Saturday, July 31, 2010

All New

New Career, New Hair Do, New Color - New Start!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Light Finally

Okay, so here's the scoop...

I finally let my mom drag me to college to talk to an advisor. I wasn't really excited at all because I didn't know what I was doing, where I wanted to be, what career I wanted, if I even wanted to go to school, I was just lost. I've been lost for a very long time and I just haven't had much hope. I've been like a lost little puppy dog just roaming around in circles and getting into trouble along the way.

So, anyway, we went in and I just truthfully told the admissions chick about me, my work history, what I hated about being an administrative assistant - like, for instance, I hate doing everyone's shit work. I've always wanted to have a specialized skill, besides typing of course. Throughout my career, I've always felt like I did the work that nobody else wanted to do. I'm not thrilled about answering phones, filing, running errands, ordering supplies, blah blah blah. That shit bores the hell out of me.

Along the way I've gained some computer skills or whatever, but I just always wanted more than what I was doing.

We finally came up with a game plan...

I enrolled in this Health Information Technology Degree Program. It's a 16 month program and when I'm done I'll have an associates degree, which I already have, but mine is like ten years old and it's in General STudies. My new degree will be much more specialized and I'll be in the health care field. I'll have to take a test to become registered and once I pass, supposedly, I'll be able to get a job in a hospital or a doctor's office or whatever.

I'm excited. Some of the classes I have to take are... Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Coding, Diseases of the Human Body, Pharmacology, Management and Supervision in Health Services, Applied Health Information Technology, Health Services Delivery and Legal Issues, Medical Coding, etc.

In the actual workplace, I'll be ensuring that duplicate services aren't done. Like, if a patient already had a procedure, I'll make sure they don't get that same procedure again. I'll be in charge of all the records, I'll have to make sure all of the codes are correct and like, there is so much more, I really don't even know. I just know that the medical field is a field I've wanted to get into for a long time, but I just didn't know how. It's recession proof! Finally, I'll be in a place that has some longevity.

Best of all, my parents aren't paying for it. They didn't have to put their names on anything. All of the loans are in my name. I'm meeting with financial aid people on Monday. I should qualify for a couple of Federal Pell Grants and we'll just go from there.

I started class last night. WE go to school Monday - Thursday at nights. I was wondering if I'd be the oldest person there, but not hardly!! There's plenty of people starting over just like me. I made friends already too. The girl sitting next to me just so happened to be from D.C. so of course we became fast friends. She already took the Billing and Coding certificate and she was coming back to get the degree. She had nothing but good things to say about the program.

It's hysterical how things have changed in college. They actually gave us little zip drives to wear around our necks. So, when we sit down to take notes, we type them up on the computer and save them to our little zip drives and then we take them home to study. How cool!

Mom and I are going out this weekend to get a lap top. Fun!!

We already have a paper to write. It's awesome. I'm so happy to finally have a path to follow.

Of course, there are still some messes I have to clean up along the way, but at least there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.


Sidebar: I got an e-mail today from a friend I used to hangout with in N.A. He heard that I was dead. He was really happy to see that I wasn't. The people in N.A. can be so ridiculous. Who the hell has time to make up such rumors?? They couldn't be further from the truth and this is one of the reasons I said sayonara to N.A.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hmmmmmm - I've had a very intense week.

Drop me a line if you are interested in hearing about it.

I welcome the inquiries of my friends and my loyal readers. People that just want to see me fail, can go to hell.

Other than that, what's up everyone??

I was fast asleep and then I woke up and here I am writing in my blog at 2:30 a.m. It's all good, I don't have to be anywhere in the morning. Although, my mom and I are heading over to one of the local colleges tomorrow so that I can make a decision on a career path and get back into school.

I still want to do the poker dealer thing, but I think my mom is pushing for me to get into the medical field, like, coding and billing or something like that.

We shall see.

Oh, I made a HUGE change today. WEnt to the salon, got a haircut, dyed my hair and I look totally different. It's a big change, everyone says I look younger and it's like a fresh start for me. I'll post pictures tomorrow!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Okay, off the top of my head, I'll list the top few places in town to go and get free slot play, easily and without much of a hassle...

Tropicana - You can go in any time of day or night, which is nice because most players clubs close. But, at Trop, you can head in, give them your license and if you've never had a card before you do a little scratchoff thing to determine how much you win. I know I got ten bucks and I think that was the minimum.

Golden Nugget - Again, easy enough, head down to Fremont Street, you can't miss the Golden Nugget, it's the nicest property around. The players club will take your license and put it all into the computer and then you will press a slot machine type button to determine if you win five dollars, one hundred dollars or one thousand dollars. This was new to me because when I came to town the Nugget was giving away a standard ten dollars to everyone. Of course, I'm sure most people get the five bucks and only a sporadic lucky person gets the big ones.

Although, sidenote and funny story...

When my mom came to Vegas to visit me she knew that Golden Nugget gave away slot play but I didn't because I don't usually go downtown very often. Anyway, we went down there and I got my ten bucks. I promptly went over to a Game King and playing maximum bet on quarter video poker I hit a Royal Flush and won like $1200 on free slot play! One of the best gambling moments of my life!!

Geez, this is getting long already. I think I'll just do a few each night.

Quick Question...

Does anyone have experience in the having their license suspended area? Mine was suspended because I didn't show up to court for a ticket. I've paid all fines since this happened and I went to the DMV to get my license back. Now, I just found out that there is a warrant out for my arrest AGAIN because I didn't show up for court AGAIN. I swear to god I never got a court notice and my parents will testify to that, because my mom opens my mail everyday. So, now I have to go to court, pay 85 dollars to get rid of the warrant and I still have to go in front of the judge in reference to my license being suspended even though I already got it back.

My question is this...

What do you think the can do? Like, why do I have to see him? Is there a chance I'm going to jail or anything? i tried to ask the girl over the phone but she just kept saying that the judge would decide. UGH!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Probably Not

Hi guys! I feel like the worst blogger in the world. I suck. This little ol blog has gone to shit. I used to TOTALLY look forward to writing and reading comments and I was really into it. Now, I'm just like whatever about it. Part of the problem is that I feel like my life is so very uninteresting that I don't have anything that you guys would even want to read about. I'm not really wanting to close it up though because I know that as soon as things turn around I'm going to be writing with a vengeance.

I need to do some serious soul searching and decide where I'm headed and where this blog is headed.

So, for the next two weeks I'm not going to write, however, I might go ahead and create that page I've been talking about that references casinos and free slot play and I think I'm going to even rate casinos and and their comps and slot action. Of course it'll just be my opinion and nothing is written in stone, everything is subject to change and I WELCOME any and all feedback, criticism or compliments.

So, first, the list of pertinent casinos...

Arizona Charlies
Caesar's Palace
Eastside Cannery
Ellis Island
Golden Nugget
Gold Coast
Hard Rock
Lucky Club
M Resort
Mandalay Bay
Palace Station
Red Rock
Santa Fe Station
Sunset Station
Terribles Henderson
Treasure Island
Tuscany Suites
Westin Casaurina

Okay, these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head. I'll start filling in pertinent information and then I'll pick a cute page to attach to this blog as a link. Are you guys as excited as I am or what?? ha ha Probably not.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Where's My V?

Okay, once again, I'm alive, but I've been so sick. It's ridiculous. I've never been out of commission for two weeks like this. Especially crazy is that I have no REAL illness or symptoms that I can explain. I'm just not feeling right. I'm not myself. I have no energy, and I can barely move my ass off the couch. Going to the bathroom is taking all of my energy. It sucks. I puke occasionally, but I still have my appetite for the most part. It's really weird.

I finally started moving around yesterday and even went to the movies with my mom and dad at night. WE saw the new adam sandler movie and I loved it.

So, I'm here, I'm sorry for not blogging, but hopefully I'm over the worst part and I'll start feeling better. Fingers crossed.

OMG! so much celebrity gossip to discuss. Where do I begin? And, how amazing is True Blood this season? I bet some V would make me feel better. ha ha

If nothing else, I REALLY got caught up on my T.V. watching. Those Jersey housewives are too much! And, I love Bethenny's new show. She's awesome.

Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July

I'm still alive, just been sick and not feeling like writing. I did manage to see the fireworks show at Aliante Station last night and had dinner at TGI Fridays. It was a good time, except for Fridays was so SLOW. It took forever to get our food and we had to literally run outside to watch the fireworks, with bill in hand. That's right, we didn't pay until we came back in. Good thing we are such honest people (ha ha) because I know a lot of people that would have just kept on going. I mean, the service was terrible. I mean, the waiter was okay, but the food was so slow and then we asked the waiter to bring the salad out ahead of the meal and he must have forgotten because that never happened and then they gave us free desert, but THEY took forever coming out too. So, when the bill came we were like, "No, the manager was supposed to take off some stuff" and the waiter was just like "here, take the bill with you, watch the show and then come back and pay" and that's what we did.

The fireworks show was GREAT and we had a really good spot. We were literally right underneath them. It was cool. I always love a nice fireworks show.

Anyway, I hope everyone else had a good fourth of july and I'm assuming a lot of you are off work today since it's a holiday so enjoy it!