Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sorry I haven't written in forever. I'm doing well. I just don't have my own computer at my place and I keep thinking about going to the library to use those, but I always find something else to do instead. hehe So, anyway, I hope everyone is well and I hope to have a computer and continue writing again very soon. Miss you guys. I check facebook a lot and my e-mail too. xoxo


Blogger Tara said...

Hit me up on gmail or text me if you still have my number, taranwake (at) and if you can either afford wireless or pick someone's up close to you, I can get you a computer... I currently have a surplus, lol....

July 31, 2011

Blogger sevencard2003 said...

well if u was my gf id buy u a laptop and an iphone then u could get online all the time. no one wants to hang out with me playing poker all day and live in casino hotels with me and have to move every few days. notice my online poker blog on this site, been winning left and right.

August 05, 2011


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