Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm back

Hey guys! I'm alive. Sorry for the disappearing act. I guess I've been pretty depressed for the past week or two. The main reason is because my unemployment ran out and I haven't found a job yet. So, the last time I filed for my weekly compensation, a note popped up on the computer saying that I might qualify for tier 3 benefits or something like that and that if I did qualify they would automatically update my page to let me know. So, the next day I checked and it still said zero, so I figured I was done. Two weeks go by and just yesterday I decided to pull up that page just for the hell of it and I'll be damned if they didn't add more money!!!!!! So, I filed yesterday and the money was there today! Wow! I'm impressed with how quick they are able to process the payments. Very nice. I'm so happy that I have money again.

I went out and bought myself a new cell phone today. I had been using my dad's phone for the past few weeks because I lost my phone. So, now I can give him back his phone and I have a nice new one for myself. I went with Cricket again and I bought the absolute cheapest one they had. It was $29.99 and I think I'll be perfectly happy with it. I definitely don't need anything fancy right now.

My aunt and uncle might be buying a house here in vegas, so they flew into town tonight for 6 days. It's always nice to visit with family. I'm looking forward to seeing them and I'm going to suggest that we go to the Cosmopolitan while they are in town since my mom and I haven't been there yet.

I also managed to lose my driver's license somehow and two pairs of sunglasses. That's right. Two pairs. One of them was my dad's! I went out and replaced both pairs tonight. I don't know what is up with me but I'm so scatterbrained or something. I'm losing everything.

Well, I'm going to update my resume and apply for some jobs! Goodnight kids!