Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I have 6 months clean today. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I'm feeling really good. I had a drug dream last night and I literally woke up scared to take my drug test today and then I realized it was just a dream and I was safe. Anyway, Saturday was my birthday and I played in this poker tournament here in my parent's community. It was pretty cool though. Almost like playing in an actual casino. They had the proper blinds at the proper levels and a timer that worked and real dealers in cute little dealer uniforms and they had door prizes and bounties too. So, I won a 35 dollar gift certificate to famous dave's as a door prize. I also knocked someone out of the tournament and won the $25 bounty and then I ended up winning the whole entire tournament so I cashed for like 300 bucks. Yay. Good day. I had a feeling I was going to do well since it was my birthday and everything. I also got to open my christmas presents on Saturday. Yeah yeah. Christmas presents in June. My mom wouldn't give them to me at christmas cause she was mad at me and stuff and then I went to jail for 6 weeks and then to rehab so now I'm coherent and she finally gave me my presents. She really takes this tough love stuff to a whole new level. ha ha I'm kidding. I really can't blame her. Yesterday I went to court and I was in perfect compliance which was nice. I also had a job interview yesterday but the restaurant it was for is very much a party place. I didn't know that when I applied for the job but now that I know that I probably won't be able to work there so I'll just keep looking. Ummmmmm. That's all I can think of right now. I have this orientation thing today and a class and a UA so I'll be busy. That's a good thing. See ya!

Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm feeling really good today! Fridays are nice even when you don't have a job :) So, I went to Choices today for my class at 10 a.m. and to pee in a cup of course. My class is called "Transitional" and it's for people who just got out of in-patient or out-patient treatment. My guess is that they are "transitioning" us back into the real world or something like that. It's a small class and I know 4 of the people from Salvation Army cause they just graduated too. Today we did an exercise where we calculated all of the time and money spent on using drugs, legal consequences, lost wages, higher insurance rates, lawyers, rehabs etc. If I told you guys how much money I calculated in just lost wages, attorney fees and fines alone.. you would lose your minds. Not pretty. Oh well. Anyway, so, right now I'm listening to Bob FM online. I love this station. We used to listen to it all day in the warehouse and I'd just be singing along cause you know they play a lot of 80's music and I'm like a product of the 80's so I love it. The girls that were around my age loved this station too and I guess the younger ones didn't care for it. But, oh well. Whatever. I went to this Honda place yesterday and got an application. I gotta be honest. I'm nervous about finding a job. Not the working part. Just the filling out the application part I guess cause I haven't worked in a while and I really don't know how to explain it. I mean, I guess I'm supposed to be honest but damn. I feel like I'll never get a job if I tell them where I've really been and what I've really been doing. I NEED to find a job though. Gas, car, fines, court costs, probation fees, etc. are really adding up. Not to mention the cost of my energy drink habit :) Monsters are freakin expensive. My best friend, Veronica is graduating from Salvation Army today. I'm so excited that she's going to be out with me. We will definitely be hitting meetings and staying clean together. She has five awesome kids and an amazing husband and she just comes from a really nice supportive environment as do I. So, we have a lot in common. She helped me to be strong and stick it out in rehab even when I didn't want to. I hope I did the same for her too. Anyway, I'm totally addicted to Bejeweled 3. Does anyone else play it for hours on end like me????? Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm playing in a poker tournament with my parents. It's at the clubhouse in their community. Should be fun!!!! I hope I win.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey! Thanks for all of the comments guys! I had no idea that people would still be around. You guys are so consistent. hehe Well, let's see. I got out on Saturday morning. I've been going to meetings everyday since I've been out. I went to church on Sunday at the Salvation Army. My best friend, Veronica is graduating tbis Friday. I picked up her daughter and we were allowed to visit with her last night. I went to the Alumni Meeting Tuesday night (that's the meeting that graduates can attend once a week over at the rehab). I seriously miss the place. I take every opportunity to go back up there. ha ha I need to get a life. But, whatever. I made some really good friends there and it was safe and i was comfortable there and now I have to figure out what to do with myself and how I'm going to keep myself busy. I got my tags and insurance and everything on my car so that's all good. I have a car to drive again. I have a sponsor named kelly and she graduated from the salvation army like two years ago. She's very involved in A.A. and she's super intelligent. I can't be taking direction from someone that I think is less intelligent than myself. ha ha What else? I have an out-patient class at Choices for Drug Court three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My Probation Officer stopped by last night but I wasn't home so he left a business card in the door. I talked to him this morning and everything is cool. I don't have a curfew but I'm getting a new P.O. since I moved and I have to call next week to find out who it is. Everything is good right now. I just need to keep up the momentum. It's so cool that you guys are still around. I will absolutely be writing again and hopefully I'll have some interesting stuff to say. There's so much gossip that I can talk about, but I mean, really, are you guys interested in hearing about Salvation Army Rehab gossip?? Probably not!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Test Test Test

So, it's been a while.... I'm glad I remembered my password. That's a good thing. The blog post creation page thingy has changed quite a bit so I thought I'd type a quick post and then go ahead and publish it to make sure it's still working. I wonder if I have any readers left. Probably not but that's okay too. I've been MIA for about 6 months. I was in jail for 6 weeks and then I was in the Salvation Army In-patient rehab program for 4 and a half months. It was a really great experience for me. I made a lot of friends. I got up and worked in a warehouse everyday. I did 4 hours of classes at nights and I basically learned how to get into a steady routine, be accountable, get along with others (which you know I struggled with trememdously) and basically just learned to do whatever I was told without question. I had to give up control, follow directions and I worked really hard. I graduated on Friday and I got a new sponsor and I got my car back and I'm still in Drug Court and I'm still on Probation and I still have to do some out-patient classes and I have attend meetings everyday and it's all good. I'm so much happier and it's nice to feel like I've finally completed something. It's been a while since I felt good about myself. So, let me go ahead and post this. Happy Tuesday. I have court today at 2. It's just a status check. Nothing to worry about. I'll be posting a lot now.