Monday, January 17, 2011


Okay, I'm definitely contacting paypal in the morning and hopefully they will resolve my issue.

So, since my life has been so boring as of late, I decided to write about the good ol' crazy days again. The first thing that comes to mind that I don't think I talked about before is my ex boyfriend, Sammy.

He lived in the Curtis Bay/Brooklyn area of Baltimore and he thought he was all that. In turn, I also thought he was all that and most of my friends thought he was pretty damn cool too. He sold drugs, although he didn't have much to show for it and he still lived at home with his parents, but he always bought me and my girlfriends drinks when we went out to the bar so that made me happy. he even sprung for Denny's at 3 a.m. once in a while too.

Of course, he had a little baby mama drama going on (doesn't every good drug dealer)? I remember being jealous of his ex and wishing I was the one that had his baby. Good thing we don't always get what we want. hehe Anyway, we spent a lot of time together and things were going pretty well, although in the back of my mind I had a nagging feeling that there was more to him and his baby mama then just the baby they shared. So, when summer came rolling around and all of his friends came out with jet skiis, I let him talk me into co-signing for him. Of course he didn't have any credit because he probably never had a paying job in his life. And of course, silly, gullible, me believed him when he said he'd make the payments every month. He kept the jet ski at his house and as far as I was concerned everything was being taken care of.... until...

of course, one day Sammy just fell off the face of the earth. NO phone call, no breakup message, not even a post it note! At least Carrie got a note from what's his name when he broke up with her, I didn't even get that. A day went by, another day went by, the yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach was getting stronger and stronger. I tried calling him on the third day and he didn't answer. I started doing the drive by stalker thing trying to figure out if he was alive and avoiding me or if he was like missing and dead in a ditch somewhere. He wasn't dead. Damn. I was hoping he was lying in a hospital with amnesia or something.

Finally, I had to get my girlfriend, Melissa to call him from a number that he didn't recognize so that he would answer the damn phone. Then, I grabbed the phone and told him it was me and asked him what the hell was up. I was right to be worried about baby mama drama.

He finally informed me that he went back to his ex. Gee, a little heads up would have been nice. I guess he also thought he was just going to get to keep the jet ski as a present that he NEVER had to pay for. Because, as you already know I'm sure, he never made one payment. I finally had to break down, fess up to the parents, call the police and have them go to his house with us so that we could get the stupid sea doo, take a two thousand loss on the damn thing, sell it and pay the difference so that my credit wouldn't be fucked up. Stupid Stupid Stupid me. Lesson learned though. I never let a guy walk over me like that again.

I was such a doormat when I was younger I swear.

Anyway, I guess the reason I thought about Sammy and the jet ski is because he found me on facebook the other day and friend requested me. Funny right?? I accepted him just because I was dying to see if he was still a loser. The jury's still out.

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Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Once a dooosh always a doosh. It is like in the blood.

January 18, 2011

Blogger FleaStiff said...

Gee, I'd like a jet ski that I don't have to pay for! Know any nubile doormats you can refer me to?

I do wonder about this "ex-doormat" stuff though. I don't know why you would friend him on facebook or have anything at all to do with him either in real space or in cyber space.

You say the jury is still out on whether or not he is still a loser. NO! The jury is not still out on that issue. He is indeed still a loser! He will always be a loser! And he ain't never re-paid you that two grand has he?

Jet-skiing drug dealers leaving a trail of wives, mistresses and girlfriends behind him. He got a jet ski for the price of a few drinks and a meal at Dennys? Thats a good return on his investment.

January 18, 2011

Blogger Tara said...

I've got a few ex's that friended me on FB that I accepted for no other reason than to confirm that they are still losers.... I've only been surprised that one has done something with himself.... It's dumb, the shit we did back in the day for stupid boys....

January 19, 2011

Blogger Melissa said...

OOOooohhhh ... Good ol' Sammy. Boy do I remember those days. The crap we used to get into. I remember trying to track down that damn jet ski. Hell, I remember a lot of stuff we used to do regarding guys that was crazy.

January 19, 2011


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