Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Fashion

So, it was a beautiful weekend here in Vegas. I mean, you know, the weather is always pretty good, lots of sun and no humidity or rain, but this weekend was especially nice.

Saturday they had a Memorial Day cookout here in my parent's community. So, I was told beforehand that they were providing food, but we were only allowed to have one burger. Not two. Not three. Just one. heheh Gottta love old people. I didn't care because I don't eat that much anyway. What was even funnier was that my dad helped himself to a very generous portion of baked beans and my mom said something to him, another lady from another table came over and made a comment about it, and so before anyone could call the cops on him, he hurried up and ate the rest of them. Aren't they so funny here?? That's why I always joke about not ever gettting away wiht anything in this community. It would never happen. The neighborhood watch is WAY more dangerous than the cops. When my parents were out of town on vacation last week, I couldn't remember what day we were supposed to put out the trash, so I just took an educated guess and put it out on the street Wednesay night before I went to bed. When I got up Thursday the trash can had been moved out of the street, up the driveway and in between my car and the garage door. Concerned citizen I guess.

Today we had dinner at Vino at the Cannery. My good buddy Dan joined us and we gave him his share of the bowling money from last season. It's alway nice to get some money back - especially when we came in LAST place. ha ha

After dinner, Mom and I went to the movies. I don't do it often because I usually get bored and have a hard time sitting still nithe theater, but of course I'll make an exception for the girls of Sex and the city!! Loved it! I mean, the movie isn't going to win any awards or anything, but I really enjoyed it. And, I loved loved loved the fashion! The music was good too and who would have ever thought they'd see Liza Minelli performing the Beyonce hit

My favorite scene...

Awesome right??

Well kids, it's ice cream time - see ya tomorrow!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free Room and Board

I didn't feel like leaving the house tonight when 8 thirty rolled around, but I told my sponsor that I'd have my first step work done by today and so I had to follow through or else she would accuse me of procrastinating, which we all khow is a huge problem of mine. So, since I'm trying to do something different, I got my butt up off the couch and went to a 9 p.m. meeting and then we went over step one. All done. Just in time for me to celebrate three months clean. Not today or tomrorow, but in the next week - woo hoo!

So, when I got to meeting, I saw my friend that got arrested that night in my car. He is just now getting out of jail. He was in there for almost a month!! He said they were all traffic tickets. Not like speeding, but tickets for not having insurance and driving on suspended tags and stuff like that. When he got arrested, he owed more than 10 thousand dollars to the state of Nevada. No wonder the guy doesn't drive.

All that is behind him though. Somehow, by spending 30 days in jail broken up in between North Las Vegas jail and Clark County Jail, he was able to "pay off" those fines. It was something like 300 dollars a day.

So, there ya have it... If you come to Las Vegas and get a jay walking ticket and can't pay your fine, then you just have to spend a half day in jail and your set.

The more ya know!

Oh yeah and check this out... they pulled his teeth while he was there. He didn't want to go to the dentist, but his teeth are like all rotten or something. I dunno. But, he's been wanting to get dentures, so over the past few months he's been trying to pull them out himself (I just found this out tonight by the way). So, in jail, he told them they were hurting and they said the only thing they could do was pull them out and he said "yeah, that's what I want". So, thanks to me, he got free dental work and free room and board for a month. And here I was feeling bad about being the one to send him to jail.

So, I'm about to finish off this orange cream amazingly delicious ice cream and then I'm going to finish making my dad's business cards. He's doing freelance work in the neighborhood and he's booking jobs left and right!! It's pretty cool. So, I'm going to hook him up with some pink and purple rainbow cards. hehe Oh yeah right. I tried that already and he wasn't going for it. I have to settle for like black print and maybe a very manly looking border.

Goodnight and happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sorry guys - had to take a few days off...

Anyway, a few weeks ago I started talking to this guy at a meeting about gambling and the different machines we play at the casino etc. He plays a lot at Arizona Charlies and I get free slot play a few times a month. The conversation quickly turned to free slot play at the casino and more specifically, casinos that give you free slot play if you sign up for a players card.

I never sat down and thought about it, but there were quite a few casinos I hadn't hit up for free slot play yet.

So, one night him and I set out on a quest to get ourselves as much free slot play as possible. First, we started off at the Tuscany Suites. MOst of you have probably never heard of the joint and it's nothing to write home about, but they a cool promotion for first time signups. You pick a card out of a drum and you get whatever amount is on the card (anywhere from ten dollars up to one hundred I believe).

Of course we both got the ten dollars, but I won't complain. Free is free.

So, to make a long story short, I decided to make a list - a free slot play list that would name all of the casinos in Vegas that give away slot play, how much they give away and if the promotion is worth the trip. Wouldn't that be helpful?? Visitors and locals alike would benefit from such a list because lets face it - we all like free stuff right????

So, I'm in the process of creating said document. Once it's created it'll be a breeze to update on a regular basis. The hard part is just getting it all down for the first time, and honestly, that's really not so hard. Once it's all said and done maybe I can add it to the web so that Everyone in the whole entire WORLD can see it. heheh Who knows? If it's really the first of it's kind, maybe it'll become really popular and everyone will want to check it out before they come out to Vegas for vacation and what not. I might even be able to get some advertisers and sponsors. Shit, soon enough, Opra will be calling. heheh Okay okay. A girl can dream can't she??

So, for my very special readers who I love so dearly, let me fill you in on the best kept secret in town...

The Sahara

Yes, it's old, it doesn't smell all that great and it's next to Crack town USA, but the players club is bomb! When you signup, you cn't get slot play right away, but you get a free spin on this slot machine and it gives out free slot play. Then, everyday for eternity you get one free spin per day. Great deal! Especially for locals that live nearby.

For every 100 points you earn, you get a five dollar bill and Five Dollars in free slot play. Everytime you play you earn comps that can be used in the gift shop and restaurants etc. I was hungry the other night on my way out of the casino so I stopped in the gift shop and got myself a coke and a big bag of kettle chips and I used my compjs to pay for it. No hassle!

It's not over... As you are earning points and earning comps, you are also earning drawing entries for a drawing that is done twice a day. MOre free prizes and slot play are given away via this drawing.

Last but not least, they have a daily slot tournament everyday of the week from Tuesday throught Saturday. And its free to all players club members. You just have to get your butt down to the Sahara during the day to enter. This is the reason I know so much about this players club. I was sitting next to a girl the other night and she got second place in the slot tourney and she had two hundred bucks in free slot play that shew as using!! Color me jealous.

Oh yeah and then today in the mail I got a card from the Sahara. They sent me fifty dollars in free slot play to use this month!!!! Holy crap! I love the Sahara. Love love love. And, I'm not kidding...,. they have great machines that pay off. I win like crazy everytime I play there.

I think I'm starting to sound like an infomercial now so it's time to say goodbye - the Sahara needs to hire me as a spokesperson.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old School Thinking

Did you ever know someone that just didn't have a filter? Or, have you had the opportunity to spend time with someone that just totally made you cringe with the things they said and did??


I was hanging out with someone recently that just didn't know how to SHUT it. The guy was super nice, outgoing and fun, but oh my god, every once in a while he would say something that made my whole body shutter. I caught myself looking around in hopes that nobody would know I was with him.

Talk about a deal breaker! For me it is anyway. I don't like to be embarassed in public - I mean - who does??

And, normally, I don't care too much what people think about me, but, on the otherhand, I sometimes like to fly under the radar and if I'm hanging with Mr. Life of the Party even at two in the afternoon, well, you know, it gets a little old.

Here, let me give you a true example...

we are standing in line at a grocery store and it was later in the night, so there were some interesting sights to be seen. Anyway, there was a black couple checking out in front of us and they were moving kind of slow. Mr. LIfe of the Party was So sure they had been smoking weed and were stoned. And then, to make matters worse, they bought a BUTTload of candy. So, he's giggling like a schoolgirl that they are stoned and he keeps saying it. He apparently doesn't know what whisper means so you can forget about that. And then, finally, he says "Hey man, roll a fatty for me". The couple tries to ignore him, but he wouldn't let it go. He points to the MOUND of candy on the converyer belt and they tell him that their kids are going on a school field trip so they wanted to take some candy with them.

Duh! Sounds like a perfectly logical reason to me. I mean, where the hell did he grow up? A barn? NO social skills at all. I don't even think he was embarrassed. I, on the other hand was mortified. Hell, I am part of the old school thinking that you keep your drug habits a secret. I'm definitely not one to announce it to everyone within a five mile radius. Sheesh!

I have a couple of job possibilities lined up so I must run!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In general, I'm a pretty laid back chick. I don't care what other people are doing. I don't go out of my way to find out what's going on with just about anything. If there was a crime and it happened in front of me, I'd be the worst witness in the world. I dont pay attention to detail at all. This is probably the reason my car is so banged up. But, I digress.

So, anyway, I'm at the store yesterday and there's a youngish twenty something guy walking around doing his grocery shopping and wearing his ipod. Okay, no big deal. I see a lot of people doing that. But then, I saw this adorable little girl, maybe around three years old and she's just following him around like a puppy dog. He's not talking to her, he's not making her trip to the grocery store fun or memorable at all. The only thing I could think of was how much of an asshole he is. Who does that to a kid???? I mean, what the fuck?? Poor girl. I wanted to swoop her up so bad and take her home with me. He'll regret his actions someday.

Speaking of people being nosey...

My dad sometimes does odd jobs and landscaping type work for people in the community for pocket cash. So, he's over at someone's house this morning and he's loading or unloading his truck. I dunno. Next thing he knows, in comes the security guard from the front gate. With a sheepish and embarassed smirk on his face as if he couldn't believe what he was about to say... he says to my dad "is that your truck out front?" and my dad says "yeah, why?" and he's like "well, someone called to complain that your truck is facing the wrong direction on the street". OH MY GOD! Yes, this is what happens in a 55 and over community. Bored people, waiting for death and nothing to do. I would NEVER try to get away with anything living here. The depth of nosiness is just unbelievable. Please tell me how my dad's truck facing the wrong direction in a cul de sac is negatively affecting anyone on the earth. Please, explain this to me.

Last item of interest for tonight...

I was playing at the Cannery earlier this evening - yes, I know, unbelievable that i was gambling and especially at the Cannery. So, I'm playing multi card keno and killing it by the way! I hit 7 out of my 8 numbers which gave me 6out of 6, two 5 out of 5's and 7 out of 8. But, there's skill to this game. sort of. I mean, not really skill, but you do need to overlap the numbers on your cards to reach maximum potential and it's taken me a while to learn the patterns that uusally hit and which numbers work for me.

Anyway, this guy sits down and hits 6 out of 6 FOUR times on one spin. He leans over to me and says "these aren't even my numbers, I put ten bucks in teh machine and played the numbers that were already on the screen". UGH! Blasphemy! Who does that?? There should be a law against stealing someone else's numbers. Get your own. It's like stealing someone else's work and claiming it was yours. It's just not right dammit.

Oh yeah, last thing. I went to the Riviera today because they were giving away free slot play. Um, yeah, guess how much I got?? It's like a random number generator, so you don't know how much you got until you put the card in the machine. Yeah, I got a whole freaking dollar. WHAT THE? I played that one stinkin dollar and did not put another dime in their machines. I was so fucking annoyed that I drove there, parked, rode the elevator, walked all through the casino in heels, filled out paperwork to the get the card, found a machine that was playable and they have the never to give me a dollar?? I'm boycotting that place now. You guys should do the same. It's a dump anyway.

The more ya know!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My week

First off - do me a huge favor and check out
Love Elf's page. She is in need of some awesome folks like yourselves to fill out her dissertation survey. That's right dammit - I have some smart friends too. They aren't all losers. I just write about the losers because let's face it, they are more interesting - am i right?? We all love to hear about a good train wreck ya know??

Make sure you come back to my page when you complete her survey though. I'll wait for you - don't worry...

Are you back now? Good!!

The parental units are back from their cruise. They went from L.A. to San Fran through Seattle and up into Canada. I think they had a good time, although my dad would have much rather went to the Caribbean and laid on a beach somewhere. I can't blame him.

I, on the otherhand, had a great week.

As you already know I had some very good luck at the casinos to start the week off right. I won like almost 200 dollars playing video keno on free slot play!! Yes FleaStiff, I know that keno has the worst odds, but you can win so much on such a little bit of money if you hit. So, every once in a while I'll go on these crazy wild lucky streaks and I'll make so much money!

The reason I'm so hooked on keno is well, let me tell you...

I had been living here in Vegas for a few months and I was working at the MGM and making a lot of money and I was at the local bar playing video poker and I couldn't hit anything. So, I switched over to the keno game. I had never played video keno, but I had played regular keno back in Maryland so I knew the basics. I started off trying to hit four numbers because I knew that wouldn't be hard to hit. But, I kept trying to hit and I just couldn't. So, the guy sitting next to me says "why don't you try playing more than four numbers?" I'm thinking, okay, I can't even hit four, how am I supposed to hit more? But, I'll give it a try. I punch in six random numbers, totally devoid of meaning, just six numbers and I was playing max bet on quarters (so, I was playing one dollar a spin). I'll be damned if all six numbers didn't come up. I'm thinking I won a couple hundred or something. The machine locks up and I have to fill out paperwork. Finally, I realize that I just hit for $1500. Hot DAMN!

So, I go back to the same bar and sit down at the same machine the next day. I put in six numbers and I hit AGAIN!!!!!! So, now I've won $3,000 in two days and this is the first time I've ever played video keno.

A few days later I go to a different bar, I sit down, I put in six numbers and I hit AGAIN. I am not kidding. I won $4500 in one week. I was hooked. I still am.

Last night my dad hit 7 out of 7. He was playing 3 cents a spin and he won $250.00 Now you tell me. Keno is a suckers game? I think not.

Yes, the odds may be against you, but if you are looking to win a lot by wagering just a little, keno is the way to go.

Anyway, with my winnings, I went to the mall and bought myself a new outfit. Frivolous? Maybe. But, I can honestly tell you that I haven't bought myself any new clothes since I've been unemployed - were talking like a whole year. If you know me, then you know that is SO out of character for me. I'm a shopaholic, I love the mall, I love clothes and If I could do it all over again, I would totally be a stylist. They have it made in the shade. Fashion Shows, the newest clothes, accessories, shoes - ugh - you name it.

So, I bought myself a new outfit, and it's totally fab. I'll see if I can find some pictures of it online.

In the interim, I am trying to create some business cards for my dad. I'm having a hard time downloading the templates from the web. So, we'll see. I might have to call in my hero, Waffles.

Found some pics....

I purchased a really cool blouse, it's a cross between the two blouses below, I got a pair of khaki capri pants and to finish off the outfit I got that adorable Jones of New York Signature jacket. Loves it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Love...With Vegas

Well, I'm going to make this quick because I'm starving and dinner is almost ready, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm alive and well. My week didn't exactly turn out as planned. Do plans ever really work out?? In my life things don't ever seem to work out the way I think they will.

At this point in time, I'm really not ready to talk about L.A. Boy and what went down with him.

On the flip side though, I went on the luckiest streak I've had in a LONG ass time. I played at like three different places over the weekend and I'm not kidding you, I walked out of the house with ten bucks. I came home with about $180.00 I couldn't freakin lose.

I hit five out five on 4 different machines. It was out of control. I hit Cleopatra for five out of five on the bonus round and I was betting 20 cents a spin. That little jackpot gave me 1800 nickels.

Happy Days!! I love Vegas!

Friday, May 07, 2010

The one and only

So, My boy from L.A. is driving into Vegas tonight! It's a done deal. Mom is treating me to a pedicure right now so I don't have much time to type. But, Brandy, yes, that's the same Chris - the one and only!!

And, Lori, I'm sure you've met him. If not in person, you've definitely seen pictures of him. I'll take some pics this weekend for sure and post them asap.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fresh Start

So, I'm going to make this quick because I'm about to run our the door, but today is Thursday and my parents are heading out of town in like two days. I talked to my boy in L.A. last night (Chris) and he says he's still on board to come stay with me for a few days.

Here's the situation with Chris...

We were VERY good friends back in Maryland. We spent tons of time together, I trusted him with my deepest and darkest secrets and he never fucked me over. He's a true blue friend and I would even venture to say he's the one that got away. I probably would have married him back in Maryland, but we both went out separate ways.

Through all of these years our lives have mirrored each others...

Like, when he lived in maryland, he was on a pro bowling tour or some sort. He's bowled more than a handful of 300 games and if I look him up online I can still find his name in the records books.

Then, a few years later, I started bowling. Not a huge big deal. But, I also got into the poker scene pretty big. Now, I found out he's playing in all the big tourneys out in L.A.

When I looked him up a few years ago, I found out he was in Florida. I was also living in Florida. We were less than 30 miles from each other. We were both freinds with Bill and when he died, we were both in Rehab. He was in Rehab in Florida and I was in Rehab in Maryland.

Then, I moved to Vegas and I found out that he too was living on the west coast, in Cali and his mom lives here in Vegas!

Coincidence? I dunno.

We'll see what happens when we are hanging out together, both of us clean, both of us in N.A. We've never spent any time together completely sober. So, it'll be interesting.

I'm just happy to be moving on. Even if things don't work out with Chris, I'm so completely done with old baggage that's been weighing me down and I'm ready for a fresh start.

Monday, May 03, 2010


Okay, the popular question today is "why are you hanging out in questionable neighborhoods with a guy that has multiple arrest warrants?"

Well, here's the funny and very true answer...

I met the guy at an NA Meeting. I mean, everyone harps on me about going to meetings and being involved with the fellowship, and see what happens when I go to meetings?

Let me clarify...

Not always, but a lot of N.A. Meetings are held in not so nice neighborhoods. Think about it. If you lived in a nice area in your nice house with your nice car and your nice family, would you want a bunch of drug addicts congregating across the street in the community clubhouse or the nice church that you attend? Probably not. Whenever we try to start a new meeting we have a hard time finding a meeting place. Even though most addicts attending meetings are clean and doing the right thing, the label "drug addict" is just not so nice. So, that's the reason I was in a not so awesome neighborhood. The other part of the question, why am I hanging with the guy? Well, he's an older gentlemen, he has five years clean and he doesn't drive (now I know why).

So, he lives pretty close to me and I give him a ride home once in a while. We all pitch in and pick him up. I'm just the lucky one that got pulled over with him in the car.

Oh well. It was bound to happen. He was going to have to clean up his legal mess eventually, I just helped him do it sooner.

I gotta laugh with you Jay - I thought everyone knew to keep their mouth shut when getting pulled over. I mean, what was he thinking? And not to be rude, but I gotta say, this guy is a real ass sometimes. He is an older guy and he's just so cheap. He never offers to give me gas money, he acts like I owe him sometimes when I give him a ride. I mean, I'm not asking for a parade, but a simple "thank you" once in a while would be nice. Am I right??

That very night on the way home I had decided to myself that I wasn't giving him anymore rides home. He was being an ass and I was sick of it. I had even texted my sponsor to tell her and that's about the time I saw the cop up ahead.

It's karma baby. Maybe he'll think about his attitude while he's locked up.

And, the other question "how do I have money to pay this stuff?"

Well, I'm not on unemployment anymore, but I was. A few weeks ago I got a nice chunk of change back from Uncle Sam, so instead of spending it like I normally would... I had my mom hold on to it for me so that we could clean up my messes. So, I paid for most of it with my tax money and then my parents of course helped me too.

All of that money is now gone though so that's why I'm kicking up the job search.

On Kleo, when I hit six out of six I won about 40 bucks because I was playing 6 cents at a time instead of 15 cents like I normally play.

And then on four card keno when I hit five out of five I won 810 credits. So, one time I was just playing for a penny. I had only put a buck in the machine because I was wasting time waiting for my dad to finish. So, I won 8 bucks and ten cents.

And then, the other time I was playing for 2 cents and I won 16 bucks and 20 cents.

Hope this answers all of your questions guys!

Sunday, May 02, 2010


OMG! I haven't logged onto the computer in like five days or something. I'm sure I haven't missed much anyway.

So, let me catch you guys up...

Last week on Thursday I called the insurance company and paid the money necessary to get my car insured. Finally! I've been driving around for months without any insurance. So, they took the payment and said that I will have insurance as of Friday. Cool. I called the courthouse and they said to fax the paperwork over on Friday. NO problem.

So, of course, I wasn't sitting in the house all day Thursday. I went out like usual and did my thing. And, wouldn't it figure, I got pulled over. Obviously! We could all see that coming right?

Here's the funny part. The cop asks me if I know why I got pulled over. I go blabbing about the insurance and the warrant I have for my arrest since I didn't have insurance and I got a ticket a while back that I didn't show up for court for. He takes my license and goes back to his car, runs my name, comes back to the car and there's no warrant. He doesn't care about the insurance thing because he said I've obviously taken care of it and he sends me on my way. The passenger in my car wasn't so lucky...

Like a moron, he tried to get out of the car when I got pulled over. Instead of sitting there and nodding his head and smiling, he tried to get out of the freakin car. The cop was PISSED!! He started yelling at him to get back in the car, he made him give his name and social security number, and come to find out, he had a couple of warrants out for his arrest. He got out of the car and went away in handcuffs. He just would have sat there and let me do the talking he would have made it home safely and soundly.

Oh, and why did I get pulled over? Because I was in a questionable neighborhood with a car that resembled one that was recently stolen. Really? Yeah right. I'm so sure. They just wanted to pull me over. I get pulled over like it's going out of style.

Anyway, all of that is behind me. The car has insurance. All tickets have been paid. All warrants are gone and I can finally speed again. ha ha. Just kidding.

So, it's Sunday and he's still in jail. I don't envy him at all.

I went to Sam's Club yesterday and spent 75 bucks! Good lord. I love that place, but it's so easy to rack up a bill. It's all good though. I wanted to stock up on easy to cook food since I'll be by myself for a while. I got those cute little white castle cheeseburgers and some mac and cheese and, i dunno, just easy stuff.

Oh yeah, did I mention I hit five out of five twice this week on Four Card Keno? I also hit 6 out of 6 last night on Cleopatra Keno. I'm in the midst of another winning streak. I wonder how long this one will last.

Other than that, not much to speak of. Have a happy Monday kids. One of these days I might actually get a job too.