Friday, January 30, 2009

Freakin Frog

Last night Michalski picked me up and we headed to the Freakin Frog to meet up with a bunch of other Vegas Bloggers. They have a shindig once a week on Thursdays over there at the Frog and we decided to check it out. A good time was had by all. We met Vegas Linda Lou and Hurricane Mikey over along with plenty of other bloggers living in Las Vegas. Everyone was friendly and warm and welcoming - I'm glad we went.

Of course I snapped a couple of pics...

Me, Sara and Linda...

Believe it or not we even ran into a few poker bloggers - the girl in the middle is poker vixen, and then there's Dan from Pokerati, me and I'm not sure who the other guy is, but he's definitely a poker blogger...

I mean, really, what's a blogger gathering without a handful of poker bloggers to liven things up right?????

Michalski and Mikey...

Me and Mikey - did I mention he brought me a bag of sour balls?????? He read my sour ball post and brought me a bag - loves him!!!!

Dan and the ladies...

After that we stopped at Pt's because my stomach was growling. I've never eaten hot boneless chicken wings that were as hot as the ones I had last night. They were out of control. I could literally only eat about 2 of them and Dan had to finish the rest. Thankfully we ordered warm pretzel nuggets with cheese, and they hit the spot.

We played a little video poker and the max bet on the machine was 10 credits as opposed to the normal 5. So, the first four of a kind I hit was on ten credits as you can see...

We proceeded to hit 3 more four of a kinds and then I hit 4 out of 4 on keno. So, it was a really good night.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Version of Sex and the City

I have to thank Diva today for this topic. I clicked on her link and read her post and it got me thinking. First off, Diva is one of my favorite blogs in the world to read. If I only have a few minutes to look at blogs, I'll head to hers first and I've definitely acquired much inspiration from her in the past. I don't know if I enjoy her so much because we are both from Maryland or if it's just because she's a single chick around the same age as I and we both deal with a lot of the same situations. At any rate - check her out if you have a chance.

So, she mentioned in her blog that she wondered if relationships/friendships like the ones in Sex and the City really exist? I have wondered that same thing time and time again. I LOVE that show. When I lived in Maryland I owned the Sex and the City Box Set on DVD and I watched every single episode. A few years passed and I saw that they run them on regular cable at night, so I DVR two episodes every single night and I watch them during the next day. I have a terrible memory so although I know I've seen them all, it's almost like watching new episodes to me.

The girls are all so close on that show.

First, you have Carrie Bradshaw. She's the main character and she narrates the series. She's a true New York Fashionista. She dresses up to take the mail out. You never see this girl wearing sweats. She takes risks with clothes and fashion. She's a loyal friend, she writes a sex column, she's never without a date and I would absolutely LOVE to have her in my life. If only to borrow her shoes :)

Nex there's Samantha, the blonde, easy, hot PR chick that LOVES to have sex. She's not picky, but somehow she still maintains some class. Not sure how that works? In real life, she'd just be a slut and nobody would want to be friends with her because they'd be worried she would steal their boyfriend.

Charlotte is up next. She's traditional and conservative. Her whole life she's wanted a husband and kids. That's it. She's one of those girls that started planning her wedding at age 7 and never gives up on love.

Lastly is Miranda. She has flaming red hair, she's a ball of energy, she's a dedicated lawyer, hard worker and very cynical.

All four of these ladies would be an asset to any group of friends. I wish I had a group of girls like this in my life but I think they are one of a kind. Although they all have jobs, they never seem to work. Sure, they show them at work here and there, but in REAL life the normal person spends 9 hours a day in the office and then another hour or so commuting. We barely have time to go home, relax, eat dinner and pick some clothes out for the next day. It's almost impossible to spend the time that is needed to cultivate friendships unless your like the Housewives or Orange County and your super rich and you don't have to work and you don't have to worry about money and you can go to happy hour every night and you guys all live in the same geographical location.

I guess it's possible to have friends that you made in high school and still keep in touch with a group of them. Of course, I burned so many bridges that I don't have any friends left from high school and the ones that have tracked me down on facebook all have kids and husbands and they have to take care of their families.

Not to mention, at least in my case, there's the whole grudge thing. I don't know if I speak for all women, but I get my feelings hurt VERY easily and in order to protect myself, I put a wall up and if you burn me, I hold a serious grudge. I'm working on that, but it's prevented me from maintaining many real friendships.

I remember when I was living in Florida and I relapsed with a guy and we spent many many months doing some hard core drugs. We only left the house in the morning to drive to Miami to meet up with a "guy" and then stopped in Delray to meet up with another "guy" and then of course we swung by the liquor store to grab the necessary stuff and then the drug store for the other necessary stuff and that was it - we went home to spend the day and night "partying" and then the next day we did the same thing over and over again - it was like Groundhog's Day.

So, during that time, the guy I was living with had friends calling and stopping by and trying to help him. They were true friends that wanted to help him and although he didn't want help at the time, he knew it was there and that he had friends looking after him. I, on the other hand had no female friends and my whole time there was spent hanging out with guys. Guys are easy, they tell you how pretty you are, they buy you stuff, they go along with whatever you say because the have an ulterior motive (at least the ones I was hanging out with did). I've always had TONS of male friends hanging around because they made me feel good. Women tell you the truth and call you out on your bullshit, but men just kind of do whatever it takes to shut you up. So, he had all these friends coming by to check on him, I remember breaking down in a heap of tears and crying about how nobody cared about me and nobody was calling to see how I was and I was so sad. I even remember the guy picking up the phone and calling a few girls that I knew and he had to ask them to come by and talk to me. Maybe he begged and paid them off later? I dunno - but at any rate I did it to myself. I didn't take anyone's advice about making female friends. I was too good for that. I didn't want to put in the work that it would take to make real friends. Instead, I did what "felt good" as I always did my whole life. It was a hard time for me and I vowed not to let ever happen again.

Well, I made good on that vow. I moved to Vegas and got plugged in. I made tons of female friends and through the past (almost 4 years) I've cultivated those friendships. For instance, Hilary. We had a fight and it took a few weeks, but instead of throwing her away in the trash like I have with every other relationship, I reached out and called her and apologized and today our friendship is just as strong - dare I say STRONGER because we've overcome adversity and we moved past the tough times. It's amazing to work on a friendship and throw pride out the door and break down and show emotions and be vulnerable. It's something I've never done.

So, the closest thing I have to a Sex and the City group of friends is a group of 10 of us that get together once a month. We all bring a dish, we eat and we sit in a big circle and share about what's going on in our lives. A lot of times tears are shed and my butt is always numb after 4 hours of sitting there, but it's been very rewarding for me. I've made a group of good friends. I don't consider them all my best friends, but I know that I could any single one of those girls at any time of the day or night and they would drop everything to be there for me. It's a good feeling. And then, there's like two of them that I am super close to and they are both named Hilary and I call them everyday, I tell them what's really going on with me, we go shopping, we do lunch and it's pretty cool. We don't wear Jimmy Choos and hang out at the bar during happy hour, but I know they are there for me.

And that's my own version of Sex and the City.

Check it out

So, I had a doctor appointment this morning and it was my first visit with him so I was a new patient. My appt. was for 8:15 a.m. and I got there at 8:00 a.m. to fill out the new patient paperwork which was surprisingly minimal. I like a doctor that doesn't make you fill out many forms.

Anyway, at 9:30 a.m. I was still sitting in the large waiting room and it was pretty big and very full. How in the world are the doctors behind schedule first thing in the morning?????

There was a girl in there - not kidding - and she was about 4 foot 5, but she was definitely an adult, you could see it in her face. She was wearing very peach jeans, a peachy, pinky, white, yellowish flowered top with a cardigan over top that. The cardigan was about 10 different colors and they were color blocks, like, squares of different colors and then over top of that she had on a BRIGHT green coat. The peach pants were high waters, they were too short for her - she looked utterly ridiculous. She obviously forgot or didn't care enough to brush her hair and then she started blowing her nose. And, this is why I know what she was wearing and this is why I took so much time to study her outfit - because she was blowing her nose - LOUDLY - over and over and over and over again. She just kept blowing it. I was so annoyed and grossed out, that I shot her the dirtiest look I could conjure at 8:00 a.m. and I guess it worked because she got up and went out in the hallway to continue blowing her nose. I wish I could have gotten away with taking a picture of her, but I didn't want to get kicked out since, I hadn't seen the doctor yet. Otherwise, I definitely would have snapped a photo for my beloved readers to enjoy.

Anyway, I finally got in to see the doctor around 10:00 a.m. - note to readers - that's a full 2 hours after I arrived. And, again, I got there when they opened. So, although it was frustrating, I did get very good service from the doctor, he listened to me, he offered me a few options and he even gave me coupons for my prescription, so I will go back even though the waiting time is out of control.

Here's my opinion and I might be totally wrong and you guys can tell me I'm full of shit if you want - but I've been to a few doctors in my day and whenever I go to a doctor's office that is in a nice part of town, I get in and out a lot quicker, they actually stick to their appointment times, they don't over book themselves and it's always a nicer experience for me.

When I go to a doctor that is in a not so nice part of town, or even just an okay part of town (not bad and not great) - I wait a much longer time and the waiting room is a lot bigger and more crowded. My guess is that the doctor I went to today probably took all kinds of insurance and maybe he has a small charge for office visits thus allowing those without insurance to afford a visit.

And then, of course, if I did visit this doctor again I would hope that I would get in quicker since I'm already in the system.

So, that was my morning. Pretty exciting stuff.

I have $50 in free slot play at Station Casinos and it's burning a hole in my pocket.
I think I'm going to head over there later today. The last time I had free slot play was at the Golden Nugget. I pressed the button and I immediately got a 4 of a kind. Two minutes later I hit my first and only Royal Flush. I won like $1.500.00 and I never even put a dollar in the machine. So, my fingers are crossed that maybe I'll get to do that again today. I won't hold my breath.

Lastly, are there any bloggers here in Las Vegas? Tomorrow, there's a little function at the Freaking Frog for bloggers - check it out.

Quick Note to Docs Mom - Give me a call or e-mail me at I tried calling you and I left a message, but I don't think I have the right number and I also e-mailed you but I didn't get a response. I know you read my blog, so if you see this - call me - I want to talk to you - THANKS!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sour Balls

I just took roomie to the airport. Lucy and I have the house to ourselves for the week and I'm having a BIG PARTY - email me for directions. ha ha

Anyway, my latest thing is sour balls. They are sooooooo yummy. I've seen them a million times at the gas station, but I used to always buy these other sour candies. They were softer. I decided recently that the sour balls looked good and I'd like to switch things up - and I made the right decision. They are amazing. Literally, for the past few days - every day I keep going to my favorite convenience store down the street from my house, where my favorite cute little 18 year old hottie works - good lord, I should be going to jail for the thoughts in my head. He's so cute and young and adorable and whenever I go in there he flirts like hell with me and I tell him if only I was ten years younger and he flashes me those pearly whites and his dimples come out and anyway, there was a point to this story right??

Oh yeah - sour balls - I bought them out. I went in every day to buy a bag and now they are out. So, I had to go to a different store yesterday and I bought 3 bags. That should last Lucy and I about 2 days maybe. If it was up to her, she'd eat the whole bag in five minutes, but I put them in a jar far out of her reach and we eat them while I'm playing poker, reading blogs, watching T.V., talking on Yahoo Messenger - hi waffles - checking my facebook, writing on twitter

This brings me to the real point of this post and yes, I swear there is a point. Back when roomie and I were living in Florida, we went to like Costco or something and bought like a 5 pound bag of Mike and Ike's. Yes, he has a sweet tooth that equals and possibly surpasses mine. So, we were munching away on these candies and eventually we headed to bed. Lucy, Don and I crawl into bed and head to dream land. Morning comes and we get up and like, there's piles of gooey juice all over the hard wood floors. Not just one pile. Every time we walked a few steps we'd see another pile. I think roomie might have even stepped in one accidentally. We were trying to figure out what happened when we saw the 5 pound bag of Mike and Ike's had been tampered with. Yup - Lucy strikes again. It was our bad for not putting the bag out of her reach. She got into the bag, ate and ate and ate in the middle of the night until she made herself sick and then she proceeded to puke all over every inch of the house.

So, we feel sorry for her, we all crawl into bed and she's not feeling well and we are petting her and loving her and telling her it's going to be okay, when all of a sudden, like in slow motion, I saw her body shaking and I realized she wasn't finished - I fly out of the bed as quickly as possible, but Don wasn't so lucky. Lucy puked all over him!!!! Oh my god it was quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. Even roomie can agree that it was funny as hell.

What a mess. Do you know how sticky Mike and Ike puke is? Wow! It's really hard to clean up. We learned a valuable lesson though.

Monday, January 26, 2009

SAG Awards Best and Worst Dressed

Marissa Tomei...

I thought I'd start off with Marissa Tomei because I was so hard on her last week when I did my Golden Globes write up. I absolutely hated her hair, her makeup, her dress, her jewelry - basically, I hated everything about her look last week and I gave her the title of "worst dressed" at the Golden Globes.

But, I am very pleased to report I loved her look last night. She definitely hit it out of the ball park. I love the color - it's very flattering. It's not a REALLY bright obnoxious yellow, it's a peachy softer yellow. Lovely. The cut, is beautiful. I like the top - it's figure flattering, I like the stripe of shiny satin underneath the bosom - it shows off how small her waist is and I like the free flowing bottom - it's just lovely. Her makeup is much softer than last week and I guess the hair goes with the outfit, although I'd like to see it down sometime. Let's hope she looks this good or even better at the Oscars.

Jenna Fischer...

Yay! She looks fantastic! I love her dress, I love her hair and the makeup looks great too. Did she get fake boobs? I don't remember them every looking so big and perfectly round. Either way, fake or real, they look nice. That dress is very flattering on her and she looks like the ugly duckling that finally bloomed into a swan or something. I've seen her slow transformation over the years and she's finally coming into her own. If I had to make one little suggestion, I would have picked up brighter color instead of that charcoal grey and I don't like that silver dangly thing hanging below her cleavage. But, those are just too nit picky things.

Tina Fey...

I just recently started watching 30 Rock and I now realize how funny Tina Fey is! I already knew she was talented from watching her on Saturday Night Live and stuff, she's hysterical. I don't love this outfit though. It's too short and too casual for this function. There's nothing too it. It's not even like a really fancy short dress, it's just a plain color, with that band around the waste and it's strapless and it's just blah. She should definitely pick something with more pizazz next time.

Jane Krakowski...

Again, another female from the 30 Rock cast. I had no idea how funny she was until started watching the show. The dress is pretty. I like the red on her. Not everyone can pull of red and usually I think red looks best on someone with dark hair, but she looks great in this and she took a chance with red. I always give extra points to those who take chances. Not only is that a VERY daring plunging neckline, but the slimming bottom really shows of the figure which can be unflattering on the wrong person. However, I don't like that black brooch looking thing in the middle of the neckline. That needs to go away. I'm not a fan of her hair either.

Angelina Jolie...

Really???? Again? This outfit is not terribly different from the very boring outfit she wore last week. They both had that blousy top that wasn't form fitting and almost looks like she's trying to hide her mid section or something. I know she's lost all of that baby weight, she has a great body, why the super conservative clothing all of a sudden????? Boring!!!! I want to crawl into bed and take a nap after looking at this photo - that's how tiring and boring it is. Even the color is lame.

Ann Hathaway...

Much better than last week. I definitely like this outfit. I might even love it. This dress has that grecian goddess feel that I love. The white is very becoming on her, I love the sparkly top and the sparkly waist. It adds a little excitement to the outfit without being gawdy. The outfit definitely works for her and puts her back into my fashionista category.

Penelope Cruz...

Love it! Penelope looks beautiful in this outfit. The cut on this dress is so figure flattering. Not everyone can get away with this look, but someone with an awesome figure like Penelope can really work the runway in this. The black is classy, the hair really works with this dress and I like that she kept the jewelry to a minimum. Homerun.

Christina Applegate...

I think the Fashion Police would say that this is a "Do", but I don't love it. I like the color. I think the color is magnificent on her, but I don't like the one shoulder thing, I don't like that long necklace hanging down in the front, I don't like the way it's hanging, I'm just not a fan. I was watching the red carpet coverage live on T.V. and they did an interview with her and her face looked beautiful. You can't really tell in this picture, but she has a gorgeous face and she looked so pretty up close. I love her, just don't love this dress.

Eva Longoria...

Eva is usually one of my favorite stars to ever walk the red carpet. I always look forward to seeing her and last night she didn't disappoint. I LOVE coral. This color looks so pretty on someone with dark hair and tanned skin. She looks amazing as always. I don't think she ever ever ever looks bad. She even looks cute wearing her Tony Park custom made jeans.

Anyway, I will say this - I could do without the mid section ruffle. Why add that ruffle in the mid section????? We all know she has a tiny tummy, but she's adding bulk to a section where nobody should ever want to add bulk. Additionally, I'm not really feeling the hair. I like it better down. I'm biased though because I always like everyone's hair better down.

Freida Pinto...

I don't know who this person is, but I love her dress. The color is brilliant and I just think everything about this outfit is perfect. Who is she though? I should probably know about I'm too lazy to google it because I'm about to run out the door.

Evan Rachael Wood...

I meant to add her to my list of best dressed last week at the Golden Globes, but somehow I left her off. I don't know if you guys have been following along with Miss Wood, but she used to date the freak of nature we all know as Marilyn Manson. When she was dating him she did the pale face, I'm afraid of the sun, I'm going to pretend I'm a vampire thing and she basically looked like she was trying to copy Dita Von Teese. There is only one Dita and nobody will ever be able to pull off the Dita look except for Dita. Well, apparently Rachel got a new stylist and this stylist is working wonders for her.

See for yourself...

Old Evan Rachel Wood

Golden Globes Evan Rachel Wood...

Much Better!

And, then again, if we look at what she wore last night....


Kyra Sedgwick..

I like it. I always love the contrasting black and white together. I don't think you can ever go wrong when you pair black with white. I think the dress is classy, it's definitely not sparkly or fancy like I usually like, but it looks very nice on her and they necklace is a perfect accent piece.

Kate Winslet...

I thought she looked better at the Golden Globes even though she played it very safe there. I kind of like the color of this dress and I thought her hair and makeup looked good, but I'm just not a fan of this dress. I don't like the style, I don't like the way it makes her look hippy even though she really has a nice figure. It's just not that flattering on her. Let's hope she gets something really AMAZING for the Oscars. I'm so excited to see what she'll be wearing.

Amy Poehler and Wil Arnett...

Amy just had a baby so she's still losing the weight, but she looks wonderful. I really liked her outfit. I love love love white. I think white is such a beautiful color if you wear it correctly. She was glowing. They looked wonderful together.

Rosario Dawson...

I put her on this list because she's one of the only girls that actually took a chance. I like it! I bet a lot of people will disagree with me, but I really like this dress. I think it's bold, it makes a statement, it's figure flattering and she wears it well!

Katie Holes (aka Mrs. Tom Cruise)...

The newly engaged couple from Dexter. I can't think of their names...

They both looked great. Let's hope they keep up the stylish dressing even when they've been married a few years. It's just weird to see them as a couple when they play brother and sister on the show.

I couldn't find a long up and own picture of her wearing this dress, probably because they didn't want to waste a full photo on this boring ensemble. Yawn.

She needs to start hanging out with Victoria Beckham again. Back when they were BFF's, he was really dressing well. She had it going on. Now, she's dressing as if she's 65 years old.

I couldn't find any pictures of Eva Mendez, so I'm not sure if she was there. She's usually one of my favorites but she was nowhere to be found. I also didn't see Jennifer Aniston anywhere or Reese Witherspoon and I love both of them usually too.

Oh well.

My pick for Favorite....

Frieda Pinto - I love the dress!!

My pick for Worst Dressed...

Nicolette Sheridan


Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, this is probably the craziest sit and go I've ever played in my life. I'm sitting here in front of my computer Saturday night and I'm playing some $6.00 Turbo SNG on Full Tilt and we are down to the last 4 people. Of course, the top 3 get paid, so we need to get rid or someone so that we can make it to the money. So, the short stack goes all in and there are two of us that call him. The turn card comes and this jack ass across the table from me shoves his stack in. What the fuck????? Hello???? We are trying to get rid of this guy so we can get in the money. What the hell is wrong with this guy? And, come to find out, he's bluffing. I actually had top pair, but it wasn't worth me going out on. So, I folded. But, then I start talking shit. I'm like "what the hell is wrong with you?" and "you are a moron". The other guy at the table who was just watching this whole thing go down, starts chiming in with me about what a moron that guy is. So, we continue to talk shit about him for the rest of the game. It ended up that me and the cool guy were the last two standing and we played heads up.

I started talking to him, he's from the mid west. Seemed like a pretty cool guy. He's like telling me what he has before he folds and stuff like that. It was literally the nicest game of heads up I've ever played. He actually said he'd like me to win. So, he folded all his hands and I took first place. How funny is that???? See how charming I am even online? ha ha Kidding!!

He probably took pity on me because he was running like sharkscope or something and he saw the RAPID decline in my stats since I've been running so bad lately. He probably just didn't want me to go broke.

If you are reading my blog midwest guy - thank you!!!

SAG Awards tonight - that means another red carpet update to follow!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nothing to say? Yeah Right!

I was totally going to blog last night while I was playing in the mookie so that my best girl, Lori from back home would have something nice and fresh to read this morning when she got to work. But, I started looking at the houses that my realtor sent me and that took up quite a bit of my time, plus I was playing three games of poker, talking to roomie, making phone calls to my mom to find out what my price range is going to be on the house and trying to give some love to my favorite dog in the world, Lucy, so, no fresh blog for Lori. Sorry chica.

Plus, I was going to copy the list of razzies that came out yesterday and I was going to do a little synopsis on each one. But, once I re-read the list, I realized that I hadn't even seen half of the movies on that list, so it wasn't the best idea for me to write about it.

Now, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I want to blog about.

First thing that comes to mind is that I need to stay away from multi table tournaments online. I get too antsy - especially when I play in the evening after work and my stomach starts growling and I need dinner and I just blow it at the end. I made it pretty far, if I would have been more patient instead of pushing with stupid A2 suited I probably could have had a chance to make the money. But, after playing for 2 + hours and it was going on 10 p.m. and I still hadn't eaten anything, I gave up and went all in. My bad. Stupid impatient move. My forte' is one table sit and go's. I do the best in those, so I'm going to stick with those.

Next thing that comes to mind is roomie is going out of town next week again and I have to stay in the house alone. I blog about this everytime because I HATE it. It's a double edged sword. On the one hand it's nice to have the crib to myself, I can play whatever music I want, as loud as I want (although Lucy doesn't like it when I play it loud) - I can watch the T.V. as loud as I want (he's always telling me to turn it down) and I can like, walk around naked if I want - although I rarely ever do that. On the downside, I have walk lucy every single day - that's a big responsibility ha ha. And, she always hears a cat or something in the middle of the night and starts barking and freaks me out. I always think it's an intruder, I can't sleep and I get all scared.

Geez, I used to totally own my own house and I lived there alone. I was FINE. I had a cat and that was it. I didn't need a guy to take care of me, I didn't have a dog to protect the house and I loved living alone. Now, I'm getting to be a total wuss in my old age. I lean on him way too much for way too many things.

Do you know that I don't even have one bill in my name? Not even my cell phone. I give him a portion of every single paycheck and he takes care of paying all the utilities, my cell phone, the rent, the cable - everything. What the hell happened to me? I think that's why I'm so scared for him to leave and move back to Florida. I would be a lost puppy dog.

On the one hand, it would probably be a good thing for me to take a little more responsibility on be a little more self sufficient. But, on the other hand I think back to what I did to my life when I was taking care of myself and when I had all of the responsibilties - I CHOKED. My life slowly and steadily spiraled out of control until one day my parents were in my house, cleaning everything out, sending me to rehab, selling my place, moving everything into storage and I was jobless, friendless, penniless and very very sick. I was knocking on death's door.

I have been struggling these past 6 years to put the pieces back together and it's really hard and I've stumbled a lot and I've fallen down - way down and I've brushed myself off and gotten back up and then I've fallen some more and it's like a constant roller coaster ride and I'm scared to take on too much again because I might lose it again.

So, what I've learned is that what works best for me is when I give someone trustworthy my paycheck as soon as I get paid. That way I can't get into too much trouble. I guess I should be embarassed to say that as a 35 year old woman I can't be trusted to have too much money on me at any given time, but it's the truth and if nothing else, I always tell the truth on this little blog of mine. It's really my online diary for the world to read. But, more than that, it's a healing tool for me. It makes me feel good and helps me get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. It helps my head shut down a little bit.

Anyway, for someone who didn't have anything to write about today, I sure took up a lot of space huh?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Okay, so this is almost embarassing, but how did I not hear about the peanut butter recall until yesterday? Here I was sitting at work craving sone chocolate and I take a handful of those cute little peanut butter cups out of the basket and eat about four.

Oh yeah, good stuff. A few hours later I hear the girls at work talking about some peanut butter recall and how the FDA is saying not to eat ANY. I think several hundred people have gotten sick and a few have even died. What the? What rock have I been hiding under?

I can tell you, it's probably because of the greatest invention on earth - the DVR. I don't ever watch normal T.V. I don't see commercials. I don't watch the news. I watch a lot of re-runs of Seinfeld, King of Queens, Sex and the City and I fast forward through any and all commercials. I hit the on demand channel quite a bit too. I'm watching the whole Entourage Season from the beginning and there's not commercials on HBO either. When I'm playing poker online I listen to music or read other blogs and celebrity gossip websites. So, I guess I'm missing out on whatever news doesn't make to Perez Hilton or TMZ. Ooops.

I'm alive today and feeling fine though, so I think I'll be okay. The peanut butter cups in question were wrapped and shiny red and green paper and have been sitting in the basket since before christmas, so they are old. That's probably a good thing.

Anyway, for all you haters out there who think I'm a spoiled brat (I think there's about two of you) - your gonna love this.... I'm buying a house. Sort of. A family member is buying a house for me because I have bad credit. But, I'm going to live in it, pay rent and eventually it will be put into my name. So, that's exciting. The loan approval came through yesterday. I have to start looking for houses immediately because my lease is up on March 1st and I want to be out of the house on that day.

I wasn't really prepared for this. I didn't think it was going to happen so I've actually been trying to make arrangements for myself to move in with someone. I thought roomie might be moving back to Florida. However, this new development changes everything. I think roomie is staying and we are going to continue living together.

It's good. The possibility of living with someone new was kind of scary to me. It's hard to get used to living with someone brand new and getting used to their quirks and their weird habits, etc. Plus, I'd miss Lucy so much!

So, I made arrangements to go house hunting on Sunday and I'll keep you guys posted.


I went to the mall yesterday to have my watch adjusted and to return roomie's christmas present because it didn't fit him. And, it just so happened that there was a LONG line outside of Macy's and Dillards. I asked the women who was fixing my watch what the deal was and she said there was a class action lawsuit brought against the major department stores and they were giving away free Estee Lauder, Clinique and Clarins products. Weird. I wasn't about to wait in that long line, but then I realized I had 20 minutes to waste and the line had gone down considerably, so I hopped in and they were out of most of the stuff, but they still had two things left. So, I picked the Clinique Moisturizer Surge.

It's good stuff. I've used it before and I like it. Plus, you can never have too much moisturizer when living out here in the desert, so it was my lucky day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joined Another One

I caved in and joined Twitter. I have no idea why. A few people I know are doing it and I usually always end up doing what the masses are doing. Plus, why wouldn't I want to follow each and every person I know's every single move? I NEED to know when Jay is going to the bathroom and what Linda is eating for lunch - right? This is important stuff people!

It's funny because when Myspace was really big and everyone was jumping on the bandwagon I was like "oh, I'll never join that thing, it's for kids and it's for people who want to hook up and that's totally not my thing" and then of course, I ended up getting a myspace account.

Then, facebook came out and I was like "I don't need facebook, I'm already on myspace, what's the point?" and of course, I joined facebook and I love it!

Now, I'm on twitter although I thought I'd never go there. Never say never.

So - follow me - CarmenSinCity of course!! So far, I think I have a grand total of two followers. woo hoo!

It's a historical day. We crown a new president today. ha ha - That kind of sounded like we were crowning a new Miss America or something. He'll probably do about the same amount of work as Miss America does though, so - same thing basically.

Just kidding. I'm totally open minded - if Obama can do some good things for this country, keep the terrorists away and turn the economy around I'll be shocked, amazed, excited and thankful. If things stay the same and we don't see much of anything change, I won't be surprised. To be fair, I expected John McCain to come in and do basically nothing too. So, it's not that I'm putting Obama down. I just assume that ANYONE that comes into office will do nothing. That's what I would do :)

I watched an episode of 30 Rock last night online while I was playing on Full Tilt. It was pretty funny. I think I might like it. It's definitely different. Kind of choppy, but there's a lot of talent in that show. Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are all pretty genius.

And best of all, we watched the Season 3 premier of Big Love. Damn that show's good. I'm excited for the new season. Looks like a lot is going to happen - HBO is in my opinion, the best channel of all with the most creative programming. I love just about everything they come up with. If you aren't watching Big Love, you should!

Now, my eye keeps twitching. What the hell? It's been twitching on and off for days. It's driving me nuts. Anyone have any ideas why? I'll google it.

Causes of Eye Twitching
There are various causes of eye twitching in its serious and not so serious formats. The more common causes for eye twitching include:

Corneal irritation or injury
Lack of sleep
Prolonged staring or eye strain
Neurological disorders
Possibly Hereditary

I'm not tired. I get a lot of sleep. It might be the stress thing. It might be the constantly staring at a computer thing. Fingers crossed that it'll just go away.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay, let's get this out of the way first. The Ravens lost. They got outplayed. They looked like shit out there. I'm not gonna lie. They choked and the Steelers looked great. They deserved to win that game. We had a good season and there's always next year. Nuff Said.

Besides that devastating lost, I had a GREAT weekend. I went to meet up with my cousins at the Roxy's diner at the Stratosphere on Friday night. It's a really cute diner with yummy milkshakes and live entertainment. Yes - that's right - the staff gets up, sings and dances. At one point they even pulled out some hoola hoops - very cute and the portions are huge! Vic ordered an appetizer that I could have easily eaten as a meal.

Saturday I WAS going to go shopping to spend my $200 Bebe Gift Certificate, but then I got a $25 coupon for Bebe and it isn't good until Thursday of this week. So, I had hold off on the shopping. Why spend $200 and only get $200 of merchandise when I can spend $200 and get an extra $25 for free? Right! So, I played poker online instead. I had a little upswing in the poker this weekend. I doubled my money, which was very much needed. I was almost busto. So, hopefully, my streak will continue and I can keep doubling up.

Late Saturday I headed over to the Stratosphere to pick up Deb, Vic and another couple they came to Vegas with. We then valeted over at the Mirage and walked over to the Venetian to meet my parents for lunch. If you ever have a chance to eat at the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian, do it! It's a great place and the prices are reasonable and the food is great. My mom had a patty melt over there a few weeks ago and she hasn't stopped talking about it all month. So, we had to eat there on Saturdasy so she could get her beloved patty melt. Again, she loved it. Everyone was happy with their food.

Next, we headed to the Mirage because it's the only place in town that I know of that spreads 7 Card Stud games. Unfortunately, they only had one stud game running and my parents sat on the list for more than an hour and then they finally left and went to Aliante Station (their favorite local joint) to play HoldEm. They are old school and they like 7 card stud better, but it's really hard to find a good stud game in this town. I stayed at the Mirage and played 1-2 No Limit for a few hours and then I went to my Saturday night meeting to see Hilary. She even saved me a seat. Once I saw her and we gave each other a big hug, bit was like there was never even a fight. I felt very comfortable and at home back in my favorite meeting with my girl sitting next to me. I know that ultimately I belong in meetings, but it's so easy for me to catch a resentment, build a case against someone, start hating meetings and decide that I'm fixed and I'm better and I don't need meetings. It's really a pattern that I go through. I can't even count how many times I've strayed away from the program because someone pissed me off.

Anyway, Sunday rolled around and I met roomie over at the sportsbook along with my parents and we watched the slaughter. It sucked. After dinner, we had dinner at the buffet cause my mom had 2 for 1 coupons. Jesus! Talk about a line! I always laugh at people that stand in those long ass lines for the buffet and last night I found myself waiting in that damn line. What has this world come to?

Anyway, roomie and I went home and watched the Office which was a perfect capper for my evening. I love love love The Office and it looks to me like both Dwight and Andy are both done with Angela! Right? I mean, that's what it looked like to me and I wouldn't blame them if they were.

I keep hearing really good things about 30 Rock. Does anyone watch that show? I love a good comedy and I have never seen 30 Rock, but they won all kinds of awards at the Golden Globes and my boy Adam Corolla loves the show and Tina Fey is a hoot, so why am I not watching that show? I'm going to start. And then of course Big Love premiered last night too, but I'll have to catch that On Demand this week.

Why am I at work on Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday? Isn't this supposed to be a holiday? Sheesh!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gooooooooo Ravens.....

3 Hours Til Game Time - I'm getting nervous.

Go RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woo hoo!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love it

Best time ever!!!

Awesome time tonight. We went to the Venetitian and good times!!!

All of us...

Me and Dad...

Mom and Dad...

Deb and Vic...

Deb's Friends...


GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Friday

So, let me put up a quick post before I head off to work. I called Hilary yesterday when I was picking up lunch for me and one of the engineers (thai food - yumm). So, she didn't answer the phone which is what I pretty much expected and to be honest I was a little relieved to be able to leave a message.

It went something like this "Hi Hilary, this is Carmen. I heard that mom died and I wanted to pass on my condolences to you. I so sorry to hear about your loss. Please call me if you need to talk or if there is anything I can do for you. Regardless of everything that has happened between us, I do care about you".

So, I went back to work.

I got a call from her in the afternoon. I didn't realize it was her because her number always comes up as blocked.

She left me a really nice message saying that she missed me and she loved me. So, I'll call her today and talk to her on the actual phone. It would be nice to have my friend back in my life.

It's Friday!!!!!

My cousins, Deb and Vic are coming into town today. I'm meeting up with them for dinner tonight. It'll be a really good time. They are super fun.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things it's okay to lie about

I played in the mookie last night. I had another night of losing. I played a few sit and go's - lost them all. I'm on a real downswing. Hopefully things pick up or else I'm gonna be busto soon. Thank god for Full Tilt sending me ad money every month.

CNN came out with a list of things that it's okay to lie about.

I'll just post the top ten.

1. The number of sexual partners you've had plus or minus five.

Well, if you have to lie about how many partners you've had, I would argue that five isn't going to make much of a difference. If you going to lie, why stop at five? If you have 180 partners, is laying about five going to make any difference? Plus, is that really a conversation that EVER needs to take place? Why even have the "how many people have you slept with" conversation. I think it's a rather unneccessary piece of information that has NO bearing on the your current relationship. I never ask anyone cause I really don't want them to ask me.

2. That you totally just washed your hands.

Huh? I assume this one is meant for guys because half of them don't wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. I Dunno. I've never had anyone ever ask me if I just washed my hands. Oh, maybe it's the kind of question you ask someone when they are cooking with their bare hands in which case I wish they'd rather just use those plastic gloves or something.

3. That the reason for your bags is not, in fact, that you were out late partying but that you wre up late reading "Twilight".

Um - yeah - good one. In my partying heyday I was rather upfront about my partying. I was rather proud of it. I was never sly and coy like I should have been. I pretty much let the world know (even people at work) that I was out all night. Pretty dumb of me now that I think of it.

4. That you're naturally toned.

GAY! Why pretend that you are naturally toned? I think it sounds better to say that I'm going to the gym. It shows that I'm motivated and not lazy. The "natural" thing is over-rated. I like a guy that sweats it out in the gym.

5. How much you paid for that (ridiculously cheap) pair of shoes.

Oh yeah - I totally get this one. Nobody needs to know (especially a boyfriend or husband) that I spent WAY too much for my shoes. I'll just get yelled at. So, of course I'll lie about this one. I bet most women do.

6. How much you paid for that (ridiculously expensive) bag.

I disagree on this one. Bags/Purses are a status symbol. The name brand says it all. I don't want someone thinking I bought a knock off. I want them to know that I am sporting the latest and greatest one of a kind Louis Vuitton bag. (Unless of course there is a husband involved and he's paying the bills - in which case feel free to lie).

7. That your not planning on seeing "Marley & Me"

I don't know why anyone would care if I was going to see Marley and Me. I hate crying though and I know there is a dog in this movie, I know there are some tears that will be shed and I HATE crying. So, I really won't be going to see Marley and Me. But, do any of you guys really care what movie I'm going to see? I didn't think so.

8. That your favorite magazine is, duh, The New Yorker.

I'm not afraid to say that I've never ever seen or read an issue of the New Yorker. My favorite magazines are In Touch, Us Weekly and People. I guess this is the kind of lie someone with a high paying, high powered job would tell. I don't think anyone would believe me if I said the New Yorker was my favorite magazine anyway.

9. That you can not do a headstand in yoga class.

Um - I've never taken yoga - no comment. I don't know why not being able to do a headstand would make a difference?

10. That you made that lasagna yourself.

Sure - knock yourself out. If I had a husband or if I ever threw dinner parties, I'd probably lie about it. I hate cooking and I probably wouldn't be very good at it. What's the harm in lying about the lasana anyway??

So, that was the top ten list that they came out with.

What else do you think it's okay to lie about??????

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Remember when...

Okay, so remember back in November when I was supposed to go to California with Hilary for the N.A. Convention? We had already pre-paid for the room, the convention, the banquet etc. I took the Friday off work, I packed everything, I was ready to roll when literally, five minutes before I was about to leave the house, Hilary decides she's not going. I did not take it well. Some might say that my reaction was WAY over the top.

In her defense, her mom has been sick for a long time, ever since I've known her and she's been in a home for a few years. Her excuse for not going on the trip was because her mom was too sick and she wouldn't feel right leaving for the weekend.

In my defense, I felt like she was using that as an excuse and her mom was no sicker on Friday than she was earlier in the week, so if she was going to back out, she could have given me a few days notice so that I could have found someone else to go with.

I am still pissed. I don't speak to her at all. I don't go to any of the meetings that she attends and to make matters worse, I sort of slandered her name all over town. I talked shit to anyone who would listen, I text messaged her with some really mean things and I even splashed her name all over myspace. I hold grudges - what can I say? I always have.

Anyway, fast forward to today. I get the call that her mom died and that I should keep her in my prayers. Roommate sat me down last night and told me that I needed to call her, I needed to go the funeral and that I should think back to when she was my really good friend. She was a good friend. We were very close. Now he's got me thinking. Should I reach out?

I know it's probably the right thing to do. What do you guys think??

I found out that there is no service and no viewing. She's having her mom cremated so there's not pressure on me to go to a funeral or anything.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off to lunch

Yesterday I went to lunch with Vegas Linda Lou. It worked out really well because we literally work about two minutes away from each other. I love meeting bloggers and it was really nice to hangout with a chick that lives in Las Vegas. So, yay!! I have a new friend. Very exciting.

Has anyone seen the Beatles Love Cirque Show out here in Vegas?? My aunt is coming into town next month and she bought tickets for me, her and my mom to go see the show. What an awesome aunt. She also sent me a Bebe Gift Certificate for Christmas in a very generous amount. I haven't spent it yet. Maybe this weekend. She's also going to see Cher with my mom when she's in town.

Slowly but surely I'm making my way through all of the good shows in town. I've seen quite a few. Cirque's are my favorite. My good friend David is taking me to see O at the Bellagio sometime next month too. Good times.

The most exciting thing is that I reconnected with a friend through facebook. I went to high school with him and he's coming to see me in the beginning of February. A lot of people say they are going to visit, but not many of them actually come through. He already booked his ticket so it's a definite. Let's call him "high school boy". The last time I remember seeing high school boy was back in high school. I think he had a crush on my best friend and maybe secretly I had a crush on him although I'd never admit it. He says he remembers seeing me out at a bar (Lighting Jacks in Pasadena) when we were in our 20's. That figures. The power of booze and drugs always makes me blackout. I wonder what craziness I was getting into that night. I'm almost afraid to think about it.

Yeah, those were good times. I used to go out every single night of the week and still get up for work (most of the time). My favorite haunts were in Baltimore but I didn't discriminate, I'd hangout in bars anywhere. Lighting Jacks was fun to watch Raven's games - GO RAVENS - because everyone there were Ravens fans. Unlike now, when I go to the sportsbook to watch the Ravens I'm usually one of the only ones wearing purple and white. I will definitely be outnumbered this Sunday by the Steelers fans but whatever. Bring it on!!

Anyway, heading to lunch...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes Best and Worsed Dressed

Here it is kiddies - my best/worst dressed list for the Golden Globes. The crazies were out last night - I had plenty of fodder for the blog...

Cameron Diaz...

I hate this dress. Oh my god - she looks like she's wearing pepto bismo flavored curtains. Gross. I hate her hair too. She looks like she just rolled out of bed.

Jennifer Lopez...

I do love the Grecian Goddess look and if anyone can pull off this look it's JLO, however, Perez posted a very unflattering picture and he mentioned that she tried to pull off this look a little too soon after having the twins. I think he's right. She could stand to lose a few pounds or else don't dress quite so sexy. If you come with the sexy, you have to take the criticism that will inevitably follow.

Renee Zellweger...

I hate this one too. It's a very unflattering look on her. Something is so odd about the top - the shape is weird and the sheer thing just isn't working.

I love Megan Fox and I think she looked really hot last night, but the picture I have of her is just so so - I took Perez's picture from his site and she looks much better - my picture...

Perez's picture...

The girl (Megan) can do no wrong in my book. I just love her to pieces. She's the new Angelina and BETTER!

Christina Applegate...

Um - I love the color and I like that she took a chance, I don't love the cut of this dress though. It's not very flattering on her. It's too poufy at the bottom.

Kate Winslet...

She looks great. Her hair, her makeup and nobody does classy like Kate. Sure, I would have liked if she was a little more daring, but you can never go wrong with basic black.


Well, you can't get much more form fitting than this. She's really letting the girls show and the legs too. I like it. Good for her. She's got it so she might as well flaunt it.

Lisa Rhinna...

I'll give it to Lisa. She knows how to work a red carpet and a dress. She knows her body, knows how to play up her curves and this style of dress is perfect for her. She looks great. Plus, I like sparkles.

Blake Lively...

Blake's definitely not fat, but in this picture, wearing this dress, she looks a little bit like a stuffed sausage. I just think she could have found a dress that fit better.

Jenna Fischer...

The website I took this picture from said she was a red carpet do. I'm torn. On the one hand I like the top half of her. Her cleavage looks great and the dress is flattering to her figure, but the pattern is so busy and I dunno, it's just not my favorite. I don't really care for her hair much either.

Brooke Burke...

I think she's a do even though the website I got this picture from said she's a don't. She took a risk. The pale pink color complements her skin tone. Her hair looks nice and her body looks great in this dress.

Mickey Rourke...

He gets the distinction of being the only male to make my list. He looks ridiculous. What's wrong with him? His legs look so skinny in this suit. Are his legs really that skinny?? His hair is crazy, he's had too much plastic surgery, he's just a mess.

Angelina Jolie...

She's looked better. I find her outfit kind of disco 70's ish. I don't love it. She just looks so so. I guess I like her better in something more fitted to show off her awesome figure.

Vanessa Hudgins...

I think her outfit is a hit. She looks great. I love the fitted shiny top and the way it goes down to a sheer almost mermaid like effect at the bottom. I'm a big fan of her look.

Drew Barrymore...

What the? Perez Hilton said it best... "To us she looked like a Prozac-popping, scotch-gulping, charity ball-going socialite in that John Galliano gown". I still love her though.

Marissa Tomei...

I hate it. She looks weird - almost manly. I hate the dress, I hate her hair, I hate her makeup and I hate all that crazy jewelry and I really hate the arms on the dress. The whole thing is a BIG MISS!

Ann Hathaway...

Usually, a style icon, but she misses the mark with this. First off, her look is so severe, she's so pale and the hair is pulled back so tight. And, does she remind anyone else of the joker or is it just me??

Penelope Cruz...

Very blah, very boring - she should have taken a risk.

Eva Mendez...

Eva always looks great. I love her. I love the dress - she looks beautiful and I really love the necklace too. I think the whole outfit including her hair and makeup is awesome.

Debra Messing...

Ummmm - I'm torn. On the one hand, I think this color works on her. On the other hand I don't like that halter top on her. I do like the bottom of the dress though. I'm really torn on this one. The experts say she's a don't. What do you guys think??

And my pick for the Best Dressed goes to Eva Longoria...

She hits it out of the ballpark. She does classy sexy better than anyone. And that amazing color - wow - amazing, superb, fabulous, awesome. I can't think of anymore adjectives.

I guess it's time for me to pick a Worst Outfit.

Worst Outfit goes to Marissa Tomei. I just hated it that much...