Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Getting ready to head to the DMV - ugh - not looking forward to it. This is like my third time I've been there in a week. Why so many times you ask??

Well, let me tell you...

I left the house the other day and went through a stop sign. DUMB ASS! There was a cop sitting on the side of the road watching that stop sign because a lot of people go through it. He promptly pulled me over. Not only did I have suspended tags, but I also had a suspended license. Oops! And here I was thinking everything had been taken care of and that I was good to go.

Apparently when you let your insurance lapse in Nevada, they automatically suspend your tags. Also, I had a Failure to Appear in court for a ticket I got sometime last year, so they suspended my license. No warning. I had no idea.

How did I manage to not get arrested? I dunno. The officer took pity on me I guess. He did however take the tags off my car and punch a hole in my license. He didn't tow my car either! I drove it home. I was less than a mile from the house luckily.

The tags cost me $250 because of the insurance lapse. Got that taken care of the same day. The Failure to appear thing cost another $250 and I had to go to the courthouse downtown for that. Now, today I'm going back to the DMV with the FTA Clearance in hand to get my new license.

The guy at the DMV assured me that I could come straight to him and not wait in line. I tried that the other day, but he wasn't there. I mean, there was a line out the door just to get a ticket to wait in more lines. I said "screw this". It was 2 in the afternoon, I would have been there til closing time because not only would I have had to wait in line to get a ticket, but then I would have had to wait for my number to be called and then I would have had to get in yet another line to have my picture taken for the new license. And, ALL of those lines were outrageous.

So, I decided I'd come back when my guy was working. Please please please let him be there today. I will take a ticket and wait in line if I have to today because I really need to wrap up this DMV license thing. Enough is enough. Of course, I have to pay another $74 to get my license reinstated. Wow. Driving is so expensive. Especially when you have ten thousand fines to pay.

Of course, last night I had an altercation at the Cannery with this little dumbass 15 year old looking girl. You have to show your license to get the free slot play on M onday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I show her my license and she says that it isn't valid because it has a hole punched in it. I'm like "yeah, it's not valid for me to DRIVE" dumbass. "It is however, a valid I.D. - the expiration date is still good and the reason the officer didn't take it was because it was my only Picture I.D.". She didn't want to hear it. I was starting to lose my mind. She called her manager and that bitch didn't want to accept it either. They finally called security and he straightened those bitches out. He said they would accept it since the expiration date is okay. But, that I need to get a new I.D. because they were only going to accept it this one time.

I mean, give me a break. Why do I have to go through all this bullshit for freakin ten dollars? Especially considering I'm down there every day. I was really pissed off. Morons. I was at the sahara the other day, showed them my I.D. Nobody said a word. Not a word. No issues. No problems. Have a nice day. Cannery - ugh. Morons!!


Blogger Brandy said...

Too bad they don't have the MVA Express like they do in MD just for licenses... It would have saved you soo much time.

June 16, 2010

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Well, that wouldn't work in this situation Brandy because I have to take the form from the courthouse to the DMV to show the guy so that he can un-suspend my license. We can do a normal renewel over the internet I think, but for extreme cases due to negligence and retardation like myself, hehe, we have to show up in person!!

June 16, 2010

Blogger FleaStiff said...

Yeah, sometimes your days are filled with confrontations with petty tyrants who are full of themselves.
Now don't let such trials and tribulations drive you to seek solace from any particular substances.

Just pound that little red button a little harder than you might normally do! And get over to DMV and hope for the best.

June 16, 2010

Blogger kipper said...

Did you at least win something on your free spin???

June 16, 2010

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

no Kipper, karma got the best of me I guess because I actually didn't win shit with my free slot play, I did however hit 6 out of 6 BEFORE the confrontation, so I was way ahead of the game anyway!

June 17, 2010

Blogger Brandy said...

Ewww... What a pain. Apparently you're not the only negligent person because there's always a billion and one people there. That has to make you feel a little better at least, and you'll know for next time what not to do.

BTW... When are you coming back to MD? I haven't seen you in forever...

June 24, 2010


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