Friday, June 30, 2006

Another one

Wow - 2 posts in one day - your really getting your money's worth today!!

MiamiDon and I headed over to the MGM earlier today and met up with CC for lunch at the Studio Cafe.

We had a great time - Craig (CC) is such an awesome and down to earth guy. I loved hearing the latest scoop on all the pro's and what's going on over at the Rio. I don't know why we haven't checked out the WSOP for ourselves yet, but I think part of it was because I heard horror stories about the crowds and the crazy parking etc. Craig assured us that it's not so bad now and it's actually died down a tiny bit, so I think we are going to head over there tomorrow.

Craig (on the right) even offered to take my camera with him tomorrow and get some pictures of my favorite pros like The Mouth and The Grinder. I'm pretty psyched.

Don and Craig...

After lunch we headed to the poker room and it was packed. My table was very laid back and cool. I had fun talking. I was actually dealt pocket aces three times, but unfortunately, I didn't get much action. I flopped two sets also, but again not a lot of action. The most action I got was when I had pocket kings against pocket queens. We both got our money in after the flop and luckily my kings held up. Both of us had winning sessions today, so I consider it a good day (even though I made $50 which is nothing compared to Don's $400.00). Hey - a win is a win right?!

There was a guy selling shirts today in the poker room and somehow Don won a T-shirt over at his table and the guy gave me a free woman's shirt - I'm not sure why - but we think they are way cool...

It just took me about 8 attempts to post this last picture, so I'm done with th is for tonight.

Hopefully I'll have some good stuff from The Rio tomorrow.

Thank god it's Friday

I was dealt a shocking blow last night at work. I leaned over my boss's shoulder to look at the new schedule for next week and I was aghast to see that I'm supposed to be working 6 days. Ummmmmmm WTF??? How do you go from working 2 days a week to working 6 days a week??!! And why oh why of all weeks does this have to be the week that my parents come into town AND the week that the bloggers come into town????? It's not like I could have requested the time off because I'm brand spanking new. This is the week that everyone else requested off and I'm left behind to pick up the pieces and fill in. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!! I was able to talk my boss into giving me one extra day off in the beginning of the week so that I could spend at least some time with my family, but that was all he was budging. I couldn't even get 2 days off in a row. UGH!

Anyway, so I'm off Monday and Wednesday. I have to work every other day including Friday night (when everyone arrives in Vegas), Saturday night (the blogger tournament and pajama party) and Sunday night (last day bloggers are in town).

Okay, I'm gonna get off the pity pot now. The good thing is that the WPBT starts at 10 in the morning and I don't have to be to work until 5 p.m. So, I can probably still play. The other good thing is that I don't work any days (only swings), so I will have all of my days free to hang with my parents and I can even meet up with them after work if they want to play late night poker. See? I can look on the bright side too :) I guess I shouldn't have complained so much about only getting two days this week, cause now look what I got!

Today, there is a possibility that we might meet up with CC to have lunch. I know he's really busy covering the World Series, so I won't get my hopes up, but it's a definite possibility. Of course I'll take pictures if we do. Do yourself a favor and check out his site if you haven't done so yet. He updates several times a day and I love that. For more great WSOP coverage checkout Pauly and Otis - they are all doing a fantastic job of covering the event.

MiamiDon and I are going to the MGM today to play some live NLHE. We had such a short session the other day at the Red Rock, I think we are both salivating and ready to play again. Online just doesn't give me the fix I need sometimes.

I saw this on T.V. the other day...

Woman's Ex Sends Severed Finger In The Mail

(AP) CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas Texas officials are seeking a woman's ex-boyfriend, after the mail brought her a severed finger and the message, "This is my last chance to touch you."

Corpus Christi police say they're not sure which finger it was or how it was cut off. But they say it "wasn't mangled" and was apparently washed before it was mailed Friday.

The woman had filed for an emergency protective order from the man last week.

Police say the man faces misdemeanor charges from a previous report of family violence this month. The threatening letter could bring more charges.

(© 2006 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

Wow - he must really like her a lot :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I hate it when I can't think of a title

Yesterday was pretty fun. MiamiDon and I headed over to the Red Rock for some NLHE cash action. Unfortunately, there wasn't much action on a Tuesday afternoon. I was surprised because the Red Rock has the only poker room on this side of town and usually there are tons of games going. We arrived at the Red Rock and I decided to turn in my uniform and my I.D. since they were witholding my last check until I do so. I headed over to HR and of course they closed early for the day. UGH!!!! So, I walked upstairs to the poker room and there was a list 12 deep waiting to play 1-2 NL and there was only one game going! I realized we'd be waiting a century to get into that game unless they opened a new table, but they were being asses about it and they didn't want to open a new game.

So, we decided to walk around and find me a Mr. Cashman slot. I wasn't sure if they had Cashman at the Red Rock, but I figured they should cause they have lots of penny slots. I was so happy when I found a cluster of 10 Cashman slots - yay!!!!!! I immediately sat down and started playing. I put twenty dollars in and I got it up to $31.00 and cashed out. Don walked over to the poker room while I was playing and found that they opened a new table finally! So, I left the slots and we both sat down at the same table - the most boring table ever. Everyone was so serious and lame. Half of the table was listening to ipods and the other half was just in deep concentration or something. I won two pots pretty early on and then I proceeded to fold fold fold. We only played for a few hours and then we left to get some dinner. I cashed out ten dollars down for the day. Oh well. I won't complain about that.

Today I have a lot to do because my parents will be arriving on Sunday and I need to get the spare bedroom finished. We bought a bed yesterday, and it will be delivered tomorrow. I need to get a new comforter and sheets so I'm about to head out (as soon as Days of Our Lives is over).

I found a new blog today that Amy Calistri and Jen Leo started, it's called Breakfast Club Poker. It fits my style perfectly, so I really enjoy it - plus I like reading their other blogs, so check it out.

Tonight is the mookie and I'm happy to say that I'll be playing! I'm off again tonight (unless I get called in) and hopefully that won't happen. I played a few games online yesterday and my game and my account are really suffering. Maybe the pain has to get great enough before I'll change. My problem is that I depend too much on cards instead of making some moves. I'm too predictable, too tight and I guess I'm a pretty passive player. Don was nice enough to point this out to me today and actually on many other occasions as well, but today I actually listened. He suggested that I read the chapter on Tight Passive Players in the book, The Psychology of Poker by Alan Schoonmaker. It was as if that chapter was written directly to me and about me. Wow! After I do my running around, I'm gonna log onto Stars and play a few games and try to take the advice in this book and see if I can change my game and loosen up a bit. We'll see how that goes.

Good luck tonight in the mookie. I'm looking forward to some girly chat fun!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Minor Rant

I didn't have to work tonight, so I was able to play in hoyazo's tourney. It was a good time even though I didn't even make it to the first break. Congratulations go out to my boy, MiamiDon for taking first place!!!! His game has improved so much since we moved out here to Vegas. I had a great time on the girly chat thing with Iakaris, JJOK, Jordan and of course my boy Waffles. We also played in a cash game later in the night (after we were both knocked out of the Hoy). It was a good time!!

As I was flipping through the channels a few minutes ago I stumbled across a movie on the guide channel that's supposed to be on in about an hour. It's called High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story. How excited am I?? I was going to go to bed but I'm staying up now. I had no idea there was a movie about Stu Ungar. I read his book a while back and I loved it. Even more exciting - Michael Imperioli (of the Soprano's) is playing Stu in the movie. I don't care if the movie has a half star rating - I'm definitely watching. Hopefully I'll have good stuff to report about it tomorrow.

In other poker news - I suck!! I've played in a few $10 SNG's lately and I haven't come in the money in any of them. I did make a little bit of money in the cash game tonight, but not enough. My on-line poker account is going down down down. Thankfully, my live game bankroll is okay. I'm definitely playing tomorrow at the Red Rock. I would love to chalk up a winning a session.

There was a nasty shooting last night at the Silver Nugget Casino. I've never even heard of the place, but apparently it's in North Las Vegas and it's a locals hangout. They showed the video on T.V. - this guy pulled out a gun right on the casino floor and shot another guy and killed him (they were having a verbal dispute). He also injured an innocent woman playing on the slot machins. Hopefully they'll find him - right now he's on the run. Craziness!!

In other Vegas news, Operation P.I.M.P went down last night. Over 180 prostitutes were arrested last night (mainly over on Tropicana and over by Fremont Street). P.I.M.P stands for Prostitues Incarcerated by Metropolitan Police. It was meant to send a message to prostitutes and pimps that Vegas doesn't encourage prostitution. That's all fine and good, but while they were planning this big raid, who was out looking for all the killers?? It just seems like they should maybe send a message to all the gang members that have infested the streets and all the killers that are out there shooting up the town - ya know? Okay, I'm done ranting.

I don't know if anyone else watches Entourage, but I'm hooked. I love that show. On last night's episode, the guys go to an amusement park in L.A. I did some research on the computer and found that there is a Six Flags in Los Angeles. It looks AWESOME!! They have 17 different roller coasters. I love amusement parks and I didn't think there were any around here. I was WRONG! The next time I have a few days off, we are heading over there. I already decided where we are going to stay - the Hilton cause it's the closest hotel to the park. I did the mapquest thing and found out it'll only take about 4 hours to drive there (it's about 250 miles). I'm so ready!

Random Stuff

First off, let me thank everyone for the birthday wishes. THANK YOU :) Friday was my birthday and it was pretty good. I really wasn't expecting anything because I already picked out my presents from the jewelry store and bought them last week (from MiamiDon of course). Also, my parents are coming into town in a week, so I told them not to bother getting me anything and we could just go shopping while they are here. Anyway, the big day came and Don actually had a present waiting for me. I was surprised because I already got my presents and plus he hates the mall - what could he have possibly gotten for me?? YAY! He got me an Ipod Nano. I'm so happy!!!!!! I was trying to get one of those in Florida (before me moved out here to Vegas) - but they were brand new on the market I couldn't find them anywhere. They were sold out! This ipod is sweet and it holds like 1000 songs. I'm so excited to go to the MGM tomorrow and play cards and listen to my new ipod.

Oh, and let me just tell you about this wrapping job. We don't have any wrapping paper in the house and we also don't have any scotch tape. So, Don hands over this present to me and it's wrapped in newspaper. I believe it was a color ad for a grocery store. I turned it over and I see what looks like masking tape. We don't have any masking tape in the house either. I'm like "did you go out and buy tape?" and he's like "no, I used the tape from your lint brush". My lint brush???? Oh yeah, whenever you use it to get hair off your clothes or whatever, you tear the tape off and use the next layer. Very clever. I must live with McGyver. I wish I would have taken a picture of this present for you guys to admire too.

So, for the rest of my birthday, I went to the DMV to register my new car. I got the Vegas Centennial license plate for the low low price of $50.00 (extra). That's $50.00 on top of the several hundred dollars it cost me to register it. I guess it's worth it. After that, I worked all night. FUN FUN. When I got home, I was surprised to find another present. This one was from my parents. They wanted me to have something to open on my birthday, so they sent me some gourmet candy apples. YUMM!!!! I love that kind of stuff. My parents are so cool :)

I'm happy to report that I am FINALLY finished with training. Tonight was my last night and I'm so happy. I have off the next 3 days - yay! I'm really liking working a part-time job - it agrees with me. It's so cool that I'm able to do this because I've always had full time jobs in the past. This is totally new to me and I'm liking it.

So, I kept Don's sister's room key to the Bellagio and I'm hoping to get some quality pool time on my days off. I also have to turn in my badge and uniform to the Red Rock this week (they are witholding my last paycheck until I do that) - oops!

I have a feeling I'll be playing a lot of poker in the next few days, so maybe I'll have actually have some poker content this week.

I'm thinking about chocolate right now (after the candy apple story) - so I thought I'd post a picture I took. It's a candy store over at the Bellagio - if you ever want to get some good candy when your here in Vegas, you should check this place out.

Here's a new hiding spot that most of never even thought of and it's right under our noses...

OMAHA, Neb. -- Talk about a pot belly!

Police in Omaha, Neb., report finding a man's pot stash hidden in a roll of stomach fat.

Officers said they stopped the 5 foot 8 inch , 250-pound man because his car was blocking traffic.

According to authorities, when an officer smelled marijuana in the car, he searched the man and found a baggie of the illegal weed.

The man was ticketed on suspicion of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana and obstructing traffic.

Here's a picture of me and Mrs. Mookie...

I think I might actually have an opportunity to play in the mookie this week - FINALLY! I hope to see you all there.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wednesday Adventures

Yesterday was my third day off from work (and it's my last day) so I made it a good one. MiamiDon and I got up early (for us) and we drove over to Lake Las Vegas to pick up his sister. Her conference ended and she was staying at the Bellagio for her last night in town - good choice!!!!!

I actually snapped a couple more pictures from the Hyatt as we were loading up here stuff...

So, we left Henderson and drove down to the strip and since his sister has never been to Vegas, we gave her the full tour. We drove from the Mandalay Bay end all the way to downtown. While downtown, we showed her all the good stuff like the wedding chapels and the pawn shops and the bail bonds. I also ran into the Golden Nugget to see how much construction they are doing over there cause that's where my parents are staying next week.

After we made the loop, we headed over to the Bellagio so she could check in. She got a FAT suite up on the 22nd floor and from the window I was able to see everything. One side of her suite had a view of all the pools (I think there were 5) and the other set of windows had a view of the strip and the fountains.

Of course I had to snap one of the MGM...

Next, we headed down to the pools to get some sun. It was about 105 degrees out, but it felt great. I haven't laid out in the sun since I moved here from Florida. I miss it!!!!! We laid out by one of the smaller pools that had a fountain - the water was freezing in this pool.

It was funny because everyone that tried to get into this pool, stuck one foot in and changed their mind when they found out how cold it was (me included). We all back tracked and went to the main pool where the water wasn't nearly as cold.

After laying by the pool for a few hours, Don and I walked around the Bellagio and then over to Caesar's Palace to find a place for dinner. We decided on a nice Italian restaurant called Terrazza - the food was excellent and so was the service. Good choice!!

Don snapped this picture of his sister (Debbie) and I...

This is the three of us (notice how short I look compared to the both of them)...

Well, it's not that I "look" short - i actually am very short and they are both pretty tall.

Finally, after dinner we went to see the fountains!! I've never seen the Bellagio Fountains so I was thrilled. They were awesome!!

Blogger is not allowing me to post any more pictures so I guess I'm done. Time to watch Days of Our Lives anyway and then I'm heading to work for Day #58 of Training. Supposedly Saturday night is my last training night and then I'll finally be on the floor solo!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday's Adventures

As I said in my last post, I was off again today and I met up with my cousins. We did go to Sam's Town and we did have a great time. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I figured that it would be really old and really dirty and very smokey. Well, it is pretty old, but it's been kept up well. The place has a wild west theme and it works. I liked it.

That's a picture from inside the building. Anyway, we got there and my aunt and my cousin immediately went to the slot machines and then my cousin's husband went straight to the craps table. So, of course I headed over to the poker room and as expected, the average age in the poker room was about 82. I was nervous already because I was out of my element and this is a definite locals place. I went up to the front desk to inquire about the games they were spreading and I was told that they didn't even have a no limit table. WHAT THE?? Oh yeah, I forgot that most of the older local retirees prefer limit holdem and stud. Oh well. I wasn't about to waste my money in there.

So, I found my cousin and my aunt and decided to play some slots. I NEVER play slots by the way. I haven't put one penny, one nickel, one quarter etc. in any machine since I moved here to Vegas. I finally broke my golden rule and I sat down to play. What else was I going to do????? I managed to play extremely conservatively. Anytime I made $20.00 or more on a machine, I pressed the cash out button and put the ticket in my purse. Then, I'd walk around some more and find another machine and play again and when I made another $20.00 I'd cash out. I actually played a penny slot and hit a $50.00 jackpot so I immediately cashed out and I ended up walking away about $75.00 ahead. We also went bowling and that was fun too.

That's my cousin Debbie. She actually turned me onto a penny machine called "Mr. Cashman". It was a blast. Every few spins this little guy comes onto the screen and gives you a bonus game to play and that's how I actually won the $50.00. It actually made playing slots bearable for me because normally I find them boring as hell.

This is me, my cousin's husband (Vic), my cousin (Deb) and my aunt (Marie)

After Sam's Town we headed back to the strip and met MiamiDon and my other cousin (Diane) at Samba Steakhouse over at the Mirage for dinner. It was pretty good. I'd eat there again. I wouldn't get the filet mignon again though because I asked for it medium and it came out rare. The meat was just tooooo thick and they couldn't get the temperature right.

Our server was kind enough to take this picture for us...

For dessert, MiamiDon and I headed over to the MGM Grand for some live poker action. The table was juicy, but neither one of us could catch a hand. This definitely was NOT the table to make a move on because we had SO many calling stations. We found out pretty quickly that we needed to have the nuts or pretty damn close to the nuts to take down these pots. I ended up walking away $25.00 ahead after playing for about 4 hours.

Tomorrow I have another busy day planned and I most likely won't be able to play in the mookie. However, let me end this post by displaying a picture of our favorite "home game" host playing in the Sahara tournament last week. I don't even think he knows I snapped this picture (he looks like he's in deep concentration)...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monday's Adventures

I had a great time yesterday. MiamiDon's sister was in town and I got to meet her for the first time. It was also her first time in Vegas which is always fun. First we brought her to the house and then we went to our favorite Thai Food restaurant (Jasmine's) for an awesome lunch. After that we took her over to the Red Rock Casino to show her around. We took a lot of pictures with her camera because I forgot mine, so I don't have any pictures to post yet. She'll send me some when she gets back home. It's always fun to take people to the Red Rock Casino because it's such a beautiful property. We spent a few hours with her during the day and then we drove her out to Lake Las Vegas because that's where her conference is being held.

WOW!!!!!!!! If you never heard of Lake Las Vegas (like me) then you should check it out. I was amazed. We were just driving through Henderson heading towards Lake Meade (which I've also never seen) and I was looking around at the houses and I wasn't impressed. Everything was very old and dilapidated and really kinda ghetto looking. The next thing I know we start coming up over a hill and I see a bunch of green fields far off in the distance and what looks like some water. Do you know how long it's been since I've seen green rolling hills and bodies of water?? As we get closer we see this sign for Lake Las Vegas resorts and we turn in. All of the resorts (Hyatt Regency, Ritz Carlton etc.) are sitting right on Lake Meade and they also have 3 golf courses (that explained the green) - it's just beautiful. I never even knew that place existed.

Here's a couple pics of the resort...

After we dropped off his sister, we played at the MGM and I sucked. I tried to make a move (a semi-bluff) and I went all-in with a full-stack of chips and the guy called me - oops! I had to re-buy and I won a little bit of my money back, but not enough to call it a winning session. Oh well.

Today I'm meeting up with my cousin and my aunt. We are supposed to go to Sam's Town. I am not sure why they want to go there - I guess because it's someplace different (off the strip) and it's OLD as dirt. They have a bowling alley though so I think we are gonna play a few games and maybe eat at the buffet. I have NEVER eaten at a buffet ever in Vegas. Can you believe that???? I mean, they are everywhere and I've been wanting to, but I just haven't had the opportunity. I guess I just hate feeling that really full like I'm gonna bust feeling, but I'm gonna feel like I have to eat a lot to get my money's worth - ya know??? I'm definitely going to remember my camera today and hopefully I'll have pictures later today.

Monday, June 19, 2006

7 Minutes

I have exactly 7 minutes to blog before I sit down to watch my Real World/Road Rules Challenge Marathon. It's almost 12:30 a.m. and I just got home from work and I was switching through the channels and I'm excited to say that I get to watch one of my favorite reality shows for the rest of the night. I love that!!!! Miami Don's pretty excited about it too.

Work was crazy! I am still training - I think it's Day 55 or something like that and tonight I had to hostess. Sunday night is traditionally pretty slow in the restaurant but tonight it was packed. We were a little short staffed to begin with and then around 7 p.m. (prime rush time) the cocktail server in the bar passed out (in the middle of the bar). She was dehydrated and exhausted and hadn't eaten - plus she only weighs about 85 pounds to begin with. So, they had to get the paramedics upstairs for her and she was taken to the hospital. In the mean time she had about 7 tables she was waiting on and they were all waiting for cocktails. I went in and covered for her and then I found myself bussing tables, running food and hostessing too. Needless to say the night went by really fast and that's always a good thing.

I'm am officially off for the next 3 days and I'm psyched!! I love my days off. It just so happens that MiamiDon's sister is coming into town tomorrow for a conference and my cousins and my aunt are all coming into town too for a different conference. So, I know I'm going to have plenty of things to do on my 3 days off. I'm looking forward to it. I've never met his sister and I haven't seen my cousins in like two years. The good thing about living in Vegas is that everyone comes out here to visit you and we never have to leave to go anywhere. Flying annoys me so that's a good thing.

It's 12:30 on the dot. Gotta run:)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

More blogger fun

I don't have much time to blog today cause I'm about to leave for work. Yesterday we met up with mookie and the crew at the Red Rock Casino. We were going to check out the buffet until we walked over there and saw the line wrapped around the whole intererior of the building. Ummmm - nevermind. We'll try the buffet some other time. We went to a tex-mex restaurant instead.

After lunch I sat down at the roulette tables with mookie and the rest of the guys (the girls went off to play slots) and I pulled out $40.00 and lost it within about 5 minutes. It was my first time playing and apparently I suck. It was fun though. I didn't get to hang out for very long cause I had to rush off to work. Traffic was horrible, luckily I gave myself plenty of time. It literally took me about an hour and a half to get to the MGM which is only about 12 miles away from the Red Rock.

Here's some more pictures...

This is the pool area at the Red Rock

Here's the whole gang...

Lastly, it looks like I'll be meeting yet another blogger pretty soon. Congratulations go out to Hoyazo for winning a seat to the WSOP. I look forward to seeing him and hopefully railing him over at the Rio. I can't think of a more deserving person - he's really been kicking ass at the tables!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I love meeting bloggers

Yesterday was so much fun!!!! I finally got to meet Mookie and Mrs. Mookie and the whole Austin gang. We met over at the Sahara and as most of you probably already know, we all busted out of the tournament without placing. Oh well. At least mookie won the last longer bet, so he free rolled. He decided to push all in right after I busted out. It sucked at that stage of the tourney cause the blinds were so high and it was just a push fest. That's why I hate tournaments. I like to wait for good cards. I don't like bluffing and trying to make moves and pushing all-in every other hand. That's also why I'll never be a pro and I'll never play for a living and most likely I'll never be on T.V. playing. I'm okay with that though.

Of course, after the Sahara tournament we went over to the Luxor since Mookie is staying there and they opened up a new 1-2 NLHE table for us and we all played together. I lost my ass off!!!! It's funny because the very first time I ever played in a live cash game of NLHE, I played at the Luxor. I chose that spot because the maximum buy in is $50.00. I figured that was a pretty safe way to start off. I was scared to death as I sat down and promptly lost my $50 in two hands. First hand, my two pair was beat by a higher two pair and 2nd hand, my straight lost to a straight flush. I was so nervous I never even noticed a flush possibility, let alone a straight flush!! MiamiDon wasn't even out of the bathroom before I busted out. I was so embarassed I made him leave with me and he never even got to play. Fast Forward a few months and here we are at the Luxor again (my second time there). I buy in for $50.00 last night and as soon as you post one blind, you are allowed to buyin for another $50.00. I have no idea what the logic behind that is. Anyway, I lost most of my stack to mookie when my straight lost to his higher straight. I buy in for another $50.00 and I wait very patiently. Finally, I look down to see pocket rockets. The new guy to the table raises $20.00 and I decide I'm not even messing around with this hand, so I push all-in. He calls with pocket 9's and promptly flops a set. I never improved and that was that. So, from this day forward, the Luxor is now Suxmore to me and I'm never playing there again. NEVER EVER - I SWEAR!! I hate that place and it's haunted anyway.

After all my losses yesterday, I decided to skip the Caesar's tournament today and most of the Austin crew felt the same way I did. Only Mookie and Don played. Neither of them came in the money. I went to the Aladdin and did some shopping and I went to the Fashion Mall too. I love shopping!! Afterwards, I met Don at the MGM and I kicked ass and walked away ahead $250.00 after only 2 hours of playing. He won more than I did, so that was awesome. It's always nice when we both have a winning session.

And finally, let me post some pictures...

Me and Mrs. Mookie (Clara) and MiamiDon and Mookie (Armando)

The whole gang...

From left to right Mookie, MiamiDon, Texicans (Henry), Rocco Boxer (Jim), Scott

I gotta say that Mookie and Mrs. Mookie and the whole gang were so much fun. I hope to see them again before they leave. I felt comfortable with them right away and they were just very down to earth and cool. They brought us Texas gifts too!! Thanks guys :)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Live Action Finally

Last night was so fun. MiamiDon and I went over to the Red Rock Casino and had dinner at TBones. The food was excellent. I had an amazing crab cake for an appetizer and it was phenomenal. I'm from Maryland and I haven't been able to find a decent crab cake since I left. When I was in Florida, I vowed not to ever eat another crab cake unless I was in Maryland cause every restaurant would totally butcher it. But alas, I decided to give it another shot since I'm out here in Vegas (plus on the menu they said that they use Maryland lump crab meat). They weren't lying!

So, enough about food and onto the good stuff - POKER! I played for about 6 hours last night and I walked away $204.00 ahead. Finally! A winning session. I was folding folding folding for the first hour and then the guy in the 4 seat told me he was leaving and that I should move into his seat cause he was getting good cards. He was right. I got pocket queens twice, pocket kings twice and pocket aces twice (back to back). I won large pots with the cowboys and the rockets. I did lose one MAJOR hand when my full house (I had pocket 8's) got beat on the river by a guy playing Q 3 offsuit (he turned his trips into a full house when a 3 hit). UGH!!! Oh well, I guess you can't win them all. I feel like I played that hand perfectly and I would play it the same way again.

After about 3 hours of playing I finally realized that everyone at my table was a local. The 1 seat and the 9 seat were the only ones that ever changed and they were the only ones that would sit down with only half the buy in and bust out pretty quickly. It was like we were a table full of sharks and we were just waiting for feeding time and whenever someone new would sit down they would bust out quickly and we would wait for the next feeding. We never had to wait long because Red Rock has the most crowded poker room. There was a list for 1-2 NLHE all night. I had a GREAT time though. I am vowing to play more often over there instead of always playing at MGM.

I feel like I was really on my game last night. I called time BOTH times that I had pocket aces cause whenever the flop hit and I put out a bet, both times the assholes in the hand went over the top for some ridiculous amount. I had to sit back and think about what they had and if I had them beat and both times I ended up pushing all-in and I won both hands. It was tough though because one guy was not playing aggressive like that at all. He was very tight all night, so when I bet out $20 and he went over the top for $75 I was scared. Anyway, my point is that I'm actually thinking things through now instead of just getting scared and folding (I used to do that a lot).

Tonight I get to meet MOOKIE!!!!!! YAY! I'm so excited. I'm actually ready to go now. Don's in the shower and I'm making myself something to eat and then we are out of here and heading to the Sahara for the 7 p.m. Tournament. Of course we are going to the MGM afterwards to play in the fish tank!! I'll definitely have an update and pictures tomorrow!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good news

Last night was my third night of training at the restaurant. I thought it was my last night of food running but I was very wrong. Apparently I have to do 5 days of running. YUCK!! The plates are very heavy not to mention they put a lot of the dishes in the oven so they come out scalding hot. After my five days of food running are completed I have to do 1 night of bussing tables and then 1 night of hostessing. And then finally we move on to the server portion of my training. I did get hired as a server right? I think so. All in all I think I have to do about 2 weeks of training and then I finally get to serve. Sheesh! I had WAY less training when I was a Unix system administrator for the Department of Defense. They just kind of gave me a manual and root login and set me free.

The good news is that I was only supposed to have off Saturday and Sunday which meant that I'd really only have 1 night to hang out with mookie and the crew. However, when I was leaving work last night the GM called me over and changed my schedule. Now I have off Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues. YAY!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy. More poker for me! I know that we are meeting up with mookie tomorrow (Sunday) night to play in the Sahara tourney and then most likely we'll play in an afternoon tourney at Caesar's on Monday.

Today is Don's Birthday. I was like a little kid trying to get Don up and out of bed so that he could open his presents. I was more excited than he was. Tonight we are going out to dinner at the Red Rock Casino (TBones Steakhouse) and then we are going to get some live action at the NLHE tables there.

Have a good weekend!! See ya in SinCity tomorrow mookie!! Pictures coming soon.

Friday, June 09, 2006

New Job

I love my new job!!!! I am so happy I made the switch. Granted, I still have 8 more days of training to go through, but so far everything is great. The food is unbelievably good. Everything is homemade daily with the freshest ingredients. The chicken literally melts in your mouth. The people I work with are all way cool. Everyone is friendly and helpful and best of all, they like to have fun. I think it's so important to work in a fun environment. I love working swing shift instead of graveyard. I feel like I'm among the living again. Life is good. Best of all - I'll be working part-time instead of full-time. This is actually a double edged sword. I will miss making the full-time money, but I'm gonna love having more time to myself.

When MiniVanDon and I moved out here to Vegas the goal was to open a business. Since we've been here, we haven't done anything towards that goal. With me working part-time I'll be in a much better position to get that business started. I'll have more time to do the research and the legwork and the running around etc. So, all in all, I think I made a good move.

I have no poker news. I haven't played in a few days. Well, I lied. I did play a $10 SNG the other night and I bubbled out in 4th place. I hate that shyt!! I'd rather get 9th. Oh well. Tomorrow night when I get off work I'm playing at the MGM and then Saturday night I'm playing at the Red Rock. Hopefully I'll have some good news to share.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No more graveyard

Last night was my last night at the Red Rock. Yay!! I am officially done working the graveyard shift (hopefully forever). Today I had off and tomorrow I start my new job at the MGM. Diego is a much more upscale restaurant, and my training reflects that. I have to go through ten days of training before I can be on the floor alone. The first three nights I have to run food. Those trays can be pretty heavy, but I guess it's a good way for me to learn the table numbers and the dishes that we serve.

The good news is that I have off Saturday, which happens to be MiamiDon's birthday. I made reservations for us at TBones Chophouse which is a really nice steakhouse at the Red Rock. After that we plan on hitting the NLHE tables over at the Red Rock. We've only played there once, so it'll be fun to check it out again. They have a really nice poker room and it's always crowded. I hope to break this losing streak I've been having in the cash games.

I'm off Sunday too which works out perfectly because that's when Mookie and RoccoBoxer will be here. I'm SOOOO looking forward to meeting up with all of them and playing in a tourney or two.

I was unable to play in the WWdn tonight because I had to sleep half the day and then I had to run a bunch of errands. The good thing is that I got all of Don's birthday presents and I got my dad's father day gifts and I got my nails done, a pedicure, went to the bank and had my car washed. Not bad huh?? I also picked up Thai food for dinner. I guess I'll miss the mookie tomorrow too because I'll be at my new job. Work is really putting a cramp in my poker lifestyle. I'm wondering if I'd make more money as a server or as a poker dealer?? I'm gonna give the serving thing some time, but If I hate it, I might try the dealing thing. It's an idea for me to ponder.

And last but not least, here's an um... interesting exhibit that will be opening here in Vegas on my birthday - I'll have to clear my schedule...

Las Vegas Exhibit To Feature Preserved Corpses

LAS VEGAS -- You can see lots of bodies in Sin City, but they're usually alive.

An exhibition that opens in Las Vegas later this month will feature 22 corpses. The bodies are preserved with liquid plastic in a variety of life-like poses.

Promoters are calling "BODIES, The Exhibition" anatomy as art. But critics have said that the exhibition is unethical and gross.

Visitors will get to touch some human organs, such as a brain, liver and heart. The display opens June 23 at the Tropicana hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Not tired yet

Well, I just got off work and it's Monday morning. I'm not tired yet and I was talking to my father on the way home as he was playing a SNG on Pokerstars and I decided I was in the mood to play too. I haven't played in a few days so I'm definitely due. Of course, here I am blogging instead of paying attention to what's on the computer screen. I have a hard time staying focused when I play online. I enjoy playing live much more. I often lose MUCH more money when I play live though. I guess it's a tradeoff.

I'm cracking up right now because two people on the SNG are talking about how they think Pokerstars is rigged because they've never seen any of the stuff that happens on the computer happen at the live tables in "real life". I DISAGREE. I highly doubt that pokerstars is rigged. I've seen ALL of the stuff that happens on pokerstars happen on the "real" tables. It's just that you see SO many more hands on the computer, so you see a lot of suckouts and a lot of bad beats etc.

Work was pretty slow tonight so some of the servers were taking turns going downstairs to the TDR (Team Dining Room) to eat and relax etc. Anyway, there was a really drunk guy at one of the tables and he was ready for his check, but I guess his server was MIA. So, he thought it would be a good idea to stand up and start shouting obscenities through the restaurant. He was spewing the F word (fuck, in case you weren't sure) all over the place. He was being very disruptive and the other tables were getting a bit uncomfortable. I couldn't find the manager or the server anywhere, so I told the guy at the front desk to call security. Of course, I was a total smartass about it and I said it very loudly so that drunk guy would hear me. He started screaming some nonsense about how I wasn't getting any tip which made me laugh cause I'm not even his server anyway. Next, he proceeded to just leave and didn't pay his bill. So, when security got there I had to give them a description (he was wearing a bright lime green shirt) so he wouldn't be hard to miss. They found him and he had to come back up to the restaurant to pay the tab. Later on in the evening they realized that he actually broke the door that leads out to the patio. The freakin door costs $5000.00. Gotta love drunk people.

It's bubble time on my SNG so I guess I better start paying attention. YAY!! I won!! Breaking news.... I just took down a $10 SNG. Alert the media!!!! I guess I can retire now.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Binion's Tournament

I just woke up and it's 5:30 p.m. WTF?? I have no idea why I slept so late. It's not a bad thing cause I have to work all night tonight, but I did miss out on all the errands I was going to run today. Oh well. I checked my cell phone and I have like 3 missed calls from Don. I called him back to find out that Chris had busted out of the Binion's tourney earlier, but Don was just about to sit down at the final table. I wished him luck and headed to the bank (I've had a deposit sitting in the drawer for about 5 days now). I got to the bank about 5 minutes before closing time (I'm sure they love that). Anyway, about a half hour later Don called me and said he chopped for 1st place. YAY! Check out his website later and I'm sure he'll have all the details for you.

This is my last week of working the graveyard shift at the Red Rock Casino. I love Friday and Saturday nights there because I'm usually well-rested since I'm just coming back from 2 days off and also because the nights go by fast because we are slammed since it's the weekend.

After my orientation Wednesday at the MGM Grand, I walked up to Diego and met with my new General Manager. He was cool and said I could start training next week on Wednesday, since Tuesday is my last night at Red Rock. That works out perfectly for me cause I'm not a 2 jobs kinda girl. I whine about going into work on a daily basis for just the one job. Working two jobs (even it's for only one week) would have KILLED me.

Anyway, I have to go walk Lucy now. Since nobody else blogs on the weekend I probably won't either - so have a good weekend!!

This is a picture of Lucy - this is what she looks like when she's pouting (she pouts whenever don isn't home)...

Long Day of Poker

Just got home from the MGM Grand. I played for about 12 hours total today (4 in the caesar's tourney and 8 hours at the NLHE cash game). I'm pretty exhausted. Congratulations are definitely in order to drewspop for finishing 6th today in the Caesar's Tournament. He played an awesome game. He lost a few big hands early on, but he was patient and grinded his way back and then some! I wasn't there to see him at the final table, but I'm sure he'll have some great details for everyone when he gets home.

I was doing well at the MGM today and I had two pretty big hands, so I was up about $150.00 and then I don't know what happened. I started getting 2nd best hand a few too many times and I wound up losing my whole stack. My pocket queens ran into pocket kings and my aces were cracked by a set of queens. These are the kinds of nights that drive me crazy. I wish I would have quit while I was ahead. I'm actually not going to play in the Binion's tournament tomorrow. I'm just not feeling it and why should I even bother putting out the money for a buy-in when I'm about 99 percent certain that I won't come in the money??

Oh well, I'll talk about some memorable hands tomorrow, for now I'm just going to post the pictures I took today...

Don and Chris

Me and Chris

This is a picture I took from my car of the Caesar's Fountains...

I will say that it was kinda cool walking into the poker room at Caesar's Palace today and seeing Sean Sheikhan, Billy Baxter and a few other pro's playing a fat ass game of $400 - $800. I have the distinct feeling that Sean had been there for a few days (he was unshaven and looking a little rough). Check out
MiamiDon's page for a funny story about that game.