Monday, January 24, 2011

Howdy Doody

Kathy Madigan was awesome. I knew she would be. she had a great opening act, his name was Jason Doody. I'll find a clip on youtube for you guys. Nevermind, I won't find a clip for you guys because I looked for one and I couldn't find anything. Oh well - he was really funny though. His last name is enough to give you a chuckle in the first place! All in all, the show was worth WAY more than the $25 ticket price. The venue was intimate and I don't think there were any bad seats. She had a full house too. I remembered some of her jokes from the special she has on cable - "Gone Madigan". But, she also added a bunch of new ones that I didn't know.

Today my parents picked up a couple from the airport that they knew. sort of. They know the girl's parents, but they don't really know her and her husband all that well. Anyway, they flew in from Baltimore and they are attending a convention all week at Mandalay Bay. So, I met them downtown on Fremont Street and we had dinner at the Golden Gate (Home of the 99 cent shrimp cocktail). We take everyone there. Funny thing... due to inflation I guess, they raised the price of the shrimp cocktail to $1.99 and I don't know why, but they took it off the menu. If we didn't know about it and ask for it, we would have never been able to try it. I can't imagine why they took it off the menu. They also had these cute placemats that gave a history of Vegas and some of the important milestones. But, those were MIA too. I guess they are cutting back. Times are tough!

I gotta say - The Golden Nugget is top notch. I valet ed my car there and they were just so delightful. They asked me if I had a nice time when I was leaving and also asked me if I needed directions. How nice! I usually do the self park thing when I'm on the strip, but when I go downtown, I always valet. It just makes sense. If you do self park you have to get your parking ticket validated and usually you only get three hours free. So, if you are there longer, you have to pay. But, the valet is free. Of course you would want to tip, but technically, you don't have to because it's not mandatory. Again, I suggest that you tip those guys though because they rock!!

So, my stupid ass cell phone is totally fucked. I'm surprised it took this long to stop working because I drop the damn thing all the time. As of now, it only works if it's plugged into the wall and it gives me an error message that says I need to insert the battery. The battery is already on there, but for some reason it's not being read. Anyway, i'll be purchasing a new phone this week. I haven't decided if I should get the cheapest one which is what I have now. It's basic but it does have a camera and I can connect to the internet, a little bit. I can't see any graphics or anything because it's just too much for my phone to handle, but I can look at my e-mails and some stuff on facebook. Or, I could spend a little more and get a nicer phone that would allow me to use the internet. Hmmmm. What to do what to do? Any suggestions? I'm with Cricket.

Well, it's time for me look for more jobs online. Goodnight kids. Actually,. I'll think of something to write about from the past and I'll be back to post it later.

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Blogger par88 said...

I use one of these and never drop my phone -

I don't remeber where I got it, but I think you can buy them on amazon.

January 25, 2011


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