Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tag I'm It!

Diva tagged me!

A). Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...
B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...
C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...
D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

**You get it?? --- You got it?? --- [GOOD] --- So here goes:**

1. I have a hard time sitting still. I feel like I should be moving at all times and I actually feel guilty when I'm doing nothing.

2. I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was like 10 years old. I still DVR the episodes everyday.

3. The first drug I ever did was acid. I skipped right past that wussy pot stuff.

4. The first time I got drunk I blacked out.

5. I was jumped by about ten girls at a mall when I was like 15. I never saw any of those girls before in my life. I'm pretty sure they thought I was someone else.

6. I'm an only child.

7. I have owned 3 Mitsubishi Eclipses.

I am tagging RockDog, Slightly Dramatic, 4DBirds, Shell, Astin, , Tabbie, and East, West and Everything.

I demand a recount!

HOLY SHIT! Are you kidding me? Sabrina was kicked off Dancing with the Stars last night? I am truly shocked. She was my pick for WINNER. Oh my god. I'm pissed. Are you kidding me that Jennie Garth, Marie Osmond and Jane Seymore are still there, but Sabrina got kicked off? This is what I hate about these damn voting shows. It's such a popularity contest.

She got a perfect score 2 weeks ago! Jesus!

Oh well - bye bye Sabrina...

Here are two of my favorite dances that she did...

The Cha Cha Cha

The perfect score Pasa Doble...

I'm looking at the Body (Edyta) and Cameron Mathison to possibly pull off a win - they are the best looking couple by far...

Of course, Helio Castronevez is a favorite too, he's very talented and he's partnered with Juliane Hough (last year's champion).

I still want a recount on Sabrina.

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 29, 2007


So tired....

I would love to do a big awesome blog post about my night, but I'm SO TIRED!!!!

I went to a surprise birthday party for Howard Lederer. No, I'm not really that important, my friend Linda invited me. She's the best, and DAMN does she know a lot of people in this town.

I'll leave you with some highlights of my evening...

First pro to walk through the door - Jen Harman and hubby (not sure who the other girl is)...

I can always count on Doyle to give me a cute little smile...

The birthday boy...

Linda and her son's girlfriend...

Andy Bloch...

Here's my new haircut by the way...

Me and Linda...

Recognize this guy???

Here's a trivia question for my poker playing readers - does anyone have any idea who these two guys are? They seemed to know a lot of people in the room, I'm pretty sure they are players, but I don't recognize either of them...

Thanks Linda! So fun! Bed is calling!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Were we on the same date?

My weekend was busy, they are usually always busy, but I really enjoyed this one. I kind of kicked back and did what I wanted to do.

I went to a meeting with my friend Sari on Friday night and then we had dinner at the Elephant Bar in Henderson at the District. It wasn't bad, cool atmosphere and the menu was great.

Saturday was FUN - I went to the MGM and played poker. I think I got there around 4 in the afternoon, and I finally left around 2:30 in the morning, so yes, I clocked about 10 and a half hours at the table. My most memorable hand was when I picked up pocket aces under the gun. I raised it to $15, the guy in the 4 seat smooth calls and the guy in the 7 seat raises it to $50. I shove all-in for $200, the 4 seat folds and the 7 seat calls. He has Kings, my Aces hold up and I get his stack. Here's the best part, the guy in the 4 seat had pocked queens and a queen came on the turn - thank god he folded!!!!!

I definitely had a winning session, and I had one of those great tables where people are friendly and talking and drinking! I love it when the drunks are loose and aggressive at my table, I just wait and wait and wait and then I trap them. The funny thing is that they totally don't pay attention, so I always get action even when I have the nuts. I can play conservative as hell, I can play one hand an hour, but I'll still get action when I raise. Alcohol is great in that way. Oh, there was even a guy selling ecstacy at my table - no joke!

It was Halloween weekend at the MGM AND Jimmy Buffet was playing in the Grand Garden Arena. So, I'm sure you can imagine that there was a lot of action going on. When I wasn't in a hand, I had plenty of sights to see. Everyone was dressed up in costume and some of them were truly unique. I saw Oh No Mr. Bill!, a Banana, tons of slutty Little Red Robin Hoods, French Maids, Nurses, Hookers (which may or not have been a halloween costume) and of course the Parrotheads and grass skirts for Buffet.

So, I sat next to my buddy, Kirk from the MGM. Him and I met about 6 months ago when the bloggers were here for the Summer WPBT. Waffles will remember him the most because he kept calling him Flapjack, French Toast and Pancakes. Anyway, he's been wanting to take me out for a while, but I was dating the Drama Queen so it never happened, until today...

Today, I finally caved in after 6 months of flirting and sexual tension at the poker table, I went to the movies with him. We saw "We Own The Night" with Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix. Good movie!! I really liked it. I am a HUGE fan of Mark Wahlberg, I always have been, but in this movie I was actually enjoying Phoenix's character more. They are both great actors.

So, that's the best thing I have to say about the date. I got a free movie. Other than that, I'm just not feeling this guy. He's witty and fun at the poker table, but one one one, he's lame! I don't know what the problem is, but I couldn't find anything to talk to him about, he was really defensive when I tried to make conversation, he's like too quiet or something, I can't read him and worst of all, he has a REAL problem keeping his hands to himself. If you can't find anything to talk to me about, don't make up for it with roaming hands. Not cool!!

How can someone be so charming at the poker table and then be so boring out on a date? And, it's not like he was nervous, cause he wasn't. I just think maybe we don't have anything in common except poker. He's another one that "plays poker for a living" - yeah, he's doing SO well playing for a living that he doesn't even have a car and he's like 36 years old. Huge turnoff. I mean, I'm definitely not a gold digger, but I don't think it's asking too much for me to date someone that has a car, a house, a job and maybe some goals. I mean, is that really asking too much??? Apparently out here in Vegas it is. I have to stop meeting guys at NA Meetings and the Poker Room.

I find it so odd that we are on such different pages. Because, when I dropped him off and I thought it was fairly obvious that the date wasn't going anywhere and we probably wouldn't go out again, he actually asked me if I wanted to spend the night one night this week. Um are you kidding me? I coúldn't wait to get him out of my car, why would I spend the night? Um, were we even on the same date?

Oh well, I guess I'm just keeping the path free for Mr. Right to come along...

Friday, October 26, 2007


I sucked it up PRETTY BAD in the Riverchasers last night. I had Don sign me up while I was at work and since I don't get off until 6 p.m., I missed the first 30 minutes, which wasn't a big deal because it's a double stack tournament. I probably shouldn't have been talking on 4 different yahoo messenger windows, reading blogs, talking to a guy on my space and trying to play at the same time - but whatever. I went out in like 65th place or something like that. Had a blast.

If you don't know what the Riverchasers, wake up! And, if you don't know what the BB2 is - Read this!! Do yourself a favor and play cause it's FUN!

I was listening to Adam Corolla this morning (like every morning) and he was at the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion last night. First I got to listen to him interview Hugh Hefner, who I think completely embodies the American Dream. He started from scratch with just an idea and look at the legacy he'll be leaving. Wow!

Did you know that he's already planned to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe when he dies? He already bought the plot. He says that he hopes to spend all of eternity with her. I wonder if that little statement made the Girls Next Door jealous? ha ha

THEN, he said he's NEVER ACTUALLY MET Marilyn Monroe. She was in his first issue ever, she was a big part of the reason that Playboy became so famous, but he's never met her and he hopes to spend eternity with her. Wow! How about that?

Next, they had David Alan Grier on, I LOVE THIS GUY! I stop everything I'm doing to listen to him when he's on the radio or TV because he's so damn funny.

You really need to watch this if you have some time...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So, I just thought I'd mention something about the fires burning in California. What a tragedy. I feel so sad for all of the families that lost their homes, people without jobs, businesses and lives that were destroyed. There is really nothing I can say that would do any justice to this topic, but just know that we are thinking of you.

So, I dunno, is it me or has there been a lot of devastation and tragedy recently? For instance, we had the 911 incident, which obviously wasn't something that nature did, it was a tragedy created by humans, but nonetheless, it was a tragedy.

We had the tsunami which killed a lot of people.

There was Hurricane Katrina which destroyed a lot of lives and homes and basically obliterated a bunch of cities. We are still rebuilding new orleans. I actually lived in Florida during that time. There were a lot of hurricanes that you didn't hear much about, but let me just say, I lived in Delray Beach for two years and I witnessed more than 6 hurricanes in that short amount of time. The last one I was there for was Wilma, we lost power for 13 days during that one! And the funny thing was that all of the people that lived in that area for a long time kept telling me how unusual all of these back to back hurricanes were, but honestly, I had to get out. I couldn't deal with all of those hurricanes and they weren't showing any signs of stopping.

Now we have the wildfires, what the hell????? Is all of this a coincidence? Is there a higer power at work creating all of this havoc??? Is someone trying to tell us something?

I'm really curious as to what you guys think about this topic. I honestly thought it was just a coincidental thing until I talked to my mom tonight and she had some other ideas on the subject!

Watch This!

It's Hump Day!

I have to hurry up and leave for work - but if you have about 9 minutes to waste, watch this video - it's VERY disturbing and creepy and sad...

Personally, I think this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Howard K. Stern was not only supplying Anna Nicole Smith with lots of drugs, but he was also using the shit out of her to make money. SICK!!

Furthermore, he did this in front of a 9 year old girl???? She was devastated.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Freshmen 15

Today was my first day in the new office. My boss had a new office built because we totally outgrew the last one. We moved out of 7,000 square feet of space into 17,000 square feet of space. The details that he put into the new place is amazing. From custom marble to specialty lighting, wallpaper, murals in the breakroom - it's amazing. The good news is that I have a brand new desk, it's much bigger than my last one and it's really nice to work in such a beautiful environment. The bad thing is that my desk is right outside of my boss's office, and I back up to not only his office, but also a walkway, so I really really have to be careful about getting on the internet and in particular, reading blogs. Oh well. I guess I'll be producing a lot more proposals anyway since we have to pay for this multi million dollar office.

This is the temptation I have to deal with on a daily basis at work - first five items I saw this morning at work...

1. 4 boxes of dunkin donuts
2. bowl full of hershey nuggets on the receptionist desk
3. kitchen fully stocked with items from Costco such as chips, sodas, candy and more candy
4. not one, but two apple pies that someone baked at home and brought in

and then when i thought it couldn't get any worse...

5. My boss calls us outside to the courtyard at the end of day, there is a table set up with champagne and several trays of cookies, brownies and other assorted treats. He made a speech and did a toast to the new office. I hate apple cider by the way. The cookies were good though.

I'm going to gain the Freshmen 15 if I don't watch out.

I got the hair done on Saturday. It looks good - I went redder, darker and shorter since Winter is approaching. Pictures coming soon - probably this weekend.

We had a little scare Saturday night when Lucy wasn't feeling well. She wasn't just sick, she was lethargic, walking funny, couldn't lay still, was very uncomfortable and she puked. She REALLY puked A LOT!!!!! I don't know what she ate, but something didn't agree with her. Poor baby. I seriously thought we might have to take her to the hospital, but luckily she went to sleep and the next day she was back to her old self.

Don had me pick four teams this weekend and this is why I don't bet on sports.

I picked the Ravens, Raiders, UNLV and Maryland - all four teams lost! Pretty impressive huh???

So, is anyone coming to Vegas this weekend? I'm still riding the high from hitting quads, I'm dying to get back over to the MGM and play again. It's only Monday and I'm already planning my weekend. Nice.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday Night Poker

So, Friday night my roommate and I headed over to the Stratosphere for a little donkarama tourney. We used to play there all the time and we had some good luck in the past, so we figured "what the hell?" Well, I sit down at my table, the room is quite small, they have a total of 6 tables, and who ends up sitting in the 9 seat (yes, it's the 9 seat, they squeezed ten of us in at a table)...

Anyone recognize this guy?

I have to say, I never thought I'd be sitting at the Stratosphere playing in a $60 tournament with a WSOP Main Event Bracelet Winner. But, hey, I guess stranger things have happened right? He was way cool. I wasn't going to say anything and blow his cover, but the loud mouth in the seat next to me gets on his cell phone right before the tourney started and starts wailing loudly "hey, your never gonna believe who's at my table, Tom McEvoy, It's not every day you play with a bracelet winner huh??" Then he goes on to say "yeah, I'm gonna bust him - I can't wait". Tom took it in stride, just kept reading his magazine. I mean, how do you get on the phone and talk about someone, right in front of them?? He could have at least gotten up and walked away from the table and talked shit about him right? Either way, the obnoxious guy busted out way before Tom did, so whatever.

So, I didn't win at the Stratosphere, but I did last a lot longer than Don did. ha ha That wasn't hard to do since Don busted out on the 2nd hand.

Next, we head over to the MGM to meet up with this guy...

We had so much fun! His wife is so pretty and so sweet. I wish I could have spent more time with her, but she went off and did her thing, the three of us managed to play at the same table for a few hours and we had a blast.

I finally hit quads!! I have never ever gotten quads in a live cash game. I was dealt pocket fours and on the flop came two more fours! I checked and let people bet into me, which they did. I didn't make a ton of money, but at least I got paid off a little bit.

I hit a few sets Friday night too. Good night for me for poker! I need to stick to cash games. I suck at tourneys.

So, I never got to finish my story about last week when I played at the MGM, I was playing in my sweatshirt which kept me very warm and comfy by the way. So, I headed up to the counter to cash out, when an attractive guy comes up to me and says, "hey - I know this sweatshirt". He was from the Netherlands! How cool!!!!!

Here's a picture of us...

I wish I wasn't leaving when he approached me, I would have loved to have sat down and played some hands with him. I'm telling ya, those Dutch guys really know how to turn on the charm :)

Well, I hope to head over to the Mirage tomorrow for another pool review - have a good Sunday - go Ravens!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I love Fridays!

Our girl Brit is such a mess...

She lost custody of her kids, she has now lost visitation rights to her kids because she didn't give the court a proper phone number so they could drug test her. A missed drug test is a failed drug test in the eyes of the court. Yesterday she was at the the local medical complex having her lips done and when she left, she ran over the foot of a paparazzi. Nice! I actually find that pretty comical because those photogs really do SURROUND her car when she's trying to drive away. They should know better than to get too close to Britney when she's in a total state of "FUCKED UP" all the time - sheesh!

In even bigger news (or at least more surprising)...

FBI agents raided the Las Vegas warehouse of magician David Copperfield Wednesday in an investigation of possible sexual misconduct by the illusionist, a source with knowledge of the investigation said.

Copperfield’s accuser said the misconduct occurred outside the country, but the case came under the FBI’s jurisdiction because the accuser was a U.S. citizen, the source said.

Copperfield’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, confirmed the investigation Thursday.

“If in fact those are the allegations, unfortunately false allegations are all too often made against famous individuals,” Chesnoff said. “But we are confident the investigation will conclude favorably.”

This comes directly from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Hmmmmmm - what did our favorite little magician do? I wonder. Can't he just make the evidence disappear? And if not, can't HE just disappear?

It's Friday!!! I'm playing in a tourney tonight the Stratosphere. Don't laugh!!!! It's fun over there and it's cheap and they have a pretty decent structure. After the tourney, I'm heading to the MGM for some live cash action with Poker Peaker and Miami Don and hopefully Schaubs and his young twenty something single guy friends.

And then, tomorrow I'm getting my hair done! I'm definitely going darker since winter is quickly approaching.

And then, um - I dunno, I hope to win a token for the big game this sunday. I should actually sit down at a computer and play on FT to accomplish this.

If you haven't already heard...

Battle of the Bloggers II is upon us! Alcanthang hooked us up with a trip to Australia for the winner! This is HUGE!!!!! You can't win if you don't play - so get out there and PLAY!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is strange right?

Okay, quick story...

I met this guy, Chuck at an NA Meeting a while ago back when I was still dating the drama queen otherwise known as Doug. Anyway, this guy, Chuck asks me out after the meeting and I told him I'm already in a relationship and he like, totally didn't care. He asked me who it was, I pointed to Doug and he still got my number from someone and called me. So, I saved his number in my phone, and whenever he calls, I don't answer it. He calls every few days or weeks and leaves a message and I just completely ignore him.

So, I'm at this meeting Monday night and he's there. So, of course the next day I get the obligatory call from him, he leaves some rambling message thanking me for sharing my "experience, strength and hope" at the meeting (that's NA lingo), and then he goes on to say that he's joining a gym or something. Whatever. Delete!

So, the next day (yesterday) I get a call from 24 hour Fitness. They call to tell me that my friend "Chuck" entered me into a drawing at the gym and that although I didn't win the actual "grand prize", I do qualify for a 30 day free pass. Are you kidding me? This guy entered me into a drawing at the gym? Okay, that's a little odd right?

I swear - I attract the most lunatic guys!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Only Tuesday?

Work was brutal today. I like being busy, but I hate feeling like I am just turning my wheels and going nowhere. I actually went in reverse today at work if that's possible.

So, I got home and unwound with the bloggers for a while. I played with Fluxer, Waffles, Bayne, ScottMc and Mookie joined us right as I was leaving. I'm just getting myself primed for the gathering in December!

I also firmed up plans for the weekend! Friday night I'm meeting with PokerPeaker! We are playing at the MGM and I might even get to meet Mrs. Peaker! Ahhhh, the advantages of being a poker blogger living in Vegas.

I'm almost embarassed to say that I'm watching this Tila Tequila Show right now. I know, I should be be ashamed of myself, but you guys know about my love for cheesy reality shows, so it's not like anyone here is surprised.

For those of you who are curious as to who Tila Tequila is, let me tell you. She's like the most popular girl on myspace or something. She got her own show because she has a lot of friends on myspace!

This is the picture they had of her on Wikipedia...

She came out of the closet on her very first episode and told everyone that she's bi-sexual, so this reality show now has male and female contestants. Again, why am I watching this and furthermore, why am I blogging about it?

I found out that I have December 24 - Jan 2nd off. Yupp! True story! We had our new employee orientation last week and found out that our boss is paying us for almost the whole week off. I'm psyched. Now I'm debating on if I should go to Maryland and visit my parents for the holidays, head to Florida and visit my really good friend Jill, or stay here in Vegas and enjoy a week in Vegas without doing anything?! Delray Beach in December is beautiful, but a week in Vegas without working is pretty damn nice too. Right now Maryland is coming in a distant third.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Vox Party

I got a surprising text message from out of the blue early Sunday morning from my previous boss. I don't remember if I told you guys this, but when I gave my notice at my last job, my boss (the president of the company) gave his notice three days later. Wow - I think I made a good move right?

So, he's been working hard the past few months on opening a new restaurant called Vox and the grand opening is coming up this week.

He sends me a text message today inviting me to dinner, they are doing a moc up, which is a trial run so that they can figure out where their weaknesses are and improve upon them before the grand opening. Whenever you attend a moc up, you get to dine for free and they ask of you is that you leave constructive criticism before you head out the door and as always you tip your waiter.

So, I called a few girls - it wasn't hard to find people who wanted a free meal and we headed over to Henderson.

The new restaurant is called Vox, it's a wine lounge and tapas restaurant, they had a live jazz band, the decor was top notch, the staff was very green, but eager to learn, the presentation of the food was fantastic and the taste was out of the this world. Like any new restaurant, they have some areas to work on, but for the most part I had a very pleasant experience.

Me and Shari (Shari is my friend at my new job - she's way cool)...

Me, Shari and Sari...

It was really awesome to see my boss outside of "work" and I'm reallyh flattered that he thought to invite me. I have a history of burning bridges and it is such a great feeling to walk away from a job on good terms and stay in contact with all of my co-workers after I left. This is probably the kind of stuff all your normal people learned a long time ago - don't burn your bridges. It's a no-brainer, but it's all new to me, and I'm glad I'm finally catching on.

I went to the MGM Saturday night and played for about 6 hours. So much fun! I'm dying to get back over there and play again. I'm contemplating going over there again tomorrow night after work.

I brought my new sweatshirt to the poker room because it always gets cold, after about an hour I put that baby on and damn it was so comfortable and SOOO warm. What a lifesaver. Thanks Armijn!!!!!

I'll have a nice writeup on the poker later this week.

My Paris pool review was published!! check it out!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

DWTS Recap

I didn't forget about Dancing with the Stars, I just didn't have a lot of time to write about it.

If you've been watching you know that in Week 2, the male model, Albert Reed was sent packing. I never heard of Albert until he came on DWTS, but I did a little research and this is what I found...

Always a sad day when the hottest guys leave the show!

Week three sent another male home and this time it was Las Vegas Legend Wayne Newton...

Well, I can't say I didn't see this one coming. Wayne's a great guy, but ballroom dancing isn't his forte'.

Some highlights of the past two weeks....

Jane Seymore did the mambo and the tango - I wasn't overly impressed with either of her dances. She's got the elegance and grace to pull off the waltz and uppity dances like that, but when it comes to moving those hips and getting raunch with the latin numbers, sister ain't got it. She'll never win on this show. In fact, my guess is that she'll be going home probably in about 2 or 3 more weeks.

Mark Cuban danced the jive - again, not very impressed with any of his stuff....

He looks like he's dancing in some pain, he just had hip surgery, he's doesn't really have a lot of rythm, he has white boy syndrome when it comes to dancing. I think he's got a great personality and that's why he's still on the show, because it shows in his dancing, but I'm thinking he might be next to go home.

Floyd Mayweather...

I don't even know what to say about this guy. He's got rythm and energy, but he's hard to watch, he doesn't do the dances correctly, the technical is way off and he's just so awkward. He needs to stick to boxing.

Marie Osmond is turning out to be better than I thought...

She did the tango and the mambo, they were both pretty good - she's got some natural ability and some great presence to go along with it.

Cameron and Edyta did a pretty impressive mambo...

He had good hip action, he was sexy, the dance looked great - not to mention he's so damn good looking.

I saved the best two for last. Sabrina did the quickstep and the jive...

She kicked ass in both - she's awesome - she'll go the distance.

Helio and Juliane...

They rock!! I loved their mambo, they dance so well together and they will most likely make it to the end too.

Two more people to watch out for are Mel B. and Jennie Garth - they are both working hard, they both put on nice performances and they are both improving, and although neither of them are blowing me away, they might surprise me and go pretty far.

Helio's Mambo...

Sabrina doing the jive...


I'm dedicating today (Saturday) to grocery store, getting my nails done and when all that boring stuff is done, I'm heading to the casino for some much needed R&R at the poker table. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

WPBT December!!!!!

I grabbed this directly from Falstaff's blog...

So there's this little get-together coming up in December...

And there's usually a little poker tournament associated with it...

And some of you are wondering where and when that will take place...

And some of you are wondering about structure...

So here's the deal -

Saturday, December 8th

The Bloggers go Italian as the WPBT Winter Gathering Tournament hits the Venetian!

Format - Freezeout

Buy-In - $125 ($100 to prize pool, $25 juice)

Chips - $4,500 in chips

Starting Blinds - $25/50

Adder - $1,500 in chips for a $10 staff toke (optional)

Levels - 30 minutes long

I'll put up the final structure as soon as I have it confirmed, but it will most likely be the one I posted a couple weeks ago with more play early, shooting for having a 75/150 level and one other, and cutting out a couple of later levels.

If you haven't let me know that you're in for the Winter, please do so now! I will start pulling together a list of attendees, in a spreadsheet that will be distributed to all peeps coming.

And please indicate if you're playing in the tourney or not.

You can get in touch with me at johnhartness AT gmail DOT com.

And I'm betting that even with a 2PM start time, at least one blogger is still gonna be too drunk to play, and that Al will still be drunk from the night before when the event starts!


You guys have no idea how fun this event will be! So far I've been to three of the WPBT blogger gatherings and each one is better than the last. But, the winter one is for sure the bigger of the two gatherings and who doesn't love the Vegas in December?!

Things to look forward to this December...

- Playing a tourney in the nicest poker room in Las Vegas - SCORE on having the bloggers play at the Venetian - truly a world class poker room!

- Soco Shots with Alcanthang and the rest of the crew

- Staring lovingly at the Supermodel (maybe that's just me)

- Scoping out the best tits in the MGM Poker Room with Waffles

- Picking up hot guys with Blonde and then coming back to my house to watch us makeout if the guy thing falls through!

This is just the stuff I'm allowed to talk about, cause really, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? So book your ticket today and I'll leave you with some fond pictures of previous blogger events...

Me and Waffles checking out girl with tits...

WPBT July 2007...

Hanging with two of the coolest poker chics ever...

Some of the boyz...

My vote for best looking couple...

And best looking threesome...

Playing at the Orleans...

Mr. Congeniality...

Our gracious host...

King of the Soco...

Luxury transportation in the druggy buggy...

Ahhhhh - the supermodel...

Maxim's Unsexiest List

Okay, so Maxim is famous for their lists, and today they came out with the...

Top Five Unsexiest Women Alive

5. Britney Spears - haha - I like this! She used to be on the Sexiest List and now she's dropped to the 5th unsexiest female alive - is it any wonder?

4. Madonna - hmmmmm - not sure how I feel about this one. She's not exactly HOT anymore, but she does look pretty fucking good for her age. Although, I never really thought she was all that hot even when she was in her prime.

As I went looking for images of Madonna to post, I found that there was plenty of ugly ones to choose from and not very many pretty ones, so maybe Maxim got this one right.

3. Sandra Oh - Okay! I like this. I'm totally not feeling this woman's face at all.

2. Amy Winehouse - this bitch should have gotten number one. She is truly one of the ugliest eye sores on this planet. Her arms are full of track marks, her teeth are atrocious and her hair looks like something died in there. NASTY!

Does anyone besides RockDog find this crazy bitch attractive???? Anyone Anyone?

and the number one unsexiest female alive...

1. Sarah Jessica Parker - okay for the record - I don't buy this. I think she's attractive, I don't think she deserves the number one title, there are plenty of uglier people than her, so whatever. I guess they wanted to make a point that maybe Sarah Jessica Parker is overrated or something. What do you guys think??