he had this ADORABLE little puppy with him and I'm playing with it and he's adorable and I offer to give them a ride back over across the street to their apartment complex because now it's like 90 degrees and I can see that they are sweating their balls off. So, they get in the car, I run through a 4 way stop - oops - and then of course and undercover black FANCY ass cadillac looking thing pulls me over. Who knew they drove such nice cars?? He throws on a bullet proof vest as he's walking up to the car and asks for my license. I'm like, "I'm so sorry officer, the puppy was starting to get sick and they live right across the street and I just wanted to get him home because he's starting to hyperventilate" and right on cue, the puppy actually does start shaking and making a bunch of scared noises, so the guy is like "do you think you can make it home without running through anymore stop signs and almost causing anymore accidents?" and I'm like "yes, sir, sorry about that" and he lets me go. THANKFULLY! The last thing I need is an other moving violation.

So, I guess it's my lucky day. I even won a $5 dollar sit and go this morning on Full Tilt, so that put about $27 in my account. Yay. Much needed. I guess I'll be playing in the mookie tomorrow night. Oh wait - never mind - I'm going to the San Genaro Feast tomorrow! If this doesn't make my dad happy, nothing will. This is totally his thing. He's Italian, he loves italian food, this is an italian festival, with every type of italian food on the planet, he can bust out the gold and pile it on since everyone in Italy wears the fancy gold and I mean, seriously, if this isn't his type of function, then I don't know what is.

I love the rides. I love the food and I make sure to hit the San Genaro Festival every year. Tomorrow is kick off night, they are having fireworks at 9 p.m. and I LOVE me some fireworks.

Check it out if you are in Vegas.

Otherwise - play in the mookie, watch 90210 or comment on my blog maybe :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Met Museum Gala

Tonight was the annual Costume Ball at the Met Museum in New York City. They throw this little suare every year and it's a really cool opportunity to show off the celebrity's creativity, boldness, daringness and sense of fashion. It's a true red carpet event and the fact that it says "costume" in the title means that you can get away with almost anything. So, basically, I'm not really in the mood to comment on every single one of these outfits, but I'll throw in a few comments to the ones that really stood out to me!!

STARTING US OFF STRONG - the always lovely and versatile Former Spice Girl -

Victoria Beckham...

Back of Victoria...

I love this outfit, she always takes risks and most of the time she hits the nail on the head. She's got a smokin body, she's not afraid to show it and she's fierce. I love her!

Anne Hathaway...

Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler...

Liv and Kate - These are two of the hottest chicks in the place - I wish I could have gotten full body shots, but either way they are both gorgeous and they are rocking their outfits -

Ashley Olson...

Ashley - your a pretty girl, stop dressing like you are 76 years old. Give me a break. Show us some curves or something - dayumm!

Kanye West and Amber Rose...

Um - I think the tattoos make her lovely outfit look trashy. Cover them up girlfriend!

Tyra Banks...

I love Tyra's outfit, but I'm not feeling her hair and makeup. She looks way overdone, but then again, this is a costume gala so I'll just shut up now!

Back of Jessica Biehl...

I couldn't find a front shot of Jessica Biehl, but something tells me that this is the best shot of her anyway :)


Really Madonna? Um, someone took the word "costume" and decided to REALLY run wild with it. What the fuck is on her head?

Kate Bosworth...

Emmy Rossum...

Emma Roberts...

Donald and Melania...

Blake Lively...

Bar Rafaelli (Leo Dicaprio's girlfriend)...


I know a lot of people are going to rave about how edgy Rihanna is and how well she wore this outfit, but I'd like to see the suits on the men and the dresses on the females please!

Claire Danes...

Renee Zelwegger...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pet Peeve of the Day


I live in a gated community. There is no guard or anyhthing. You just pull up to the gate and you punch in your code and the gate opens. Easy enough. So, I get a littl excited when I pull in behind someone because that means they have to put their car up to the metal box, they have to lean uncomfortably out of the car, they have to punch in the code and then they have to put the seat belt back on and drive up to the gate. No matter what, out of pure curtesy, I wait for the person in front of me to get himself settled, I let im pull in first and then I follow behind him. I th ink it's perfect etitquette to let the person who was there first, pull in first. Don't you agree?

So, last night I get home around 10 something and I'm the first person at the gate. I pull up and take off the seat belt (pain in the ass) lean way out of the car so that I can push the numbers(pain in the ass) and then I sit back, put the seat betl back on and I realize that the guy behind me is trying to push his way in front ofme. He wants to get through the gate first even though I just went through all of the work of putting in the code and taking off the seat belt etc. So, I made sure to floor the gas pedal, I swerved in front of him so quick. He probably didn't know what hit him, but there was no way I was allowing him to get through the gate before me.

Come on people. It's simple etiquette. If somone is there before you, let them put in the code and go first. You can follow them right behind. Don't be a fucker and jump in front of them. It's bullshit and totally uncalled for.

So, Angie the kleptomaniac and thief and liar and user is having a birthday party for her 4 year old, Dylan tomorrow. It's star wars themed and when I saw him about a week ago he was so happy to give me my invitation and he was begging meto come to his party. So, even though I'm not fond of Angie the liar. I am actually very fond of Dylan and Paige her adoragle two kids. So, I'll make an appearance at the kiddie party. I love free cake too, did I mention that? I'm going to head over to North Las Vegas today and have my dad come to the kids r us store and help me pick out some star wars action figures. I'm way out of my league when it comes to buying boy toys. Girls are super easy. I know that when I was a kid I loved barbie dolls and cute little girly makeup sets that you can play with and I loved princess stuff and I loved anything that sparkled. I think I was really easy to buy for. Star Wars stuff is way out of my league, but hopefully I'll find something that's fun and modern. I wouldn't want to buy him something that is so last year. Know what I mean?

Well, those are my pet peeves for the day!

I have a lead on a job and I won't say anything yet because right now I'm just crossing my fingers. But, if it comes through, well, let me just say - WOW!!!!!!!!! I will be beyond excited to get this job. I am praying my butt off and crossing my fingers and crossing my toes and just begging karma to give me another chance. So, please cross your fingers for me and send positive thoughts my way. More to come on the job situation. As soon as I find out something I will let you know!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

1st Day of May

Happy Friday to those of you out there who actually have jobs that you go to on a regular basis. My parents have been on a winning streak lately! First they both won like $350 just for being there when the bad beat jackpot hit. Then, the next day my dad went over to his favorite locals dive - The Cannery and he won like $500 playing 4 card keno! I'm so glad they are finally winning. They also played poker at the clubhouse last night and Tuesday nights and I think they won a little bit both of those nights. So, who needs a stinkin part time job when your running so good at the tables. Right?? ha ha - classic mistake made by WAY too many people. We always think we got it all figured out. Why get a part tine job when we are making so much dough at the tables? Why not do some thing we love to do and get paid for it? Who needs a stinkin job?? Common mistake. The luck only runs for so long and then it turns on you. I don't know of many people that always win. Even the best players run bad. It is a sticky situation.

I, on the other hand have been running like shit and I haven't been playing much at all. I enjoyed playing 4 8 Limit with Mikey at the new M Resort - I lost - but I had fun anyway. My limit game SUCKS! I am really not good at all. I get so pissed because I can't protect my hand when I get pocket rockets or kings or the ladies. I mean, it's great to have those big pocket pairs, but I always seem to lose because I always get drawn out on. I hate it.

Oh well - enough boring poker talk for me. Today is the day my mom's community is celebrating Cinco De Mayo and my mom is so cute. She does this country line dancing thing with her friends in her community at the clubhouse and they are having a party today with food and drinks and I guess they are putting on a little show - so I'm looking forward to seeing the dance. We are actually going to the Orleans today to pick up a country hat for her to wear. Should be fun! Why the orleans? I dunno. I think she has a friend that works there and in one of those country type stores and they are going to give her a discount. Anything for a discount!

Personally, I hate hate hate the Orleans. They treated us poker bloggers like absolute shit when we had our big tournament over there. We brought them business, fun, hard core gamblers, even more hard core drinkers - hell - us poker bloggers are a casino's dream. But, not the Orleans. They couldn't wait to get rid of us and the feeling was muutal. We will never go to that shithole of a casino again. It's a dive, the customer service sucks, they wouldn't let us make any noise when people got knocked out. THey didn't care about the Gigli - they were total assholes. So, if I haven't said it lately, here's a friendly reminder - stay away from the Orleans. I promise the only reason I'm going there is in the name of fashion. Other than that, I will never spend a dime there ever in my life. They treated us like shit and I will make sure I bad mouth them to anyone who will listen. There are so many other places to gamble in this town. People who would be thrilled to have us there. So, fuck the orleans.

Anyway, Happy Cinco De Mayo. I don't know why it's such a big holiday here in the U.S. other than it's a free pass to go out and get drunk. I'll make sure to sit back and watch as the old folks make fools out of themselves. Maybe I'll even snap some photos.

Speaking of photos. Here's a couple from Mikey's birthday shindig last night...

Me and Linda....

Me and Mikey...

Mikey and this really sweet girl (I can't remember her name) - she was cool though - trust me...

And unfortunately, this is the last time you'll ever see me wearing this shirt because the hospital felt the need to cut it off me. It's completly ruined and unwearable. Waaaaaah - poor me. THey also cut off my $55 Victoria Secret bra. My dad is actually trying to sew it back together though. Fingers crossed...

Peace out peeps - have a good weekend!


Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breaking NEWS!!! Danny Gans, Age 52, Entertainer of the Year out here in Las Vegas found dead today! Not sure if it was a heart attack or what, more details to come. Sad Sad news. I guess that's one show I won't ever get to see.