Monday, December 03, 2012

2 Leads

So, apparently the bloggers came into town over the weekend and played Saturday at the Aria.... A game I was totally planning on playing in but I completely forgot. Sort of.... I just never paid attention to the date. I thought it was going to be later in the month. ha ha Then I saw that CJ posted on Facebook about winning and that's when it hit me. Oops! I'm so dumb sometimes. Anyway, congratulations to CJ and I'm sad that I missed all of the bloggers. On the upside, my dad was going to pay for the $125 buy in as part of my christmas gift but now he's going to pay for my speeding ticket which is due tomorrow. Thank you! I was stressing out about that and now I can relax a little. I paid my P.O. his $60 today. I have to give drug court some cash tomorrow and now that damn ticket is one less thing I have to worry about. There wasn't any work at all today so I'm off. I really didn't want to be off, but oh well. I drove the Salvation Army clients to a CMA Meeting last night. CMA stands for Crystal Meth Anonymous. The girls talked me into taking them there. I usually go to different meetings like AA and NA, but since I wasn't doing anything I did it. I ended up sharing about how frustating my job situation is right now and two people came up to me afterwards and gave me information on two places that are hiring now and they hire felons. So, that's cool. I'm happy to have some possible leads to follow up on. I am going to put out the christmas decorations today I think. We have a tiny tree so it's not like a huge chore or anything. Okay, I'm rambling now. Nothing much interesting to say so I'll write later.


Blogger Justin said...

how did the tournament go?

December 03, 2012


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