Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well, it's Monday night/Tuesday morning and I've been trying to sleep for about an hour or two - but it's SO windy outside and Lucy keeps waking up and barking at the random noises and it's totally freaking me out. I know she's probably just hearing the wind but now I can't sleep. She keeps whining and begging to go outside - but when I let her outside she just stands there and listens to the wind. She's really just letting all of the cold air in and I'm trying not to put the heat on!!

I thought I was hearing a small dog outside my window here in the office and I figured that was kind of weird - but the more and more I heard it I thought for sure it was a small dog - sounded like a pomeranian. I finally opened the window and it was just the wind.

So, I figured I'd get up for a while and read or do something until the wind dies down or Lucy gets really tired!!

I had a lot of fun last night when I met Richard Brodie Lion Tales over at the Venetian for a nice meal at Delmonico. YUMM!! I met two of his friends and they were so sweet. It was an awesome time. They even showed me how to play Baccarat (I had always wondered how to play). I have to thank my buddy Michael Craig for hooking that whole thing up.

Anyway, how about those RAVENS?? Did anyone catch the slaughter that they put on the Steelers this weekend?? I DID!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Vegas 215

OKAY - so now I have to laugh. I got a message from someone that runs the Las Vegas Information website. On this site you can find useful information such as hotels, attractions, maps and now MY BLOG!!!!!!!! Ummmmm - did they even look at my blog before they added it or was the word "Vegas" enough?? I mean really. I curse, I whine, I bitch, I moan and really - you aren't getting much useful information from this blog. And do we really want this blog to represent Vegas? I guess it could be worse.

Check it out...

Vegas 215

NO WAY!!!!!

OKAY - I should have taken a picture - but I didn't. BUT let me just tell u about my latest BAD BEAT. I had pocket 99's and I flopped a set. I went all in and so did this other guy. He had pocket KK'ings and he also flopped a set. NEXT - I turned a 9. OKAY - I got QUADS bitches. Not much else to say. UNTIL the river was a freakin KING. MY QUADS lost to HIGHER quads. YOU must be kidding me. I can't even believe that this is happening in real life. I SWEAR to god - I don't care what anyone else says - I get the WORST bad beats EVER. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Where is everyone?

So, I just dropped MiamiDon off at the airport since he's heading to Naples, Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday. I headed on back to his house and fired up Full Tilt. I got favorite dog, Lucy sitting here cheering me on and I'm wondering where everyone is???? Geez - it's only 1 a.m. eastern time - Waffles should be on and so should Michael Craig!! These guys are ALWAYS on - they don't need sleep for god's sakes. Oh well - maybe Monday is Family Night or something.

Not much going on over here. I'm in the mood for some poker tonight so I think I'll be playing for a while. Right now I'm playing in 3 SNG's and I'm hoping to win BIG MONEY. ha ha

Yesterday I went over to the Red Rock to watch the Ravens game. It was SO boring that of course I had to get up and wander about. I found myself a nice juicy Keno Machine and proceeded to win about 75 dollars immediately. I was on the phone with my dad at the time so he made me cash out. hehe I wanted to keep playing so that I could lose it all. But anyway, my dad is my good luck charm so I'm gonna have to call him more often when I play. I've been trying to stay out of the casinos since money is tight - but everyone once in a while you just gotta get crazy right??

When I walked in the door this DRUNK old guy came directly up to me (I was standing in the sports book looking for Don) and he has like 4 shots of tequila in his hand and he's trying to get me to do a shot. Ummmm - it's 10 in the morning by the way. So, he proceeds to pull out 30,000 dollars in cash. He wants to prove to me that he's a big time sports better. He even made some guy come over to us and tell me how big-time he is. It was too much. I swear I must have this smell that attracts WEIRDO's. I don't know what it is.

So far I got 3rd place in one SNG. I went out in 5th in one and I'm in the lead in the other one with only 4 left. I'm about to fire up some more because I can't play just one. TOO BORING.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dancing with the??

I think I left my bad beat up there for long enough. Time to move on - even though I love to sit in the past!!

Okay - I know I'm a couple of days late but I cannot go another second without discussing the Dancing with the Stars finale.

I honestly love Emmit Smith. I think he's a big cute warm teddy bear. And also - who knew he had those moves? MY god!! He has rhythm and style and class and he's awesome. I even thought to myself the other day how cool it would be if he won because then he could have his picture in Cheryl Burke's (at home) ballroom right next to Drew Lachey. I also must give props to miss Cheryl Burke for winning two years in a row. I mean - is she awesome or what??

But come on people - can we get back to reality??? Nobody on that show was anywhere NEAR as good as Mario Lopez and his partner. Maybe he was just too damn good. He looked like a professional every single week. I can't believe that he didn't win. UGH!!!! Anyway, I'm done with my tangent.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Mookie

Okay - so I played in the mookie tonight. Everything was going so well. I was chatting with my girls, Katitude and Love Elf and of course my two favorite hotties, Waffles and Supermodel. It was fun to hang out with everyone again because it's been forever. I was paying attention. I was patient and I didn't push anything. I didn't read e-mails. I didn't clean my room. We were down to about 14 players when I was dealt pocket 4's. I took the liberty of copying this photo from HuntsVegas blog.

I think this pretty much sums up why I don't spend hundreds of dollars a day on playing poker anymore.

Love the palms...

Oh my god. Can I please tell you about the best meal I've had in my life?? I don't know if it's the best in my whole LIFE - but it was pretty damn close.

I headed over to the Palms the other night to meet up with vMiamiDon and Mookie and the rest of the gang for dinner. I have to give credit where credit is due - Don picked the place and it was FANTASTIC!! We went to N9NE Steakhouse for one of the best meals I've had in my life. Let me just tell you what I ate. I had the surf and turf (filet mignon and lobster) - I also ordered a nice big plate of asparagus, mashed potatoes and I freakin ordered the lobster bisque for an appetizer. And - damn if I didn't eat just about ALL of it. I highly suggest that you eat there if you are ever in town. Don is such a sweetheart too - he treated me to dinner and I am very grateful. It's kinda like he's my brother now - trying to feed me a decent meal once in a while because I neglect the whole eating thing now and then.

Here's some random shots from dinner...

Oh, and the funniest thing is that we saw Todd Brunson at N9NE for dinner too. The last time Don and I went out to dinner we went to the TBones Steak house for dinner at the Red Rock and we saw Todd there that night too. He must eat a lot of steak or something.

Anyway, we all headed over to the poker room at the MGM after dinner and I was all ready to play - but then for some reason I got tired and I wasn't really feeling it - so I went and lost my ass off on wheel of fortune instead.

I have a new obsession now. I am SO OVER the penny slots. I'm done with Cashman and Lucky Lemmings and Lil Lucy because I always lose! It's not fun when you are losing by the way. Anyway, I found Keno at my local neighborhood restaurant and I am loving it. It's not the Keno that you have to put a ticket in for and wait for the numbers to come up - it's a slot machine instead. It's part of the draw poker machine that you always see at the bar. Let me just say this - I am doing very well!! I hope my keno streak continues.

My doggy Sydney is doing okay. Thanks for the warm wishes :) I haven't seen him cause he's in Maryland, but he made it through the surgery and as far as we can tell, he's not in any pain or anything so that's good!I might play in the mookie tonight. I haven't decided yet - but then again I could just drive to the casino and see him in person.

Monday, November 06, 2006


It's Monday and I'm off from all 3 jobs - yay! I feel like quitting every job. They all suck right now.

I'm excited to see Mookie and the gang tonight for dinner at the Palms. I'm sure the food will be excellent and I haven't had a decent meal in forever. Pictures will be up tomorrow.

I actually played in a 10 dollar sit and go on Full Tilt earlier today and took 1st place - amazing! I was shocked.

I might be tempted to play some live poker today. I don't really have the money, but whatever. I need to do something fun on my day off.

This is my dog Sydney. Him and Lucy are the best dogs ever. Sydney is getting his eye removed today because he has cancer. It's so sad. I hope he'll be okay.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Loving the sleep

I feel so good right now. It's amazing what a full night's rest will do for you. Yesterday when I got out of orientation from the Silverton Casino, I came home and laid in bed. I had about 6 hours to sleep before I had to go back to work and I couldn't freakin sleep. I can usually sleep anytime anywhere. It sucked bad. I got up and went to work at midnight last night and my eyes were burning - I looked like total shit. I don't know why I couldn't sleep yesterday but I finally got some sleep today. I got home around 6:30 a.m. and slept til about 2 p.m. I feel great. Sleep is so good.

I think my joy is going to be short lived though because tonight I go back to work at midnight and tomorrow I have to report to the Silverton at 10 a.m. You would think that with all this working I'm doing I'd be making all kinds of money. You'd be wrong. This new restaurant isn't making any money right now. It's boring as hell. I'm basically just hanging out all night making hourly. The owners are just now starting to promote the restaurant so I think it's gonna take a while for us to get customers. Then, the restaurant at the Silverton isn't actually opening until mid or late November. So, basically I'm training over there and helping to set up the place for the next three weeks. So, even with all this work, I'm not making hardly any money. It sucks.

Oh well - in other news... I'm watching the HORSE Event from the World Series right now on ESPN 2. I was sitting in the audience at this final table, but so far I haven't seen myself. I have to admit that I've been on the computer most of this time though so I really haven't actually been paying much attention. I'll have to watch it again when I'm actually watching.

Mookie is coming to town this weekend. I'm pretty psyched. It'll be fun to hang out and play some poker with him and Mrs. Mookie etc. I know that I'm off from the one of the jobs on Sunday and Monday, so I'll definitley be able to hangout.

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to have my computer back???? It's pure bliss. Sometimes you don't realize how much you use the damn thing until you don't have it. As a matter of fact, I think I'll balance my checkbook right now - good stuff.

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What day is it??

Wow!! Thanks for all of the love. I've missed you guys too and it's so nice to be back. I was especially surprised to get such um attention from our girl Melinda. I can't believe I just linked to her. What has become of me??

Anyway, MGM hasn't been giving me many shifts lately, so I started working at another restaurant that my friend opened. The money shift is Graveyard so here I go again. I hated working graveyard before, but I'm working it once again. Last night was actually the grand opening and I worked from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. Once I got off work, I ran home and tried to get some sleep because I had orientation at the Silverton Casino at 7:30 a.m. GOD - that was NOT fun. I was tired as hell. I just got hired at the Silverton for a full-time lunch position at a new mexican restaurant that is opening. So, yes, right now I have 3 jobs and it is now 4 in the afternoon and I STILL haven't been to sleep. I am about to lay down and sleep for about 6 hours and then I'm going to get back up and go to work again. At least I can't be called lazy - right??

Today was the last day that the Stardust Casino was open. They closed the doors at noon and I'm sad to say I never even stepped foot into the place. I hear it was a huge part of Las Vegas history and back in the day it was the place to be!! A lot of people lost jobs, so hopefully they were able to find work.

More to come later - gotta go to sleep.