Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Comic

I am not kidding - this weekend flew by. It was ridiculous. Why do weekends have to go by so quickly? I'd be VERY open to working 4 ten hour days. I'm pretty sure that's not an option though.

So, Friday night I went to my meeting and then we all went out to shucks afterwards. Shucks is this seafood/bar food/pub restaurant, I'm not in love with their food, but we know all the waiters and waitresses there, we always show up with like 20 or more people, they rearrange tables for us, they are quick, the service is good and best of all, they don't mind separating all of our checks. So, anyway, I ate my fried shrimp appetizer, took some pictures and then headed over to charles house to play spades til 2 in the morning. Charles and his partner won the first game and me and Devin won the second game, so we are going to need a re-match at some point.

Drama Queen, Me, Devin and Sari at Shucks...

I can finally hangout with Drama Queen - aka doug without hating him and wishing bad things upon him.

Me, Maggie and Charles

Charles is my favorite gay friend - every girl should have a gay friend to gossip with.

Saturday I went over to Sari's house and helped her watch the twins for a while. I took some pictures, but I need to upload them tonight. They are a pleasure to watch. They are so good. I just love them. After that, I went to dinner with everyone at Gordon Biersch and then I watched No Country For Old Men with Don. I'm what the hell was all the fuss about with that movie? I thought it was boring. I wasn't a fan at all. I can't believe that movie won best picture.

Sunday, best day of all, I took Lucy to the mountain and she ran up so high, I just let her go. 45 minutes later I couldn't find her, I was getting worried, I went back to the car, I was beeping the horn and screaming. That girl just doesn't listen. She finally came down, but from now on she's going on the leash.

So, I had these free tickets for Last Comic Standing. I invited 3 other guests and we headed down to the Paris. I didn't have high hopes because the tickets were free. I knew they just needed seat fillers because it was a live taping and it's goign to be on T.V. I figured we'd be up in the back somewhere, but that was not the case. We were right up front. About 4 rows from the stage. Awesome seats! Awesome show! The comedians were great. The host, Bill Bellamy is very funny, I'd go see him live anytime. Big Pussy from the Sopranos was one of the judges so that was hella cool. All in all it was a really good time. I'm so glad I didn't blow it off like I was thinking of doing. And then to top my night off I got Thai food from my favorite Thai place (Jasmine) on Buffalo and brought it home. Nothing like eating spicy Thai food at ten o'clock at night to put you in a bedtime mood. ha ha

They ended up kicking off like 9 of the comedians and then the top 7 will be moving on to the finals. All of my favorite ones moved on, so that was cool. Of course I'll remind you guys later, but I'm pretty sure the episode won't be shown until the Fall, we also filmed some commercials while we were there. Hopefully I'll be on T.V.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Yay - another Friday is upon us. It's going to be a low key weekend for me because I totally mis-managed my money this week - I hate it when I do that. Getting paid every other week totally sucks. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks even more. I need to learn how to save.

When I was applying for this job, I had to go on like 4 job interviews and take a few tests and I was up against like 50 other people. I didn't think I had a shot in hell of getting this job. I sort of made this little deal in my head with god - I was like "dear god - if I get this job (and the subsequent raise that comes along with this job) - I promise I'll go to a debt consolidation place and get my debt in order. There are a few credit cards that I'm just not paying on at all. My credit is shot and I had a car repossessed too. Not good. So, I've been at this job six months now and I still haven't done the debt consolidation thing. I did do one good thing. I joined the 401 K program. They match up to 3% here and I put 5% in. It's the only step I've taken in securing a future for myself.

Okay, enough about my bleak financial situation.

So, at any rate. Does anyone have any positive experiences with debt consolidation? Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm just looking for a legitimate place to go that will really help me get my finances in order and start paying back my bill collectors.

Thanks for all the excellent feedback - I decided to go to the poker party at my boss's house. And then, I got to work this morning and they decided to re-schedule it because only 7 people could make it and they wanted more people. So, I guess it all worked out :) I'm having dinner with the girls at Gordon Biersch. Has anyone ever eaten there? Yes, they have more than beer - they have food apparently too.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

One More Day Til Friday!

A few weeks ago the receptionist here at my work had a poker party at her house. Basically, it was a home game, tournament style and a bunch of people from work came over to play, eat and drink some beers. I was invited, which was a cool thing because not everyone was invited, but I couldn't make it because it was the week after I got back from skiing and I was super sick.

I guess they had such a good time, that they are doing it again this weekend, but this time it's at my office manager's house (my boss). I wanna go, I said I'd go and quite honestly I'm flattered to be invited again.

Unfortunately I double booked myself because I didn't realize that my sponsor and all my sponsee sisters are going out for dinner on the same day, same time and they expect me to be there. I never actually said I'd go, but it's a tradition, we all go out to dinner once every few months to celebrate each other's clean time/anniversaries.

I don't think they'd understand that I'm going to my office manager's house to "play poker" instead of celebrating with them. I think they'd look at it like I'm choosing to gamble instead of be with them. That's really not the case. I mean, it's sort of the case, but it's more about being social with people from work and not bailing on the woman who is responsible for giving me my raise. It's a career move dammit!

Did I justify that enough?

I got 4 free tickets for Last Comic Standing this Sunday. It's being taped at the Paris - should be a good time. I'm looking forward to it. I love stand up comedy.

Did anyone watch the premiere of The Hills on Monday night?

Reportedly it had the highest ratings ever.

The season premiers of The Hills was the highest rated telecast for cable all year long so far!

It even beat out broadcast television channels with the highest ratings for the night!

The premiere averaged over 4.7 million viewers.

Wow! We all like cheesy, young, fake reality television huh? I'm as much to blame. I know it's fake, but I watch faithfully every week. God, Heidi was such a bitch to Spencer. I thought it was kind of sweet that he showed up at her parent's house in Colorado. She treated him like shit.

And please, Lauren left the curling iron on and fried the gown? Really? I'm not buying it. And then they just happened to have a dress at the shop that fit her perfectly? One hour before the ball? It just happened to be the perfect length and everything? Come on!

Go Team Brody - this is the real reason I watch The Hills - just hoping to catch glimpses of Brody Jenner...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 2

As I'm typing up this post - the results show is on - my picks to go home tonight are Penn and Monica - we'll see if I'm right...

To start the show off was Steve Guttenberg and his partner Anna doing the mambo...

They did a really really cute and fun routine - he's so energetic, congenial, cute and fun to watch. He tries really hard, but he doesn't have a lot of raw talent, his difficulty is very minimal and he didn't do much in the way of technical stuff. I do love him though.

Next up was Cristian De La Fuente and his partner Cheryl Burke doing the quickstep...

He had good form and good posture. The energy level was high and although his footwork was a little messy, it was a very solid routine.

Monica Seles and Jonathan were next with the mambo...

I am just not crazy about this pair. It's so obvious that Monica is out of her comfort zone, she is awkward and doesn't have any rythm. The mambo is one of my favorite dances, but it's obvious when the person isn't very coordinated and Monica just doesn't have the hip action and the spunky personality to do this routine. She won't be around long.

Penn Gilette and Kym Johson were up next with the quick step...

Their routine started off rough, but it warmed up as it went along. It wasn't a terrible dance and they had a nice energy level but his footwork was off and he's just so damn BIG - it's hard to watch him because he's a bit awkward.

Priscilla Presley and her partner Louie were up next with the mambo...

She is damn sexy - she's like the oldest chick I think ever on this show and she looks fine! She was saucy, her routine was very precise and she did an amazing job. She could stand to let loose a little more though. She needs to relax and have fun - especially with the latin dances.

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough were up next with a fantastic quick step...

Color me impressed - she has great form - awesome footwork and overall a very fun and solid routine. I'm just so surprised because usually the pretty girls don't do very well, they are usually all fluff and have no actual rythm - but she nailed it.

My boy Adam Corolla and his partner Julianne Hough came out with the latin mambo...

I just love him! Okay, he's not great, he's not even very good - but he has PERSONALITY and charisma and he's just so fun. I'm pulling for him!! His mambo was a definite improvement over his dance from last week, so hopefully he'll just keep getting better.

Marlee Matlin and Fabian came out next with the quick step...

Very well done! I'm so impressed with her - I mean holy shit - she can't hear anything but she's rythmic and talented and a joy to watch. She has presence and that's so important. She lights up the room when she dances and you can't make that shit up. You either have it or you don't.

The best looking couple - Jason Taylor and Edyta "The Bodÿ" came out with an awesome mambo...

Wow - holy shit - it's hard to concentrate on this couple's dancing because they are so damn hot together. Even better though, they click, they connect, they not only look good together, but they are amazing dancers. He has a natural talent and he's going to go very far!

Marissa and her partner Tony came out next with the quick step...

I was much happier to see a more calm and less spazzed out Marissa. She was bubbly and energetic, but she toned it down a lot. I think ballroom is her forte'. She had a few missteps, but the energy level was good and her outfit was much more flattering this week.

Kristi Yamuguchi and her partner Mark Ballas came out with the best mambo of the night...

Wow - wow - wow! I did not think she had it in her, but she did! She moved her hips, she let loose, she nailed every step and her routine was pretty fucking perfect.

Last but not least was Mario and Karina Smirnoff...

They did a great quickstep - his form was very good - he is charming, he moves well and he just looks great out on the floor.

My favorite girl -

My favorite guy -

Holy Shit - my picks were dead on!!!! Monica and Penn are OUT!

Free fries!

Dancing with the Stars update coming tonight. I went out to eat at Claim Jumper last night, so I was too tired to do an update when I got home. I had a delicious soft pretzel for dinner - they give you a whole bowl of cheese sauce for dipping - awesome dinner right?

So, the show (DWTS) doesn't go off until 10 p.m. It's kind of late right? My biggest complaint is that they add so much fluff - do we really need to watch a synopsis about every single dancer every single week and of course there is probably 45 minutes of just commercials. Thank god for DVR. I refuse to watch the show live, I have to DVR it so I can fast forward.

I went to my normal Monday night meeting last night and my friend brought his twins. They are like 6 months old and so adorable. I held the boy in my lap the whole meeting - it's a sad story really. Him and his wife had the kids and then she went out and started using again. So, he takes care of the twins by himself and she doesn't even care to see them. One day she'll regret it because if she lives, she'll realize that she missed out on their first words and their first steps and all the fun stuff that comes along with having babies. The people in the meetings have really pitched in to help him. When he works on the weekends or at nights, a lot of us girls will take the babies home and watch them - some of the girls even take them over night. He brings them to all the meetings and we all just adore the babies so we are happy to hold them and play with them so he can get an hour of rest.

Me and Hilary at Red Robin over the weekend...

They give you free french fries there - pretty yummy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

List - Tag Your It!

I drove all the way over to the east side of town today, I like the Galleria Mall over there and lo and behold guess what? The mall was closed! I didn't think the malls close for Easter. Damn! My shopping juices were still flowing, so I headed to Planet Hollywood on the strip and did some shopping over there. Stores on the strip never close for holidays!

Anyway, I thought I'd do a 5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me List...

5. My freshman year in high school, I made the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. During summer practice, I did a backhandspring and snapped my arm. I had to see an orthapedic surgeon, I had pins in my arm and I was out the whole season.

4. I love gravy I'll eat it on anything - especially french fries!

3. I used to take piano lessons when I was young, but I gave it up because all the neighborhood kids were always outside playing and I wanted to be outside with them.

2. There were tons of boys in the neighborhood, but not many girls, so I played in the woods with the boys and I found that I'm VERY allergic to poison ivy. I had ivy, oak and zumac. It was good times. When I had poison zumac, my eyes were swollen shut for a few days.

and the number one thing you didn't know about me...

1. I used to date a loser guy - he sold drugs and I worked for the Department of Defense. He talked me into putting a jet ski in my name and he was going to pay the payments. He eventually broke up with me and started avoiding my calls. I found out around this time that he never made any of the payments on the jet ski, so I had to take the police to his house, got the jet ski back and had to sell it. Took a nice loss on that one.

I think it's been a while we did this, so I'm going to tag 5 people and hopefully they will play along...

Ginormous Boobs
Ms Cynic
Persona of a Princess

* Is anyone else super excited for the new season of The Hills? It starts tonight!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Yay Friday!

Yay - it's Friday! There was NO traffic today so everyone must be off work.

Today they let us dress casual, they are bringing in lunch for us and I'm pretty sure they are letting us leave a little early too. And it's Pay day!

So, what's everyone got planned for the weekend?

My family is in Maryland and my aunt has a beach house in Ocean City, so my parents are heading downy ocean hun!

I'm hooking up with my friend Jenna tomorrow and treating myself to something new from the mall. Jenna is from Maryland and we went to the same high school together. She's got the thick pasadena/baltimore accent, so being with her is just like being at home minus the old bay and crabs.

Tonight I'm going to the meeting that I always go to on Friday nights and then we all go out to eat afterwards. Tomorrow - shopping. Tomorrow night - meeting. Tomorrow night after the meeting I'm going to see Adam's new movie "The Hammer". Sunday is relax day and possibly poker.

Nicole Ritchie...

Back to being skinny as hell. What is she eating or not eating? How and why does she always get back to this place? She was so cute when she was pregnant. She had some great curves and she looked healthy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DWTS - The girls

Okay, last night was part two of the season opener and the girls were up.

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough started things off with a pretty good cha cha cha...

Shannon was smoking hot in that outfit - she has some great long legs and she's really pretty, so I'm sure she'll be going home first. At any rate, she was energetic and fun, the routine wasn't bad - she seemed to be having fun, although you could tell she was a tad bit nervous. I'm pulling for the female poker player!!

Next up was Monica Seles and Jonathan. They did the foxtrot...

It was a pretty boring routine. She did okay, she was elegant, but dull. She got pretty low scores.

Next up was Marissa and Tony - they did the cha cha cha...

She was way over the top bubbly and energetic and all I kept thinking was "damn - that's a lot of woman". Sorry, but she's too big - it's unattractive and she's bothersome to watch. Damn, I sound like such a bitch, but oh well. she had a fun routine, she was VERY energetic and she was REALLY happy to be there.

Priscilla Presley and Louis did the fox trot...

She was great! She was very elegant, she was fluid and smooth and she even brought some sex appeal to the dance. The judges were impressed and so was I.

Best dance of the night - Kristi Yamuguchi and Mark Ballas...

She was amazing! She looks like she's been on this show for 3 seasons already. I personally think the fox trot is somewhat boring, but she really brought it! She was so precise, so fun, very elegant and really fun. Love her!

Last dance of the night - Marlee Maitlin and Fabian...

Wow! I mean, the woman is completely deaf and she pulled out a great cha cha cha. I don't know how the hell they did that - but it was good. She's beautiful and has a great attitude, I hope she sticks around for a while.

Best Dance of the Night...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Guys

Okay, the guys danced last night and to start the night off, they had Penn out there with his partner Kym Johnson and they did the cha cha cha...

Good lord - Penn is a BIG GUY! I mean, he looks like a giant out there. He had a great personality and they had a really cute fun routine. He was energetic and had some decent hip action, but I didn't see very much in the area of actual cha cha cha steps. I don't see him lasting very long though because he doeesn't have a lot of rythm and the cutesy fun stuff will only take you so far.

Next up - Jason Taylor and Edyta "The Body" - wow!!!!!

This is a good looking couple!!!!! They looked GREAT together. He has a lot of charisma, a lot of charm, he's graceful as hell! They did the foxtrot and I couldn't turn away. I think he's gonna go a long way in this competition.

Cristian De La Fuenta and Cheryl Burke did the cha cha cha...

They did a good job and wow - another great looking guy! Damn - he's fine and he moves very well. At times he was stiff on the top, but he always had good hip action, with some work he could do really well!!

My favorite guy was up next - Adam Corolla and his partner Juliane Hough...

They did the foxtrot and it was a little brutal for me to watch because he was so nervous and it was so obvious! He had great footwork, but he was really stiff and uncomfortable looking - he ended up getting the lowest score, so he for sure has a lot of work to do!!!!!

Mario and Karina were up next and they did the cha cha cha...

They were by far my favorite dance of the night - he can move!!!!!! Already they show a lot of potential, they have great chemistry, he has tons of natural talent, he's young, and he can MOVE - they could very easily take this competition!

And the last guy of the night to dance was Steve Guttenberg and his partner Anna...

They did the foxtrot and it was an adorable routine because he has so much personality and he's so cute and you can tell that he's so happy to be in this competition. He didn't do a whole lot in the area of technical stuff, but he was certainly a pleasure to watch.

Best dance of the night...


So, I get a text message last week from this guy Gary. They call him Opie because he has red hair and he looks like Opie Taylor. Him and Tim are living together and the text says...

"Hi Carmen, This is Opie. I was wondering if you wanted to go for a ride sometime on my motorcycle. I stole your number out of Tim's phone - yeah, I'm a shit head."

So, I'm like, "Damn, that's fucked up". They moved in together like two days ago and already he's stealing my number out of Tim's phone? So, I decided against causing drama. I didn't tell Tim about it and I didn't respond to the text message.

So, a week later Tim texts me and tells me he gave my number to Opie because Opie kept bugging him for it. I'm like "dude - that's fucked up on so many levels. Why the fuck are you passing my number around without my permission? I gave him a piece of my mind and let it go.

Last night I pull up at the meeting and Opie walks over to me and is like "Can we talk?" I hate confontation. I hate uncomfortable situations and I'm definitely not interested in this guy or having any "talks" with this guy - so I was like "No" and walked by him. I guess that was rude, but whatever.

He proceeded to like text message me 4 times last night after the meeting trying to explain to me that he's not trying to hook up and that I just seem like a nice person. blah blah blah. What would give him the idea that I'm nice when I've never even had a 2 minute conversation with him.

These guys are so freakin pathetic. I'm so mad that Tim just found it within his rights to pass my number around - bullshit.


So, last night I didn't watch DWTS because I went out to eat with everyone after the meeting. We went to Claim Jumper - they give you too much food to eat. If I ate all of the food that was on my plate when I went out to eat, I would be HUGE. More food is not always better.

Anwyay, I did catch a wrap up this morning on Adam and I guess he only scored 15. Not a great start, but plenty of room for improvement. I'll be doing a writeup hopefully tonight.

They were having a wedding reception at Claim Jumper last night when we were eating there. Who the hell has a wedding reception at Claim Jumper? So tacky. And on a Monday night? Weird.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day

I had a very relaxing weekend. I didn't move off the couch hardly at all. I watched a CSI Marathon on Spike TV, America's Next Top Model Marathon and What Not To Wear Marathon. Very exciting stuff. I did have a chance to play some online poker and catch up on some blogs at least.

Tonight is the night we've all been waiting for - the new season of Dancing with the Stars is coming on. It's a two night event, the women will dance tonight and the men will be dancing tomorrow night. I'm actually going to vote this season. I've never voted before but I need to. Adam Corolla is going to need all of the support he can get!!

Also, his new movie - The Hammer - is coming out this weekend on March 21st. I'll for sure be seeing it this weekend. Head to this site to watch a trailer for the flick.

Happy St. Patty's Day.

Friday, March 14, 2008

So bizarre

This is bizarre - but true...

WICHITA, Kan. -- Authorities are considering charges in the bizarre case of a woman who sat on her boyfriend's toilet for two years -- so long that her body was stuck to the seat by the time the boyfriend finally called police.

Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple said it appeared the 35-year-old Ness City woman's skin had grown around the seat. She initially refused emergency medical services but was finally convinced by responders and her boyfriend that she needed to be checked out at a hospital.

"We pried the toilet seat off with a pry bar and the seat went with her to the hospital," Whipple said. "The hospital removed it."

Whipple said investigators planned to present their report Wednesday to the county attorney, who will determine whether any charges should be filed against the woman's 36-year-old boyfriend.

"She was not glued. She was not tied. She was just physically stuck by her body," Whipple said. "It is hard to imagine. ... I still have a hard time imagining it myself."

He told investigators he brought his girlfriend food and water, and asked her every day to come out of the bathroom.

"And her reply would be, `Maybe tomorrow,"' Whipple said. "According to him, she did not want to leave the bathroom."

The boyfriend called police on Feb. 27 to report that "there was something wrong with his girlfriend," Whipple said, adding that he never explained why it took him two years to call.

Police found the clothed woman sitting on the toilet, her sweat pants down to her mid-thigh. She was "somewhat disoriented," and her legs looked like they had atrophied, Whipple said.

"She said that she didn't need any help, that she was OK and did not want to leave," he said.

She was reported in fair condition at a hospital in Wichita, about 150 miles southeast of Ness City. Whipple said she has refused to cooperate with medical providers or law enforcement investigators.

Authorities said they did not know if she was mentally or physically disabled.

Police have declined to release the couple's names, but the house where authorities say the incident happened is listed in public records as the residence of Kory McFarren. No one answered his home phone number.

The case has been the buzz of Ness City, said James Ellis, a neighbor.

"I don't think anybody can make any sense out of it," he said.

Ellis said he had known the woman since she was a child but that he had not seen her for at least six years.

He said she had a tough childhood after her mother died at a young age and apparently was usually kept inside the house as she grew up. At one time the woman worked for a long-term care facility, he said, but he did not know what kind of work she did there.

"It really doesn't surprise me," Ellis said. "What surprises me is somebody wasn't called in a bit earlier."

It's Friday!

I played in Riverchasers last night. It was a nice way to spend an otherwise sick and cranky evening. I've spent every night this week laying on the couch or in my bed. I'm very well rested. And yet, somehow, I'm still tired.

So, this weekend will be spent resting, relaxing and possibly getting my nails done.

Well - I really don't have anything to say today - Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Dopes on Slopes

I'm still sick - I came to work yesterday with a fever and I made it through the whole day. Today I don't have a fever, but I still feel pretty shitty. I'm at work though.

Me and Vanessa...

Sue, Sara and Angela

Maggie, Phil and Sari...

Do you guys remember the Drama Queen? Well, he's still around...

Me and Charles...

Me, Mark, Shelly, Michele and Jordan...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dopes On Slopes

Yesterday my throat started hurting and I was coughing a lot at work. Today I woke up and I was in full fledged sickness. Fever, achy, the whole 9 yards. I'm sure you guys are thinking "damn, you get sick a lot carmen" and I agree. I'm thinking the same thing too. This is bullshit. I never used to be like this. I used to hardly ever get sick and now I'm sick all the time. I wonder if I totally ruined my immune system from all of the hard core drug abuse through the years. I got a physical like a year ago. I had bloodwork done, I got tested for all the diseases, everything was cool.

Anyway, I had to call out sick because you know, it's really not cool to go to work with a fever. But, I'm going tomorrow come hell or high water. I have to keep this job, I like this job, I don't want to fuck it up. I got a Z Pack (antibiotics), so I'm taking them and hopefully they will wipe out whatever's inside my body.

Okay, so here's some Dopes on Slopes 2008 Photos for you viewing enjoyment...

Sara, Sari, Me and Angela - we all have the same sponsor...

Me, Tim and Sue at the Ski Rental Place...

Me and Florida Bob...

Sue, Charles and Tim - Waiting for the Shuttle...

Sari, Me and Shelly...

Shelly is the girl that put the whole ski trip together, she has 26 years clean in and she is a realtor. She spent the whole day with my parents a few months ago when they were out here house hunting. She's an awesome lady, she is someone that gives me hope and I look up to her.

Will, Donnell and Charles...

Phil and Vanessa...

Vanessa was on the trip last year, she actually flew in from Fargo, ND with two of her friends. She has that cute ass Fargo accent - loved it! She's also a cheerleader at Moorhead State. It always amazes me when young people come into the program and get clean. It's a great thing. I would have NEVER even THOUGHT to get clean at that age because I really thought it was just normal to party hard through my 20's. I was young and having fun and everyone I knew was doing the same thing. There was no way in hell that I was going to stop partying - it was my whole life.

Me and Sari eating breakfast and heading out to the slopes...

Maggie, Phil and Sari...


Rachel and Sara...

Me, Maggie and Shelly...

Tim, Charles, Phil and Vanessa...

Angela and Vanessa...

View from the Condo after it snowed all night Saturday...