Monday, September 27, 2010

here we go again...

I have yet another court date in a string of court dates tomorrow. This time I'm heading to North Las Vegas courthouse to deal with the tickets I received when I ran the stop sign near my house and the cop took the tags off my car. I think it's just a stop sign ticket, but who knows. Either way, I'm out on bail right now. Yes, that's right, bail. A few weeks ago around midnight two uniformed marshalls showed up at the door to take me to jail for not showing up to court to deal wtih this stop sign ticket. My only choices were to go to north las vegas jail at midnight and stay in there for god only knows how long or to pay $1200 in bail, at my front door. My parents were none too pleased to be awakened by yet another set of police and to have to pay yet another bail. And, who can blame them. So, come hell or high water, my ass will be at court tomorrow no matter what so that my parents can get their money back and I can try to clean up the mess I created over the past year.

After court tomorrow and after we deal with the ticket I got from the accident a few weeks ago, I'm completely trouble free. Finally. And, it's probably a good thing that I don't have a car for a while, that way I can't get any more tickets!

Remind me not to jay walk!! hehe

Anyway, I just picked out a responsible outfit, mapquested the directions, set the alarm and I think I'm good to go.

wish me luck...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Okay, so here's a quick update on me...

On the upside, I found the missing photo albums in question, yay! And not only that, but I also found a few albums that I didn't know existed. These are really old albums that my parents put together before I was born.

The accident I was in a few weeks ago was pretty bad, both airbags went off and basically my car is totalled. It's been hell living without a car and I don't know when I'll ever be able to get a new one.

I signed up for college again today. The school and the program are similar to the last one I signed up for, but the cost is only half of what the other place was charging, they weren't nearly as pushy and classes don't start for a month, so I'm not feeling as rushed. It's a good thing!

Ummmm, I think I had some other stuff to say, but I started this post a long time ago and then I was interrupted and now I can't remember. Story of my life!

Happy Friday kids.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I've been listening to the Adam Corolla Podcast thie week. I've missed those guys!! They never disappoint. Adam is so smart and funny, and the other two (Teresa and Bald Brian) play so well off each other, as a team, they just work so well. Before I moved out here to Vegas, I was doing some research on Thai food restaurants and I found a great writeup on a place called Lotus of Siam. I've passed the place no less than a hundred times since I've lived here, but I've never eaten there.

Tonight, I'm finally taking the Lotus of Siam plunge. One of my Dutch readers is here in town and we are meeting over at the Venetian tonight and having dinner atht the thai food restaurant. I'm pretty psyched.

Another friend of mine from high school and NSA Work Study days is here in town this weekend too. She's staying at Mandalay Bay and we are going to try to hook up. Busy Busy weekend!

I'm sick to my stomach about this. I'm missing some photo albums and it's driving me nuts. I've been tearing the house apart. I found three albums that I made, but I'm missing like another 4 of them. I just don't know where they could be, but those pictures are irreplaceable. Ugh.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mystery Solved

I found out what happened with the clubhouse and the late night phone call...

Okay, so the day after I took my parents to the airport, I got up early the next day to retrieve my phone. I had left it somewhere, who knows, but a friend of mine grabbed it and I was meeting him to pick it up. He's not a good freind, just like someone I know. Anyway, I left the back door open so that Opey could go potty because he hadn't gone yet. Unfortunately, I got in the accident and I was gone a lot longer than 20 minutes like I planned.

So, Opey was in and out barking his little head off and annoying the neighbors. Then, when I finally got home, it was dark, and the trash cans were still outside. So, I grabbed Opey and had him out front with me as I was bringing in the cans. I got sidetracked with him running around, me trying to grab the mail and locking everything up, so I forgot to close the garage door.

I guess, the security guard was walking around the neighborhood and saw the door open at 3 in the morning and he was concerned. So, he called the house. Now, why did he hang up on me when I answered?? That's a good question. I still don't know the reason there. But, he also called my mom the next day to tell her that he called the house at 3 a.m.

So, I get this call from my mom the next day. She hasn't been gone but like 24 hours and the neighbors are freaking calling her to complain that Opey was barking and they were trying to sleep, which, whatever, I got home at like 9, but they go to bed at like 7 or something. So, then, they also told her the garage door was open all night. As if that has anything to do with anyone else here. I mean, how does that affect them in the least??

Drama. It's like High School. I'm telling you, living in a retirement community when you are in your 30's is like, not the wisest thing in the world. These people are bored and nosey and fake and phoney. They are nice to your face and talk about you behind your back.

But, it's not all bad. I mean, it's a nice community, very pretty and clean and safe. Not to mention, when I had the accident, I was stranded over on the other side of town. I never picked up my cell phone, my car was towed away and I didn't even have any cash on me. So, I called the clubhouse here in the community and one of the ladies that works up there was nice enough to come pick me up. I was so grateful.

People in Vegas act as if North Las Vegas is in another state. I had a few people lined up to take me home and when I told them where I lived, they were like "oh, hell no". I even offered someone twenty bucks and they wouldn't do it. Honestly, it's not that far, but it just has this stigma or something.

L.A. Boy were here this weekend. We had fun! I'm hoping he'll be coming into town again this weekend. He's the only person allowed in the house and he's the only person I would even want in the house. So, while he was here, I was looking for the albums I made from like ten years ago. I found three, but I'm missing another 3 or 4 and I'm bummed. I really love those pictures. I'm still looking but it's frustrating. I tried out the scanner today and here's a before and after shot of me and my "enhancements"...

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Well, I already typed this once and lost the whole thing when I tried to publish it, so here we go again...

I've had a yucky few days...

I drove my parents to the airport the other day. ON the way home I made a stop and turned off the engine. I forgot that my mom is having battery issues wiht her car. I get back in and the battery is dead. UGH. I Had to get a jump from some stranger. At least it started up after that. Later that same day I lost my cell phone. I called it and someone I know has it. So, I get up today and head across town to pick up my phone and I get in a car accident along the way. Not pretty. Someone went to the hospital, my legs are banged up and they were bleeding from the airbags. My car got towed away. I had to find a ride home from the scene of the accident and you would think that North Las Vegas is in canada or something. People hear those three little words and they are like "oh hell no". I ended up calling the clubhouse here in the community and asking one of my parent's friends to give me a ride.

Speaking of the clubhouse...

IT's 3 in the morning and I'm awake. Why you ask? Well, I got this phonecall on the house phone at 2:50 a.m. The caller I.D. said it was coming from teh clubhouse here in the community. Normally I wouldn't answer the house phone, but I'm like "who the hell is calling here at 3 inthe morning?" I answer it and they hang up! Okay, Creepy! The clubhouse is closed from 9 p.m. - 6 a.m. So, I'm wondering who in the hell is up there and why they are calling here. I thought about calling the guard shack because we have guards 24 / 7, but I had a vision of police officers at the front, calling here to see if I was home so they could come take me to jail. I don't have any outstanding warrants that I know of, but just to be safe, I turned off all the lights and the T.V. and pretended I wasn't home. So, I defintely wasn't calling the guard shack to alert them to the fact that yes, it's Carmen that's home and answered the phone, so come and get me.

Of course, it's 4:30 now so I think I can safely say the police aren't coming to get me. I'm still really perplexed about the 3 a.m. phone call. As long as I've been living here, the phone has never rang that late and I'm pretty sure we never got any prank calls from the clubhouse. CREEPY!! I still might call up to the guard or drive up there when the sun comes up. He needs to tell me if anyone was there at 3 and if he doesn't think anyone was there, I'm going to let him know that someone definitely was there.

I bet you guys thought I forgot about the Emmys Red Carpet. I didn't. I'm just late in putting the post up. But, I'm working on it now so stay tuned...