Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sorry guys - had to take a few days off...

Anyway, a few weeks ago I started talking to this guy at a meeting about gambling and the different machines we play at the casino etc. He plays a lot at Arizona Charlies and I get free slot play a few times a month. The conversation quickly turned to free slot play at the casino and more specifically, casinos that give you free slot play if you sign up for a players card.

I never sat down and thought about it, but there were quite a few casinos I hadn't hit up for free slot play yet.

So, one night him and I set out on a quest to get ourselves as much free slot play as possible. First, we started off at the Tuscany Suites. MOst of you have probably never heard of the joint and it's nothing to write home about, but they a cool promotion for first time signups. You pick a card out of a drum and you get whatever amount is on the card (anywhere from ten dollars up to one hundred I believe).

Of course we both got the ten dollars, but I won't complain. Free is free.

So, to make a long story short, I decided to make a list - a free slot play list that would name all of the casinos in Vegas that give away slot play, how much they give away and if the promotion is worth the trip. Wouldn't that be helpful?? Visitors and locals alike would benefit from such a list because lets face it - we all like free stuff right????

So, I'm in the process of creating said document. Once it's created it'll be a breeze to update on a regular basis. The hard part is just getting it all down for the first time, and honestly, that's really not so hard. Once it's all said and done maybe I can add it to the web so that Everyone in the whole entire WORLD can see it. heheh Who knows? If it's really the first of it's kind, maybe it'll become really popular and everyone will want to check it out before they come out to Vegas for vacation and what not. I might even be able to get some advertisers and sponsors. Shit, soon enough, Opra will be calling. heheh Okay okay. A girl can dream can't she??

So, for my very special readers who I love so dearly, let me fill you in on the best kept secret in town...

The Sahara

Yes, it's old, it doesn't smell all that great and it's next to Crack town USA, but the players club is bomb! When you signup, you cn't get slot play right away, but you get a free spin on this slot machine and it gives out free slot play. Then, everyday for eternity you get one free spin per day. Great deal! Especially for locals that live nearby.

For every 100 points you earn, you get a five dollar bill and Five Dollars in free slot play. Everytime you play you earn comps that can be used in the gift shop and restaurants etc. I was hungry the other night on my way out of the casino so I stopped in the gift shop and got myself a coke and a big bag of kettle chips and I used my compjs to pay for it. No hassle!

It's not over... As you are earning points and earning comps, you are also earning drawing entries for a drawing that is done twice a day. MOre free prizes and slot play are given away via this drawing.

Last but not least, they have a daily slot tournament everyday of the week from Tuesday throught Saturday. And its free to all players club members. You just have to get your butt down to the Sahara during the day to enter. This is the reason I know so much about this players club. I was sitting next to a girl the other night and she got second place in the slot tourney and she had two hundred bucks in free slot play that shew as using!! Color me jealous.

Oh yeah and then today in the mail I got a card from the Sahara. They sent me fifty dollars in free slot play to use this month!!!! Holy crap! I love the Sahara. Love love love. And, I'm not kidding...,. they have great machines that pay off. I win like crazy everytime I play there.

I think I'm starting to sound like an infomercial now so it's time to say goodbye - the Sahara needs to hire me as a spokesperson.


Blogger FleaStiff said...

Such as:

Tuscany is an okay place. They removed that awful "the odds are in your favor" from their website, their comps are generous, their rooms are large.

Sahara? One dollar shots, one dollar hot dogs? One dollar BlackJack?

May 27, 2010

Blogger FleaStiff said...

One thing to avoid is misleading people or disappointing them with your new website about free slot play: Hooters advertises a 100/200 in free slot play for just signing up with their players club. It is a stupid deal worth $2.87. So don't create a web listing which would make people think it was worth bothering about.

May 27, 2010

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I totally agree with you Flea. I know all about the Hooters slot play ripoff and I waS fully prepared to tell everyone about it. I want to give them all of the information and my opinion and then let them decide if it's worth their time.

May 27, 2010

Blogger FleaStiff said...

Concerning your soon to exist website...
Have you thought of monitoring the Twitter feed of casinos as a fast way of updating your site without treking all over town?

June 01, 2010


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