Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day One

San Francisco Trip Report for Day One...

So, our flight heading out to San Francisco was god awful early. We had to leave the house at 4:30 in the morning. I was not a happy camper. My mom came back to my house on Christmas night and spent the night because I live a lot close to the airport and then roommate got up at the butt crack of dawn and took us to McCarran. Wasn't that nice of him? The flight was a piece of cake. Literally, we got up to full flying altitude, my ears stopped popping, they brought around drinks and then we started out descent and my ears started popping again. I didn't even finish my Us Weekly magazine and I usually fly through those.

So, we landed at like 7 or 8 a.m. and we took a cab to the Parc 55 hotel. We lucked out. It was a beautiful hotel in a great location. The subway and the cable car turnaround (end of line) were both right in front of our hotel. Plus, we were just one block away from like Macy's Union Square. They let us check in at 8 a.m. which is so unusual, but they said it's their slow season. We were happy about that. We dropped off the luggage and just went outside and started walking towards Union Square. We found a double decker tour bus thing that was about to leave and it's like, they take you around the city and you can hop off and hop back on whenever you want and the pass was good for 3 days, so we did that.

The bus was old as HELL - they said they had them flown over from England or whatever and apparently they didn't believe in heat. Everyone sits on the top anyway. So, I just bundled up for the ride. They took us through Chinatown and Little Italy and pointed out some landmarks and then we got off at the famous Fishermans Wharf. It was still really early and I was freezing. I mean, I had on a turtleneck, comfy and furry sweatpants, a sweatjacket, a big thick coat, a scarf and gloves, but it was just really hard to keep warm - until we started walking and we tried to stay in the sun. That helped a lot.

My mom on top of the bus...


These are a couple of shots I took from the top of the bus driving through the city...

Bank of America Building...

Fisherman's Wharf...

Next, we were dying to see Lombard Street. We had heard a lot about this amazing street that you walk up and up and up and then it's SO steep that they made about really crazy curves so that cars can go down. What LONG WALK up the hill. We had to stop about 3 times to catch our breath. But, I'm so glad I got to see it. It was really cool. I snapped some photos but it's one of those things you have to see it to believe it...

This is my mom stopping halfway up the hill to catch her breath...

Look at this awesome house or houses I suspect. I wonder if they get sick of tourists going by their house night and day. It's quite the attraction.

Fisherman's Wharf was fun. We spent quite a lot of time running around, shopping and eating there. We also walked to Ghiradelli Square where I bought some delicious chocolate of course...

We also took the double decker across the Golden Gate Bridge which was COLD yet beautiful...

And then for dinner I really wanted some authentic San Francisco seafood so we basically walked up and down the street, checked every single menu and finally settled on a quaint place on the water. Part of me wanted to try the dungeness crab SO bad, but they never even heard of Old Bay out there and I'm such a Maryland Crab girl that I was worried I'd be disappointed. I decided to get the shrimp instead and it was very good.

Anyway, my feet were pretty much throbbing by the end of day one and of course my calves were KILLING me when I woke up the next day because I haven't been going to the gym and it was quite a workout going up and down those hills.

Stay tuned because Day 2 is coming up soon and that's the day we went to Alcatraz, I got into a fight with some girl that stepped on my foot and I almost beat her ass and then they probably would have made me stay in solitary confinement on the island...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, I made it to San Francisco and then I made it back home to Sin City late last night. What an amazing trip and a beautiful city. I had a blast. I have to upload the pictures sometime today and do a full trip report, but I'm SO glad I went there. Of course right now I'm just waking up, drinking a monster and getting my poker fix on Full Tilt. You know I was feening - no gambling for like 5 days in a row - crazy!

Oh, and Christmas was really nice. I got some awesome gifts - one of them being a Bebe gift card from my Aunt and it's burning a hole in my pocket. I am HIGHLY considering heading over to the mall today to pick out some outfits. I have to figure out what the plan is for New Year's though because although I know I'm going out with bowling guy and Josh and Nikki, I don't yet know where we are going. He has reservations at Prive' at Planet Hollywood on the Strip - they want $4,000 just for the table. Isn't that ridiculous? If we are going there though, I have to get something amazing to wear. If we skip that and do something local then I'm sure I can wear one of the hundreds of outfits I already have in my closet. I'm leaning towards the locals thing because who wants to fight all of the new year's traffic and cops on the strip? Not I. Although the fireworks will probably be ridiculously amazing.

Anyway, I'm bouncing all around. Pictures and trip report to come. Happy to be home and hoping everyone had a wonderful christmas. I couldn't be happier that I have a full week off work still. Ahhhhh - happy days :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

So, today is Christmas Eve - Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!! I was so stinkin early for work today. There was about 3 cars on the road including me. Lame. I can't believe I'm here at work. I'm pretty sure we are shutting down at noon though so it'll be a pretty easy day. I'm comfy as hell - I'm wearing a bebe sweatsuit and some bebe tennis shoes. I couldn't be much more comfortable. I wish I could wear a track suit to work everyday!

Virtual Christmas Hugs go out to all my readers!! Have a Merry Christmas and SAFE and FUN New Years!!

I went to see the new Keanu Reeves movie last night "The Day The Earth Stood Still". It was playing in the new Town Center Rave theater. It's the best theater in Las Vegas. I love that place. It also happens to be in the middle of a shopping complex which was packed! Lots of last minute shoppers out there.

Anyway, the movie was okay. It had terrible reviews and I knew that ahead of time, but I still wanted to see it. I like Keanu and Will Smith's son was in it too and he was great. It was entertaining, but I think I'd recommend that you wait for it to come out on DVD instead of paying the full price at the theater.

Anyway, I think I need to get some work done - so catch you guys later!!

Wish me luck in RAINY San Francisco!! The weather is not looking so nice out there - they are showing rain for every single day that I'm going to be there. SAD TIMES.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party

I have one more full day of work left and then a half day tomorrow. Good times. I am sooooo looking forward to a few days off and of course my trip to San Francisco is coming up which is very exciting.

We didn't have a very fancy christmas party on Friday, but it was really fun. My boss dressed up as Santa Claus and they gave away some gifts. The girls did a really good job of setting everything up. It was a pot luck and everyone in the office brought something - so we had TONS of food. I ate to my heart's content and of course I snapped a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Chanon and Courtney...

Santa Dave...

Nikkie, me and Kathy wearing our reindeer antlers...

Willie the Elf...

And a good time was had by all.

How many people are going to be at the mall on Christmas Eve fighting the crowds? I hate to admit that I'll be one of those last minute shoppers too. I get my last paycheck of the year tomorrow. And I have one more gift to buy. So, I'll be out and about on Christmas Eve. I already know what I'm getting though, so it should be a quick trip in and out hopefully.

I'll probably do one more blog post before Christmas - Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I am completely unmotivated today. I hate Mondays. I could have stayed in bed all day and I totally forgot to dress casual today. We can wear jeans all week, but I was so tired when I was getting ready today that I forgot. Oh well. I'm eating a cupcake for breakfast, drinking a monster and I have a pile of work to do.

The weekend was busy. I was running around the whole time. I had thai food with bowling guy Saturday night. It was so good. I could eat thai food for every meal. In fact, I think I'll be eating the leftovers tonight for dinner.

I am not excited about the work I have to do this week. It's a lot of updating stuff for 2009 and it's lame.... - but it needs to be done I guess. UGH. Someone come over here and motivate me please.

Let's see - let's play the what are we thankful game. Tell me guys what you are thankful for this year and I'll tell you what I'm thankful for.

1. I'm not homeless
2. I'm not sick
3. I have a car
4. I have a great family
5. I have a job

Okay, those are the basics for me. I guess I'm in a better mood now. Not really - but fake it til you make it right? I'll put some Adam Corolla on now - he usually cheers me up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Side by side

The newest overnight internet sensation!!

It's the side by side of Arianna and Beyonce.

I love this little girl!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who Brought This Snow?

I hate to be a gay ass blogger that blogs about gay ass shit like weather, but what the fuck people? Have you seen the snow that we got in Las Vegas today? I am pretty positive that we broke a record of some sort. It's crazy! The roads can't handle it. They are so freaking slippery. You guys know, I'm from Maryland, I know how to drive in the snow, it's usually not a big deal, but um, for some reason the roads out here FREAK OUT when it rains or snows and everything gets slippery. My car was sliding all over the place.

My boss even made an announcement that we could go home early due to inclement weather, but we had to take our own leave and I have to save mine for the two weeks that we are closed at the end of the year so I just stuck it out at work and braved the rush hour traffic on the way home. I made it home in time for the mookie and I even had time to talk to Sari - HI SARI and watched and Episode of Seinfeld. It's all good.

So, please check out these amazing photos I snapped at work this afternoon...

This is our front desk - pretty isn't it??

Our Christmas Tree - notice the Raiders skirt...

It was pretty funny because my boss was flipping out about his palm trees. I mean, I don't blame him. He takes a lot of pride in his office and he built it from the ground up and he has these beautiful palm trees all around and I guess they don't react well in the snow. So, he bundled up and went outside and was whacking the leaves with a broom trying to get all of the snow off. Priceless. You know I went outside and snapped a couple of photos of him.

McCarran Airport shut down all incoming and outgoing flights around 3 p.m. today. I thought that was a rash decision, but then roommate pointed out that they probably don't even have any plows at the airport. I hadn't thought of that but he's probably right - it never snows here.

I think my parents brought the snow here from Maryland with them when they moved here.

Anyway, we are having a christmas party at work on Friday and my mom was nice enough to make a yummy spinach dip for me. I'm going to her house tomorrow night for dinner and then we are all going to the mall so I can help my dad pick out some gifts for my mom. I'll try to make him spend as much money as possible on her. It'll be a piece of cake to get her stuff because remember when all of her jewelry was lost/stolen in the move?? Yeah, well, they never got that shit back so I guess it's time to replace all of that stuff. Pathetic isn't it? I can't believe their stuff got stolen. Sucks.

Anyway, let me concentrate on the mookie, hopefully I can concentrate on making the final table again and continuing my good luck streak.

If you want to put a smile on your face today, watch this adorable little girl do her rendition of Beyonce's "Put a Ring on It" vidoe. So freakin adorable. I was telling the girls at work that I want to have a kid because they seem like hours of entertainment. They totally agreed with me. ha ha

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Early Present

Okay, so at the urging of my best girl from back home in Maryland (you know who you are Lori), I am making an effort to blog at night instead of in the morning.

Anyway, it helped that I actually had something to blog about tonight.

I just got home from the Red Rock theaters where I saw the movie Four Christmases with "bowling guy". We are off from bowling for three weeks, so he asked me to go to the movies tonight and I thought "what the hell?" Why not? It's just a movie, I'll still be in bed by 10 and I could use a little comedy in my life. The flick was cute. I love anything with Reese Witherspoon in it.

Did I ever tell you guys that I named my kitten after Reese? Yes, I really did. I got this kitten, she was black and I think I was watching Legally Blonde at the time. The thought process went a little like this....

"hmm - she's a black kitty, I love Reese's peanut butter cups, chocolate is brown which is close in color to black, Reese is my favorite actress, hmmm - chocolate, Reese, peanut butter cup, Legally Blonde - I think I'll name her Reese".

And Reese was her name.

She was the coolest cat ever. I'm not kidding, when she heard me turn the water on in the kitchen, she would come bounding across the floor, jump up on the counter and hop into the sink right under the stream of water and she'd just get wet. She loved the water! How many cats do you know that loved the water? I ended up giving her to this girl when I moved to Ohio to live with the guy who beat me, spit on me and let his dog bite me. Yeah, good times. I wonder if she's still alive. I wish I could have her back. I'm thinking Lucy wouldn't go for a cat in the house though. She HATES cats.

Anyway, that was totally off the topic.

Back to "bowling guy". He brought me and early Christmas present. Boy did my eyes light up when he took the small blue Tiffany box out of his coat pocket. Tiffany? Really? For me? Ahhhhhh - how exciting!!

This is what he gave me...

I've never had anyone buy me anything from Tiffany. I love it though. It's a really pretty necklace and it's like the traditional Tiffany necklace that I'm sure half of the women in the United States have. It's a classic.

Anyway, I know I said that I wasn't really feeling him. But, I decided that I should give him another chance because what do I really have to lose? He treats me so well and we do have a nice time together. And, lets me honest, I'm not getting any younger. So, we'll see.

Happy Hump Day!!


It snowed here yesterday! This wouldn't be big news if I lived in Colorado or maybe Upstate New York, but here in Vegas, snow is big news! I love it that we have mild weather here, we don't get much rain, the sun is usually always shining and we hardly ever get snow. But yesterday it was dark and rainy out and as the day went on it started snowing. I think Mt. Charleston got something like 12 inches. It's obvious today because all of the mountains surrounding the valley are covered with snow. It's pretty. I was sitting in my normal sit and go morning traffid on the way into work and I couldn't stop staring in my rear view mirror looking at the newly covered mountains.

Anyway, speaking of snow and COLD weather we are having. I got in a little tiff with a girl at work yesterday when she told me that her dogs were outside all day while it was raining, sleeting, and snowing. I about lost my mind. Are you fucking kidding me? You leave your dogs outside everyday when you go to work? She's like "yeah, what's the big deal?" and I'm like "why do you even have dogs if you are going to treat them like that?" She was like "it's not usually this cold outside" and I'm like "why the fuck can't you leave them inside?" and she's like "how are they going to go to the bathroom?" and I'm like "you should have thought about that before you decided to get dogs". People should not have dogs if they are going to leave them outside all day. That's bullshit. Those poor dogs were outside freezing in the snow. Finally she called her mother and had her go over to the house and pick the dogs up and stay with her.

What is wrong with people? It's simple. If you have to work all day and you can't provide a warm stable loving environment for your pets, don't bother getting them. I wouldn't have a dog if I didn't have a roommate that was home with the dog all day. It's cruel.

UGH! Pisses me off.

Anyway,the same girl just got engaged to her sister's ex boyfriend. Yes, you heard me right. Her sister was with a guy for a few years, she lived with him and everything. Then, this girl that I work with hooked up with the same guy, she now lives with him and over the weekend they got engaged. Nothing like keeping it in the family right?

I'm happy to report that this is my last full week of work. Our company is officially shutting down from December 19th at noon - January 5th. Beautiful huh? I will actually be in on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th, but after that I'm off until the new year and I cannot freaking wait!

Happy Tuesday kiddies.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chili Spill

Well, another blogger weekend has come and gone. I didn't hang out quite as much as I have in past years and for the first time ever, I didn't snap any pictures. I'm usually the picture queen and I take tons of pictures at every event. But, this year I didn't attend the Friday night mixed games at the MGM. Saturday I went to the Venetian to play in the tournament and the supervisors in the Venetian poker room were adament about no photos being taken. I heard them make the announcement several times and I even heard the manager say he was going to start confiscating cameras, so I figured I'd give it a rest. I saw FlipChip taking pictures so I'm sure he did a great job of covering the event.

Thanks to Falstaff for putting together the event. As usual there was a great turnout and the tournament structure was great. We started with $10,000 in chips and there were 30 minute blind levels. Beautiful!

I don't know why I didn't hang out longer with everyone. Maybe in part it was because I wasn't drinking like in past years. I mean, most of the bloggers come to Vegas to drink and let loose and that's what I would have done in the past too. But, since I wasn't drinking and I really didn't want to spend my whole paycheck on gambling, what else is there to really do? I'll tell ya, the couch was calling my name and I just gave in and went home and watched T.V. It was good times.

I tell ya, I'm getting really really lame in my old age. I just don't have it in me anymore. I'm just happer spending my days off relaxing and doing nothing. I'm happy with doing nothing. I don't even get bored anymore when I'm doing nothing. hehe Nothing = good.

I went to my parent's house on Sunday and my mom made her world famous chili. Okay, maybe it's not world famous but it's damn good. I love it. She made a whole bunch extra and I brought it home and put it in the freezer. I'll probably eat chili for dinner this whole week.

Not very funny story - but on the way home the chili spilled in my car and it got all over the carpet. It was dark so I didn't notice at first and I was thinking "damn, those containers must not be sealed very tight because the chili smells so strong" and then finally I realized it was all over the carpet and that's why I could smell it so much. I came home and cleaned it out, but today when I was driving to work I realized how much damage was done. The carpet is all stained and it looks like crap.
Oh well. I might just have to buy some new floormats.

Friday, December 12, 2008


It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't be happier! It's payday, it's blogger weekend and I am predicting a relaxing day at work. Not to mention I'm eating a Krispy Kreme right now. Is there anything better?

The holidays are crazy in this office. The way all of our clients show their love is by sending food. Yesterday they came in and delivered a crap load of P.F. Changs for our office. The day before another client picked up food from a barbeque place. I've been obsessesed with this big tin of popcorn that someeone sent. One third is cheddar popcorn, one third is caramel and one third is butter and salt. The whole thing is delicious. If I don't gain five pounds during this holiday season it'll be a miracle.

It's game on with the tanning salon. I had to cancel my old debit card so that they couldn't continue to take money out of my checking account. And now, I need to find a new place to tan. I have a lot of requirements. I want the place to be really close to my house, I want it to be reasonably priced, it has to be clean, it has to be open weekends and did I mention it should be cheap? Plus, I like strong beds that you don't have to lay in very long. I guess the search is on.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Third Place

So far, nothing major going on today. I made way into work on time although I was extremely tired and didn't feek like getting up today.

I've been on a Mookie roll lately. I came in third place last night. Two weeks ago I was at the final table too and a few weeks before that I won the whole thing. So, I had a good mookie night.

Who else is SO FREAKIN EXCITED for this weekend?????? I was listening to Buddy Dank Radio last night and Joanne and Buddy Dank are already here. I think a good portion of the bloggers are flying in today and hanging out at the IP tonight. Unfortunately, I'm not good at hanging out during the week. So, I will most likely be meeting up with everyone Friday night at the MGM and then of course I'll be at the Venetian Saturday for the tournament.

I've been recruiting people left and right to play with us on Saturday. So far I have my mom, my dad, a few friends from work, a good friend of mine, David and there are a handful of others that might be showing up. Of course, registration is limited to 90, so first come first serve. I'll make sure I get there nice and early.

Well, there is a cupcake on my desk and it's calling my name. Breakfast of champions!!!!!

See you all this weekend - can't wait!


Oh yeah, and I totally forgot about this until now. I decided to stop by my tanning salon yesterday on my way home from work and when I got up to the door, the whole place was dark and closed. They had a sign on the door saying "Closed" and there was no explanation. Then, another tanning salaon fron down the street had posted a few flyers on the door saying they'd take care of us if we came to their salon. So, basically, my place that I already paid a membership for and I already paid for this month - just shut down without any notice! I was just there two days ago and they didn't say a fucking word. Damn - that was a shock and quite annoying. Now, I have to pay another membership and join a new place if I want to continue tanning. I am not a happy camper.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last night was my last night of bowling for the year. We have the next three weeks off and then bowling resumes in the new year. I'm looking forward to the break. I do love my team and I love bowling, but a break will do the body some good!! Our team name is "No Flakes" because we've all bowled with people int he past who flaked out and didn't show up more often than not and we all hate that. So, when Danny didn't show up last night he definitely fell into the "flake" category. His excuse was "something came up". Um, yeah, okay, whatever. I can't complain thought because he gave Monique a card with a wad of cash in it and told her to give it to me. In the card he wrote "do something nice for yourself". That was a fun surprise!

Decisions Decisions - what should I spend my "do something nice for youself" cash on?

Savings - ha ha - good one.

Actually, the nails are hurtin so most likely I'll be heading to the salon tonight.

This is going to be short and sweet - gotta run to a meeting. Fingers crossed that I can keep my eyes open during this little shindig.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Monday under my belt

I heard this story on Adam Corolla today and I had to find the story in it's entirely myself - it's just too fucking unbelievable, gross and kind of shocking. I mean, hell, I was a stuck up snobby bitch in high school and I tormented many classmates, but to do this kind of stuff to elders in a nursing home? Wow. It's really crazy...

A group of teenagers working at a Minnesota nursing home abused and sexually humiliated elderly residents suffering from Alzheimer's disease and dementia, prosecutors allege. The six young female caregivers were named yesterday in criminal complaints charging them with a variety of cruel behavior at the Good Samaritan Society nursing home in Albert Lea, a city in southern Minnesota. Only two of those charged--Brianna Broitzman, 19, and Ashton Larson, 18--are named in the complaints since they were not minors when the alleged abuse occurred. According to District Court complaints filed against Broitzman (pictured above left) and Larson (above right), nursing home residents were spat upon, spanked, improperly touched, and tormented by the teenagers earlier this year. Excerpts of the misdemeanor complaints can be found below. Broitzman allegedly poked one resident's breasts, spit into the mouth of another elderly person, and "put her bare butt" in the face of a Good Samaritan Society resident identified as "S.W." Larson once "inserted her finger into a resident's rectum," spit water on another "vulnerable adult," and would deliberately bathe a resident in a rough manner so the elderly man would get an erection. The minor caregivers are identified in the complaints by their initials and dates of birth. Broitzman, charged with 11 criminal counts, and Larson, charged with 10 counts, face a year in jail or up to a year in jail on each of the raps.

Thoughts? Concerns? Wanna puke?

Anyway, I've moved into somewhat of a marketing role at work lately. I still have my regular duties, but since the economy is kicking us in the ass and work has slowed down A LOT, I've picked up some extra functions and "marketing" is one of them. I always thought that marketing sounded like a cool job. I had visions of creating really cool T.V. ads and like having fancy lunches with clients and maybe even some traveling.

Ummmmm - no - not really. Now I realize that marketing is just a fancy term for grasping at straws to drum up some business. Today and Friday I made like a list of places for us to conquer and then I called EVERY SINGLE casino in Las Vegas to get some information. It's long and it's tedious and it's definitely not fancy. But, oh well, it keeps me busy and like I said earlier today, I'm grateful to have a job. I work for a great company, we provide a great service and I truly believe in us, so I am confident that we will ride this wave out and things will get better.

Hopefully sooner than later.


Who is excited about this weekend? I'm psyched to see the bloggers and to play in the tourney on Saturday. Playing at the Venetian is great. They have a top notch poker room, they serve yummy energy drinks, Fiji water and the best food. Of course I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures to share with everyone.

Another Monday is over - yay!!!

My Glass is Half Full Today

Well, I whined all day yesterday about it being Sunday and me having to go back to work on Monday. When I finally dragged my ass out of bed this morning I tried to change my outlook. I was talking to myself in the shower. Always a good time. I was like "Carmen, be glad you have a job - the economy stinks and you get paid this week and that's a great thing. Think how depressed you'd be if you lost this job". It worked. I felt a little better driving into work today. It's really all about your perception of things. Is the glass half full or half empty? I tend to complain and whine and pout a lot, but really, things could be so much worse.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and she bought me two new pants for work. Loves her! My mom is the best. I was going through my closet last week and I realized that although I do have a lot of clothes, my work clothes are all like brown, black and grey. Pretty dull huh? I needed something different to spice up my attire. So, I found a pair of really pretty cream pants that fit nicely at New York and Company - they were on sale too! I also got a pair of beige and gold striped pants from the same place. I'm wearing them today. I can never turn down something with a splash of gold running through. I'm like those New York Jew chicks that bring gold lame' bibs to dinner with them when they eat out. No joke. I used to wait on them all the time when I was waiting tables in Florida. These chicks were over the top with their sparkly wardrobes and their gold bibs. I liked it though! I'm gonna be just like that when I'm older. They would line up at 4:30 in front of the door because we did a 2 for 1 early bird special every night for dinner from 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. It was a good deal and they took full advantage of it. Nothing wrong with that.

Speaking of good deals. Don and I met my parents at the new Aliante Station Casino last night for dinner at the buffet. My parents had two for one coupons and we pretty much gorged outselves silly. I didn't eat all day because I wanted to have a BIG appetite for the buffet. It was great. The food was delicious and they had a little bit of everything. You name it. Chinese, American, BBQ, Tex Mex, Salads, and of course a huge dessert buffett too. It was well worth the 30 minute drive.

Happy Monday Peeps.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Well, Happy Friday to everyone!! I just love Fridays. The only thing that would make today better is if it was Payday and if it was like a 4 day weekend. But, I'll make do with what I have.

"Bowling Guy" texted me last night and was like "go to and pick out a purse". He also said they were going to Jet at the Mirage last night and they had a table and stuff and he was bugging me to go. Um - hello? No more clubs for me and definitely not on a week night. I need my sleep! Jesus. I told him there was no way that I was going out and that I didn't feel comfortable with him buying me such an expensive gift. He proceeded to ignore the gift part and asked me to go to the movies tonight (Friday night). I ignored him and went to bed.

God, every other article on Perez's website yesterday was about people getting laid off. Some of the big ones were...

AT&T - 12,000 jobs cut
MTV/Nickelodian/VH1/CMT - 850 people laid off
Credit Suisse - 5,000 jobs slashed
NBC/Universal - laid off 500 employees

This is scary people!!

Fingers crossed over here that things turn around SOON!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bah Humbug

Deep Down I know the right thing to do and quite honestly, it's the easiest thing to do. It would take a lot more work for me to drag things out and lead him on. Hopefully we can salvage the frienship this way too because he really is a nice guy.

Yesterday was one of our guy's 40th birthday and his wife really went out of her way to ensure he had a special day. She brought in all of these decorations - fireman themed and they decorated his office. She had two custom cakes made with a fireman theme and had them delivered and then she also got him a singing telegram. Holy shit - this guy was hysterical. He was dressed up in like fireman boxer shorts and he had the red fireman hat and the yellow trench coat that firemen wear. He was really funny and he put on a nice show. I laughed my ass off. I had never seen an actual singing telegram before. Quite the spectacle.

Roommate came back last night and thus my ten days of having the house to myself has now come to an end. Sad Sad. Although, I did sleep well last night just knowing that I wasn't in the house alone.

I am supposed to go to my sponsor's house on Sunday morning for a Christmas thing. I'm totally not feeling it. I don't really want to go. I have to go buy a gift, pick up bagels and we have to be there at 10 a.m. Why so freakin early? Well, because one of the girls has to work so she wants to do it early. I'm highly considering backing out. Bah Humbug.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Screetching Halt

Oh, woe is me. It's pretty rare that I talk about guys anymore right? I have the most pathetic love life - or, shall I say - "lack of" sex life in America. Seriously, it's the same old story and I sound like a broken record so I don't even talk about it.

But, for those of you that couldn't already read me like a book - I like bad boys. I like guys that treat me like shit. I like a challenge. I'm addicted to the chase and although I don't always fall out love when I get the bad boy - it seems that he does. Because the guys I like are just like me, they enjoy the challenge too.

I sort of thought that once I gave up drugs, went to detox, went through rehab and finally focused on guys instead of partying that I'd automatically find this great guy, we'd fall madly in love, get married and have really cute babies. Unfortunately, old habits die hard and even though I don't party anymore and I don't meet guys at the clubs anymore, I'm still not in a relationship. In fact, my dating life has screetched to a HALT.

There are a lot of reasons - to name a few...

- I was dating only guys that were in N.A. because I knew they were clean, but of course, they are still addicts, they still love the lifestyle and just because they aren't using drugs that doesn't mean that they know the first thing about dating or relationships. Many of them are way more fucked up than I am. And, I'm the first to admit that I'm fucked up. I'm completely spoiled, I have a hard time sharing or even trying to understand someone else's point of view and now, as I'm aging, I realize that I'm stuck in my ways. Most of the time I'm not even willing to put myself out there to even try to meet anyone. I hate first dates, I hate being uncomfortable and the list just goes on and on.

- Since I don't go to clubs and I'm trying not to date guys in the program anymore, my list of potential mates is severely limited. I meet some guys here and there at bowling but I am so freaking obsessed with looks that I don't give many people a chance.

and this brings me to the whole point of my post...

"Bowling guy" on my team. He's liked me for a while now and I went out with him a few months ago. I let him take me see Batman at the movies and we went out to dinner. I wasn't excited about it, I only went out with him because he seemed like a nice guy and I hadn't been on a date in a really long time.

Nothing spectacular happened. I found myself watching the clock a lot - I wanted to be home on my couch and that was a sure sign that I wasn't into him. I just cut it off at the knees right then and there because we had to bowl together all season long and I didn't want things to be too uncomfortable. Things were fine and then I let him talk me into going out with him again - but this time it was just out with a group of people. And we had fun. He has great friends, they do all this fun stuff - they always have free show tickets, they don't pay for any food or drinks, they don't wait in lines, they have connections all over town and when I am with him he treats me like a queen.

I'm not going to lie - I like being treated like a queen.

If we are gambling he just gives me twenty after twenty after twenty to put in the machines. I never have to open my wallet. He's already telling me to go to the Bebe and Coach websites to pick out and outfit and purse for him to buy me for Christmas. I love that shit.

He, on the other hand, I'm not so fond of in the romantic way. It's been fine because he's a pure gentleman and he hasn't pushed the issue, but I know that he likes me, he tells me all the time and I wish I liked him.

It's annoying. I'm going to be alone forever.

I just struggle with relationships. I'm so hard to please and I can't just string the guy along until after Christmas can I? ha ha

Well, you tell me - how annoying is this? He asks me to go out to dinner last night and I told him that I couldn't go because I had to work late. When I got home, I put the phone on the charger, turned it to silent and hit the couch and then the bed.

I woke up this morning to 7 text messages - this is no exaggeration. And, then in the last message he accuses me of lying about working late last night and gets all pissy about me not calling him back.

Once I texted him this morning and told him I was in bed before ten and didn't get his messages until the morning his whole tune changed and he felt like an ass. He apologized all over himself but hello - he's like 40 years old. Isn't he too old to be acting that way?

Ugh. I was sort of on the border about him but last night really pushed me over the edge. Today he tells me that I have some sort of hold over him and that he's never felt this way about anyone. Gag.

See? I should like this stuff. If Drama Queen would have told me I had a spell over him back in the day I would have totally eaten it up with a spoon. So, it's not that I'm totally unromantic, I'm just not into him.

But, for New Years he wants to take me to see Kid Rock at the Palms in the brand new Bebe dress that he's going to buy me with the new hair from the expensive salon that he wants to pay for and the hot new purse from Coach. OH damn. I know the right thing to do but are we sure I shouldn't just wait until after the holidays????

Monday, December 01, 2008

DWTS Finale

I am sitting here playing a few sit and go's online and I was reading through a Dancing with the Stars article saying that the judges scoring carries a lot more weight than the viewers votes. I do believe this is true in the finale' and in the case of Brooke Burke. From the episodes that I saw this season, Brooke Burke was the clear judges choice. They definitely didn't like Lance Bass that much. But, this logic doesn't hold up if you think back a few seasons when Sabrina Bryan was kicked off after receiving a perfect ten from the judges. Clearly, that was all about the viewers.

At any rate, I pulled up youtube and finally watched the season finale because the freestyle is always my favorite dance and I realized why I couldn't get into it this season - it was a snoozefest. None of the three pairs wowed me. I heard that Lance and Lacy danced to Tricky which is like one of my all time favorite songs and I thought the routine was cute, but they could have done more with it. Next I watched Brooke and Derek - they did a song from Grease which was awesome because Grease is one of my favorite movies, but again I felt they could have done a more exciting routine and then Warren and Kym were cute, but none of the three routines blew me away.

Oh well - maybe next year.

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson...

Lance and Lacy...

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough...


So, I went out this weekend to the Bank at the Bellagio with a couple of friends and I realized why I don't go out to clubs anymore. I sort of felt over it the minute I walked in the door. Yeah, it was nice not having to wait in line, but I kind of felt under dressed. I didn't realize how dressed up everyone would be. I was wearing jeans and a nice top and heels, but a lot of the girls were wearing very fance dresses. I felt a lot older than most of the people there. I wasn't dancing on top of the rafters like half of the girls there and I'm just very out of the scene. It's okay. I'm fine with it. I had a good 15 years of straight club hopping and now I confirmed to myself that it's definitely not my scene anymore. Even if I wanted to meet a guy, it wouldn't be at a club. I actually DID meet one Thursday night, I gave him my number and then he proceeded to call me about 15 times in a three day period and then I realized that there was no way in hell I was going out with him because he was super annoying. He actually worked at the club. That should have been sign number one for me to stay away from him. Right?

Nikki, The D.J. at Caramel and me...

Nikki and Josh...

Girls at the table next to us dancing on top of bar thingy...

Danny and Josh...

The girls...


WOW! We made a really good decision by going over my bowling team's house for Thanksgiving. They had quite the spread, the food was delicious and they went out of their way to make us feel very welcome and comfortable. A good time was had by all. My dad's birthday was on Thanksgiving this year and they made him a cake from scratch, we sang to him and they even went out of the way to buy him a greeting card and an American Express Gift Card was tucked inside. It was so sweet! Much better than going to a casino - that's for sure.

I met up with the gang later on that night for a fun time at the Bellagio and I took tons of pictures so I'll have to post those later.

I have to say, the strip was freaking packed this weekend! With the economy the way it is, I wasn't expecting the massive amounts of tourists that were here. I was on the strip a couple of time this weekend and I regretted going there every single time. Traffic was a nightmare.

I played some 1 - 3 No Limit Hold em at the Caesars Palace on Saturday with my friend David and I ended up breaking even, but I actually intended on playing in the 3 p.m. Tourney and it was full by the time I got there. Annoying! I was planning on getting there at like 1:30 but because the traffic was SO BAD on the strip, I ended up sitting through the fucking light to turn into Ceasar's about 10 times. I'm not kidding you.

These rude ass mother fuckers on Las Vegas Boulevard block the turn lane, so when my light turned green for me to turn into the parking lot, I couldn't get through the fucking traffic on the other side because they kept blocking out path. It was the most annoying experiences of my life. I wanted to tear my hair out. I was laying on the horn, my blood pressure was at an all time high and I was so frustrated. I was tempted to just leave my car in the middle of the road and walk across the street. I didn't do that though because I sort of need my car.

Yesterday I went to the rent's house for dinner and played with the cutest puppy in the world. He has a little biting fetish. He really likes to bit your shoes and your pants and your fingers and anything else he can get a hold of. Hopefully he'll grow out of that.

Another Monday is upon us and I think I can speak for everyone when I say "YUCK".