Thursday, October 20, 2011

And - she's back!!!

Okay dokey kids....

I'm sure that you guys are wondering what the hell happened to me right?? Well, Idunno how graphic I want toget inthis post.And then,of course there's my family to think about.They really don't love it(imagine that) whenI smearthe family namethrough the dirt. I mean, really? I can'timaginewey wouldn't want the whole neighborhood to focus on me and my short fallings. Hell, just because every time the doorbell rings they have to check the peep hole and prayto god that it's not an officer standingthere, I'm not exagerting either. One night a few months ago Iwas laying in the living roomwatchingTVwithmy dad and the doorbell rings at one int he feraking morning.He'salmostall he way asleep and I've been dozing in and out of concious ness for the last 20miunutes or so.I open the door and infront ofme stood twoof Vegas'finest North towncops.Check it out...I missed my court appearance a few weeks ago and thus my illegal u turn ticktet turned into a warrant for my arrest When we inquired as to why theey were at the house so late they saidt hat one in the morning is one ofthebettertimes to find someone. Otgherwise those damn bastards are outliving their lives and they aren't waiting at the door with cash in hand.

Anyway, I digress. So Imoved into anew placeand there's a really nice computer!! The monitor is huge and the system is fast and I think I'm gonna be herefor awhile. God I hope so.

I feel like I've missed so much. I prettymuch have I guess.Imean, I've been around,but I haven't been online at all, I haven'tplayed any live texas holdem in I can't remember how long it's been.I didn't visit the Rio at all this summer during WSOP time.How sad.

Igotta say... So I'm beginning to get very tiredand Iwant to head to my new bed with my new tonny hilifger covers and my new roommate.yippee.

goodnight kids andI will definitely update more often.