Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loving Dottys

Well, not to count my chickens before they hatch, but I think it's a pretty safe assumption that LA Boy is coming into town this weekend as planned. He already took off work tomorrow, he's at the Lakers Game right now and he's driving into Vegas tonight after the game. This month, the Cannery sent me a coupon thing in the mail for buy one room get the 2nd night free. L.A. Boy is most likely taking advantage of the offer and staying there this weekend. I've seen the rooms, they are totally fine. Nothing special, but definitely not gross either. Just your average run of the mill off the strip locals casino type room.

I was shocked to find out that the offer was good even on the weekend. Cool. Anyway, again, I don't want to make it seem like he's doing all this just to see me. His daughter is here for the whole month and she's staying with his mom. So, of course he's coming here to spend time with his daughter. She lives in Florida normally. She's a HUGE Chris Angel fan. yuck. I guess he took her to see him last week because he was signing autographs or something and when he got there, the line was so long. Like, they never would have seen Chris because he was only there for a few hours and the line was in the thousands.

So, always the slick talking, mafia type, money buys anything mentality... He goes up to the front of the line, gives the guy a hundo and they walk right in. She sat on his lap, they took tons of pictures, he signed her t-shirt and about five other items. She was in heaven. Daddy probably moved up a few notches in her book that day!

I stopped in Dotty's tonight because, well, basically I was thirsty and since they only have like 12 machines, you always get served quickly. Even though I'm just ordering soda or hot chocolate or water, it still takes forever in a big casino! I only had a few bucks, so I figured I'd spend a few minutes there, lose, and head on home. Instead, a few minutes after I sat down, the bartender comes over and says "It's your lucky day" and hands me a twenty dollar bill. Apparently they do that a few times a day at random and I got picked today. Very cool.

Even better, a few minutes later Cleopatra gave me 6 out of 6 and I won 50 bucks. Then, I stayed on the same machine and switched to 20 card keno. I hit five out of five about 3 times for 16 dollars a piece. THEN, on the same machine, I switched over to four card keno and I hit 5 out of 5 for about $45. NICE!! I tipped the guy out of each win, he was happy and I hit the road. Good day!


Blogger FleaStiff said...

Its nice that you've offered the use of YOUR Cannery coupon to him, but I thought the deal was going to be that HE would spring for a room on the Strip.
Is LABoy single?
Is LABoy employed?
Is LABoy without any warrants?
Is LABoy free of ALL drugs?
Are LABoy's intentions honorable?

As to Dotys, congratulations on your wins. Thats nice. When I first told you about the special deal at the Sidebar, hitting the Royal Flush meant nine grand instead of the usual one grand. Even now its at three grand instead of the usual one grand. Good luck.

June 18, 2010

Blogger Steve said...

You could just about make a living off of your casino wins. Way to go on your wins. I would think that Keno would be one of the hard ones.

June 18, 2010

Blogger FleaStiff said...

>I would think Keno would be one of the hard ones
You would be thinking right, Steve. Real Keno has an absurdly high house edge to it. Video Keno is only a bit better since its legally classified as a slot machine.

June 19, 2010

Blogger 季玉 said...

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June 21, 2010


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