Saturday, May 28, 2011


Oh this is just too funny...

Obama should have maybe read up on Royal customs and traditions before he decided to talk over the anthem while giving a toast. The Queen made sure he won't ever make that mistake again - quite the snub wouldn't you guys agree??

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Before I continue on with the story, let me try to clarify a few points and answer some of the questions I've received from my readers...

You guys need to know that at the time of the accident I was with Progressive Insurance. As I"m sure you guys have already figured out, my insurance is pretty high due to my many accidents. As a result of me being broke and having such a bad driving record I can't afford to have all the bells and whistles that most people have with their policies. My car is paid off so I only have liability insurance. I have the bare minimum. So, I don't get a rental car if my car is in an accident. In fact, if the accident is found to be my fault then my car doesn't get fixed at all unless I pay for it out of pocket. So, in this case I'm hoping to be reimbursed for the towing expense ($100.00) but i had to initially pay for it myself.

I didn't go to a regular place because I couldn't afford it. My parents and I were sort of on the outs during that particular week and I hadn't been home in a week or so. That's why, once again, I did the bare minimum that I could do to get my car back on the road. David is a retired mechanic so he called around to junk yards and found one that had a 2000 Mercury Sable just like mine and we got some used parts from that car. He did all of the labor for free (sort of). He knew I was going to pay him, but he also knew that it wasn't going to be for a week because I had to spend my whole unemployment check on buying the parts. So, when I got my next check he got money from me.

We didn't know that all this other stuff was wrong with the car because he doesn't have a lift at his house or anything. He didn't do a whole checkup on the car, he just fixed the VERY big and obvious problem of the broken axel. I drove around for about two weeks on a VERY dangerous car apparently but I really had no idea until yesterday when we took it in to Goodyear.

I'm still trying to track down the Security report from Boulder Station. I sent them a very nice e-mail a few days ago explaining my situation and asking them for the report, but so far they haven't responded. I'm picking up the phone here in a few minutes and calling them.

I didn't even know the girl's name that attacked my car until I got a letter in the mail from her insurance company. So, now I finally have her information and I can press charges against her. Progressive wouldn't even give me her name. Even though she put in a claim against me. Assholes.

As you can imagine, they tried to raise my rates. Not just a little bit. I got a bill in the mail a week ago informing me that my monthly premium will go from 200 bucks up to 375 bucks. A MONTH! Yup!

I called around and found that ESurance was the most affordable for me so I switched to them.

Okay, I guess you guys are up to speed.

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Okay peanut gallery. Thanks for your input in regards to my life and why it's in a shambles and how my lack of action aka procrastination has further damaged my already effed up life. You guys do know I live with my parents right? You don't think I hear this on a daily basis??

At any rate....

I'll continue the story in a minute. Right now I just put the finishing touches on an e-mail to Boulder Station security asking them to A. Life the Ban and more importantly, B. Get me a copy of that report so that I may send it to her insurance company and take it to the police because I will be heading down there to press charges this week. I was also in touch with her insurance company via my insurance company and they are sending an adjuster out here this week to survey the damage. Well, guess what? I couldn't drive the car the way it was so I had to pay for a tow truck, had the axel and other parts fixed (David's a mechanic so he gave me a good deal but I still had to pay for the parts and some labor money for him). Then, we realized that the car was still fucked up so we took it to Goodyear today and they proceeded to tell me that the car is EXTREMELY unsafe to drive and 1100 dollars later I now have a driveable car but it's still not completely fixed. There is one more thing that needs to be done and that doesn't even take body damage into consideration.

So, I'm praying that they take some mercy on me and get me a copy of that report.

Goodnight kids...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ok, so this crazy chick starts threatening me and STILL I am made to stick around and she's allowed to roam free. Yup, that's right, she tells them she's sorry for causing a scene and she gets to leave and no matter how much begging I do they make me stay. At first they asked me if I wanted to wait in the security office and I'm like "no, cause I need to go and I don't want to go to any freakin office, I wanna go home". Of course, after about 30 minutes of standing outside near my car I started to get chilly. I ask the guy if I can get my sweatshirt out of the car and he says 'no'. I'm not kidding you. He said he would go to the car and get it for me. Well, fuck that. Next thing you know he'll see something in my car that he doesn't like and my car will be impounded. He wasn't going to my car without me. I said "let's compromise, I'll go with you and show what I want because there's a bunch of clothes in my car" and he wouldn't fucking let me. I can't even believe I'm writing this. But, apparently, when being detained for NOTHING, you also have to be treated as if you are 2 years old.

So, finally I cave in because I heard him on the radio trying to find out where Metro was and they weren't going to be there anytime soon. I think they had like two or three calls to deal with before they even got to me. Great.

David was allowed to leave, so he did. I can't blame him. So, we go to the security office because I'm sick of standing and its getting cold and I'm not allowed to have my sweatshirt. They made me sit on this padded bench that is up against the wall and there's a handcuff on the bench and it's attached to a pole. I guess they put you in the handcuff if you are being detained for an actual legitimate reason. Not the case with me.

I sit and I sit and I wait and I wait. About 2 or 3 hours later and me nodding off about ten times because now it's like 4 in the morning, Metro Police FINALLY arrive.
These two guys were the best part of the night. Not only were they in shape, young and smokin hot, but they were also the voice of reason and thank god because I really needed one. They apologized for being so late and I gave them a quick rundown of the events including the accident etc. They were like "did you actually touch the girl?" and I"m like "no". And they were like "did she touch you?" and once again, I"m like 'no'. They were like "really? you've been sitting here waiting for us for two hours and nobody touched anyone?" and i'm like "yeah, I can't believe it either". So, they leave me and go to some other room where amazon girfriend and boyfriend are free to roam about (they probably had a nice buffet and open bar set up for them too". I'm still not sure if they watched the video or not, but when they talked to her she basically admitted that i didn't really do anything major to her and that she really just wanted my updated information to include my new phone number so that the insurance stuff could be taken care of and that was that. YUP - that was it.

They got out a little index card and asked me for my most current address and phone number and gave it to her and then I was free to leave.

Of course, standard procedure has to be followed and that means that I am now banned from EVERY station casino property in the world. I think they are just in nevada but to be safe let's just say "the world". YES, that's right, I am now banned from Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, Texas Station, Aliante station, Palace Station, all of the Fiesta properties, all of the Wildfire Casino properties, Santa Fe Station where I bowl with my parents sometimes and a bunch of others that I can't think of right now. You get my point. I'm banned because that's what they do whenever there is an incident with anyone for anything that results in the police showing up. I had to sign a form and they took my picture. Nice.

They did give me the head of security for all of the properties' card and told me to call him in a couple of days because if I explain my story to him and let him know the outcome (that I was allowed to leave and didn't go to jail or anyting) he may go ahead and lift the ban. I'm not even sure how long the ban is and neither was security. They just said it could be a month, a year or forever. Nobody knows. Whatever. Gay. Hate this place and I'm not wanting to be a patron of their establishment anyway.

Now, since I'm banned from the property I have to be escorted to my car. I'm not allowed to leave by myself and I have to "IMMEDIATELY vacate the premises or else I"ll be arrested". Okay, fine, whatever, believe me when I tell you that I couldn't wait to get the hell off their ghetto ass property.

One problem... We get to my car and guess what? It's not driveable. Oh yeah, that's right. The crazy whore, the owner of the truck, the one that was allowed to leave while I was FORCED to sit in security office for two hours against my will took it upon herself to do MORE damage to my car. She rammed her truck into my car three or four times stated the witnesses that were there leaving me a note.

to be continued...

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Just a quick break in the program for these words by our sponsor...

Hey guys! I'm heading to a job interview but I'll be posting another installment of the Boulder Station drama later to day.

Additionally, I went to see Insidious on Sunday with my mom on Mother's Day. We are both fans of scary movies and I thought it was really good. I mean, it was a bit far fetched obviously, they all are, but it really kept my interest. I was literally jumping out of my seat, squirming in my seat and a couple of times I wanted to hide under my seat. I liked it. My mom thought it was kind of dumb but she liked it too and said it was very entertaining.

So, there's a little movie review for you. I don't go to the movies that much so take it for what it's worth and that's pretty much zilch!

I feel like there is something else I wanted to say but I can't think of it now so I'm out!

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Parking Lot Drama

Okay, so after we did the whole "oh my god, what are you doing here" type chit chat and we both remarked about how crazy it was that we were both at this dumpy casino at two in the a.m. he starts blasting me about how I need to call my insurance company. The conversation started off light hearted and kind of funny but when he brought me over to the other side of the casino to meet his girlfriend who was supposedly holding my drivers license that he stole from me the situation took a turn for the worse.

"Truck Boy" was really pretty decent and cool about things and I was basically assuring him that he didn't need to stalk me and my friends on facebook and that I would call the insurance company, but then his stupid bitch girlfriend just had to put her two cents in. She wasn't very nice, she was bossy, argumentative, rude and annoying as shit. She wasn't even in the truck that day and she's acting like it was her accident. And then, the tone that she was speaking to me in really started to get under my skin and so, of course, my tone changed and I started with my smart mouth. I basically told them that I would call Progressive if and when I'm good and ready and that I might not even call them at all and there was nothing they could do about it. I also let them know to butt out, they don't work for Progressive, so let Progressive take care of it. Apparently, the big dilemma for them was that the insurance company wasn't going to pay any money until I called and gave my statement. Oh fucking well.

As the conversation got more and more heated, David got up from his machine and kind of tried to calm everyone down, but it wasn't working. I realized that we were starting to cause a scene. We were in the middle of the slot machines and people were trying to play and our voices are getting louder and louder, so I just told them that I was leaving. Well, amazon bitch (his girlfriend was about five foot ten and 175 pounds) decided that she wasn't going to let me leave the casino and that this conversation was far from over. I'm five foot one and I weigh about 110. Dave is pretty small too and of course Truck Boy was really tall. So, it was like, really difficult for us to get away when they were forming a wall in front of us. I kept asking them to move out of my way and they wouldn't. I really wanted to hit this girl so bad. My temperature was starting to rise, my blood was boiling because I really fucking hate when my freedom is infringed upon. If someone tries to hold me down I lose it. It's the worst feeling in the world to me when I can't leave a situation. So, I know that I can't hit her because I will surely go to jail. I decide to the next best thing. I do that thing where you cough up phlegm and blow it out so that you basically hock a loogie. But, what actually happened was that I made the sound and I blew air out. No spit came out. I just wanted to freak her out so that she would move out of my way.

She starts yelling that I spit on her and that she wants to press charges on me. Dave and I manage to get out of the casino, we start walking to my car and now these two clowns are following us along with Boulder Station security who are telling us that we can't leave because she's pressing charges and they are calling Metro Police. I'm like "fuck you" I'm out of here. I'm walking faster and faster trying to get my ass in the car real quick and peel wheels out of there, but it's no use because there's like 10 people chasing us down and there is a car in front of me so I'd have to back up to get out of the spot and a quick getaway just wasn't going to happen.

And now of course we look like the guilty ones because we are trying to flee. Oh, and "truck boy" called the owner of the truck during this whole exchange so she was on her way up to the casino.

So, her we are, it's about 2:30 a.m. and we are standing outside, my car is right int front of me but I have two security guards standing on either side of me and the head of security is on the phone calling the police. I'm asking him why do I have to stay? I didn't touch anyone and he needs to watch the tapes and he'll see that. He doesn't care that I didn't touch anyone. He won't let me leave. He says that because she is pressing charges he can detain me. I keep asking him why I can't leave. I even say some bullshit about having a daughter that i need to pick up but the don't give a fuck.

So, next thing I know, the lunatic owner of the truck comes flying into the parking lot, stops in the middle of the aisle, doesn't even try to find a spot and comes running toward me screaming that she's going to "kick my ass". Security is already surrounding me to make sure I don't go anywhere and now they have to basically tackle her and now Metro is on the way and I'm so pissed because I just want to go the fuck home - what a mess this is turning out to be, but this is nothing compared to what happens next...

To be continued....

Friday, May 06, 2011

Small World or Stalker?

Let me state for the record that I've only been to Boulder Station maybe once in my life. I never hangout there and it was so weird that Dave and I would even go there, but I guess life is funny that way and God or karma or mother nature or someone was bored and needed some excitement for the night so she sent me to Boulder Station.

We go inside and I'm gambling for a while and I was down like 60 bucks, but then I hit a five out of five on keno betting ten cents so I won like 80 bucks and I was happy and ready to leave. I Dave and he was ready to go too, but then I decided to grab some fast food to take with us since I won. I told Dave I'd meet back up with him in a few minutes and I headed for the food. Somewhere along the way I look up and who's winding his way through the slot machines headed straight towards me? Ahhhhh, you guessed it - the dude in the truck that I had the accident with a week ago. Oh, and before I go too much further I should mention that I still hadn't called the insurance company and this guy (let's call him truck boy) was starting to stalk me.

A few days prior to Boulder Station I logged onto facebook and had no less than about five or six messages from people telling me that 'truck boy' was asking them a bunch of questions about me. He found me on facebook and was going down my friends list messaging people and asking for my phone number and offering to PAY them if they'd give up my digits. Um what?? Yeah, and the funny thing is that he's messaging people that I went to like elementary school with and they are in Maryland and I haven't seen them in many many years, decades actually. So, I have all these e-mails from people telling me to be careful and to watch out for him and that he was creepy and that they were concerned for me etc.

I didn't really know why he was so anxious to get ahold of me. I mean, really, he had my insurance information, he had my license, that was definitely enough information to fill out a claim, so what could he want??

Well, luckily I was about to find out the answer to that question.

To be continued...

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The accident

Okay, third time is the charm I hope because I've started this post twice already and I got a few paragraphs in and then I lost it. So, tonight I'm bound and determined to get something out on this virtual paper. The sooner I get it out through my fingertips the sooner it'll stop taking up space in my head.

There is so much to update you guys on, I don't even know where to begin. So, I guess I'll try to start from the beginning...

A few weeks ago I was driving down the road to meet a friend. I had actually stopped to get gas but there was a really long line at the gas station and I was annoyed that it was taking forever, so I decided to wing it. That was my first mistake.

So, I'm about two minutes from my destination when the car starts doing that sputtering type thing and I realize that I'm about to run out of gas and I'm on Tropicana in the far left lane and I need to hurry up and get this car off the road before I completely stop in the middle of traffic. I do a VERY quick assesment and see that there's a 7-11 right next to me - WHAT LUCK! I just need to cut across two lanes of traffic and I'll be set.

OH SHIT! I guess he was in my blind spot, but the next thing I know I'm sideswiping a big truck and he ends up off the road, over the curb and into a flower bed in front of a veterinarian clinic. I managed to pull my car into a spot at the clinic which was next to the 7-11 and here's the really funny part... This 7-11 doesn't even have gas pumps. Nice.

So, this kid jumps out of the truck and he's like freakin out. "oh my god, this isn't my truck" blah blah. He's on the phone calling every tom dick and harry that he can think of and that's when I decide to take charge. He's like "should we call the police or something?" and I"m like "nah, there's no need to call them, they'll just take forever to get here and I've got insurance so that's all you need. I give him my insurance card and my license so that he can go into the vet's office and make copies....

Gotta watch mike and molly so this will be continued in an hour...

Okay, so, he's in and out of the vet's office. He's walking around in circles and he doesn't know what to do with himself. He's acting like the truck is totalled when in reality it just had a flat tire and maybe a tiny bit of body damage. He was wanting me to call my insurance company and get his truck towed. I told him he was totally over reacting and I showed him that he just had a flat tire and that it was an easy fix. He was adamant about me calling my insurance company to prove to him that my insurance was valid or whatever, so I did that for him. I put the agent on the phone with him and he starts to open a new claim. I'm like 'oh hell no'. This is a pay as you go phone. This is my dad's phone and I do not have unlimited minutes. Get off my phone. I told him about twenty times to get off my phone and to call teh agent back from his own phone. He kept ignoring me so I snatched the phone out of his hand, hung up on the agent and told to use his own phone. At this point I was done. He had my information, I was still waiting for him to make copies, but I needed a soda and I had to go to the bathroom and I just needed a few minutes in the air conditioning and away from him.

So, I'm inside Jack in the Box for about fifteen minutes or so. I come out and everyone is gone. the truck is gone, the driver of the truck is gone, the annoying passerbys are gone and oh yeah, my license and my insurance card is gone too. What the?? My window was down, if he needed to leave why didn't he just throw the license on the seat or something?? Or, he could have opened the door to Jack in the Box and given me my license, but whatever. I got some gas and headed home.

About a week passes by and I haven't called the insurance company. I know that I probably should because there was undoubtedly a claim put in and they probably want my version of the story. But, I'm pretty sick in the stomach about my beautiful new car. The whole passenger side is damaged and it's definitely my fault and my insurance is really high as it is and now it's going to go even higher and my parents are mad at me and I basically want to hide from the world and that's pretty much what I've been doing. I lost yet another cell phone, my parents are mad at me, my car is driving okay but it looks crappy now and I'm hanging out with friends and I haven't been home in days.

So, my friend David gets me out of my mood and suggests that we go gambling and basically I'll never say "no" to gambling. So, we hop in my car and the closest casinos to him are Sam's Town, Boulder Station, Eastside Cannery and Arizona Charlies and or course Dottie's.

We decided on Boulder Station. Mistake number two.

To be continued...

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