Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Best and Worst

I thought I'd do a quick Grammy Red Carpet post.  I used to do these all of the time and I enjoyed them but in the past few years I've been too busy in my own little world so I never had the time or patience to type one of these up.  So, here goes.

My Best and Worst

Katy Perry... Um....  I dunno.  I'm kind of torn.  The critics really think she looks great in this and while I do agree that her body look phenomenal, her boobs might be hanging out just a tad too much.  I'm a big fan of nice boobs, but damn, this is taking it to a whole another level.  

Jennifer Lopez...  I don't like this look at all.  Her hair looks very severe, the dress reminds me of a black leotard I used to wear for gymnastics and the high slit is clearly a copycat of something Angelina Jolie wore recently.  I'm not impressed.

Beyonce....  This would be nice for a dinner party or something but she does not look Grammy ready.  She is way too underdressed.

Kelly Rowland...  She looks amazing!  I'm a fan of this dress and moreover, I'm a fan of her body in this dress!  Fantastic!

Taylor Swift... Very classy.  I feel like I've seen it before.  There is nothing risky or super exciting about this. It's nice enough but I wish she would take some risks.

Adele.... Um...  Yuck!  Did she really wear this out of the house and especially on a red carpet??  Why??

Carrie Underwood... She's very pretty in this dress, with the hair down and the diamonds around the neck.  I'm digging it.

Kimbra... Well, she took a risk, that's for sure.  It didn't pay off though.  It's pretty horrific.

Maria Menounos...I love the color of this dress, I like the slit and the shoes are amazing.  I kinda like it.  At first glance I thought it looked too boring on the top half of the body.  But the more I look at it the more I like it.

Rihanna... Very pretty!!!!  I love the color.  I love her hair and the chiffon.  I'm really enjoying this look and I like that she changed it up this time and went with classy instead of edgy.

That's it!  I think if I had to pick a favorite it would be.....

Rihanna!!  You go girl!


Blogger FleaStiff said...

Those women are dressed for the camera; I doubt they would even dress that way for their husbands.

February 25, 2013


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