Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Fashion

So, it was a beautiful weekend here in Vegas. I mean, you know, the weather is always pretty good, lots of sun and no humidity or rain, but this weekend was especially nice.

Saturday they had a Memorial Day cookout here in my parent's community. So, I was told beforehand that they were providing food, but we were only allowed to have one burger. Not two. Not three. Just one. heheh Gottta love old people. I didn't care because I don't eat that much anyway. What was even funnier was that my dad helped himself to a very generous portion of baked beans and my mom said something to him, another lady from another table came over and made a comment about it, and so before anyone could call the cops on him, he hurried up and ate the rest of them. Aren't they so funny here?? That's why I always joke about not ever gettting away wiht anything in this community. It would never happen. The neighborhood watch is WAY more dangerous than the cops. When my parents were out of town on vacation last week, I couldn't remember what day we were supposed to put out the trash, so I just took an educated guess and put it out on the street Wednesay night before I went to bed. When I got up Thursday the trash can had been moved out of the street, up the driveway and in between my car and the garage door. Concerned citizen I guess.

Today we had dinner at Vino at the Cannery. My good buddy Dan joined us and we gave him his share of the bowling money from last season. It's alway nice to get some money back - especially when we came in LAST place. ha ha

After dinner, Mom and I went to the movies. I don't do it often because I usually get bored and have a hard time sitting still nithe theater, but of course I'll make an exception for the girls of Sex and the city!! Loved it! I mean, the movie isn't going to win any awards or anything, but I really enjoyed it. And, I loved loved loved the fashion! The music was good too and who would have ever thought they'd see Liza Minelli performing the Beyonce hit

My favorite scene...

Awesome right??

Well kids, it's ice cream time - see ya tomorrow!


Blogger gadzooks64 said...

You beat me to it!

I thought Liza did a fabulous job in that scene. Absolutely amazing.

May 31, 2010


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