Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Melting

I had the day off yesterday.  It was much needed.  I had worked like 7 days in a row or something like that.  I had 48 hours on my check for just one week.  Thats A LOT for me.  I haven't worked a consistent job in a long ass time.  Anyway, I was off yesterday, but I had class at Choices, I had to take a UA at Choices and I had a job interview at the Stratosphere. They are opening a new steakhouse and they are hiring for every position.

So, I think the interview went really well.  I met with a younger HR type girl and then she tracked down the General Manager and I met with him too.  A lot of people left after meeting with the first person, so I know it was a good sign that I got to meet the Big Cheese.  Anyway, I was honest about everything on the application.  So, I don't have to worry that I will fail a background check or anything like that.  I think they were concerned that my wine knowledge isn't so great.  It's a very fine dining server position and they really want people with fine dining experience.  But, we will see.  She really liked my personality and asked me if I would take a hostess position.  I said I will.  I'd rather wait tables cause it's so much more money, but I know they like flexibility and plus, if I get a foot in the door I'll be able to more once I prove myself. 

So, now I just have to sit back and wait. 

I also went to the Salvation Army Alumni Meeting last night.  There was some new faces cause some new people graduated.  There were some really old faces there too.  Like, people that graduated 15 years ago that are still clean.  That's nice to see.   

Oh, and did I mention that we have no air conditioning in the house?????  OH yeah.  A part broke so we can't use it cause it's leaking and making the ceiling in my parent's room wet and it was buckling.  So, this is a new house and it's covered by warranty, but we have to wait for them to get the part and come fix it.  It was like 107 degrees yesterday and it was so hot last night when I was trying to sleep.  I'm praying to God we get it fixed today.  This is day 4 without it.

Monday, August 27, 2012

8 Months!

Well, my weekend went by really fast.  I ended up working Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I actually worked a 12 hour day on Saturday.  People were getting cut every 30 minutes all around me but I managed to hold on til the end of shift cause I was right on production and didn't allow myself to fall behind at all.

So, check it out...   I've still been applying for other jobs and I finally got a call about a new Steakhouse that is opening at the Stratosphere.  Yay!!!!!!!  It's a server position.  I don't know much about it, but I have an interview tomorrow.  So, cross your fingers for me.  The job I have now is fine.  No huge complaints, except that the work is so unstable.  So far I have 48 hours on my next paycheck and 8 hours of that is over time, however, we are not expected to get any hours this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday cause of Labor Day.  UGH.  So, in retrospect, I'm so glad I worked all of the hours that I did over the weekend.  As usual, you guys were right.  I'm also working today  and I got my check last night. 

Most importantly, I have 8 months clean today!!!!!!  Yay!!!!! 

Everyone I graduated from Salvation Army with has fallen off.   A lot of them got loaded within days of graduating or they simply walked out early and didn't finish the program.  Quite a few of them are in drug court with me and now have warrants for their arrest and are on the run cause they just couldn't stop getting loaded.  I'm so grateful to be where I am today and going strong.

Friday, August 24, 2012

60 inches!!

Last night I worked later than usual and then I gave two people rides home because they missed the bus.   I can't imagine having to take the bus everywhere.  At nights the bus only runs once an hour so if you have to take a few busses, then you are so screwed.  Anyway this guy paid me to take him home so that was cool and the girl didn't live far from me.  Of course, she didn't know how to get home exactly, from the highway, cause she's used to being on the bus.  ha ha

So, we took the wrong exit and I ended up in the WORST WORST WORST neighborhood in Las Vegas I think.  It was like D Street and Jackson area.  I'm sure most of you don't know where that is, but it's a haven for homeless people, drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes.  I saw quite a few prostitutes that were VERY obviously working for the money. ha ha  All of the buildings were boarded up and condemned and there were a few gang members in the street and the funny part was that in between all of this craziness, there were a bunch of churches.  Like, every other building was a church of some sort.  Weird.  I was glad to get out of there and into a normal part of town.

I am sitting here trying to decide if I want to work today.  If I do work today and Saturday and Sunday I will be getting over time (time and a half), but also, I'll be working 6 days this week.  Do I really want to work 6 days?  Not so much.  But, I do like overtime.  I need to decide in the next 10  minutes so I can call. 

Then, I found out that the Salvation Army Vocational program was hiring someone for the front desk Tuesday night at the Alumni Meeting.  So, I went down there on Wednesday morning, got an application, filled it out and brought it back yesterday.  Wouldn't you know that when I dropped it off yesterday morning they told me that the position was closed already????  I was sooooo annoyed and disappointed.  I was really hoping they would consider me for the position.  I wish someone would have told me that the position was going to close that soon.  I would have stuck around and filled out the application on the spot.

Well, I gotta ready for my class at choices - It's Friday ya'll!!!  My parents got a new 60 inch flat screen TV.  It's hella nice!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who me??

I dunno why I haven't been posting much lately.  I guess I'm just feeling like I don't have anything interesting to say.  Anyway, I've been working a decent amount lately.  I actually stilll have some money leftover from my last check.  Shocking!!!!  The other day I had to replace a tire on my car cause it kept going flat.  I figured there was a nail in it or something.  But, of course, there was a tiny pin sized hole in the side of the tire and it couldn't be patched.  Whatever.  Very annoying. 

Today I'm off work and I'm going to see about getting my windshield wipers fixed.  They haven't worked in months and whenever it looks like rain I have to take my mom's car.  There's a guy in AA with me that has a shop and says he will tell me what's wrong with the wipers exactly so that I don't just pay $350 for a new motor.

Last night before the end of shift the BIG BOSS  came up to me and said that I'm a really good interviewer and they have a "special shift" today and they need people to come in early at like 9:30 a.m. and stay until 9:30 p.m.  That's a long freakin day.  He only chose like 15 people out of 200 people and he picked me.  That was awesome until I remembered I have class today at Choices for my drug court and I certainly can't miss that.   The judge wouldn't care if it's for work or not.  So, I was just honest with him and he said he'd keep me in mind for next time.  The hours would have been nice but I would have missed my Salvation Army Alumni Meeting too and I love that meeting.

Well, I'm gonna watch True Blood now.  Have a good day...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Being Accountable

Let's see...  What's new with everyone?  I worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Damn.  That's crazy for me.  I almost have a full time job going on here.  I didn't work 8 hours everyday but that's okay.  Today I have a much needed day off.  Of course, I'll be busy cause I have my class at Choices and then I have court at 2p.m. and then I always go to the Alumni Meeting at Salvation Army on Tuesday nights.  It's fun though.  I get to see everyone and that's cool.  I got a commitment at this AA meeting on Mondays.  I started it yesterday.  I'm the chair person.  So, I just run the meeting, read the little script off the sheet and really, it's nothing major but it's a good way to make myself accountable and for people to get to know me. 

You see, usually, I leave directly after the meeting and don't really spend much time trying to get to know people.  Yesterday though, there was this girl with only 5 days sober and since I'm taking an active role in the meeting, she came up to me afterwards and was crying about how she just couldn't stay sober.  I could totally relate.  I just talked to her for a while, gave her my number and the number to salvation army rehab.  I mean, hey, that place changed my life so maybe it can help her too. 

Anyway, I got a nice check on Sunday.  I mean, it wasn't huge or anything but it was bigger than the one I got two weeks ago so that's cool.  I'm getting a pedicure this week.  That's my guilty pleasure for sure. 

More to come...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Quit Already

This week has been just okay.  I've been restless, irritable and discontent.  I started a new job.  I hated it and thankfully I still have my other job at the call center so I'm still working there and I quit the new job already.   That's ok I guess.  I worked my regular job at the call center last night and it was good.  The shift flew by.  It helps when I'm in a row with fun people to talk to in between calls.  I didn't have to go to court this week but I heard we have a brand new judge.  I'll meet her next week.  My uncle is in town visiting and he's in my room so that kind of sucks.  Oh well.  He goes back to Michigan tomorrow so I'll get my bed back. 

I'll write  more this weekend.  Gotta get ready for my little Friday group at Choices.  I already did my two drug tests for the week.  They called my color on Wednesday and Thursday so I don't have to do a UA today.  That just means I can drink all of the energy drinks I want today and don't have to worrry about the low creat thing. 

Yay Friday!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Work is Gay

I worked all weekend.  That was a very good thing.  I needed it and it felt good to work.  Plus, I was amazing and stayed until close both days.  Yay.   It's nice to NEVER be cut early.  I feel bad for the people around me but it's all about production.  If I haven't met my quota, I don't get up and take a break like everyone else and a lot of times that's the difference between me staying and going home.  It's not rocket science right??

Anyway, I had to go see my probation officer today.  He's pretty hot.  Anyway, I just filled out my monthly form, paid my fees and that was the end of that. 

I was so frustrated about my job last week when I wasn't getting any hours.  So, my sponsor sent me some information about a different job where her friend works and I got an interview tomorrow.  I think the work is kind of similar, but at the hours are guaranteed.  I would work from 3:30 til 8:30 pm Monday thru Friday and then on Saturday I would always work for just a few hours in the morning.   I like that.  Those are easy hours and the traffic won't be bad and hopefully the money will be better.  More information to come after my interview...

Other than that, not much to report.  Happy Monday!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Still Frustrated

I'm still frustrated...  I called again today trying to work and they don't have any shifts at all and didn't schedule anyone again.  They just had a message saying there was no work.  So, we call on Fridays at 2 p.m. to see if we can work over the weekend.  I really hope I can get hours for the weekend.  In the meantime I sent out a bunch of resumes this morning.  That's really all I can do right now I guess.  Ugh.  So annoying. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, August 02, 2012


Oh my god........  I'm so very annoyed right now...  First off, I actually want to work these days and I'm doing so well at the stupid job when I actually get the opportunity to work, but alas, they haven't had any hours for me at all this week.  I need a new job so bad.  I guess this is the kick in the ass I needed to find something else. 

Next, I'm so sick of people thinking I'm their own personal taxi cab.  Yes, I have a car - so what?  That does not mean that I'm picking your ass up everyday and I'm so sick of you asking Kelly.  OMG!!  She's worse than anyone in the world.  She can work her little charm and magic on some of the guys or whatever, but I'm not a guy, I'm a girl and I can see right through her ass.  I don't think she reads my blog, but if she does I really don't care.  It's nothing I wouldn't say to her face.

And, for the record...  I'm talking about the girl in the courthouse picture with me.  Not my sponsor.  My sponsor, kelly has her own car and isn't a user.  I met with her this morning for an hour actually and it was good.  We talked about my 4th step a little.  I did some actual writing yesterday on it.  Yay.  I read all  of the stuff I was supposed to read and everything on the recovery front is progressing along nicely.

I guess I'm gonna try to find a new job now... 

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

It's the first of the month!

August 1st already!!!!!!!! Time sure flies when you are having fun right? So, yesterday was Tuesday and as we all know I have drug court on Tuesday. I was in the B group again which is a little disappointing because I made a nice 200 dollar payment last week so I thought for sure that would bump me up to the A group. The only reason I'm in the B group at all is because I am behind in payments because I was in rehab for 5 months. So, they did acknowledge that I made a nice payment and that I'm doing really well with the UA's and the job and the meetings and the sponsor etc. But, I guess I'm still behind in payments cause I still owe $364. However, they gave me a two week return date instead of one week return so I get a week off from court. That's nice. My friend Jesse was in the D Box for a low creat (low protein). Whenever they drug test us they also test the water level or whatever in our pee to make sure we aren't trying to flush our system. Well, he works outside in the HEAT and drinks a lot of water, so anyway, he had to sit in the D Box and they let him go without taking him to jail this time. But, they only let you get the low creat once. After that they give you 24 hours in jail and then 48 hours and so on. Eventually they will kick you out of the program if you keep getting them. Knock on wood... I've never had one. So, we waited for Jesse until 6 p.m. last night to make sure he was coming home. We all went to the Alumni meeting at Salvation Army after that. We were late though. They understood. So, that's about it for me today. I'm going to work hopefully this afternoon. I have to call at 9:30 a.m. to find out if I can be on the schedule for today. And, they called my color orange today for a random UA so I gotta do that too. I think I'll be done with all of this drug court stuff in about 3 months. That's when I am eligible to graduate. Ahhhhhh That will be nice.... Have a good day!

Kelly and I at the courthouse...

Oh good, I finally realized I was in html mode instead of compose mode.  Now I can add spaces and my paragraphs won't be all running together.  Nice!!  I should work on my 4th step now.  ugh!