Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is my 999th post. wow. I would have thought I'd have hit 1,000 a while ago actually, but I took quite a hiatus so it wasn't meant to be til now I guess.

Anyway, it's Tuesday night and I always start to get nervous around this time because I have to go to drug court tomorrow. It's not that I used, because I didn't. But, the thing is this...

Drug court is STRICT and we have to get tested three times a week and not only are they testing for drugs and alcohol, but they also test the protein and water levels in your urine to make sure you aren't flushing your system. I drink a lot of fluids especially water and energy drinks. And, I don't eat much protein. So, I'm always concerned that I'll get a low creat. If that happens I get locked up just the same as if I was using. I've been making an effort to eat peanut butter and nuts and stuff with protein, but I'm just not a big meat eater. OH well. And, the part that's really annoying is that we have no idea if we are in the clear until we get to court. They don't give you the results because they send them to a lab every single time. So, it's a little anxiety producing.

AND... We didn't have court last week cause of the holidays, so I have 6 drug tests to worry about instead of 3. I joined a homegroup over the weekend though and I got a sponsor. Do you guys remember Hilary (my sponsee sister from a few years ago)? Well, she had 5 years clean when we were hanging out and now she has 9 years clean so I asked her to sponsor me and she said yes. So, we'll be working the steps together soon.

On top of it, I wanted to go to a meeting tonight with my roommate and her sponsor, but I would have been home at 8:30 pm instead of 8 pm and I'd be breaking my P.O. induced curfew so I didn't do it. I called him to ask if it was okay, but he didn't answer so whatever. It's annoying as fuck this early ass curfew. If I get a job I think he'll lighten up, but I haven't been able to do that yet. Not with all the Monday - Friday stuff I have to do. I could work on the weekends, but I haven't even had time to go out and look yet.

I will though. Soon too. I'm getting antsy and need to start working again. I think I'll check craigslist right now actually.

I saw Breaking Dawn with my mom over the weekend and it was AWESOME. I love love love the Twilight Series.

Cross your fingers for me tomorrow night.


Blogger FleaStiff said...

Thanksgiving probably throws ALL tests out of whack but don't worry about it.
You can't find a guidebook to Vegas that does not admonish people to take plenty of water.

November 29, 2011

Blogger VegasDWP said...


I've been reading your blog lately ... also went through most of the archives. I think your story is very interesting, and I wish you the best.

If you need protein, how about eggs? They are loaded with protein ... a couple of poached eggs each morning might do the trick.

Good luck and hang in there.


November 30, 2011


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