Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tips for the WSOP 2007

Okay, so it's officially that time of year again - the 2007 World Series of Poker has descended upon Vegas once again. I love this time of year. If you have any interest in poker whatsoever, you can't help but get caught up in the excitement.

So, for those of you thinking about heading over to the Rio to try you luck in a satellite, donk away some cash in a live game, or simply buy in to the main event, I thought I'd give you a few tips on how to live like a local at the 2007 WSOP.

1. Taxi cabs and valet parking can get expensive. Wear comfortable shoes, park in self-parking, settle in for a long day of walking. The Rio is huge and there is ample parking, but you have to be comfortable with walking.

2. Wearing comfortable shoes brings me to my second tip - how to dress comfortably and still look fabulous at a poker table!!

A. For women - cute sweatsuits are my favorite. Here's an example...

This a Bebe sweatsuit - quite adorable, comfortable, and still sexy. You can show a little stomach, flash a little cleavage, but remain warm at the poker table. I think we all know how cold it can get in the poker rooms throughout Vegas. I suggest wearing a studded bebe tank top underneath the jacket, some adorable tennis shoes - I like Sketchers myself - and your ready for ten hours at the table.

Guys - here's a little advice - if you aren't Chris Ferguson, get rid of the cowboy hat. I've over it, Vegas is over it, we are ALL OVER IT! Let's move on PLEASE! Just because you are in the wild wild west, that doesn't mean you have to dress like it.

If you aren't Grey Raymer let's get rid of the sunglasses please. When I sit at a table with a young kid wearing dark shades, a hoodie, a hat and an ipod, I immediately surmise that he's been watching too much poker on T.V. and this is probably his first time sitting at a live poker table in Vegas. Let's move on people. I think a baseball hat is sufficient.

Other than these OBVIOUS things, feel free to get creative guys. Show me something fun! Grab our attention, dress it up, dress it down, but remember to take a shower. There's nothing worse than sitting next to a guy with B.O. Let's take a little pride in ourselves okay? Leave the table once in a while, take a nap, brush those teeth and use soap in the shower and a little cologne goes A LONG WAY - THANKS!! I think I speak for everyone at the table when I ask you to take these simple suggestions.

3. A 1 hour meal break doesn't give you much time to properly fuel up for the another 5 hours, so here's my suggestion. Don't go to the closest restaurant!!!! It'll be packed and you will have to shove the food down your throat. If you eat too fast, it'll take forever to digest the food and then you'll be falling asleep at the table. I know it's annoying, but think about packing a lunch so that you can take your break, and enjoy the full hour without rushing around to find a place that will seat you and serve you quickly enough. OR - find out when the meal break is and leave about 15 minutes before everyone else breaks so that you'll be sure to get a quick seat and you'll have time to enjoy your food.

4. If you looking for a cheap drink, walk to any bar in the Rio, put ten dollars in the slot machine, drink as long as you want - as long as you have money in the machine, you'll drink for free. IMPORTANT - be SURE to tip your bartender well. If you go to the same bar a few times a week, he or she will hook you up with nice strong drinks, they won't care if you are actually playing the machine and they'll be happy to chat the day away with you - NEVER EVER forget to tip your bartender, waitress, valet, dealer etc. Not tipping is a major no no.

P.S. The money in the machine trick doesn't work if you are a gambling addict like me. You'll end up losing WAY more money in the slots than you would have if you just bought the damn drink :)

5. If you have spare time, check out the Lucky Strike bowling alley at the Rio. It's very new, very cool, and totally fun!!!

6. Last - but certainly not least... Check out the Bodog suite!!! It's always the BEST suite with the BEST swag and the hottest girls....

See what I mean?????

I hope my tips are helpful and as always - look me up when you are in town!!

Worst Luck Ever...

Some people are so unlucky in love....

Brittany Murphy and Factory Girl writer-executive producer Simon Monjack shocked friends, family and celebrity gossip readers in April by marrying after only four months of dating.

The couple skipped the proposal and honeymoon, exchanging Neil Lane rings in a surprise wedding in a private L.A. home with only their families present.

But now Britney's friends and family are growing concerned about her new man’s history before he swept Brittany Murphy, 29, off her feet.

Among his troubles: two warrants for his arrest in Virginia for alleged credit-card theft and fraud; an unpaid $6,087 legal bill, and a $502,910 judgment against him by a British investment firm.

Moreover, Us Weekly reports in its new issue that Monjack gave a former fiancée, British film producer Taira Rafiq, an engagement ring he had told her was a diamond but was, in fact, cubic zirconia.

“Taira tried to get in touch with Brittany Murphy to warn her,” a Rafiq pal says.

Simon Monjack also was jailed earlier this year for overstaying his visa, and Murphy had to bail him out when he faced deportation.

“Simon began pushing for marriage, since he was going to be deported,” says a source, adding that Murphy paid for her own engagement ring.

Simon Monjack’s response to the Us Weekly story:

“It is a real tragedy that success, greed, envy and celebrity are the motivation for attacking my family and character.”

Ah yes, the classic and oh-so-compelling Britney Spears defense. Blame the press. Suffice it to say, he uses the word “character” loosely.

The Hollywood Gossip can’t claim any first-hand knowledge of this shady man’s character, but we’ll continue reporting what we hear from fans as well as other celebrity gossip publications. Revelations like these may only be the beginning.


It's really a shame. You don't hear a lot about Brittany Murphy. She's a decent actress, I remember that she dated Ashton Kutcher a while back and a few other guys. She's been engaged a few times but it never worked out. She finally finds a guy that seems great, she rushes to the alter, and now look - it's all falling apart. She's not a partier, she doesn't run around and flash her stuff to the world, she's not out drinking and driving and leaving the scene of the accident, she just wants a guy.

I feel sad for her. It seems to me, that if she would have let this relationship run it's course, she would have found out about this guy before she ever got married. Thankfully she got a pre-nup. Why don't celebrities do background checks before they get married? It's not very romantic, but these days, I think it's necessary.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Locked up!

I watched a marathon yesterday on MSNBC Investigates - Lockup. I love that show! I have no idea why I'm so obsessed with the prison system, but I am. I'm always amazed by how different each facility is. Some places have a dormitory with open beds and everyone is pretty free to roam around. Other places have cells and prisoners are by themselves all day or they have a cell mate. Some prisons let the prisoners hangout all day outside and play basketball or lift weights and other places only let you go outside for an hour. I guess it all has to do with what crime was committed and if you are considered "dangerous" and if you have proven that you are a prisoner who knows how to play well or if you are in there trying to cause trouble. Whatever. I'm just glad that I'm not there. The one thing that remains consistent is the boredom. I hate to be bored. I would go out of my mind in a place like that.

Anyway, it's that time of year again - the World Series of Poker starts this week! How exciting! I can't believe how fast this year went by. Did Jamie Gold get all of his money from last year or is it still tied up in court? I don't even know! Whatever. I look forward to seeing a new winner this year and I hope to be watching a few final tables from the bleachers. More to come on that!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Poor Poor Linds

Well - I don't think anyone is surprised about this one - it was only a matter of time....

Lohan held over 'drink driving'

Lohan has developed a reputation as a party girl
Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving, police have said.

The 20-year-old was treated for minor injuries after losing control of the Mercedes she was driving and hitting a curb, Beverly Hills police confirmed.

A small "usable" amount of a substance thought to be cocaine was also found in the car during a search, they added.

The actress, who spent time in a rehabilitation center in January, was arrested but not held in custody.

Instead she was transferred to a hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries.

Two other people were also in the car with Lohan when the incident occurred, though no other vehicles were involved, police said.

Poor poor Lindsey. I'm kind of torn about this one. Here's the thing. Paris Hilton is a no talent stuck up priviledged bitch and the only reason she is famous is because she comes from BIG MONEY. She thinks she's above the law, she's never done anything productive EVER and she's a moron. Lindsey on the other hand came from nothing, worked really hard to get where she is, earned her money and proved herself in Hollywood. She's very talented and she's been in a lot of movies. Her crazy mother rides on her coattails, parties with her, doesn't provide her with the the proper guidance and basically uses her. She treats her like a friend instead of a daughter. Then, she has a father that hasn't been involved in her life for years because he's been in and out of prison. He's an addict and addiction runs in the family. She's young and my hope for her is that at some point she'll realize that she has a great future and her partying is going to ruin a good thing. Not to mention that when you are famous and rich, people use you for your money - I know that when I was partying all my friends were using me. You just don't meet quality people when you are at the nightclub 7 nights a week. I wouldn't want to see Lindsey sharing a jail cell with Paris and that's exactly where she is going to end up if she doesn't put the brakes on the partying.

And, here's my question....

All of these famous people make gobs and gobs of money - why the hell can't they either hire a limo or pay a goddamn taxi cab to take them home?? I mean, why risk it when you are loaded? Why not get a driver and arrive in style????? Okay okay, I'm sure you are saying "hey carmen - why didn't you take your own advice and take a taxi that night?" Well - I'll tell you on thing - I did learn from my mistake. I NEVER got in the car and drove drunk after that night. So, I might be hard headed and moronic at times, but at least I learn from my mistakes. Hopefully Lindsey will too.

I played some poker on Saturday at the MGM. I sucked it up royally. This is two losing sessions in a row for me. I hope these are isolated incidences and it doesn't become a pattern. I'm not a happy camper when I'm losing, but then again who is??

I was laying out at the Red Rock pool today and they had a sign up saying that they were closing the pool at 4 p.m. for a private party. I was watching everyone set up for a what looked to be a very beautiful wedding. Come to find out it was a pretty huge event. There were 800 guests attending and the cost was a measley 8 million dollars. WHOA!!!!! I was surprised at first that they were willing to have a wedding out at the pool, but for 8 million dollars, I'm sure they'd rent out the freakin parking lot, the lobby, hell - even the bingo hall if that's what they wanted.


After doing a little more research I realized a couple of things...

I knew Lindsey was underage and she was about to have her 21st birthday bash here in Vegas in July. They hooked up a huge party for her at Caesar's Palace and they were giving her an entire floor and catering the party with food from Social House and of course DJ AM was going to be spinning and of course Pure would be hosting her as well. So, come to find out Svedka Vodka was one of the sponsors and they just pulled out - probably due to the fact that she was underrage and drinking. Also, she left the scene of the accident which is NEVER a good idea. I'm not sure if she'll even have the party now. Also, I found out that it's going to be REALLY tough to insure her on a movie set now, so a lot of her offers are going to go down the drain. And, I'm sure that whatever products she is a spokesmodel for, will drop her just like Burberry did with Kate Moss. So, it's probably time for her to admit defeat and head off to rehab. It worked for Kate and countless others. America's pretty forgiving if you admit that you were wrong and get help. It's when we try to lie, deceive and we don't take responsibility for our actions that we get ousted.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I made the list...

So, apparently I made the list for the five worst poker blogs. Ummmmm, should I be offended??? For a minute, I have to admit that my feelings were a little hurt - but after reading through the post I had to admit that CC is right! I really don't have any poker content. I started off a year ago blogging about poker. I had just moved to vegas and I was out at the casino's literally every other day playing in cash games and tournaments. The MGM was and still is my favorite place to play, but I also played at the Red Rock, The Stratosphere (yeah, I know - kinda ghetto - but they have a good tournament), Binions (another good tournament), Caesar's, etc. ANYWAY, I finally started to come to the realization that if I only blogged about poker, I'd be very limited. I mean, how many times can I discuss hand histories, winnings, losses and bad beats?? And, honestly, how many people are interested in that? I was starting to bore myself.

I also started to realize that I was enjoying the poker blogs that talked about other things besides poker. So, finally, I caved in and actually started reading blogs other than poker. I really enjoyed the celebrity gossip, fashion and dating blogs. So, what was I going to do? I'm still a poker girl at heart, but my life doesn't revolve around poker anymore. Funny thing, I played last weekend and I never even posted about it because I was annoyed that I had a losing session. I did see Columbo there which was an unexpected surprise. I knew Jordan was in town and I was hoping to run into him, but it wasn't in the cards (no pun intended). ha ha

And honestly, how can I be mad about making this list when I'm in such good company???? I'd be happy to be on ANY list with my buddies Waffles and Iggy.

Anyway, so, CC's biggest complaint was that I don't show enough cleavage - so this one's for you ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Come on Paula...

So, thanks to my good friend Jay I think I might have found a new show to obsess about - it comes on tomorrow night on Fox and it's called "So you think you can Dance". My mom loves it, so how can I go wrong?? I already set the Tivo so I'm ready to roll.

So, here's a little celebrity gossip for you guys! I'm sure you heard about Paula Abdul "tripping over her chihahua". She suffered a black eye because she supposedly fell over her dog. Um yeah right. I heard from a very reliable source that Paula wears morphine patches. Ah ha! This would explain A LOT!!!! The slurring, the stumbling, the loopy always out of it routine. Let me tell you something, it doesn't get much stronger than morphine.

Here's the latest space cadet interview with Paula...

Girl is wasted in this one...

Check this out...

And who can forget this????

You know what? I have no problem with the girl doing her thing. She looks stupid a lot of times, but that's on her. If she's happy - then good for her. I guess what annoys me is that she has actually stated that she's "never been drunk" in her life and that she does not ever use drugs. Why does she have to insult our intelligence like this??????? Give me a break! Anyone with half a brain can see that this girl is fucked up 9 out of 10 times that she leaves the house. Be proud! Stand tall! No need to lie. Hopefully she won't end up like Anna Nicole.

Did anyone happen to catch the drama that unfolded on the View this morning between Elizabitch and Rosie????? It's worth watching if you have some free time. It's pretty entertaining. They REALLY bring the claws out during this segment...

So, I'm totally psyched that we have a 3 day weekend coming up! I think Sunday I'll probably use my handy dandy room key for the Red Rock and go lay out at the pool. I love that! I can't wait to check out the Golden Nugget Shark Tank pool in July when my parents are here. You know I'm confiscating that key immediately and adding it to my collection. So far, I have Bellagio, Red Rock, and MGM keys. I have the Golden Nugget too, but it's from a year ago and I know they change the keys a lot so it's probably not going to work anymore. Same with Bellagio. My goal during the Summer WPBT is to collect as many room keys from as many different hotels as possible. I also want to take a ton of pictures with my camera and not drop it in a glass of beer. It would also be nice to eat, sleep and remember the whole weekend for once.

Okay, time for bed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DWTS - Finale!!

Well, tonight is the last night - it's the finale of Dancing with the Stars. I'm really sad that it's over. Even though this season started off a little slow for me and I wasn't very impressed with the celebrities, I definitely changed my mind as the season progressed. The last three standing are all amazing dancers and they've come so far. I watched the show from last night, but I haven't watched the results show from tonight yet. There are so many commercials, I refuse to watch it live.

So, I'll do my write up first and then I'll talk about the winner. For the record, I really want Joey and Kym to win. That being said - I have a strange feeling that Apolo and Juliane are going to win and if they do, I'll be happy with that. They have great chemistry and such energy and they are so creative. I really like them too! They are freaking adorable - I think they should date.

Last night the judges got to pick which dances the contestants would be performing. In most cases, they picked the dances that the couple scored the worst in, to see how much they improved.

First up was Laila and Max and they did the paso doble. WOW!!!!!! What an improvement. I remember when they did the paso doble before and I definitely wasn't impressed. This time they were so much better!!!!!

They had passion, drama, and it was so powerful. Laila did some beautiful twists and turns - she really sold it!!!!! She stayed in character and had great posture. The judges agreed with me and they got a 29 out of 30.

Apolo and Juliane did the rhumba. Again - WOW!!!!

The last time they did this dance, I really loved it. They used the chair as a prop and they did a very sexy, slow, creative rhumba. It was fantastic.

This one was amazing too - it was VERY sexy and they were so in tune with each other. If I didn't know better, I would think they had been dancing together for many years. One of the judges loved it and two of them said they were being overly dramatic. I disagree - but whatever. They scored a 28 out of 30.

Joey Fatone and Kym came out with the cha cha cha. It was definitely not your "standard" cha cha cha. They danced to the song "Groove is in the Heart" and I thought it was great.

They were so inventive and it was FUN!! All of the judges dissed the dance because they didn't stick to the rules of the dance. I will admit that they treated the routine like it was freestyle and they didn't do a lot of the actual cha cha cha.

I'll let you judge it for yourself...

They scored the lowest with a 26 out of 30. Um - not a good way to start off the finale show!!

Next - the Freestyle round......

Laila and Max were first and they did the old school thing - it brought back such memories for me. Laila looked like a true flygirl!!

I liked the routine - but it wasn't my favorite.
What I realized about Laila is that she is a BIG girl. I mean, I should have noticed it before, but she always wears long dresses with a slit and she always looks great and her outfits are always very flattering. This week she wore short shorts and I really got to see how BIG and muscular her legs and hips are. This isn't always a great thing for female dancers because the male partner needs to be able to lift you up. Laila is way too much for Max to handle, so they didn't really do any lifts and that affected them in a negative way...

Apolo and Juliane pulled out all the stops with their freestyle breakdancing routine. I was blown away! Seriously they were fantastic!!!!!!!

I was so impressed when I watched this dance. I guess I always thought of Juliane as a "ballroom" dancer. Obviously she can do a waltz and a rhumba - she has great technique, but who knew she could breakdance????? I loved it!

Last but certainly NEVER least was Joey and Kym with their freestyle disco dance! I loved the way it started out slow and then they ripped off their clothes and proceeded to blow me away!!!!!

Check out the height on that jump!!!!

I've never seen so many lifts in one dance. Do you realize how hard that is????? They were amazing!!! I loved it.

They looked like they had so much fun doing this dance!!!! I feel like going over to Polyester's to get my groove on right now too!

Anyway, I'm going to watch the results show now and I can't wait to see who wins!!


Well, Apolo and Juliane won. I'm a little disappointed, because I really wanted Joey to win - but, I said I'd be okay with Apolo winning and he worked VERY hard. I loved their freestyle breakdancing routine last night!!

So, what am I going to blog about on Monday and Tuesday now? I'll guess I'll have to get involved in another show, or maybe get a life of my own.

I'm sure I'll have some good stories and pictures from the blogger gathering in June!! Can't wait!

It's Tuesday

Okay, so I went to court yesterday and as usual it was postponed. So, I already knew this was going to happen because the prosecutor called my lawyer on Friday to tell him he was asking for a continuance. I showed up and we talked to the judge about the discrepancies between the notes and she had no idea. This is the first time I've been there long enough to even see the judge. I think she was a little surprised to see that this case has been dragging on for 9 months now. She ordered a copy of the transcripts so that next month we will come back to court and get things settled. Well, that's not exactly GREAT for me because I'm SURE that the prosecution will have all his witnesses there and ready to roll in June.

Just to be clear. I got a DUI last september. It was pretty bad. I was in a blackout and I was doing 120 - the last thing I remember is playing the slot machines at the MGM. I don't remember leaving, walking to my car, driving on the highway. I came out of my blackout when I saw the lights in my rear view mirror pulling me over. I've been sober since Jan 1st of this year and I go to meetings just about everyday. Even though I'm doing really well now, I still have a lot of wreckage that I'm dealing with from those months when I was still drinking. I guess I'm just going to have to deal with the consequences of my actions on June 18th when we go back to court. I think it's very reasonable to expect that my case will not be dismissed. My intoxication level was quite high. They took a blood test and I was .20 - that's pretty bad. My lawyer says when you are a .20 or more you have to get a mandatory evaluation from the state to determine if you need extra counseling or whatever.

Anyway, over the weekend I went to the Woman's Spiritual Breakfast at the Wildhorse Country Club in Henderson. My sponsor is on the activities committee so I go to a lot of these functions. It was fun. I haven't been around THAT many women EVER. It was a little overwelming. There were two really good speakers and a very funny comedian. She's in recovery, so she did a lot of jokes about meth heads and crack heads and stoners.

These are my closest friends...

This is Autumn, Hilary and Drew...

A couple more of the girls...

Funny thing about the comedian. We flew her out here for the weekend - paid for her hotel, paid for her flight, gave her a free ticket to the breakfast on Sunday, she only did 20 minutes of comedy out of her 1 hour routine. At the end of the function, she goes up to my sponsor and asks if she can get paid. My sponsor thought she was kidding. She NEVER told them she was charging them - she wanted $500 and she only performed for 20 minutes. They had to scrape together money to pay this woman. I think that is so tacky. She should have told them up front that she was charging. And, if she charges $500 for an hour show, she should have given a discount since she only performed for 20 minutes. Oh well. I guess we won't be asking her to come to Vegas anymore.

Well, tonight is the finale of Dancing with the Stars I think. I tivo'ed it last night and I'll sit down tonight and watch it. Here's hoping Joey wins. I FORGOT to vote last night - dammit. I knew I was forgetting something all night last night I kept thinking I was forgetting something and I couldn't figure out what it was - now I remember. DAMN DAMN DAMN. I really wanted to vote for him.

Monday, May 21, 2007

court AGAIN today...

Soprano's was good last night!!!! I won't go into details because a lot people probably taped it and didn't watch it yet. I can't believe there is only 2 episodes left. Wow - did Tony watch American History X too many times or what????? I'm still shivering about that.

Anyway, I'm off to court right now. Meeting my lawyer at his office and walking across the street for about the 7th time. We already know that the prosecution is going to try to get a continuance. To make a long story short, I've shown up for court 6 times and every time it's been postponed by either my lawyer or the prosecution. When my lawyer talked to them on Friday, they had it in their notes that I've NEVER shown up for court!!!! I've been there more than anyone. I'm pissed!!!!!! So, we are going to try to get the whole thing dismissed today. It probably won't happen, but I can always hope.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The irony

So, I've become pretty good friends with a girl that I work with and we usually go out to lunch everyday. She has a nice car so she always drives and I just ridealong with her. I'm not even hungry most days at lunch, so she'll run her errands and I'll play tetris on my phone, listen to music, read a magazine or just sit back and relax. Her youngest daughter goes to a private catholic school and recently they decided to send her to a different school. So, during our lunchbreak we drove over to the new school so that she could pick up some paperwork. I went in with her and waited while she talked to the head master or principal or head of admissions or whatever her title is. I was shocked to find out how much it costs to send a 2nd grader to private school. Not only is the tuition $4500.00 per year, but she has to buy like 5 uniforms and you MUST buy everything from them. The skirt, sweater, socks, shoes, tie, jacket - EVERYTHING has to be monogrammed. They can't even wear their own socks!! THEN - she walked over to the church and was informed that out of the 50 weeks in the school year, parishioners who have kids attending the school MUST donate 42 envelopes.

If you aren't catholic, let me explain. They pass a basket around during Sunday mass and they expect you to donate. Some people do it anonymously and drop loose money in the collection and some people put together an envelope beforehand. I never saw the value of putting it in an envelope but now I guess it's because they want "credit" for the donation. Is it even considered a "donation" if you HAVE to put money in? So, I think that's a bunch of bullshit. You have to pay all that money to send your kid to private school and then you HAVE to give money in the form of a "donation" 42 times a year? As if that wasn't enough, she tells me that whenever the school has a fund raiser, parents are expected to give at least $150.00. Apparently there are a lot of fund raisers too. THEN - she tells me that they have to do some sort of "church service" work one weekend out of every month.

At this point, my mouth is literally dragging on the ground. Not to mention that her daughter has been on the waiting list for this school for 2 years! The only reason she finally got in was because the admissions lady left the other school and came over to the one with the waiting list. When I was sitting there I heard the lady say that she was going to waive the normal requirements, ie. letters of recommendation. WHAT???? Who the hell writes a letter of recommendation for a 2nd grader? The grandparents? I cannot believe all of the crap that goes along with sending your kids to a private catholic school.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I was raised catholic, but I didn't go to private school. I do remember A LOT of sermons that were completely centered around giving money to the church. They have no shame! They just take, take, and take some more. It's the reason I don't go to church anymore.

So, here's the funniest part. In my head, I always had a certain picture of what families that sent their kids to private school were like. I envisioned these perfect clean cut families that sat down every night to enjoy dinner together. I pictured beautiful houses, manicured lawns, high powered jobs - basically a Leave it to Beaverish type of wholesome family.

My friend that sends her daughter to private catholic school is also the same woman that spent $600 to have a business spell done on her by a guy that practices "black magic". How about those apples? Not only that, but her best friend sends her son to the same private school and she's participated in SEVERAL spells. I wonder what the church would think of that.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

DWTS - Week 9

So, when this season of Dancing with the Stars started I was very disappointed with the talent (or lack of) and I didn't have high hopes for the show. I'm eating those words now. The high level of skill in this week's episode totally blew me away. Everyone did FANTASTIC. But, the fans have spoken and it's time to say goodbye to Ian and Cheryl. I agree with the fans. It was time for them to go.

It's a shame too because this week was there best week ever. Cheryl Burke put a wig on Mr. 90210 and he finally let loose...

They did a great job this week, but unfortunately someone had to go home. I just thank god that it wasn't Joey. I was NOT feeling good when I saw him in the bottom two last week.

This is the Elvis jive...

So, Apolo and Juliane started off the evening with a quick step. They got to pick their own dances this week and I was surprised that two different couples picked the quick step. I'm not a huge fan, but since the quickstep was one of the first dances they did this season, Apolo wanted to show the judges and fans how much he's improved.

Good choice for them because they scored a perfect 30. The choreography was great and the footwork was fantastic. They did some amazing jumps and the speed was there, but it was controlled. Very nice!!

Laila Ali and Maxim came out with a very creative quickstep. They did it to the Bangles song "Walk like an Egyptian". Loved it!

It was fun and unique which is a hard thing to say about the quickstep. I was impressed. They also scored a perfect 30.

My favorite - Joey Fatone and Kym did the fox trot. BEAUTIFUL. I loved that they were wearing all white - it was such a smooth and elegant dance. They really reminded me of movie stars from the 40's.

Joey is so awesome because he can do the ballroom dances perfectly and then he can turn around 5 minutes later and do a pimped out mambo, or a sexy cha cha, or an energetic jive and his personality is unbelievable.


I love the latin round because you can get more creative and energetic with the dances.

Apolo and Juliane did the best cha cha cha that I've ever seen in my life. Len thought it was too raunchy, but he doesn't know shit. Everyone in the audience loved it and they received a standing ovation - much deserved!!!!!

Okay - little known fact about me - I'm an 80's girl at heart. So, when you throw a routine out there to Salt and Pepa or Doug E Fresh or even Vanilla Ice - I'm thrilled!!!!! They rocked the house with this routine. Watch it if you have the time cause it's great!

Laila and Maxim came out and did a very good cha cha cha too. They scored another perfect 30 and what I love about Laila is that she isn't scared to throw in some old school tootsie roll and breakdancing moves.

In my eyes, you can never go wrong with old school!

Last but CERTAINLY not least and probably the best dance of the night - Joey and Kym doing the jive. I LOVE the jive. I know I say that every week - but I can't help it. You have so many ways to spice up a jive and with Joey's skills you can REALLY throw in some difficulty.

Joey dances like one of the professionals. The only person that could ever hold his own (maybe) against Joey is Mario Lopez. Don't get me started on that one. He should have won last season.

But anyway, next week is the LAST show. I'm devastated. The soprano's is going off the air. I have to wait a whole nother season for Dancing with the Stars - I'm guessing there aren't many Entourage episodes left either. What am I going to do with myself??????

VOTE FOR JOEY next week!!!!!!!!!!

The Secret

Okay, so for months I've been hearing about "The Secret". My friends are like "oh, you gotta read the secret, it's the best book ever" and "the secret will change your life". blah blah blah. I have access to the book, but I was also given the DVD. So, after a few weeks of putting it off, I finally decided to sit down and watch this DVD. I've been in a funk lately anyway so I kept an open mind and figured I'd be greatful to anything that would help me find my path or ease my worries or just get me out of my head for a while.

I don't know how many of you have acutally read this book or watched the movie or listened to the podcast, but let me just give you a brief summary.

There are 3 steps...

1. Ask the universe for what you want - or tell the gods what you are seeking.

2. Believe that you already have it. If you want a car, sit in a chair and pretend you are driving that car. If it's a convertible, feel the wind blowing in your hair. This is an example that they actually used. Don't believe that you will get it someday, because technically that's a negative thought because you don't actually have it yet. Believe that you have it already.

3. Receive it.

That's it. That's the secret. No mention of working hard to earn your money. If you want to be rich, just ask for some money and believe that you got it. If you want a new job, believe that you have it already. Don't worry about showing up on time or making connections or putting in overtime. Screw it - just ask and you will receive.

Give me a fucking break.

Sorry to talk about the black magic thing again - but my friend at work just finished the last part of her spell and she had to do this EXACT SAME THING. She had to write a letter to the universe and put down on paper what she wanted in DETAIL and then she has to believe that she's going to get it. I mean, it's the same bullshit. She even had to make a business card with the name of the company she wants.

The Secret is nothing more than a way for lazy people to justify their laziness. It gives them something to believe in. It makes it "okay" for them to sit around and do nothing with their lives. It gives them something to believe in. Alot of these people even think they are better than the rest of us who get up and go to work everyday.

I think it's the most ridiculous piece of crap that I've ever seen in my life and I cannot believe that this is sweeping the nation. I can't believe that so many people are obsessed with this shit.

They also speak of the law of attraction. If you are negative all the time, negativity will surround you - okay - I get that. I understand the value of positive thinking and acceptance. Two things that I am lacking for sure. My life is much smoother when I accept the curveballs that are thrown at me and I remain positive. It doesn't help anyone to just sit in that negativity. So, I agree with that stuff.

But in general, I feel that "The Secret" is no different than hocus pocus black magic bullshit.

Okay, that's my rant for today.

Anyone else have any views on this?

Monday, May 14, 2007

I was tagged

Okay, I was tagged by Donkeypuncher and change100, Raveen, and I'm sorry if I missed anyone.

Okay, 7 things about me...

1. I'm addicted to everything. If I drink, it's excessively, if I shop, I spend too much money, if I eat, it's usually too much, if I find a show that I love, I will Tivo it on every channel at every time and I'll watch it as much as possible until I get bored of it. Nothing is ever in moderation.

2. I liked waiting tables a lot more than I like working in an office. Do I want to be 50 years old waiting tables still? No. That's why I'm in an office. But, sitting on my ass all day and dealing with the 9 - 5 traffic on the roads and staring at a computer screen for hours on end - totally not my thing. I'm VERY tempted to go back to the casino life. Maybe as a dealer this time.

3. I'm an only child, I'm spoiled rotten, adult life has been very difficult for me. I don't like to share, I want the world to revolve around me and it was only recently that I realized I was living in a bubble.

4. I'm deathly afraid of growing old - I don't want to have gray hair and wrinkles. I always thought I'd die at an early age and I was happy about that. Now that I'm still here I might actually have to deal with these issues.

5. I was a cheerleader in high school and had a lot of friends, up until my junior and senior year. After that, things went downhill and I lost a lot of friends and I have no desire to ever go to any high school reunions ever.

6. I'm the happiest when I'm sitting at a poker table and a big mound of chips is pushed my way. It's a rush and my hands shake and I love it.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Don't read number 7 if you haven't watched the Soprano's yet. sorry kipper :(

7. I'm beyond upset that the Sopranos is going off the air. Words can't describe my sadness. When Chris died last night, I actually cried.

Here are the 7 people I am tagging

The Rake
Boobs/Dr. Pepper
Queen of Dysfunction
Old Dog New Trick

So, is this going to bring me good luck or anything????

Friday, May 11, 2007

Poker Source Online

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

If you haven’t visited in a while, it is about time you do. Poker Source Online (PSO), the home of the original poker promotions, is bigger and better than ever. It may look a bit different now, but everything you are used to, plus many new things that you will love, are still there.

The best part: there are more freebies flying around the site than ever before. PSO, known for its generous monthly freerolls, has upped the ante, sponsoring a freeroll at one of its partner online poker rooms every week. And now, rather than having them all start at night in the eastern time zone, many will begin in prime time in Europe so that all customers have a chance to participate, while still getting sleep. The highlight freeroll this spring is at a new partner, Gnuf Poker, which will feature a $12,000 World Series of Poker for the winner.

The overlay-heavy PSO are back, poker leagues too. After a longer than expected hiatus since the Fall 2006 league because of all the turmoil in the industry, the Spring 2007 league has gotten a great reception. For only $5.50 per tournament (there are eight in all), players have the opportunity to not only win money as normal, but to also claim a portion of around $600 of added money injected by PSO! The overall winner of the league will receive $1,400 worth of prizes.

The spring league is almost over, but PSO has plans to start up another shortly. In fact, two simultaneous leagues are in the works, one for North Americans and one for Europeans. Anybody will be allowed to play in the leagues, but just like the freerolls, the events in each will start at times suitable for players on different sides of the Atlantic.

As if all the free money PSO is giving away every week wasn’t enough, there are new poker room promotions, new free gifts, and new features on the PSO website to make it easier to keep track of your account.”NEW AND IMPROVED"

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I can't believe it's only 10:24 a.m. I am so not in the mood to be here today. At 7:30 this morning on my way to work, it was so hot already. I think that summer is officially here and guess what? The air conditioning in my car is not exactly working. It's the weirdest thing. When I'm driving, the car will blow cold air, but when I am stopped in traffic (which is most of the time) only warm air blows out. This is not acceptable in the desert. There is no way in hell I can make it through a summer living here and driving always in rush hour traffic without air conditioning. So, I have an appt. to drop off my car at noon on Monday for an estimate. Can't wait to hear the monetary damage on this one.

So, I'm a big fan of the Adam Corolla morning show and yesterday he played these clips of Huell Howser on the air. I don't know if you've heard of him, I never have, but apparently he's been around for a long time and he does a show called California Gold on PBS and some other shows too. He also does a show called Road Trip with Huell Howser where he just drives around and goes wherever the road takes him. So, he went to this place called the bunny museum. I never laughed so hard.
The bunny museum is a private home where a family lives and they collect bunny stuff. All kinds of bunny stuff - slippers, stuffed animals, live bunnies, plates and god knows what else. To me, it's just junk. I guess to them, it's a treasure and they turned the place into a "museum". Funny that anyone can call a place a museum. Obviously there is no regulation on the term "museum". Right?? I mean, if you can call a house with bunnies a museum than I guess anyone can call anything with a collection of junk a museum. When I picture a museum, it's the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. I envision parking in an underground garage or hopping the metro or maybe even a tour bus. I think about having a nice lunch at a cozy restaurant, maybe buying souvenirs and spending hours walking around and taking in America's history. But, I guess that's just me. I remember going on many a field trip with my class to the museums and art galleries in D.C.

So, if you have the time and want to listen to Huell's hysterical reaction to the bunny museum - check this out.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

DWTS - Week 8

Well, Billy Ray Cyrus lasted as long as humanly possible - but it was him time to go. There is just no way that he can keep up with the dances at this stage in the game.

This week Ian Zehring and Cheryl Burke started things off with the fox trot. I thought it wasn't bad. The judges complained that it didn't flow well and that it was too hoppy and skippy - I guess they have a point.

I just think the fox trot in general is a very mundane dance, so it's really hard to spice it up and as a result, I'm bored and ready to see the next dance.

My favorite - Joey Fatone came out next and did the waltz. It was beautiful. Truly lovely. It was a solid dance. He was careful to stick to the basics because he knew Len Goodman (the older judge) isn't a fan of the "razzle dazzle".

So, as a result, the other judges were disappointed but Len was happy. I guess you can't please them all. I had a feeling he'd make up for it with the next dance.

On a side note, I loved Kym's pink dress. I think it reminded me of like high school or something. I never went to my prom, but if I did, I would have gotten a puffy pink dress like that too :)

Laila Ali came out and did the waltz. It was soooooooo beautiful and emotional. I was balling my eyes out. Her father was in the audience and it was very touching. She dedicated the dance to him and I was just beside myself.

The more I watch Laila dance the more I love her. She's so gracious and humble and very motivated. She's definitely an inspiration.

Apolo and Juliane kicked it into high gear this week. Although I love Joey to death, I must say that this week I was most impressed with Apolo.

The first dance they did was the tango. Wow! Who would have thought to do the tango to Jesse's girl? Well, they were creative and inventive and passionate - they really blew me away. Two of the judges agreed with me, but of course Len Goodman was a party pooper and he actually started fighting with Bruno. The audience was booing like crazy.

The next round of dances started with Ian and Cheryl doing the rumba. It wasn't passionate enough. I'm wondering what his deal is. They are doing all these sexy moves, but he's not feeling it. He's awkward still. Maybe some people just have a really hard time being passionate with a person they barely know.

I think Cheryl Burke and Ian are going home next week.

Joey came back out and did a pimped out mambo. It was so fun!! I loved it!!!!!! He really pushed the envelope with this dance and it worked. All of the judges loved it.

He is so comfortable on the dance floor. Personally, I think he has this thing in the bag. However, Apolo is running neck and neck with him. It'll be interesting.

Laila came back out and did the jive. It was so cute and fun and energetic. I love the jive. I can't say it enough. She has improved so much and I'm so happy for her.

I'm just so surprised that Laila can do such a solid jive. I wouldn't have guessed it but I'm happy to see it.

Last dance of the night - Apolo and Juliane's paso doble. Holy shit! I'm not even sure if I can put it into words. It was truly perfect. The drama and passion and power really blew me away. They scored a perfect 30 and they definitely deserved it.

Check out the pimped out mambo by Joey and Kym...

This is Apolo and Juliane's passionate paso doble...

Two bombs in Vegas in one day...

Was it a full moon yesterday or something???

Explosion In Las Vegas Luxor Hotel Casino Parking Lot
By Homeland Security NTARC News | May 7, 2007

A device left in a casino parking garage exploded early Monday, killing a hotel employee who picked it up, authorities said.

The man was removing the device from atop a car when it exploded shortly after 4 a.m. on the second floor of a parking behind the Luxor hotel-casino, said Officer Bill Cassell, a police spokesman. He declined to describe the device, but said initial reports that it was a backpack were wrong.

Police said the blast was not a terrorist act but an apparent murder of a Luxor employee. No threat had been made against the Luxor, Cassell said.

“We believe the victim of this event was the intended target,” Cassell said. He said another hotel employee narrowly escaped injury when the device exploded.


Pipe Bomb Destroys Las VegasTattoo Shop

May 7, 2007 07:12 PM PDT

Authorities say a pipe bomb was the cause of a fire that destroyed a Las Vegas tattoo shop in the early morning hours Monday.

The device went off around 2 a.m. at the Black Pearl Tattoo shop on Fort Apache at West Flamingo. This is the second time the business has been targeted in just seven months.

The first time was in October when someone set fire to the shop. The owner of the shop didn't want to show her face on camera for fear whoever targeted her business would go after her and her family.

And after Monday morning's pipe bomb explosion, the owners are starting to believe the same person is responsible for both fires. They got the call just after 2:30 a.m. Monday that their tattoo shop was on fire.

When they arrived fire trucks and fire fighters were surrounding the building and their business was destroyed.


Anyway, I came into work this morning and there was a bird on my desk. A very cute scared little yellow bird. He wouldn't budge. He was a baby and so cute. I think he lost his mommy. From what I can tell he wasn't injured, but he wouldn't move. Eventually, the owner picked him up and put him outside. He's still there. I took him some water and dry oatmeal. Hopefully he'll get some courage and fly away eventually.

There is always something crazy happening in this place!!

UPDATE - I just went outside to check on my bird and he was dead! Now I'm all sad. I just thought he was scared - I really didn't think he was hurt. Now my day is yucky. I should just go home.

Monday, May 07, 2007

No Title Today...

I'm glad there was some action on the Sopranos last night finally. After watching the gleam in A.J's eyes when his friends were beating up that guy I started to think that maybe he will follow in Tony's footsteps after all. I hope he loses that sissy cry baby attitude and becomes a hard core gangster. I mean, someone needs to take over the family business right? I'd hate to see the Soprano reputation go to waste. I really had to giggle when Chris got drunk and shot his little A.A. friend. I guess the program isn't a good place for a gangster to be since it centers around being honest and letting go of your secrets. How can he possibly do that without blowing it for everyone else?

So, anyway, the weekend was good. Not very eventful.

I thought I'd make a list today.

I'll do a list for the girls and a list for the guys.

Ladies first....

Top 5 must-haves for spring/summer

5. Sexy patten leather pumps

4. Capri pants - dress up with heels for work or dress down for hanging out

3. Saucy keyhole halter top - perfectly awesome!

2. Fun and colorful handbag

and the number 1 must have for spring/summer...

1. Sexy trenchcoat - you can never go wrong with a trench!

and for the guys...

My top 5 hottest female celebrities

5. Kate Hudson

4. Christina Aguilera

3. Jessica Alba

2. Carmen Elektra

and my pick for prettiest celebrity...

1. Halle Berry

I like her better with long hair...

But, do you know how pretty you have to be to look good with this cut?? I certainly couldn't pull this off...