Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Awake Now

When I woke up and came out into the kitchen, my mom gave me what seemed like a pretty sincere apology and although I'm sure she still thinks she didn't do anything wrong, it was nice to get an apology instead of a "this is what you get" attitude.

Tomorrow the four of us are heading to the most amazing pizza place ever - Metro Pizza for dinner and then to the Southpoint to see Kathy Madigan. She's so funny. I'm totally psyched.

Here's a clip in case you've never seen her...

Back to the good old days...

After the Sammy debacle, I didn't waste much time finding a new boyfriend. Of course I had to keep it in the neighborhood so that Sammy could see what he was missing out on and have major regrets. Duh. That was totally my m.o. I bounced from group to group and friends of friends within the group. I wasn't a slut or anything, I wasn't sleeping with all these guys, but I definitely liked to stick with what i knew. ha ha So, I went to the same clubs and hung out at the same bars with the same crew and I hooked up with Gary or Terry. Hmmmm. They were identical twins and now I'm having a hard time remembering if I was with Terry or Gary. Like Sammy, they were small time drug dealers pretending to be Nino Brown in South Baltimore. This was back in the day before I had my lazer eye surgery and the reason I know this is because I used to have really bad eyesight and I wore glasses when I was a kid and then when I entered middle school I started wearing contact lenses. This particular night we were home from the club, I put my pj's on and took out the contact lenses so I was officially blind. We turned off the lights and laid on the ghetto ass mattress he had on the floor. No headboard, no box spring, no comforter and dust ruffle, just a mattress on the floor right underneath a window. I was just drifting off into dream land when I heard tap tap tap on the window above my head. I look up and see this crackhead outside, tapping on the window with a gun. JESUS! I'm awake now! I about jumped out of my skin. Gary woke up and went outside to deal with this loser that wanted to trade this gun for some crack. I guess that was a fairly normal occurrence for him, but good lord it scared the shit out of me. And then, to top things off, Terry/Gary also had baby mama drama going on. So, when I got back into bed and tried to get to sleep, this crazy bitch shows up at the house and she's trying to break the door down to get to me because she saw my car outside. See? I'm not the only crazy ex that was doing the stalker thing. In fact guys, I can almost guarantee that all of your past relationships have done a little investigating here and there when you were least expecting it.

At any rate, these guys had more drama than even I could handle and believe me, I likes the drama. I do believe that was the last time I spent the night at that house and things with the twins sort of fizzled out. On to the next crew...

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Blogger Tara said...

Ugh, sorry about the mom thing. Mine would do the exact same thing though... I do like reading your old school stories though. I find it interesting to see how others came up :)

January 21, 2011

Blogger FleaStiff said...

No wonder you like Terribles so much and get picked up there.

January 21, 2011

Blogger Special K said...

So did you apologize back to her for taking the money for yourself and not paying her back like you should while taking their charity of free rent and food and probably entertainment? I'm guessing not. THAT would be a poor attitude.

January 21, 2011

Blogger Steve said...

Kathleen Madigan sounds like a great show. I will need to see if I can get some CD's. Keep at it the great writing.

January 22, 2011

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

SK - I did apologize to my mom again. thanks for asking. Thanks for the feedback Tara! I love to hear what people do and don't like. ha ha Flea. I don't like Terribles THAT much - but yeah, it reminds me of the white trash days from way back when! hehe

January 24, 2011


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