Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

I swear. If my head wasn't attached, I would absolutely lose it. Today I lost my cell phone. GEEZ! Do you know what a pain in the butt that is? I don't know anyone's phone numbers. It's brutal!

I was in and out of Target and a bunch of stores, so it could be anywhere. Thankfully, I tried calling it and the sales girl answered. I left it in the dressing room. So, I have to head back over to my side of town to retrieve it. I was planning on wrapping gifts in North Las Vegas (at my parent's house). Actually, it took me all of five minutes to do my gifts because I used gift bags and tissue paper. Piece of cake!

Did anyone watch Survivor this season? I watched it faithfully and I hated Russell at the beginning and then he kind of grew on me even though he was still an ass. I respected his prowess and determination and cunning ness. I was shocked when I watched the season finale and Natalie won. That was a shock!!

I think she's a sweet girl and she really did play the game in a way that worked for her. Russell fucked over everyone on the tribal council, so matter how 'strategically' he played the game, they were probably pissed off and holding grudges. I know I would be.

So, Happy Holidays to everyone!!!! I love you guys!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm at my parent's house right now, we are heading to the Cannery for dinner at our favorite italian restaurant - it's called Vino's. Yumm. My Uncle Wayne is in town for a few weeks, so the four of us are heading to the casino this evening and I'm doing a quick blog post.

I promise I'll be back and blogging on a more regular basis, I just need to get my computer up and running. I'm actually contemplating getting a new one because mine is pretty old anyway.

So, how about that snow??? Wow!!! Maryland really got hit HARD! I saw some of the pictures people are posting online and it's so pretty. I kind of miss it. I miss the part where you get off school for a week and you get to play and sled down the hill real fast etc. I don't miss the part about shoveling to get out of the house and not being able to get to the store etc.

Anyway, the Ravens kicked ass today!!! Good times!!

I hope all is well. We are probably heading to the new City Center sometime this week - I'm excited to check it out. I will take some pictures for sure and let you guys know how it is.

Talk to ya soon!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, this weekend was really fun! It was great to see all of the bloggers! I played like shit in the tournament, but I had an awesome starting table and I enjoyed myself and that's all that really matters right??

Word of advice... Stick to poker when you are at Caesar's Palace. Don't touch the slot machines - they are evil! I'm tellig you! Cleopatra Keno is my new favorite keno slot machine and whenever I sit down at The Cannery or Sam's Town or Palace Station or ANYWHERE, I play the Cleopatra game and I usually do pretty well. Hell, even if I lose, $20 bucks usually lasts me a good 2 hours because its a generous machine, you hit lots of bonus rounds and you get your money's worth. Not at Caesar's though. I have never seen a machine that was so tight. And, it wasn't just one machine. I hopped around to several of those machines and they all sucked. You have now been warned.

I am willing to bet 99 percent of you guys have never even head of Cleopatra Keno have you?? Well, it's awesome. My new favorite game. IN fact,I wanna go to the casino right now dammit.

So, work is still sucky right now. Nuff said about that.

My uncle flew in today from Detroit to spend the holidays here in Vegas with us. Opie barked at him for about 20 minutes straight. I have no idea why. Crazy dog. Good thing he's cute or else we might have killed him by now.

Tomorrow I'm going Christmas shopping with my dad. He loves the mall so it should be a real blast. Not! Why do you think we are going on a Wednesday?? To avoid the crowds I hope.

And in a RARE and Surprising turn of events - dear old dad (who barely new how to turn on the computer a few months ago) found his way onto Facebook, set up his own profile and even managed to send out some e-mails. I was truly astounded, elated and proud. He's really growing up. hehe

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hoy's Question

Hoyazo had a good question and I'm sure you've all been wondering the same thing, so I'll go ahead and post the answer...



Why do you think they would take away all these shifts from you? Last I recall you were selling those all-access cards and were getting right up near the top 25% of the weekly list. What happened between then and now to drop you down their go-to list of servers? Could it be related to you presumably missing some time with your hospital stuff last week maybe?


Okay, so, I'm still pretty happy with my performance at work. I am constantly in the top 30 or 40. There are about 95 servers, so as long as I'm in the top half of the chart, I'm happy.

I was doing really good with the all access cards and the glassware. I don't always sell that stuff, but I try, and even if I don't sell any cards, I'm always selling high ticket price items and I push appetizers and desserts.

So, I don't think it's my sales.

December is the slowest time on the strip in Vegas. I remember a few years ago when I was working at the MGM and it was Brutal in the restaurants. Not a lot of tourists come out here around the holidays. People are with their families and doing christmas shopping. They aren't spending money on over prices burgers and glassware at the Hard Rock. hehe

I was kind of offended and paranoid about the whole thing and I was thinking they just don't like me, but I noticed that MOST of the servers are in the same boat as me. I'm not the only one getting called off and 90 percent of us only got 2 shifts this week.

However - this is the thing that pisses me off...

There is this girl that works there, Amy and she's a real kiss ass - she is sich a brown noser. She was in my class during training, so I had to hear her day in and day out for three weeks. For instance, on the day the restaurant finally opened, Am brought in little presents for the managers. I mean - come on! Who does that shit?? Well, my sales are consistently higher than hers, but she got to work a private wedding party by herself last week and she was given four shifts when I was only given 2.

So, they definitely do show some favoritism and that pisses me off. I hate that bullshit.

I'm fairly certain the hospital thing wasn't an issue. I had a doctor' note, they saw my swollen arm and knew I wasn't lying and I only missed like one scheduled shift, so that didn't appear to be a problem.

I'm just crossing my fingers that things will pick up after the holidays. IN the meantime, if I can find another part-time job, then maybe I will have a better chance of making some money. Working two part-time jobs wouldn't be a big deal to me.

Saturday Team Side Bet

Last night we played the second place team on the bowling league and they were obviously very good. They killed us. I mean, we actually didn't lose by a ton of points, but we lost every game anyway. They were cool guys though. I had fun playing against them.

I am totally out of the loop because I've been offline for a while. But, I hear there's a side bet / team thing for the poker tournament on Saturday. Is anyone still looking for a team member? I'd like to throw my hat in the ring.

Hit me up!!

Dress warm this weekend guys. Vegas is NOT warm in December.

Monday, December 07, 2009


So, this is pathetic. The new schedule came out for this week and I was given two shifts. One of them is a patio at night shift which means they will tell me not to come in because it's too cold outside. I was on my way to work last night and I was scheduled for the atio and they waited til I was halfway there to call me and tell me they were closing the patio.

So, basically, that means I got one shift next week. I posted my phone number on our message board and said that I'd be willing to pick up any shift at all and this girl called me to ask me if I wanted her Sunday on-call shift. I was like "hell yeah". But that just means I call Sunday morning and if they need me, I'll come in, but most likely they won't need me.

My only other hope is to just show up before each shift and see if anyone called out or if anyone wants to go home. It works, but it's a pain in the ass, because you have to drive all the way down there and you might not get to work and then you wasted a bunch of gas and time.

So, anyway, poker tourney this weekend! I am psyched! I haven't played in a live tourney in forever. I'm due for a big win - so watch out!!

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Hi guys,

Give me a few more days. Computer will be up and running I promise.

Work SUCKS! They only gave me two shifts next week.

This week that just passed, I had four shifts, but they called me two days in a row and told me not to come in because they were slow.

Bullshit. I'm so annoyed. How am I supposed to survive on this bullshit??

I'm going to apply for some jobs tomorrow. I'll keep you guys updated.