Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mikey!

I just got a little more information from Roomie, David about the doggy door. Apparently they didn't try to break in and steal anything, but they were annoyed that the dogs were barking and they tried throwing big ass rocks at the dogs to shut them up. They were actually trying to hurt the poor puppies and and they shattered the doggy door in the process. So, it's like, WORSE in my opinion. Trying to steal stuff is one thing. It's greedy and selfish and illegal, but to try to HURT another living creature - especially a couple of cute little dogs - well, that's FUCKED up. I mean, it's really sickening to think we live right next to some assholes that want to hurt our dogs. What if they tried to throw something threw the doggy door that might have actually hurt the dogs like cyanide or something?? So, the police suggested and we agreed that the doggy door needed to go. The dogs can only go outside if we are with them from now on and we just have to watch our backs.

Bullshit isn't it?

It makes sense though because we've gotten a citation about the dogs barking too much and we figured it was the next door neighbors that complained because who else is close enough to even hear the dogs? We live on the end so there is only one set of neighbors and granted, I'm not here when the dogs are barking, so I dunno how loud they are, but I know that whenever I am home, they are quiet as little church mice. They don't make a peep unless the doorbell rings. So, I can't imagine that they are THAT loud when we are gone. I swear. I hate people. They can be so fucked up sometimes.

Anyway, today David and I are going to the Mirage to get my mom and dad half off tickets for the best show in town, Terry Fator. My mom has been dying to see him and I was thrilled to find out that David could get half off seats since he's works at the Bellagio. So, we are heading down there today to get those tickets for them and then we are heading to North Las Vegas so David can meet the cutest puppy in the world, Opey and of course give my parents the tickets. Should be fun.

Right now there is a massuese in the living room giving David an hour and a half massage so I'm trying to type as quietly as possible so I don't disturb the soundscapes musak coming from the other room. I'm praying there is no happy ending coming with this particular massage. ha ha


I'm not kidding you, he's not shy about telling me when he gets hookers. I'm just hoping he never brings one back to the crib. We both agreed that we don't want anyone to know where we live and that this place is our place of solitude. No drama, no boyfriends or girlfriends freaking out and stopping by and most of all, no cops ever! I love living in a place that is sort of off the end of the earth and nobody has any clue where it is. I literally live about 10 minutes from Lake Meade so I can totally do some sunbathing this summer and hopefully I'll meet a hot guy with a jet ski that wants to let me show off my stunts. I'm a BIG fan of jet skis. I used to own one and I'm pretty damn good. So, anyone gotta jet ski? Anyone? Anyone? I'll be here all summer so let me know :)

Hey - everyone go over to Mikey's blog and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you Mikey. See ya tonight sweety!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too early

Well, I'm up way too early this morning. I guess it's because I have a few things that must get done today and I figure the earlier I can get moving, the better. So, I"m drinking my monster right now and playing to sit and go's on Pokerstars - hoping to build up my measly account. Its a good way to start my day.

Yeah, so, I did end up in the hospital over the weekend and I really don't feel like geting into specifics right now. I promise, eventually I'll get honest with you guys and tell you all of the gory details, but right now I'm still trying to get a grip on my life and it's tinme for me to pull my shit together. Waking in a hospital with absolutely no recollection of how I got there was a little scary and it's not something I ever want to repeat. I really am grateful to be alive and I'm going to make some big changes in my life.

So, I guess our doggy door got broken into while I was in the hospital over the weekend. Scary stuff. The police officer said that it's SUCH a common thing and that nobody should ever have a doggy door in their houses because they are so tempting for burglars to break into. So, we got rid of it and now the poor puppies have to rely on us to let them in and out, but oh well. It's a necessary evil. Thankfully nothing was stolen that I can tell. I think they just thre rocks at the door and shattererd it, but I don't think they mananged to get into the house. I'm glad because of course all of my jewelry is here and I would be sick to my stomach if any of it went missing. It's such a violating feeling to have your house broken into. I hate it.

Oh well - time to lay back down for a minutes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The M Resort

I finally had a chance to check out the new M Resort casino over the weekend. I actually went with Hurricane Mikey on both Thursday and Friday nights and we played 4-8 Limit Hold em in their new poker room. The place is beautiful! My limit game on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired. Oh well.

At any rate, let me just say this to you to male readers - GO TO THE M RESORT and check out the cocktail servers. Good god. I have never seen such amazingly beautiful women in one place. Every single server had these huge fake boobs, tiny waists, long hair and beautiful faces. Every single one of them could have been a model. I've seen pretty cocktail servers. But, i've never seen so many of them in one place at one time. It was crazy.

I had a crazy weekend, but I don't think I'm going to be talking about it anytime soon. Let's just say that I'm happy and lucky to be alive.

In better news - my parents went to the Aliante Station Casino last night to play poker and the bad beat jackpot hit while they were both playing, so they weach won a cool $350 - yay! Finally! They needed some good luck to come their way. I'm happy for them.

And, what the hell is with this Swine Flu? Holy crap! Talk about scary! Yuck! WASH YOUR HANDS kids. I will too. They said the easiest way to transfer the flu is by shaking hands with someone and then touching your hand to your face. So, if you just wash your hands after you shake hands with anyone, you'll be okay. Or, better yet, don't shake hands with anyone anytime soon. hehe Kind of anti-social I guess, but it's safest. And, of course, stay out of Mexico!!! I will.

They said the symptoms are:

102 degree fever
sore throat

Typical flu stuff. I hope everyone stays safe.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sexiest Blogger - Who? Me??

My girl Vegas Linda Lou, lives here in Vegas and was given the very prestigious award of Sexiest Blogger. She was asked to pass this award on to a few of her fellow bloggers and I am happy to report that she picked me!!

Thanks Linda!!!!!!

In order to accept this award, I must list Five Sexy Things About Me. Linda is very comfortable with receiving this award and she had a hard time widdling all of her great traits down to just five. I, on the other hand am very uncomfortable with myself and I'm in a funk and I really can't think of five things I like about myself. However, I'll take one for the team and try to come up with five things that are sexy about myself - that way I can pass this award on to someone else and hopefully make their day. I already have a few sexy bloggers in mind that I'd like to pass this onto.

1. My Body - I'm lucky because I don't have to work hard to maintain a small figure. I haven't had any kids, so that helps, I hate to cook, so I rarely eat and that helps. I don't workout, although when I do I notice I get toned pretty easily. I also think my boobs are pretty proportionate with my waist, my thighs and my legs. So, although I wish I was a little taller, I'm still pretty happy with the overall package.

2. My Hair - I've always liked my hair. It's thin, but it looks thick because I have a lot of it. When I take care of it and get regular trims, it looks pretty nice. It's naturally curly and I fought those curls for a long time, but I ended up damaging my hair by always trying to straighten it, so I've embraced the curls and it works a lot better for me.

3. My personality - I'm pretty outgoing, very sociable and I standout in a crowd. Most of the time that's a good thing. I tend to get along with people really well right away. I think I make a pretty good first impression, I can usually find something good about almost everyone and when I make myself available, I can have great friends. I tend to put a wall up so that people can't get too close to me and that's the part of me that I don't like. Putting up those walls makes for a lonely Carmen.

4. My smile - Thanks to my loving parents and the loving dentist that hooked me up with those braces and rubber bands so many years ago, I now have a nice smile. It also helps that I don't drink any coffee and I don't smoke. My teeth have stayed pretty white through the years thankfully. Now, if I could only give up the dandy.

5. I'm running out of things that I like about myself - let's see - my stomach. I know this falls under "my body", but I think my stomach should get special recognition because it's so flat and tiny and tan and small and I love my belly ring. It's the perfect accessory for a tiny stomach.

Here - I'll snap a picture for you guys real quick...

So, that's my list of 5 sexy things about myself.

Now, these are the bloggers I'd like to pass the award on to...

Tina the Love Elf - she's definitely the hottest female poker blogger that I've met. She's got a great body, a beautiful face and a heart of gold. We hit it off the very first time we met and I love her to death. She's my first pick for sexiest blogger!

SSC - The Domestic Diva - holy crap! I had no idea who the girl behind this blog was, I just knew that I liked her layout. I had a feeling she might be a hottie, but then we connected over facebook and I was blown away - she's absolutely beautiful and I'm not afraid to say it. I give propts where propts are due and she's a hottie. Trust me!

Drewspop - Chris - if you weren't married - well, let me just say - yumm. He's a hottie. He doesn't blog much, but I know he still keeps up with the blogs here and there. Hopefully he'll play along. Girls, if you ever have a chance to meet this handsome father - do it! You won't regret it.

Mikey was nice enough to snap this picture - his composition turned out much better than mine :)

Okay, these are 3 of the sexiest bloggers I know. Congratulations - come claim your prize...

I got nothing

I was glad to see that mostly all of my readers agreed with me yesterday. The sad thing is that I know the guy. We used to hang out when I lived in Maryland. I was in his wedding! I thought he was sending me a new picture of him and his family or possibly just one of his daughter. But no, that's not what he sent at all. Talk about presumptious. Yuck!

Anyway, it's another sunny day here in paradise. The pool is starting to call my name. I think I'd have a much better chance of getting a job if I have a tan. That sounds about right doesn't it? ha ha

I am cracking up about this Miss California Scandal. What was she thinking?? The judge that asked her the question was gay, two of the other judges are openly gay, another of the judges has a brother that is in a gay relationship. Come on! Know your audience. You are on stage competing for the Title of Miss America and half of the judges are gay, I think it's time for you to put your "morals" aside and be a little sensitive of the issue. She shot herself in the foot. She was number one in line for the crown until she answered that question. What an idiot. She gets what she deserves.

And then, the other topic that is all over the news this week is that poor little girl that was in Slumdog Millionaire. Supposedly her father is trying to sell her for the low low price of $300,000 dollars. How could someone sell their own flesh and blood like that? Yuck. Makes me sick.

Check back tomorrow to find out who is getting on my nerves and why!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Um - Gross

Guess what? Little word of advice to all the sleazy guys out there.

It's really not sexy - nor is it hot - nor is it even the least bit attractive when you take a picture of your junk and send it to me. It's pathetic, it's lame and you look like a desperate loser. STOP DROP and ROLL - get a clue.

Ladies - am I right?? Please weigh in on this subject. Am I a prude because I'm not interested in cyber sex? Do I need to lighten up and enjoy these nasty pictures? When he said he was sending a picture, I thought I was going to see a normal photo. I was not at all prepared for the horror that popped up on my screen. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Now I have to go wash my eyes out with soap. I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight and that makes me sad.

We will now resume with our regularly scheduled programming already in progress.

Monday, April 20, 2009


So, I got a message today on Facebook from a girl in Maryland that I used to go to high school with. She's coming out to Vegas next month and wants to hangout. I always get a little apprehensive about meeting up with people I used to party with. Her and I didn't hangout that much in high school, but we really hung out a lot in our twenties. We were BIG clubbers and partiers and I actually introduced her to her husband. So, she's got a few kids now and as far as I know, they don't party anymore, but I still worry. I have a lot of resentment and hostility towards the people I used to party with because like, I spiralled WAY out of control worse than anyone else in my group and I felt like a lot of people turned their back on me and talked shit about me and I just wanted to forget I ever knew most of those people, but with facebook and myspace, I've actually reconnected with TONS of those people and most of them don't seem to judge me nearly as much as I thought they did. So, I dunno. I mean, drugs are the devil and they make you really paranoid, so I have to ask myself sometimes if those people were really as mean to me as I imagined or was it really just in my head? Or, did I hurt those people so much that they had no choice but to turn their backs on me? Ya know? I dunno the answer. I have a very vague recollection of past events. I've tried really hard for many many years to bury those feelings and forget about the past and I hate digging it back up. Anyway, I guess I'll probably meet up with them for dinner or something. We'll see.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was very relaxing. I hung out with my dad the whole time because my mom is in Maryland, but she's coming home tonight so I'm sure I'll be heading back to my house tomorrow. I'm getting a little bored and restless anyway so it'll be good for me to head home and back to my meetings. I haven't been to a meeting in like a week. Lame.

I watched two really good movies last night. I watched 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe. It was a Western and I normally wouldn't like a movie like that, but I figured what the hell - Rusell Crowe is in it so it can't be that bad and it wasn't. It was actually very good. After that I watched Hannibal Rising which was awesome! I love the Hannibal movies and it was GREAT. I enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend both of those flicks to anyone.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fun Things

Why am I up so early? Well, let me tell you.

Opey, the cutest puppy in the world knows NO boundaries and definitely doesn't care about what time it is. He woke me up around 5:30 a.m. today and since he was up, he ob viously wanted to make sure that everyone else in the house was up too. I decided to take one for the team and I got up with him so that my dad could sleep in a little longer. As soon as I got up and took him outside to pee, he jumped on the couch, curled up in a ball and started sleeping as I became engulfed in a game of poker on Full Tilt. I've been playing SO much poker online lately. I don't know why, but it would be great if I was building up my stack instead of watching it dwindle away.

Anyway, let's do a Friday FUN BLOG since I'm up so early on this beautiful sunny Friday. It's so cute seeing how excited my Maryland friends on facebook are today since they are having a nice blast of warm weather on the east coast. All morning people in Maryland are doing their status updates about the beautiful weather. My dad said "I miss the spring like weather we get in Maryland after the cold winter" and I'm like, "what do you mean you miss it? We get that warm weather every single day here. What is there to miss? - Am I right?? I know what he's getting at. I guess he means that you appreciate the warm weather a lot more when you aren't used to getting it. But, I for one am glad that I get to see the sun almost everyday. It has done wonders for my mood and my depression. That Seasonal Depression Thing is no joke, it really exists in my life and it's almost non-existant now that I'm living in a place where the sun is always shining.

So, here's a list of things I enjoy on Friday - I tagged a few people at the bottom and I hope you guys will play along...


My favorite low key place to eat on Friday:

Pizza and wings from New York Pizza. Of course, that was my summerlin pizza joint, I haven't found one in Henderson yet. Bonus points for anyone that knows of a good pizza joint in henderson that delivers.

Favorite Quick Weekend Getaway:

Brianhead, Utah - it's a quick drive from Vegas, it's a very scenic drive and skiing works wonders on making you forget about life, bills, and all of my other daily problems.

I imagine there are some awesome California getaways for me to explore, but I haven't ventured out that way yet. Although, my San Francisco vacation was a blast, but we stayed longer than just a weekend.

Favorite Fancy Place to eat at on Friday:

N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms (make sure to make a reservation for a Friday dinner)

Favorite Shows to watch on Friday:

The Office and Survivor (both shows that I DVR'ed from Thursday night). In fact, as soon as my father is done watching the Weather Channel, I'm going to hop on the TV and watch my favorite shows from last night.

Favorite Casino to gamble at on Friday:

MGM Grand of course (if I'm playing in the poker room).

Favorite Place to gamble on slots on a Friday:

Red Rock - they have the biggest slot floor and they give away lots of bonus comps to locals on the weekends.

This is all fine and good, but Friday is just like any other day to me since I'm not working. Although, I do notice that everyone else seems to be in a GREAT mood today and that's a catchy feeling.

Happy Friday Kids!!

I'm tagging a few friends - I totally made this Friday Fun Blog up, but I'd like to see what these people enjoy doing on Fridays.

Diva if one of the first blogs I check every single day. She's one of my life lines to Baltimore, she's a great writer and I have a feeling that we would be great friends if we lived in the same state.

Jay is a great read - he always makes me laugh and I think he might play along in my fun friday things blog!!

Karen is the best! I love reading her blog and she's one of the first ones I pull up in the morning. I usually don't ever miss a day and if she ever comes out to Vegas, I hope that we get to hang out!

SO@24 is a new blog that I've added to my "read daily" list. He's witty, young and I enjoy reading his blog. I'm taking a chance by tagging him because I don't even know if he'll participate in a meme, but I hope that he does because I'd like to know more about him.

Vegas Linda Lou is my favorite blogger in Vegas. We've hung out a couple of times and I hope to spend more time with her in the future. She's full of life and very fun! Let's all hope she plays along.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Puppy post

Opey is getting so big. Check out the latest pictures I took of him...

A few weeks ago...


Isn't he the cutest puppy in the world??

I miss Lucy, but luckily I have two other dogs that live with me now and I swear, one of them reminds me so much of Lucy. Her name is Pippen...


See the resemblance?????

And, this is Satchel (Pippen's playmate)...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back Home

Well, I left my parent's house today and drove across town (back to my house). It's so hit or miss when I do the drive to and from because I never know how the highway is going to be. If the traffic is light, then I have a nice drive, it's like 25 miles and it goes by fast - but unfortunately, they are doing a bunch of construction on the 15 and I just never know what I'm heading into and then when I finally see it, it's too late to do anything about it. I did find out a new way that I can try, so I just might do it. I cannot stand sitting on the highway in gridlock - it's such a pain in the ass. Traffic in Las Vegas is a real nightmare. I've lived in a few places and this is by far the worst area for traffic. I wish we were like Everyone Loves Raymond and we all lived across the street from each other. I really do.

So, I get a call just a few minutes ago from Rent A Center. I'm like thinking to myself - "I know I didn't rent anything from this place, but like, maybe I applied for a job there. I apply on craigslist and you know, half of the time you have no idea what the company name is.

Anyway, they were calling for a reference for Angie. Apparently they put me down as a reference. Um really? Isn't that too funny? Who uses a person they met in detox for a reference?? Well, I guess Angie does. I think I really am her only friend.

I briefly thought about telling them that she is a compulsive shoplifter, doesn't pay any of her bills, lives off anyone that will allow themselves to be used and that she's basically a crazy bitch. I mean, they asked me how we know each other - should I have said that we met in Westcare Detox facility? ha ha That would have been so funny. But anyway, I'm not a cold hearted snake and I love the kids and I would hate for them to be without a freakin T.V. So, I just answered the questions to the best of my ability, without lying and without telling the whole truth. When they asked how we know each other, I said we are friends. I didn't tell them about all of her personal crap. They asked if she was responsible, and to a certain extent I think she is. I mean, she always makes sure the kids are clothed and fed and that they are happy. Those are pretty important things and she manages that stuff pretty well. And, she did stop using drugs for and that was a HUGE step.

So, whatever - that's that. I told you guys that my mom won her court case about Sydney. He was killed when the nextdoor neighbor dogs attacked him a while back and the neighbors refused to take any responsibility and they wouldn't pay a dime. So, my mom sued them and she won and the guy has had his lawyer calling like every week trying to make a deal and pay less. Um, we already won. You can't fucking make deals after you lost - right? They are so RUDE! Finally, they agreed to pay the whole thing and asked my mom if they could pay 4 installments over the next 4 months and she agreed to that. He said his business is slow. I guess the martial arts arena is another industry being negatively affected by the economy. So, she's a lot nicer person than I am. She agreed to it. After all this shit, I would have sued for like pain and suffering and plus she had to travel back and forth to maryland and get a rental car and all that shit. Oh well.

Anyway, speaking of Maryland, my mom is flying back there tomorrow to spend a few days with her best friend. She had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and she's in a rehab place trying to get better. So, my mom is flying out there to spend some time with her. Nice mommy. She's a good friend, I don't know how I'm related to her. We are so opposites. ha ha She's way more thoughtful than I am.

I'm rambling. As soon as I get a hold of Sari, I'm booking the tickets for Florida. I should be there the first week of May. I'm super excited!!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

So, the more I read over my blog and the comments from you guys, the more I realized that I'd be a fool to keep hanging out with Angie. Just thinking about her is making my blood boil. I had no problem staying away from her this weekend, she must not have needed anything from me because she didn't call. Whatever.

I'm over at my parent's house right now. Their next door neighbors had a really nice Easter Brunch for us today and of course I brought clothes so that I could spend a night or two over here. The only thing is that I forgot my freaking cell phone. Last week I was here and I forgot the stupid charger, so my phone was dying the whole time I was here. Now, I forgot to bring the phone (good thing I remembered the charger though). Ugh. I would seriously lose my head if it wasn't attached. Oh well, I guess it could be nice to forget about the cell phone for a few days.

Of course, I'm still applying for jobs and I swear, it's not working. I'm using the same resume and the same cover letter that I've always used in the past and I know it's a good resume, but unfortunately, when I send out the resume I feel like it's going into outer space because I never hear anything back from anyone. It's just frustrating and annoying. I'm not going to be able to live on unemployment forever, so hopefully something will come through. Did I mention I'm getting annoyed though? Well, I am.

So, in the meantime, I'm thinking I need a vacation. My good friend, Sari, lives in South Florida and I miss her! She really wants me to come visit and this is a beautiful time of the year to be in Florida. Southwest has airfare for $99 each way. I totally think I'm going to do it. Hell, I can apply for jobs over the internet from Florida just as well as I can from here. Right?

Her friend has a place in Key West, so Alcanthang - I'm coming to see you too!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


So, I met this girl a few weeks ago in beautiful, spectacular and the always stunning Westcare Detox downtown. It's free and I was in need of their services so off went.

Angie and I formed a bond pretty quickly. It's an easy thing to do considering there are no electronics allowed in the building, we can't bring in any food, there are no activities, no board games, no phones, no music, and of course no drugs. Plus, I was sick and the only part of my body that was actually working was my mouth.

Fast forward a few weeks later and we are still hanging out. I introduced Angie to her fist N.A. Meeting, I taught her a little bit about the program and recovery, I introduced her to all the cool girls, all the hot guys and more importantly, I helped her to stay away from the backstabbers and the bitches. I even introduced her mom to my dad and he got a part time job out of the deal (her mom owns a hotel downtown).

After all this huge introductions, I can't remember what the hell this blog post was supposed to be about.

So, anyway, we are buds, pals, amigos etc. She has a little boy and a little girl, she's married and she just moved back in with her husband. They actually got an apartment this week. They also don't drive. She doesn't have a driver's license and he has a license, but just barely. I think he wrecked a few cars, had some legal issues and his mom now lends him a little one man scooter. It's okay if he needs to run out of the house for coffee or something, but lord help them if they need to somewhere as a family or whatever. My main goal was to be as UN-involved in the moving process as possible. ha ha I just moved myself and I'm still trying to get my place together. Moving is the last thing I wanted to do this week. My plan didn't exactly work the way I had hoped. I was supposed to be just giving her and the kids a quick ride over from her mom's house to her new apartment and she had everything ready when I got there (which was good), but when we got to the apartment, they had like no food. I couldn't just drop them off and high tail it out of there when I knew the rugrats had no food, the cable wasn't turned on and they didn't even have their bikes over there yet. So, whatever, my little one hour errand turned into half a day.

The worst part is that I was staying at my parent's house in North Las Vegas, she lives way out in East Las Vegas (Henderson), and when I got there her mom was sitting on her butt watching TV. I actually said "why is is that I drove all the way out here from North Las Vegas when your mom is sitting right here? She couldn't give you a ride?" She's like "Well, she didn't know whe was getting off work this early." I just can't imagine asking someone to drive all the way across town to give me a ride when the closest family member in the world, the woman who gave me life is sitting there watching. Whatever.

Now, today, she callss and asks me if I want to go to a meeting. "Go to a meeting" actually means that I have to drive over there and pick her up of course. Since I came back to my house and I live pretty close to her now I figured it was fine, but then she throws in the part about picking up stuff for her kids Easter baskets. Now, I would have said no maybe, because I wasn't really in the mood for a big shopping excursion, but she offered to give me gas money. So, I said yes.

ALSO - two days ago when I helped her move and took her to the grocery store, she offered me gas money and then she never gave it to me. Today, SAME THING - we did all the running around, bought the Easter stuff and no gas money.

Now I'm starting to get annoyed and I'm feeling like she's taking advantage of me. Don't say that you are going to give me gas money if you aren't going to. And, I'm not your personal taxi service, nor am I a chauffer, nor do I owe you anything. When she was living with her mom, her mom used to always throw me gas money, but now that she's living with the hubby and he's controlling the money, I haven't seen shyt.

Oh wait, and here's the kicker. When we were walking through Target, she's looking at the shoes for the kids, and she tells me to open my purse and see if these boy's sneakers will fit in my bag. I'm like "What the fuck? Hell no I'm not stealing for you". I told her I was leaving the store and waiting outside. I should have left her ass there and told her husband to get her. Part of me was just HOPING she'd get caught. Part of me was thinking I should go tell the store on her. I ended up just calling my girl Sari and talking her ear off a little bit.

See, and she's always telling me how much she loves me and how grateful she is to have a friend like me and I can't figure out if she's manipulating me and using me or if she's just really in need of some manners. Ya know?

So, what do you guys think? Kinda crazy right? Am I being used?

3 Years!!!!

Oh my god!! I can't even believe that I let this very important date pass without even noticing. But, I've had this little ol' blog for 3 years baby! That's right kids. I moved out here to Vegas in March of 2006 and I started this blog on April 3, 2006. My first post was about the Venetian Poker Room Grand Opening. I was busy buying furniture for the house that Don and I had just moved into, I didn't know a sole out here in Sin City yet and I wasn't even worried about getting a job because the plan was for us to open a business. My my how things have changed and progressed. I wish my life was where I thought it would be, but it's not. At least I've stuck to this one thing - my blog. I still love my little piece of the internet. I've never regretted starting my blog, I love all the friends I've made, I'm happy for all of the opportunities this blog has brought to me and I feel that there is still lots and lots of blogging left for me to do. So, I'm not going anywhere. Thanks to my readers for always being there for me. I can't wait to see where I'm at this time next year. Things can only get better right?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards

A day late and a dollar short maybe, but here's my red carpet review of the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards from this weekend. It was right here in Sin City at the MGM Grand and I think my roommate actually worked the even (he drives a limo).

So, to start us off let's go wtih a class act -

Reba McIntire...

I think she looks great. This dress is very age appropriate, it fits her very nicely and the color is very complimentary. Plus, it's fun and funky and it was a welcome change.

Kellie Pickler...

I used to think Kellie was so pretty and she's still an attractive girl, but I think I'm just not a huge fan of this dress or her haircut. The dress is your classic mermaid dress, but I think it's a little too gold or something. I'm just not feeling it.

Carrie Underwood...

Carrie looks beautiful. I love the hair and the flowing, beautiful white dress - she looks like a princess and I love it.

Taylor Swift...

This is a beautiful red dress and Taylor pulls it off well. The red lips and the blonde hair tied back are perfect. Very red carpetish - she's really coming into her own in the style arena.

Jennifer Love Hewitt...

I'm still trying to figure out what she's doing at the country music awards. She doesn't sing does she?? At any rate, this is one of the best photos I've seen of Jennifer in a long time. Remember those fat pictures of her at the beach?? Poor thing. I think she looks great in this picture, the dress is very flattering, very classic and her hair and makeup look great too.

Marissa Miller...

Marissa is a Victoria's Secret Model and I can't figure out what she's doing at the country music awards either, but at any rate, she's hot, her body is amazing and she looks awesome in ANYTHING. However, I will say that this dress is very appropriate for the country music awards show and it's adorable. She's a hit.

Lee Ann Womack...

I like that she tried to mix things up and she took a chance. But, this dress reminds me of that movie white noise. Know what I mean? I'm just not feeling it.

Julianne Hough...

I love her dress. I've always been a big fan of silver and gold together - I think the two colors play very well off of each other. I love her hair down, it's beautiful and I love her makeup. I think the whole look is a hit.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban...

What the hell happened to Nicole Kidman? Oh my god, she looks like a granny. I used to think she was so so so pretty. I always thought she looked like a beautiful l ittle china doll, but now - holy crap. It's definitely the hair. The cut and the color are horrible and she is just getting so old looking. It's making me sad. I can't even focus on the dress.

Leann Rimes...

It's basic black and it's pretty boring. At least it's short - that's a good thing. She has nice legs to show off, but she should have went a little more daring and threw some color in there, or a fun pattern. Her accessories are pretty funky though, so they are cool.

Martina McBride...

I love the funky blue strap on this dress. I think it's a great addition to an otherwise pretty plain dress. I would like it if the dress was a little more fitted to show off her figure, but it's a very pretty dress anyway.

So, that's my red carpet update. Feel free to agree or disagree with any and all of my opinions.


On a side note, I stayed at the parental unit's house last night because they went on a day trip to Laughlin and didn't want the puppy to be home alone all day. It was cool. I love staying here with him so I decided to hangout another day. Me and the little guy are getting along famously as always.

And, just an FYI, if you have tried to e-mail me at the account lately, sorry, when Don left the account was shutdown. I'm using or

I always try to respond to e-mails so I'm sorry if I missed anything during the transition.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Real Deal

Okay, I a few readers had some questions about the sponsorship thing and I realize that my posts have been very sporadic - especially in regards to my personal life and my recovery.

So, here goes...

Many Many months ago I started taking pain pills. I sort of justified it in my head because they were prescribed by a doctor and pills were never my problem and they definitely weren't my drug of choice. So, because I'm an addict the pain pill thing got way out of control. To the point that I was getting 120 pills at the beginning of the month and I was out of them before the 2nd week started. 120 is supposed to last you a full month or longer and I was taking them all in one week. So, it all came to a head when on superbowl sunday I was at the Aliante Casino playing poker with my parents and I took a handful of muscle relaxers and I overdosed at the table. The next thing I remember is that security was surrounding me at the table, apparently I had a seizure or something while I was sitting at the table playing poker. My parents were there too, so they came running over and they got me out of the casino and took me back to their house and that's when everything came out in the open. I explained to them that I hadn't really been clean this whole time and that I take pain pills even though I don't have any pain (I just like the way they make me feel) and understandably, they were devastated. They thought I had been doing so good. Anyway, I went to detox the next day because I had to get the pain pills out of my system. I was majorly addicted to them and if I didnt take them every few hours, I got super sick.

During this whole time my dad was in constant contact with my sponsor. He was calling her on a daily basis and he was just so upset that he thought maybe Lisa (my sponsor) would be honest with him and help me. Everyone had the best intentions for me, but I didn't take too kindly to my father calling my sponsor. First of all, the sponsee/sponsor relationship is supposed to be private. But, come to find out, Lisa was telling my father if ]I was really calling her and how often we were talking and what we were talking about. When I found that out I was super pissed. So, I decided to find a new sponsor. Not to mention I moved to the other side of town and it was more convenient to find someone that was living closer to me\. My new sponsor is Rene and I love her to death, I still have a good relationship with Lisa too though She is a good friend.

So, basically I am starting all over again and hopefuflly I will get my shit together.

So, that's my stoty and I'm sticking to it. Hopefully things will work out this time,

Do you have any more questions?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

so late

Here I am, it's about 11:00 a.m. and I'm drinking a monster and playing two sit and go's on Full Tilt - my normal morming routine.

So many things have been going on the past few days/weeks - I don't even know where to begin.

I probably got rid of about 10 full bags of clothes to Goodwill and it felt good! I had so much stuff in my room - unbelievably. I'm still getting everyging situated, but so far so good.

So, I got a new sponsor. She's the bomb. I love her to death. Maybe this time around I'll be a good girl. I just asked her to be my sponsor yesterday and like, two of her other girls called me and welcomed me to the sponsorship family. They were really warm and welcoming. It's good stuff.

Don left yesterday for good. It was really sad. I mean, I've lived with him for almost 5 years and now what I am I going to do? He ALWAYS bails me out when I'm in need - I've leaned him for a very long time, so now it's like I'm starting a whole new chapter of my life. It's a little scary. Last night I talked to him and he was driving through Arizona with Lucy. Can you imagine driving across the country with a dog by your side? Poor thing. I do not envy him and his drive across the country. I do, however, love Florida and I miss it sometimes. I really have a reason to visit florida now. Vacation time!

As of now, I have like 4 good friends that live in South Florida and if I went out there, I could stay with any and all of them. I'm excited. I'll definitel be planning a trip in the winter of course. Fuck Florida and the humidity in summer. Yuck. Not to mention all of the hurricanes.

The only thing that is bothering the shit out of me right now is that my TV isn't hooked up in my room yet. I have to do sone rearranging and the TV is really heavy so I cant carry it my byself and I really want my own TV in my room. David sits down everything and watches his shows, and I either have to watch what he's watching or get my own tv or like last night, play poker on the computer. My goal is to get this TV situation worked out within the next two days. I just need a big strong man to help me for like 10 minutes.

As usual, I'm running late. If I ever made it somewhere on time the world might blow up. So, on that note. I'll be back tonight or tomorrow.