Thursday, January 31, 2008

At least Britney didn't do this to her kids...

Police Say Mother May Have Used Microwave to Kill Her Child

In Dayton, Ohio, a mother was arrested earlier this week and charged with killing her own child. Police say they suspect a microwave oven caused the severe burns that led to the child's death.

The victim was three-week-old Paris Talley. Children's Medical Center contacted Dayton Police after the baby girl was reportedly brought in by her parents on August 30th, 2005.

At the time of the incident, Dayton Police did question the child's parents.

Monday afternoon, police arrested Paris Talley's mother, 26 year old Chyna Arnold. She is charged with aggravated murder. There is also some information that potentially an appliance could have been used to cause the burns to this baby; police say they believe that appliance to be a microwave oven.

Not again...

Britney's in the hospital again...

From Perez Hilton...

An ambulance left Britney Spears' house around 1:20 A.M this morning. The windows were covered and a police convoy of what seems like DOZENS of cops lead the way.

Britney was in the ambulance and she arrived at UCLA Medical Center around 1:35 A.M.

Following the ambulance were none other than Lynne Spears and Adnan Ghalib - in the same car.

Britney is going to be put under a 5150 psychiatric hold at the hospital for 72 hours. Hopefully her treatment will be extended.

Spears has been under the treatment of a psychiatrist, who was at her home Wednesday night and placed a call to the authorities, which triggered Brit's hospitalization.

Britney had not slept in days and her shrink was concerned for her deteriorating condition.

According to the L.A. Times, "Authorities said the welfare hold was prompted by a telephone call they received from Spear's psychiatrist. It was unclear exactly when they had received the call, but it was apparent that the operation had been carefully planned over a period of time. Unlike the first welfare hold — in which Spears' ambulance was closely pursued by a throng of photographers — vehicles today were blocked from following the same route. The motorcade that whisked Spears to the hospital also showed a large investment in resources. The line of emergency vehicles stretched longer than a football field."


I am still so confused as to wether Britney is on some serious drugs, like meth or coke, or is she just crazy? I know that when I was deep in my addiction, I would stay awake for days and days on end. I think the record was 9 days. I stayed awake for 9 days one time, and I was seeing things, hearing voices that weren't there, it was insane. Alot of the behaviors she is displaying remind me of the way I used to act, but luckily for me, I didn't have the money and the resources that she had, so when my money ran out, I went and got help. Britney will likely not run out of money before she kills herself, so hopefully the doctors can help her.

I need to find some plans for Superbowl Sunday. Is anyone coming to Vegas this weekend??

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She's a Mess

Well, that was quite an overwelming response yesterday. hehe I figured that most of you would agree with my instincts about Tony.

Anyway, who watched American Idol last night? I rarely ever watch that show, but I was watching it last night and oh my god - was Paula Abdul fucked up or what? First off, she was late and missed the first half of the auditions, then when she was there, she was slurring and she had her head down on the table half of the time, she was so out of it. She stood up at one point and screamed "touchdown!" after one of the guys was finished. It was so funny. She was hiccuping, she was sitting there with her legs wide open, in a state of pure oblivion. She was on some good shit for sure. Is she always like that? Wow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My New Friend

So, a friend of mine called me over the weekend and said he had someone he wanted me to meet. His friend, Tony, saw my picture and really wanted to meet me and I thought "what the hell?". So, I went over and hung out with them for most of the weekend. Good times.

However, there are so many red flags going up in my head as to why I need to steer clear of this guy.

1. He's 36 years old and doesn't have a job. Yet, somehow he always has money.

2. He wears Diesel, Seven and Antik jeans - they are like $200 a pair. He spends a lot of time on looking good. He might be prettier than I am.

3. He's had botox and collagen done on his face.

4. He actually told me that he usually loses interest in a girl after he sleeps with her. He followed it up with "I usually only date really young girls and we don't have that much in common". Good lord. Flag Flag Flag.

5. No less than about 5 - 10 girls call his phone everytime I'm with him and he feels the need to show me the text messages AND, said that one girl in particular is actually stalking him and he made me answer the phone and tell her that I'm his girlfriend and that she should stop calling him.

He's everything that I used to like in a guy - he's into the club scene, he knows everyone in town, he's VIP all over the city, he's drama drama drama. I think I need to run fast. He's so immature, I can't believe he's 36.

On the up side, he's really fun, he's super cute and he seems to like me a lot. Or at least he's enjoying the chase right now. I'm definitely not one of those young easy chicks that will stalk him and I think he likes that. Thus, he keeps calling me and trying to get me to hangout with him.

I'm laughing right now as I'm about to type this, he wants us to move in together already. Yes, I just met him 3 days ago. He was floored when he found out that I live with my ex boyfriend - most guys have issues with that one though.

So, anyway, it's obvious what I need to do, but what am I actually going to do? I dunno.

Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Do's and Dont's

Last night was the Screen Actor Guild Awards Show, so I thought I'd do a best and worst dressed post...

I liked Eva Longoria's dress, but I wasn't crazy about her hair...

The dress is pretty simple, elegant and really shows off her beautiful curves. The hair is just whatever. I think she looks much better with the hair long and straight.

I am in LOVE with this outfit. Amanda Bynes looks beautiful, I love the color, I love the style, she looks like a princess.

I don't know who let Sandra Oh leave the house like this, but yuck! This is one of the most unflattering outfits I've ever seen. She completely added a good 20 pounds to her frame by wearing this...

Doesn't she have a stylist?

I'm really just lukewarm about this outfit that Angie is wearing, but I think it's definitely going to fuel the pregnacy rumors. This definitely looks like an outfit that a pregnant lady would wear...

At least she has some weight on her. When she gets too skinny she does not look good.

I love The Office and I love Jenna Fisher, but she needs to learn how to dress. She has a nice slim body, she's young, she doesn't need to dress so matronly. It's very unappealing and just boring...

Andrea Bowen from Desperate Housewives - um, maybe she's too young to know any better, but she's definitely wearing like a prom dress from Macy's or something right?

Not appropriate for the red carpet...

I don't even know who the girl on the left is, but I'm not a fan of her outfit. Marcia Cross however, on the right, looks fabulous. I love that she wears a lot of bold colors that complement her red hair. She's almost always a fashion Do.

So, those are the people that stood out to me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

On Fire

If you are heading to Vegas this weekend, skip the Monte Carlo. The 32nd floor is on fire right now. We can actually see the smoke from work. I myself will be heading to the MGM tonight to play tonight with Donkey Puncher - right now the strip is closed down. I hope he made it to his hotel already.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A New Show

I love it when I find a new show to watch - especially when I start watching it a good season or two into it. Cause, when I find this new show I sit down and do a marathon session like tonight.

My newest find is Dexter - it's brilliant. I just watched the first 4 episodes and I loved it. I can't wait until the next cd arrives.

Well, good news - tomorrow is Friday.

My plans for the weekend? Not sure. I have some writing to do, I'll probably play some poker and I might hit the mall.

Of course, I just realized that my car insurance is due in like two weeks - I pay it for 6 months at a time and my registration needs to be renewed in the next month too. Yuck. I hate it when all of my bills come up at one time.


Right now there is a helicopter circling over my house. It keeps going around and around in circles. I have never lived in a town with so many freaking manhunts in my life. I wonder who they are looking for and how close he is to my bedroom window. I think I'll stay in the living room and watch TV until the helicopter goes away.

And, wow - the Gauntlet 3 is on MTV. Same people, same drama, I can't believe these people. Some of them are like 35 and they are still playing this game, getting drunk everynight, stabbing peole in the back, talking shit. It's crazy. Don't they have real jobs?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Something Different

I feel like my blogs have been so lame lately. I've been all drugs this, PMS that, I'm sad, life sucks, I hate work, blah blah blah - so let's do something light hearted and fun tonight.

You know how much I love my lists, so let's do the 5 hottest bodies in Hollywood.
But, instead of going with the usual Jessica Alba and Carmen Elektra, I'm gonna go ahead and try to come up with some new and original celebs.

I'm obsessed with the Girls Next Door - I think the youngest one, Kendra Wilkinson has a bangin ass body. She works out hard core, she's got a great personality, she's fun and if I was a lesbo I would totally do her.

Edyta from Dancing with the Stars...

I have forever been in love with Christina Aguilera - I've said it time and time again.

Megan Fox from the Transformers...

and lastly - I know this is way out of left field, but I've always loved Heather Locklear - she isn't around much anymore, but she's still FINE...

Um - is it just me or does she look just like Britney Spears in this picture? Of course, she looks like Britney back in the days when Brit Brit wasn't insane - but wow - pretty nuts!

Okay, google images said that she is Heather Locklear, but I'm starting to really think it's britney, so whatever, here's a definite shot of Heather...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A revelation

Okay guys - this is going to be a girly post so you might want to turn your head now before it's too late.

I woke up this morning to a surprise - Aunt Flow was visiting and then all of a sudden it became crystal clear as to why I've been so depressed. When I go through PMS, I literally lose my mind. I feel as if the world is completely overwelming, I can't get my ass off the couch, I cry a lot for no reason and I wonder why I'm so miserable. Honestly, I feel like I just can't go on - life is too hard and I don't want to be involved with anything. I lose all motivation, it's horrifying.

A few months back when I had health insurance with my last job, I went to the doctor and explained these few days of misery that happens to me every single month and my doctor put me on a birth control pill called Yaz. It was supposed to help with my PMS and holy shit it did! It worked miracles. I was fine all through the month, I didn't want to kill myself anymore and my moods were stabilized completely.

But, there is no generic prescription for Yaz and when I switched jobs I lost my insurance for 3 months. So, I was paying like $60 out of pocket for these pills for the first two months and then I just skipped it all together on the third month. I just got the pills like a week ago and I started taking them, but obviously, they haven't kicked in yet because my misery was back ten fold. I literally wanted to die. Does anyone else go through this PMS bullshit like I do? Do you feel like life is too overwelming to go on and just want to cry day and night? It amazes me how much PMS can affect my life.

At any rate, I will NEVER go off these pills. I'm back on the Yaz and I plan to stay on it forever, even if I lose my job and have to pay out of pocket, it will be worth it.

So, that's my experience with PMS. The reason I'm 34 and just now figuring out all this is because for the past 15 years I've been medicating myself in other ways, so I never even felt the affects of PMS. In fact, during the last two years of my using, I was using so heavily, that I lost my period all together. When you stay up for like 8 days at a time and stick foreign substances in your body about every 20 minutes, your body stops functioning properly.

Now that I'm off all the juice, I actually have to feel all the feelings - good and bad. It's craziness.

So, that's my story and my revelation from the past few days. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling a lot better today. Thanks for the support guys!


Holy Shit! I definitely didn't see this one coming...


Heath Ledger passed away on Tuesday, sources reveal exclusively to

Details are currently very hazy but it is believed he died of a drug overdose.

His body was found at an apartment on Broome Street in manhattan.

We are hearing that one of the Olsen twins was with him, but that is unconfirmed at the moment.

I guess Batman sales will go through the roof when it comes out...

I wonder if the drugs are the reason him and Michele Williams broke up. If so, she's amazing at keeping her mouth shut. I don't think I ever heard anything about him doing drugs ever. Wow - crazy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

So Young

Last night I went to Westcare, it's a rehab in North Las Vegas for women. What I didn't know was that I was speaking in the teenage wing of the facility. When the girls started pouring into the room I was a little shocked to see teenage girls aged 14 - 17 staring back at me. I wasn't prepared to see them so young. Wow.

I started to worry that they wouldn't be able to relate to me or that I would'nt be able to fill the one hour meeting time or just that my message wasn't good enough. Anyway, I just forged through, they were good listeners even though they were passing notes back and forth. ha ha I used to do that in class too.

I talked about 45 minutes and then they had 15 minutes left over to ask me questions. Of course the first question they asked was "what was your drug of choice?" ha ha - I figured that.

I'm still thinking today how much I hope those girls can get it and break the cycle of addiction now instead of living that life for another 15 years, winding up in jail, and institution or dead. They still have their whole lives ahead of them, but the sad reality is that most of them will be using again within their first 30 days out of rehab. At least the seed is planted and they know they have a place to go when they are ready.

Tonight I was at this meeting and a woman was there, she shared that she was recently diagnosed with cancer, she is going through chemo and her husband just served her with divorce papers and he's sleeping with one of her friends and he is trying to kick her out of the house because they live with his parents. Damn, I felt really bad for her. So sad. I'm glad that shit isn't happening to me today.

So, onto other news - Amy Winehouse was secretly videotaped at a party the other night...

In addition to inhaling some crack from her glass pipe she also snorted powdered ecstasy and cocaine and admitted to popping six Valium pills to “bring myself down," the paper is reporting.

She's such a mess!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sunday Blues

It's been a rough weekend. I'm still in a funk, but I'm forcing myself to push through it. I did lay on the couch all day yesterday and caught up on about 10 back to back episodes of Friday Night Lights. I love that show.

Once I finally got up and went to the meeting, I felt a lot better and then I went out to eat and hit up the Red Rock Bowling alley. Nice place. I scored a big 93. I was 2nd to last place.

Friday night was a little chaotic. I went to a meeting and then we all went out to eat, so one of my friend's ex boyfriends went out to eat with us and he happpened to sit next to me. She wasn't even there, but when she found out he was there, being the stalker that she is, she showed up at the restaurant after everyone was just about done eating. She asked to see the pictures in my camera and someone had snapped a picture of him with his arm around me. Not a big deal considering I was in a picture with just about every guy at the table. She threw a fit! They've been broken up for a year and I am certainly not interested in him. Not to mention, they only dated for about 3 weeks. We got in a huge shouting match in the middle of the restaurant - always a good time. Seriously, she needs to take a chill pill. I used to live for the drama when I was younger, but I hate it now. I should be the bigger person and pick up the phone, but ugh, it's so hard to swallow the pride and just do it.

My M.O. is that once a friend and I have a falling out, instead of dealing with the uncomfortability of talking things through, I just cut them out of my life completely. It's a really shitty pattern because I cheat myself out of some great friendships that way. I'm trying to do something different and actually keep my friends, so I'm gonna have to call her. She's been a HUGE support to me this past year, she's a loyal friend and I have to put myself in her position and realize that she's probably just a little hurt too even though she may have over reacted a little bit.

So, let's top of this post with some pictures from the weekend...

Dinner at the Red Robin last night - they have the best, saltiest, yummiest french fries...

Me and Parker at the Red Rock Lanes...

Sari and Maggie...

The guys...

Me, Sue, Johnny and Rachel...

Me and Phil...

Jason, Me and Maggie...

Well, I'm heading to Westcare tonight - it's a women's rehab, most likely in the ghetto, should be good times. I bet I'll feel a surge of gratitude when I leave. It should be very good for me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trudging Through

Tonight we went to this Italian Restaurant on Flamingo and Jones called Nora's. It's pretty good. We had fun. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. Being in a funk is always easier on the weekend when you can do whatever you want!!!

I don't have any big plans for the weekend, but I think that's a good thing. I need to get back into my routine, articles need to be written, I'm actually chasing down an interview this weekend, so that should be interesting. I might even take my readers advice and hit the gym. I agree with you that a sure fire way to feel better is to hit the gym. I would even venture to say that the gym would make me feel better than the mall - although I plan on heading there too :)

I am totally digging Dance War. Yay, new show to watch that isn't affected vby the writers strike.

Speaking of writer's strike - don't laugh - but these are the last five shows that I DVR'd...

Mad TV
South Park
Medium (old and new)
Days of Our Lives
The Office (all old episodes of course)

Not very exciting huh????

I ordered Dexter on Netflix - has anyone ever seen that show??? I heard it rocks.

Well, I really don't have anything else to blog about tonight - apparently depression kicks in my writer's block too, so I will just throw up the pictures we took tonight.

Me and my Mom...

Me and Don...

Me and Dad...

Group Photo...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Last night I left straight from work and met my parents over at Planet Hollywod to play in the 7 p.m. tourney. I'm not a big fan of bad beat stories, so I'll just say that it was fun when I was winning, I accumulated a good amount of chips and then when the blinds got really high, I took two crushing beats and I was out. My mom even outlasted me. That sucked. At least I got home early enough to play a freeroll, and watch next week's The Wire on HBO with Don. We are addicted to that show and this is the last season. The cool thing is that you can always watch a week ahead if you watch In Demand. So, we saw next week's episode last night. Good times.

I've been in a funk as of late. I know the signs of depression and I have them all. Tired all the time, don't want to get out of bed, don't want to do anything once I'm out of bed, being misrable at work, not looking forward to anything, it sucks! I hate this feeling.

I was riding such a high over the holidays when I went to Florida and then I got my one year thing and that was super awesome and then we had the N.A. convention and that was fun and now my high has dropped to a super low.

I know it'll pass, so I'm not going to freak out too much about it. The important thing is to FORCE myself to get out of bed and not give in to what my head is telling me. My head wants me to stay miserable, not ever get out of bed, and tear down all of the stuff I've accomplished in this past year. My head tells me I can call out of work, I don't need to write any articles this week, I don't need to go to those silly meetings, I'm okay, I deserve to just take it easy, but If I start giving into those thoughts, one day turns into a week, which turns into a month, I lose my job, I'm not writing poker articles anymore and I end up loaded again.

This too shall pass.

This Sunday night I am speaking at Westcare. It's a Rehab for women and it's sort of like doing charity work I guess. That kind of stuff always makes a person feel really good about themselves. It should be just the thing I need to remind me what a good life I have and how far I've come from where I used to be. Just seeing those women suffering in rehab, trying to detox from the drugs, most of them homeless, most of them lost their families, pretty much all of them jobless and pennyless - this was all a part of my story and today it isn't my reality.

So, thanks for letting me vent.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank God Monday is Over

So, I went to Le Reve tonight with my mom - it was so awesome. I saw it before with Don, The Supermodel (aka Iakaris) and his wife, but it's one of those shows that you can actually see a few times and you still miss stuff. There is so much going on - not to mention they totally re-did the theater and parts of the show, so a lot of it was new. I highly recommend this show - AND, if you are visiting Vegas and they are doing a half off for Las Vegas residents, I will even go down and buy the tickets for you guys if you give me the money up front. It's a great deal.

So, I left the house at 7:00 a.m., worked an hour of overtime, went straight downtown to the Golden Nugget to have dinner with my parents and then went to the 9:30 p.m. show. I am just walking in the door and blogging at 11:30 p.m. That's dedication right?

Here are some pictures from the convention...

Me and Sara...

Group Photo of all the girls Lisa sponsors (except like 3 are missing)...

Me and Hilary...

Sari, Jennifer and Angela...

Maggie and Suzanne...

Here's a group photo, if you've been paying attention, then you'll remember a few months ago when Drama Queen was in the picture, well, here is he now with newly bleached hair and his arm around me - we are purely just friends now if you can even call it that...

I think he needs to go back to being a brunette personally.

Me, Cheryl and Sari...

Lisa and Sari...

I'm off to bed.

Mondays Suck

Wow - I'm tired.

My weekend was too busy. I was at the convention Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Of course I saw a lot of people, listened to a lot of speakers, took a lot of pictures and a good time was had by all.

Then, my parents flew in Sunday and we went out to breakfast, my mom and I went shopping over at the new Town Center outdoor shopping place. It's nice, they had both a Bebe and a Bebe Sport, so I got a new sweatsuit. So cute.

They are doing a 2 for 1 on Le Reve tickets right now, so my mom and I are going to see the show tonight. I've been once before, but I heard they made a lot of changes, upgraded the theater and plus, it's been like 2 years so it'll be like brand new to me again.

Tuesday my mom, dad and I are playing in a poker tournament - probably the one over at Planet Hollywood - they have a great poker room now that they did the renovations.

I took tons of pictures this weekend, but they are on my home computer and I'm at work, so I'll post some later.

It was SO hard getting up this morning. Mondays suck.

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Friday Bitches!

Last night kicked off the 22nd annual Narcotics Anonymous Convention at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. I'm not sure if they could have picked an older, dumpier, less ventilated shit hole in the ghetto for this convention, but my guess is that most addicts feel at home here since they used to spend most of their time hanging in the shitty parts of town anyway.

Last night was the kickoff meeting, there were two amazing speakers, we registered - I had to spend $70!! $40 was for the banquet on Saturday night where the food will no doubt be horrendous, but the benefit of attending the banquet is that you have first dibs on seating for the main speaker meeting which is directly after the banquet. If you don't pay the money and get your seat at a table up front, then you are forced to sit in the way back where you can't see the main speaker, people are usually disruptive in the back and it just sucks.

So, one of my girls couldn't afford the banquet and me, my sponsor and my friend Sari all chipped in and bought her ticket. That was a good feeling. I'm not used to doing nice things for other people - it's a whole new world for me, but it feels great.

Anyway, I'll be at the Riviera all weekend, so of course I set off to find the poker room first thing last night. It's a very simple, roped off area in the middle of the casino with about 8 tables. When I first walked by there was only one game running! Oh, the horror. One game? Are you kidding me? Later on when I walked by there was about 4 games running and one of them was definitely No Limit. That made me feel better. I think it'll be an easy place to play against the fishies, so I'm hoping to make some money over there this weekend in between convention stuff.

I mean, like, they are having a dance, it will probably be gay, they are having a comedy show and that sounds like fun so I'll probably do that, they are having a talent show, but my ex (Drama Queen) is the M.C., so I'm boycotting that event and then they are having a bunch of other gay stuff like dance lessons, a dance contest, a play, blah blah blah. I'm most interested in hanging with my girls, possibly meeting a cute guy although the pickings were VERY slim last night and of cours the meetings are always the biggest reason why I attend. They fly in speakers from all over the world that have like 20, 30, 40 and sometimes even 50 years clean! It's truly a moving experience to be in a room of more than a thousand addicts in recovery staying clean one day at a time. The love, support and gratitude is like too hard to explain. But, whatever, so I'll be spending my weekend at the shitty Riviera and washing my hair 3 times a day because of the gross stench of smoke that sticks to my hair.

On to other news. I heard this story on Adam Corolla this morning where a woman was found passed out in her car. Not sure how long for. When the police arrested her and took her in and got her blood alcohol count, she clocked in at .72 - UM - what the fuck?????? That's like 9 times the legal limit. To put it in perspective, I was a .20 when I got pulled over, I was in a blackout, I had no memory of leaving the MGM, walking to the garage, getting in the car, and driving 120 mph. I finally came to when I saw the lights in my rear view mirror pulling me over. This woman was a .72. Like, she should have been DEAD. She was in the hospital for only like a half a day and then she was released. Truly amazing. This is her 2nd DUI, the first one she was a .3, which is also pretty lethal.

Aha - I just found this mugshot of the .72 lady on Perez's website...

I hope my mugshots never come out!

How in the hell do the mugshots get released anyway? Do the people running the jails just take the picture and send them directly to TMZ? I mean really, that's kinda fucked up.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Worst Dressed of 2007

It is that time of the year again, Mr. Blackwell came out with his Worst Dressed List. I wonder why he didn't consult with me first, I would have been happy to give him a little in put.

So, I bring you....

Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed List of 2007

5. Kelly Clarkson - with Blackwell saying her "heavenly voice soars above the rest, but those belly-baring bombs are hellish at best."

This is definitely the kind of stuff Mr. Blackwell was referring to when he talked about her belly baring shirts...

I must say, as I was browsing for images for Kelly Clarkson, she didn't really make a big impact on me one way or the other. She has her ups when it comes to style and she has her downs, like all of us, so I'm a little surprised she made the list at all.

For instance...

These are three of her red carpet looks - I hate the one in the middle, but the left and right outfits are okay.

And this one of course is hideous - very unflattering...

4. Fergie - I understand why Fergie was put on the list - it's looks like this...

Personally, I don't have a problem with these looks, I'm kind of thinking she has a great body and might as well show it off. But, for the red carpet these looks definitely won't cut it.

I think she looks great in this outfit...

I guess I'm just thinking there are tons of other people who are more deserving, so I'm not really agreeing with Fergie being on this list.

3. Mary Kate Olson - However, this girl DEFINITELY deserves to be on the list. She dresses like a damn bag lady. I HATE all of her clothes, she looks like she's about 75 years old in this picture...

I mean, does she really have a stylist that picks this stuff out for her and tells her she looks great?

She's always on the Forbes Most Money List, she has PLENTY of dough to spend on clothes, she needs to have a makeover QUICKLY!

She obviously just doesn't give a shit and wants to make sure everyone knows it by dressing as unflattering as possible.

2. Amy Winehouse - this girl - good lord. Quite honestly, she doesn't deserve to be on any list ever. She's so far gone, she's such a mess, she's so close to death, why are we still looking at her style? Track marks are not stylish, running around London covered in blood is not cool, forgetting the words to your songs while putting on a show - all signs of a woman in desperate need of rehab - fuck what she's wearing. Lock the girl up.

Case in point - look at this picture - it's a before and after shot. On the right, you can see what she used to look like when she was a little healthier - not bad right? I mean, obviously the outfit is hideous, but she has some weight on her and she showered that day - not bad - then look at her on the left in real time - SICKLY!

Bones popping out of your rib cage - not cute...

And if I have to see these ballet slippers one more time - I am going to shove a fork in my eye...

and on to number one...

1. Victoria "Posh" Spice Beckham - Of short-skirt-favoring Victoria Beckham, Blackwell noted, "In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty Posh can really wreck 'em."

Yes, Posh, you have great body - Fantastic actually - but really? Your wearing this on the red carpet? Um, yeah, a little inappropriate I think...

She loves her body and she wants the WORLD to know it...

It's a bit redundant - over and over we see the same look, but in different colors and shapes...

Someone needs to slap a full length evening gown on this woman, I bet she'd look great in something more age appropriate. She is a mother for christ sakes.

But the news was not all bad in Blackwell's world. Making his list of "Fabulous Fashion Independents for 2007" were Reese Witherspoon, Jemima Khan, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Helen Mirren, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton, Katherine Heigl and Cate Blanchett.

Maybe I'll put up a best dressed list of my own tomorrow.


I started watching Dance War with Carrie Anne Inaba and Bruno from Dancing with the Stars - it has potential. The first week was just the auditions - the thing is, I'm so whatever about the singing, I'm not into the singing shows like American Idol, but I love dancing shows. So, at any rate, the auditions are over, the cast has been picked and I'm looking forward to watching this show on a weekly basis.

At least this is one show that won't be affected by the writer's strike and Medium came back on Monday night - I love that show!!!!! It's a winner in my book.