Saturday, July 02, 2011

A true tale

Okay dear readers... Let me tell you just one incidence of me falling for the worst possible guy. And here I was thinking that I finally found someone my age, he was italian, he met my parents and was very polite and nice, he did all the right things and then the of course the ball dropped...

And, just for the record, this is just my latest and greatest. I always pick the biggest players, the biggest liars, the most fucked up dudes that have the most ill intentions and I usually think they are actually good guys at first. I'm so freakin naive.

K, so I meet this guy at the Cannery. Mistake one. It was more than a month ago and he was with his sister and I saw him staring at me as I perused the keno machines. When I finally stopped at one, he was by my side very quickly telling me how beautiful I was etc. I would have told him to take a hike, but I had a moment of clarity. I took a good look at him and he was hot. So, I gave him my number and we said we'd go to the movies or something.

Fast forward a month, I get back to town and we start texting. I'm embarassed to admit that I can't even remember who he is or how I met him at first. Duh. But, then it came back to me.

We've been talking on the phone and texting for about 5 days now. He came to the Cannery again to see me the other night and met the parents. They liked him. He's my age, he lives with his sister, he used to have a business or something (work history is kind of shady) and he's going back to school. All good. Plus, did I mention he's hot as hell and Italian? All good right?

So, in like 4 days we have sent over 1000 text messages to each other. But, it's starting to feel like a long distance relationship because we are doing a lot of talking and nothing else.

And, not that I'm in a rush, I am so busy and I really don't care, but I'm wondering why he isn't more aggressive about seeing me? Like, he's telling me we have this connection and he's never felt like this about someone so fast blah blah. So, then, why aren't you bugging the shit out of me to come see you? I know how guys are. If they like you and if they are indeed available, they will make sure you know it and they will show up at your house and work and ask you out a lot etc. I know this.

So, I finally realize that something is up and I ask him about it. I just plainly say, tell me about your living situation and don't lie to me...

He in fact doesn't live with his "sister". He lives with a girl that he either used to sleep with or used to be in a relationship with or he still is in a relationship with her or something. Obviously. Of course. What else is new? What was I thinking? I sort of knew it deep down. However, we are on the phone all hours of the night, so I'm wondering how he is doing this.

Oh well, they are "business partners" he says. She goes out with rich dudes and they pay her bills and he goes out with rich chics and they pay his bills. Nice. Even Better.

I will admit, I checked out that site. It's called seeking arrangements, but I never met anyone and I was just curious what kind of offers I'd get. I got a lot. I'm not a slut though and I have a tiny bit of self respect. Not much apparently, but a little. Whatever. Who am I to judge? It's just unbelievable that would fall for this kind of guy over and over again? I'm so gullible right??

Also, this is what pissed me off so bad. He's like "no matter what, let's always be honest with each other". Um yeah, he kept talknig about that and now I know why. Cause he knew he was doing me dirty so he's going to overcompensate by turning the tables on me with the honesty thing. Ugh. Head games. So annoying.

End of story


Blogger FleaStiff said...

He probably said to that "sister" that "This will be easy: she is at the Cannery and she is playing Keno, obviously going to be an easy mark."
And he was right.

July 02, 2011

Blogger Jay said...

Why not just do it? Instead of being taken advantage of again, I say just go for it...maybe you'll find that rich, hot, Italian guy who is actually looking for his bride on the website? And did I mention he's probably rich? Sounds like the PERFECT opportunity for you.

July 03, 2011


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