Friday, November 02, 2012

Another week gone

I posted this on facebook yesteday for those of you who didn't see it here it is...

I've decided that from now on I'm going to answer every question like a presidential candidate. It's kind of fun...

"Carmen, what are you doing this weekend?"

"That's a great question -- and an important one. And I WILL do something this weekend. But let me take a step back, and answer a broader question. What are we ALL doing this weekend? As a nation? As a world? This weekend, I will do something comprehensive and robust, yet fun. We all should."

"But what are you doing?"

"What I'm going to do involves three things. First, it's going to be relaxing; second, it's going to be enjoyable; lastly, I'm going to make sure that it's cost-effective and I don't get into a deficit. Four weeks ago, I said I'd do something -- and I did. This weekend will be no different."

Anyway, I've had a busy week.  I had to get my car fixed.  That's always fun.  It was a two day process of course.  I've been trying to work as much as possible too and to be  honest, I've been slacking off on meetings a little bit.  That needs to cease and desist immediately.  I cannot fall back into my old ways. 

I'm playing in the community poker tournament tomorrow morning with my parents.  This is the tournament I won back in June.  I wonder if I can make it two wins in a row???  That would be so awesome.  I hope so.

Happy Friday!!! 


Blogger FleaStiff said...

What are your ambitions for higher office?

Will you stop referring to your readers as kids and start referring to them as your fellow Americans?

November 02, 2012

Blogger Jay said...

That was the funniest stuff I've ready in months! I normally don't laugh out loud, or even a little out loud, but that was funny! Thanks for brightening up my day (now evening!).

November 02, 2012

Blogger T.J. Swoboda said...

That is beyond awesome. As a crank who's completely given up, I'll make an exception for you and give you my vote. :)

November 05, 2012


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