Friday, August 24, 2012

60 inches!!

Last night I worked later than usual and then I gave two people rides home because they missed the bus.   I can't imagine having to take the bus everywhere.  At nights the bus only runs once an hour so if you have to take a few busses, then you are so screwed.  Anyway this guy paid me to take him home so that was cool and the girl didn't live far from me.  Of course, she didn't know how to get home exactly, from the highway, cause she's used to being on the bus.  ha ha

So, we took the wrong exit and I ended up in the WORST WORST WORST neighborhood in Las Vegas I think.  It was like D Street and Jackson area.  I'm sure most of you don't know where that is, but it's a haven for homeless people, drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes.  I saw quite a few prostitutes that were VERY obviously working for the money. ha ha  All of the buildings were boarded up and condemned and there were a few gang members in the street and the funny part was that in between all of this craziness, there were a bunch of churches.  Like, every other building was a church of some sort.  Weird.  I was glad to get out of there and into a normal part of town.

I am sitting here trying to decide if I want to work today.  If I do work today and Saturday and Sunday I will be getting over time (time and a half), but also, I'll be working 6 days this week.  Do I really want to work 6 days?  Not so much.  But, I do like overtime.  I need to decide in the next 10  minutes so I can call. 

Then, I found out that the Salvation Army Vocational program was hiring someone for the front desk Tuesday night at the Alumni Meeting.  So, I went down there on Wednesday morning, got an application, filled it out and brought it back yesterday.  Wouldn't you know that when I dropped it off yesterday morning they told me that the position was closed already????  I was sooooo annoyed and disappointed.  I was really hoping they would consider me for the position.  I wish someone would have told me that the position was going to close that soon.  I would have stuck around and filled out the application on the spot.

Well, I gotta ready for my class at choices - It's Friday ya'll!!!  My parents got a new 60 inch flat screen TV.  It's hella nice!!!!


Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I thought you were talking about me baby. *flex*.

I would take the hours.. you never know when they might dry up.. so the extra will help you. :).

August 24, 2012

Blogger FleaStiff said...

You would be better off filling out applications than driving those strangers through that neighborhood.

August 25, 2012

Blogger WECpoker said...

Considering what you have been through, I would think there would be zero question on working when available even if it was 7 days a week.

August 26, 2012


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